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  1. Non-Show Discussion

    I was in right the first time, this thread isnt worth the time it takes to type the posts
  2. Non-Show Discussion

    Ok hows this "pal"... My Opinion is that Amy as a character is a two dimensional prop used solely to further Sheldon story and MB is at best a mediocre actress who benefits from the shows Sheldon centric plots
  3. Non-Show Discussion

    It was a paid hit, i suspect Sheldon
  4. Non-Show Discussion

    Everybody loves marvin
  5. In 5.13 while pretending to be one her first date with Leonard she said she moved to California to be "a movie star" not to be an actor. She never wanted to be a working actor she wanted to be a star
  6. And the gang keeps stopping him... To paraphrase Zack "are we sure any of them are smart"
  7. We go there, we say something about lenny or not totally complimentary about shamy or sheldon, the thread explodes, gets locked, our comment gets hidden, lather rinse repeat.. Its just not worth the effort anymore
  8. We will live to see the "over the air" broadcast stop and abc, cbs, nbc, fox etc... Become just another HBO or more likely another TBS Hell right now I dont know anyone with an antenna, all their shows come into the house via cable or netflix type devices
  9. Bottom line is ratings are down, 8 being even with 9 is still down from 7. We can argue as to why they are down but that they are down is fact. And the "number 1 ratings" they get now would have gotten the show cancelled if it had premiered a decade earlier. Broadcast TV is dyeing and in another decade will probably be a waste of advertising dollars which will be its final death blow
  10. Because he isn't Sheldon?
  11. Will Ramona be around for 11.01? Or will she just dusappear as with no explanation?
  12. People believe what they want to believe, since we have to imagine the boat kiss we imagine it thru the lens of our individual thoughts and feelings toward the charecter of Leonard. I for example can see a party on the boat for whatever reason in progress, much drinking is involved. Drunk Mandy AKA Dr. Slutbunny the second comes toward drunk Leonard with her arms open, he expecting a hug opens his arms to receive the hug. She instead does what Ramona did and goes for the unexpected kiss. Drunkenly slaming their faces together so hard she chips a tooth, leonard caught off guard is stunned for a second then moves his arms from hugging position to her shoulders and pushes her away. This takes 2 to 6 seconds. This is entirely consistent with his dialog in 8.24 Is this cheating and if so then why isn't Sheldon also guilty? Discuss....
  13. Never to be seen or heard from again...