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  1. Thanks for the info! I was interested to know: Was Sheldon upset or angry (or both!) about Amy lying?
  2. That would be an interesting choice... an older woman for Raj. I'd like that; would hopefully show a little character development from his shallowness when it comes to women.
  3. This is like what of the best things I've ever read in my life! (Your quote I mean! For some reason the quote function has only included your 'thanks'! Not that it isn't a great 'thanks' but perhaps not the best thing I've read in my life! Haha)
  4. Not sure if I need to ask this as I may already know the answer... but overall did you enjoy the episode? Was it on par with the quality of season 10 so far?
  5. AMAZING!!! Cannot wait to see this on Thursday. Will be watching THAT clip about a million times between now and Thursday. [emoji1][emoji1][emoji1]
  6. Does anyone know what day the sneak peeks usually come out when the show's on a Thursday??
  7. I feel like there will be plenty to discuss tomorrow. So excited!!
  8. Have a great time xx Hope it's another great episode for Shamy x
  9. What a tease! Your friend has a way of keeping us on our toes. I hope whatever it is is just a catalyst for a permanent change to LA.
  10. More incredible news to tide us all over. I am so excited to see the next two episodes. It feels weird being spoiler free. I kinda like it, but I do hope we get some news on the next taping as I don't think I can handle being spoiler free for the whole series!!
  11. It wasn't a whole lot of info but I find it promising she said 'Sheldon and Amy's moving issue'. So I'm hoping it is to do with both of them moving and not just her [emoji1][emoji1]
  12. The lady whose IG I left a message on replied and said that she found the experience amazing and that the episode was about Sheldon and Amy's 'moving issue'.
  13. Haha! That is the exact same thought I had when I saw that picture! It seems the writers go out of their way to do the opposite of what she mentions in an interview!
  14. That was my thinking also. I was respectful and the person's account is public not private so I just thought I'd say I'd been too a few weeks back and ask the question. I know I wouldn't mind somebody contacting me if I had public accounts and as long as it is polite and not aggressive/demanding, I think it is not harmful to ask [emoji6]
  15. Guys, I don't know if anyone spotted this but there is an IG photo that was posted last night of the BBT program for yesterday's taping. The IG'er goes on to say how lucky she was to get in on VIP tickets and how great the experience was. I left a little message asking if the episode was good and what it was about. No response as of yet but she looks like a dedicated fan so hopefully she'll share the love!
  16. Looks like spoilers are really thin on the ground for these past few weeks. Hopefully we will get some hint as to any Shamy goodness from last night's taping. The suspense is killing me [emoji30]
  17. I'm excited to see that Mayim appears to be in a nightdress in her latest IG post [emoji6]
  18. It's from tonight's episode - 10x04
  19. I kinda like the idea of Sheldon asking to have a serious talk with Amy and he directs her to his spot and sits her down as he kneels and proposes!
  20. Just watched the sneak peeks of next week's episode!! Ahh, the feels!!!! I cannot wait to see this! I love Amy's sarcastic comment about the odds rising rapidly that Sheldon will be attacked! I really hope they don't return to Penny/Leonard/Sheldon living arrangements. The possibilities for new jokes/stories is really opening up with this change.
  21. I wonder how they will proceed with Sheldon because they seem to have set up something to explain why he hasn't had sex with Amy until only recently. I love the idea that he has awakened his sexual desires by sleeping with Amy but has perhaps been trying to control them because he is scared of ending up like his father. I know it's a sitcom and we won't get anything too deep and meaningful but it would be great for him to talk to Amy about this and overcome that hurdle together.
  22. More Shamy living together in episode 5!!!! Seems they are going to give us what we want and explore the ups and downs of Shamy cohabiting. Looking forward to what comes next!
  23. Thanks so much for the details. Did you enjoy the episode?
  24. You got to see it early!? How lucky. Glad it's good... Really looking forward to season 10.
  25. @NotWonderland can I ask if the bed scenes were pre-taped or done live??
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