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  1. She was. I wouldn't take what Sheldon says as gospel. He's a flawed character (as they all are) and he tends to see things from his own perspective. In his mind he's probably squared that incident away as it all came out in the end. It's difficult to comment too much as I have very little idea of what's actually said in the scene...
  2. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make. Haven't both complained to their friends about each other?
  3. I'm not convinced that's true. I'm female and started watching part way through the first season: I was hooked within a few episodes. Whilst some men (not all) might have enjoyed Penny in skimpy tops, I really liked the dynamic of the men and their friendship. I have loved seeing the show develop over the years.
  4. They kind of hug in 10x03 as well. Not a full on hug but it's when Sheldon rests his head on Leonard and he rubs him on the back. Love me a bit of Shelnard.
  5. Enjoyed the episode and really liked the Howard and Raj scene that was added. I have always thought that there was scope to have Raj as a guy who realised he is happier in a relationship with a man. I had a friend who went out with women from his late teens to mid-30s and was always so destructive in his relationships. He met a gay man when he was 36 and has never looked back. This could be an interesting storyline for Raj if the show gets extended past season 10.
  6. Does anybody know what was meant by the promo after the show? It said something about 'we've got news that's so big we're afraid to say it out loud' and that there was a 'special' Big Bang Thoery on CBS after Two Broke Girls. Does this mean anything to anyone?
  7. Is his radio show live tomorrow? Prep for that might have a lot to do with him not being able to make it...
  8. The tag! The tag!!! That sounds so hot!!! I don't care that it's a fantasy... love to see Amy's innermost thoughts again!
  9. He said that he couldn't speak officially about the future of the show but did say that he was pretty sure all the other actors (and him) wanted to keep going. He basically said that so many people are watching (e.g there's a demand) that he and the others still wanted to entertain. He spoke about how the show has great writers and that it's still fun to make. I get the feeling he really wants to continue so I think the future of the show lies in the deal CBS/WB will be able to offer to the actors...
  10. Must be special though as it would cost them more money than your usual episode. I'm optimistic!
  11. Location shooting! Exciting! Can anyone remember the last time they've done off the lot shooting!? It certainly isn't often so I'm hoping for something special!
  12. Just popped into the main thread... urgh! Things are a lot calmer here! Preview doesn't give us too much but I'm really looking forward to next week's episode. I'm not sure what to make of Amy's RA line. I got the impression it's Amy making a joke/being facetious. If she is being serious, I never really minded the RA... as long as it works for both of them. I always liked how Amy found ways to get it to work for her.
  13. Yes, thank you. I am fully aware that there was no Shamy until S4. I was obviously talking about S4/5/6. Are you including me in that 0-6 demographic!? Just because my opinion of the quality is that it is still good?
  14. As I mentioned in my post, I really love all the characters so my opinion isn't a case of 'Lenny vs Shamy'. I loved the earlier seasons where there was practically no Shamy and plenty of Lenny and I enjoy these more recent seasons where it has become more reversed. My ideal would definitely be a better balance, but I still thoroughly enjoy the show and the quality [emoji2]
  15. I guess it depends on viewpoints/opinions. I still really love the show and don't think it's declining in quality. I didn't care for a few episodes in season 8 and a couple in the back half of season 9 but I've really enjoyed this season and look forward to new episodes. I love all the characters and would be pleased to see them remain on screen for a few more seasons. I would hate for Johnny and Kaley to leave so I won't be signing any petitions! I'm sure if they were unhappy, they'd do something about it themselves.
  16. Thanks to Kerry for reporting back so quickly. Thanks to you too Tensor for posting :-)
  17. Why doesn't it excuse it? It was harmless. It'd be another thing if he did that to a woman he didn't know or wasn't in a relationship with. But playfully swotting your girlfriend on the behind is certainly not criminal battery. As for the whole 'juice' thing, I really don't mind about any of these things as it's just a comedy and quite removed from real life. Thinking about it realistically she couldn't have drugged him because that suggests she would have had to carry him off of the aeroplane etc... It's just a joke.
  18. Battery!? That was not an act of battery whatever way you look at it. It wasn't harmful. It wasn't injury-inducing. It was a playful smack on the behind that she liked. If it were a slap across the face etc... I would get your point.
  19. I've found this season to be pretty funny. I've laughed plenty.
  20. Didn't Molaro mention a storyline with both Claire and Emily coming back...?
  21. Looks like Laura Spencer is back on TBBT. She has filmed herself in her trailer with the new script today.
  22. Happy Christmas! I feel like we've all been given our presents early this year with all the good Shamy stuff we've had on screen. Here's hoping to another epic half season from January! Xxx
  23. I'm struggling to understand the point that you are making. Are you saying that Sheldon doesn't love Amy? That he gives her gifts not for her enjoyment but just for his own ego boosting? I just don't see that... and I really don't consider myself to be a viewer who would get excited if Sheldon gave Amy a stick from the yard (to paraphrase another poster). Sheldon has gradually become someone who (like Amy) saw no benefit in being with someone to a person who is now undeniably in love.
  24. I don't get the impression that they could turn Lenny into Shamy... even if they tried (which I don't think they are). The way I interpreted the latest TR was that Penny and Leonard made an agreement to both work harder at their marriage. I guess we will have to see how it plays out.
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