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  1. Sorry, just wanted to double check that I didn't miss anything... Did we ever get a taping report from the episode that was filmed on 10/24?
  2. Thank you! I totally agree with the weather thing. There are so many more reasons that make a lot more sense than the 'women trying to flaunt for men' take. I really appreciate you backing me up on that ? But yeah definitely not trying to attack anyone, just making sure we're setting the record straight.
  3. Sorry it came off as attacking, not my intention. IMO Penny wasn't into flaunting for the men. She never had to anyway. Her fashion choices have evolved, but I'll offer another reason for that. I used to wear a lot of tank tops in my early twenties/college years because they tended to be the cheapest things to buy. I can afford nicer clothes now so that's what I prefer to wear. The same would go for Penny. She makes more money now and her clothes reflect that. She used to wear cheaper clothes (and yes, you can tell by looking lol) and now she wears more expensive clothes. Again, sorry to come off as attacking you. Just trying to nip gender fallacies if I can.
  4. 1. Women at any age can wear whatever they want. 2. We don't wear tank tops and shorts to "flaunt" for men nor is a women's wardrobe choices a narrative to the healthiness of a relationship.
  5. My point was that for women watching, it wasn't a waste of time. It was one of those small victories where the female character is not portrayed like some jealous teen and instead like the logical adult she is. It's okay if you didn't like though, not every joke is meant for every viewer. Of course we'd all have different opinions.
  6. But the thing is, I didn't find it surprising. I was literally like, pleaseee let her thank Ramona lol and then she did and it was such a relief. I found it to be the most logical reaction. If it weren't for Ramona, Amy wouldn't have gotten engaged.
  7. This might be one of those situations where watching the show as a woman gives a person a completely different take lol When Amy hugged Ramona instead of having some kind of confrontation it was such a "THANK YOU" moment. The whole 'jealous girlfriend fending off other women' stereotype is soooo tired. And just not true. Women don't really act like that in real life. I was so relieved the writers handled it this way.
  8. Anyone know if there have been any taping reports from last night?
  9. In a rare moment of optimism, I just wanna say this: I get annoyed with the lack of Lenny as much as the next person, but I genuinely do think the show will shift it's focus back to Lenny. Most of the first few seasons were built around Lenny-centric plots, and since the show probably won't go past S12, it'd only make sense for tptb to end this story with the pair that started it all. If that makes sense? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the year the writers start back in with Lenny-driven stories.
  10. Do we know if anyone is going to the taping tonight? I need to hear about some Lenny
  11. Sorry, new member, so maybe I'm in the wrong place, but where can I find the taping reports for season 9? Are there any yet?
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