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  1. No not at all abnormal some people like tv, some books, some music we all have different tastes in our entertainment nothing abnormal about that
  2. To each his own, I am a voracious reader so naturally I like fan fiction tho the light happy Lenny fanfics have become few over the last few years
  3. It's not that it's blue I like blue it's the sudden unanticipated changes not the color itself
  4. A heads up would have been nice
  5. This is my last post on this subject since politics is not really why I come here. I know many claim we Americans are arrogant and many of us think Europeans just envious, but I am reminded of something I heard when I was in the military... Yeh tho I walk thru the valley of death I am not afraid, for I know I am the baddest motherfucker in the valley That has been true for at least the last hundred years and those empires we supplanted to get there will never forgive us for it even though they owe us in large part for the freedom and economic prosperity many of us feel they are now throwing away. Makes me wonder if the Marshal plan was just a huge waste of money maybe we should have just done Versailles 2. But then empire building is not really our thing
  6. Where are my log in message and notification buttons? I have to read down the thread list to find which tread has new posts... this sucks
  7. What the hell happened to the forum and why is it blue???
  8. Non Americans opinions of our country or government matter to me not one bit. But it seems the populist movements are rising every where, European style socialism is on life support and we are tired of being the western world's sheild and atm you can do whatever is in your country's best interest as we are now doing. But whether or not "the world" approves of our actions matters not at all. We are now looking out for ourselves nothing is stopping you from doing the same Neville Chamberlain would love modern day europe and Winston Churchill is rolling in his grave
  9. Sigh... Should have added this to my last post in this thread. 😟
  10. Just read the last few pages of the thread, the answer is simple if you have a problem with Trump dont vote for him. Oh wait most of you cant. Worry about your own governments and let us chose ours. You may not approve of our choices but then we didn't ask you to.
  11. Leonard is allways wrong and Penny is always in the right got it.
  12. And she couldn't, she had someone else do it for her. What she "rubbed in" Leonard's face was Amy and Bernies work nor her own. So yeah she was a hypocrite
  13. Carlos I love you man but if I want to be a dick I have the right to be a dick. I dont agree with or approve of what either woman said but the totally opposite treatment of them simply goes to show that there is a double standard in our country and it is especially prominent in our entertainment industry. If you are a liberal as most in Hollywood are you can say anything and they will find a way to excuse you if you aren't a liberal the media and news will vilify you to the most extreme possible in the hopes that others like you will just not say anything. The left have been on the rise for decades and we see where that has gotten us, people are waking up Brexit, the Trump presidency and the recent election results in Italy not to mention the Visigard countries show that the pendulum is swinging back to the more Conservative view. And the left has dropped all pretense of civility and fairness in their fight to halt that swing. In today's world EVERYTHING is political
  14. The production company maybe but the network is doubtful since they only buy the show not own or produce it
  15. I was never a fan of the original show and haven't watched the new one at all. I am just saying that while an employer does indeed have the right to fire someone over speech that "Harm" done to the brand is a two edged sword. Some people would have been unhappy with them and stopped watching 5here network if the show continued, some are mad at them for cancelling it and will stop watching their network. They simply had to chose which viewers they wanted to piss off and they chose the ones who don't agree with them politically. And no I will never again go to a Disney park or watch one of their shows. Their PC crusade has ruined the Muppets and star wars already I won't encourage them to do more with any financial support None of us can hide the bad acts in our history after all "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" While I like and respect our European members I would not want to live under your governments, but then again I don't have much respect for my own either
  16. The show is (was) popular and profitable, we will never know if it would have hurt the network because they cancelled it which WILL hurt them from lost revenue among other ways. We don't know what the monatery damage might have been (capitalism) because they made a political decision before that happened. It may have hurt them it may not we will never know
  17. Yes and that's a wonderful trap you say you arrived at a place at 5 the cctv shows it was 5: 03 you just lied to the FBI and can be prosecuted.... Unless of course you "cooperate" Quite good actually
  18. Sorry but no you don't have free speech in Germany at least not a Americans define it. I live in the American South we are not proud of the klu klux klan but we can't be imprisoned for talking about them, displaying their sigils or collecting their paraphernalia. In your country you had the Nazis and can go to prison for those things. If you can be imprisoned just for saying something that's not free speach. The "fire" exception is because it could cause a panic that would cause PHYSICAL injury to others this instance dosent meet that criteria. I an a firm believer in the old saying "I can hate what you say but I will defend your right to say it. ABC is indeed within their rights to do what they did but I consider it both an over reaction and honestly an excuse to do what they wanted to anyway cancel a popular program which didn't mesh with TPTB at the networks political agenda.
  19. Free speech should mean that is nothing is unacceptable. Sticks and stones and all that, but the world is full of snowflakes now and hurt feelings are all that matter...
  20. I personally am thankful for this thread, it saved l.p. l me just as I was about to change my name to Monday Loungewear and start my own website.....
  21. No I gave it a WTF/that makes little sense emoji, there is a differance.
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