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  1. Hi everyone, I am a new member, but I've been actively following this forum for the past two years. Last week, I tried to snag tickets for the Sept. 29 taping. I was especially hopeful since it was my wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise my husband, a fellow BBT fan. I got one guaranteed ticket and one standby ticket. Luckily, I contacted TV Tickets to request to be bumped . Steve from TV Tickets responded with the below message: "We reserve a very limited number of priority tickets to assist with situations such as this where there may be one person in the party with a 'standby' ticket. Meg has been transfered to the priority ticket/check in list and may check in with photo ID by 5pm. A revised, printed ticket is not required. Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE." Do you think I'm good to go now? I'm a little nervous because my ticket still says "STANDBY". We live in Illinois, and I'd hate to fly to LA to learn I couldn't get in! Thanks in advance! Meg
  2. Hi everyone! My name's Meg. As the title implies, I've been an active, um, follower of this website for the past two years. This is my favorite place to browse when I need a break. After two years of creeping following, I've finally joined! (Also, I managed to snag my first ever BBT taping tickets last week -- on Aug. 31 my wedding anniversary! Great gift. We're going to the Sept. 29 show). Sooo I may be paying the Attending a Taping thread a visit. Anyhow, I'm very happy to finally be a part of this group. You all inspire me with your thoughtful insights, incredible taping reports and more. Meg
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