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  1. "Be sure to tune in!" I'm off to bed, it's 23.20 mind you!
  2. Huh??? I watched season 9 on DVD (fell asleep half-way through though), and Leonard is now with Alex?
  3. I think she already was in an epsisode.
  4. Inspector Gadget The Movie starred Mathew Broderick and the gorgeous Joely Fisher, also Inspector Gadget had help from his niece Penny!
  5. My main complaint about the show is that it is not funny anymore, since Penny got a "serious job" and no longer is the out-sider. I don't understand this sort of anger, why do you care so much?
  6. Negotiations are about money, not years. Because the mother/son relationship is way more interesting.
  7. What Do You Think Will Happen Starting Season 10? More of the same?
  8. Making tbbt look like friends does not sound very fresh to me. #fishysmell. btw love friends
  9. Great pic, thanks for posting.
  10. Thank you for your kind reply. And I love tedious stuff anyway!
  11. There will be enough time to complain after the actual event. And Kaley Cuoco is the actress, the character is called Penny.
  12. LOL, I am afraid not many people like chuck's flaming marshmallows. I am okay with a slow death, better than a big ending that everybody hates for whatever reason anyway. I am on episode 9.03, looks pretty good.
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