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  1. Isn't that the shirt from the pilot
  2. Makes it sound like they were separated at the time, not like he made it sound when explaining the knock "Friend of the show" usually equals sycophant to TPTB Yeah now that was a nice Christmas present 😍
  3. Personally I am glad to see this plotline end in the last season there are more important things to do than continue to pound on us about Sheldons supposed superiority
  4. Sounds like the definition of filler to me
  5. I smiled at Leonard's costume but since I laughed at it last week in the preview all it got was a smile during the actual episode. The after party scene saved the Lenny plot, but I just didn't buy it. I usually love Kaley's acting but she really phoned that scene in. It just didn't come across as sincere. She seemed to just be reading cue cards. I was disappointed in Howard's Sheldon impression I expected Simon to nail it but he missed it by a mile. The Raj/Anu, Bert and Stuart parts were purely filler and contributed nothing to the episode. The Howardette and Shamy plot was not at all funny and simply made me wonder why these people are "friends", shamy as Howard and Bernie were just painful to watch. I give it a 2 out of 10 the last ever Halloween episode was a completely wasted by TPTB and my expectations for the "FINAL SEASON" are now lower than ever.
  6. Yes I can see fine (thanks for asking) From my admittedly non native point of view they are the same thing
  7. A question for @veejay and our other German members, does this Make up for this
  8. Would it help of I posted naked Jonny again? 😉
  9. Been reading just not posting but I had to push my pet theory.
  10. 4.24 penny hooks up with Raj in Leonard's bed, 8.24 (four years later) Leonard reveals the boat kiss on the way to get married, 12.24 (another four years later).....
  11. Given the decline of the show the only reason I was still here was because the forum was still fun however it to has been on a slow but steady decline with many members from when I arrived leaving the site, the overall shamy centric flavor of the place has made it much less enjoyable than it was, and now that the chit chat thread has become simply a place to insult my country, my president, myself and 60 million of my countrymen I can no longer participate. I can only wonder what the next area of a person's private life will be open to forum approved ridicule, will it be religon, weight, age, race financial status or simply looks? Because once allowed to denigrate any part of a person's private life all parts of their private life becomes fair game for bashing by those within the echo chamber of group think.
  12. Unsupported accusations of incest, the forum can sink no lower. At least now I can talk about Merkel and her immigrant sex slaves and Mays affair with a goat
  13. G4 really??? That's a bit of need history although penny might have liked Attack Of the Show
  14. Yes once she outgrew her dream of marrying "the king of hollywood" she realized she was a "certain kind of fool" and that she just had to "get over it" so after asking herself "is it true" that proverbial "good day in hell" arrived and she knew that "love will keep is alive" and she regretted all that "wasted time" and started her journey with her little homunculus down life's "seven bridges road" and all her old party friends fell away because she knew "the Greeks dont want no freaks" and she wasn't "the girl from yesterday" anymore
  15. Penny was a bit of a "desperado" and tried to deny her feelings but she couldn't hide her "lying eyes" because really she was "already gone" and a "victim of love"
  16. As long as she isn't wearing "those shoes" and they keep an eye out for "the disco strangler" things should work out fine just a feeling I have "I can't tell you why" 😎
  17. Happy Birthday @Carlos have a great day!
  18. Just had a random thought, Hollywood loves remaking old shows and cartoons as summer blockbuster type movies these days. The experience Kunal has from paying Raj for 11 years makes him perfect for the lead in a live action remake of... Pepe Lapew
  19. A peak into the TBBT writers room....
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