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  1. I saw it from the start Berts awkward flirting with amy to get close to sheldon... Sheldons classic geologophobic over compensation
  2. Its to late for that, its the Shert shippers time to dream now. Dont rain on their parade We can find half a dozen folks and start SHERTHQ
  3. I dont think we are watching the same show
  4. Will we now get the Shert shippers posting in joyful glee like the shennys did after Leonard's nightmare shenny kiss? They now have just as much evidence of their ship
  5. And in the end isnt that what its supposed to do? Make us laugh.
  6. Quality cant be quantified as what is "quality" varies from person to person. Number of viewers can and is quantified, we call it ratings. Ratings put money in the bank quality is an arbitrary judgement that adds nothing except maybe bragging rights at award season. You cant say quality has dropped as if it is a fact it's not. It is an opinion, everyone has one, they are all different and none are fact. Resorting to Quality arguments is a diversionary tactic for those whose opinions aren't supported by facts I have to agree with April TAAHM was crap from episode one, you dont agree and amazingly enough none of us are wrong
  7. Couldnt agree more... Although i will say that statements, tweets, whatever should have a point and express it without vulgarity or name calling if they want me to listen
  8. How can they have another baby on the set when they dont actually HAVE a baby on the set now????
  9. But you cant forget that Leonard has a secret weapon...
  10. I am not especially "HAPPY" with Lenny but i am definitely hopeful for this season. To me the season so far is already funnier and more enjoyable than 95% of seasons 8,9 or 10. Just the removal of pennys snarkiness their banter makes it much funnier to me. The new show runner HAS made a difference and for now I am good with that
  11. Yes, i found friends dull and unfunny
  12. For you, please dont say it again
  13. Aww the noble Sheldon, brave, selfless.... He reminds me of one of King Arthurs knights
  14. One of the stone truths told to us years ago that thru observation holds true to this day no matter how much TPTB retcon or hope we forget is... Sheldon is one lab accident away from being a super villain
  15. I thought it was pretty biguous. I figured if i just said it was it would get hidden cause... Reasons
  16. Smoke and mirrors.... 1. Raj is Priyas brother that dosent give him any legal, ethical or moral right to decide who she can or can not have a relationship with. 2. Howard had picked Stephanie up in a bar an hour or two before and then blew it, they had no relationship to betray. 3. Leonerd did not have sex with penny at that time yes he eventually did he also married her
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