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  1. Very true those would be what most people call casual viewers because they don't ship and are unlikely to be on a forum like this. There are millions of them and they are the ones TPTB have to keep engaged in the show to pull in the ratings

    And we need all the stem majors we can get in the new millinium


    I have a good deal of free time being semi-retired as well as at my part time job (12 hour overnight shifts) and I love to read so I have spent a lot of times on fanficton (looking at you SRAM) and reading post's on other forums.

    I find that fans of howerdette tend to be very laid back and pretty much only want some screentime and them to be happy maybe a less abrasive Bernie and a more adult howard.

    Raj I admit I am biased, I think he is a complete douche.

    Lenny's mostly just want Leonard and Penny together and for BOTH of them to be happy. Although they tend to be somewhat jaded and untrusting of TPTB, with good reason I may add. I am in this group. 

     Most  Shameys are just like the lennys perhaps less jaded although that may be changing now ( you have my sympathy watching your ship screwed over sucks). 

    However a very small percentage of them are actually Sheldonistas. You can tell by the way they blame any problem on Amy and act like she should just happily take whatever Sheldon dishes out because she is just  lucky to be with him

    There are also TBBT contras mainly lennys who feel like they have been losing ground for years and are conditioned to fight back at any perceived attack. I have a good bit of sympathy for these guys.  

    You will never change the mind of a sheldonista! Not with logic not with fact not with persuasion.  It simply can not be done, all you can do is shake your head and walk away. 

    The same goes for those who will attack a poster who says anything positive about Sheldon out of pure reflex.  Often dragging comments about other charectors into it as well.  

    Common courtesy and respect should be given to all, although a good argument is fun to watch unless it gets personal

    I hope I haven't offended anyone if II have you have my sincere apology


  3. Phantagrae: your right that is how the charector was designed..... Eight years ago. For him to have learned nothing in eight years of social interaction with the group is beyond my suspension of disbelief. He was a fast enough learner to earn more than one degree in that amount of time. He doesn't have to act "normal" for lack of a better word but he should at least be better at the daily interactions of life now than he was then.... Unless of course you subscribe to the theory that he knowingly just dosent care.

    That's part of the reason I believe their is now to much Sheldon to me he isis very funny in moderation but annoying in large quantity

    Easy there my friend take deep breaths, think of your happy place....... Gotta watch the blood pressure  :girlhospital:

  4. I think that anyone who labels any of the characters as a cheater or abusive, etc., and tries to assign these overly serious labels to SITCOM characters is misguided.

    i think that trying to find an explanation for character behavior should be done in relation to the story line and also with the idea in mind that most of the time it is indeed exaggeration intended to make comedy.

    So, whether it's Penny and her drinking, Bernie and her "meanness" or Sheldon or Amy or Leonard or whoever doing something outrageous, it's almost always played for laughs, no matter how seriously someone insists on taking it.

    Fan is short for fanatic, some take it personally perhaps to much so in many cases, some just like to argue and others just like to stir the pot. Passionate debate is a good thing and quite fun but you can never forget these are beloved charectors on a TV show. They are fictional. They are not our teal world friends, children or even ourselves.

    I do like the Sheldon character not so much in later seasons. I feel he gets away with murder. He knows what he is doing most of the time. Earlier seasons I give him that but the gang have played the same records over and over to him about how he treats them and I find it hard to believe that he still doesn't know what he is doing after 8 years and still manipulating his friends to get his ways. 187 IQ comes to mind. And before anyone says it's a sitcom yes I get it but I'm not a casual viewer. I'm a shipper that's why I'm on here and care or have opinions when characters are being dicks and not just Sheldon. :) Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

    well said I totally agree

  5. Thanks I am happy to be here I have enjoyed watching y'all and look forward to participating in the fun

    Well said and so true. Sheldon could commit premeditated murders on the show and some posters will find a way to justify it and blame someone or his friends for his actions. :) oh. welcome to the forum. :) Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

    that is true but there are also some who will find fault with anything he does as well, it is just the nature of the beast with fandom's.

    I do like Sheldon's charector but feel that he has become to much the center of the show the last few seasons as Beverly said "If some is good more must be better" but the hangover is on us in this case

  6. ??? Justify it? We are talking about a sitcom. His outlandish behaviour is exaggerated and intended to make us laugh. This stuff is not intended to be serious.

    True.. Yet that sentiment only seems to apply to Sheldon. Leonard is a cheater, Penny is a drunk, Bernadette is a witch have all been said here but no one defends them by saying it's only a sitcom.  IN MY OPINION It is just another way to excuse Sheldon from the standards the rest of the characters are held to of course others have the right to disagree with me

  7. Actually, I think if you look at it, Sheldon simply didn't understand what Kripke meant by "toys".  Kripke meant sex toys.  Sheldon thought he meant toys, like the model rockets Sheldon had.  

    i can see that interpretationinterpretation being justifiable but I have a hard time believing Sheldon is still that clueless after all these years. Unless he never read the book they gave him lol and that was only one of the things he told kripke

  8. Sheldon was wrong for lying and that is a separate issue,  but I don't think this falls into the category of ruining her reputation.   They have been together for long time.   Except for the small group that know otherwise,  I am sure most people,  like Kripke did, assumed they were sleeping together anyway.  Even still,  the implication is she was sleeping with her exclusive boyfriend.  How is that bad for her reputation?

    Hello all been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join in. I am sorry but he didnt just agree with barry, He actively lied to kripke by making up details kinky ones at that about their supposed sex life such as using a model rocket as a sex toy. You can't  honestly tell me you would be happy k with your significant other doing that.

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