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  1. I'll take a piece of that action, whos holding the money?
  2. Lol even more time behind the island...
  3. Every time I see you I still go WHO?
  4. I have held back so as not to be the lone voice of discord but, I just have to say it... I really HATE Pennys bridesmaid dress, its ugly and looks horrible on her. She looks like a 5 year old on Easter.
  5. Right after meeting Penny Howard found her topless movie scene, he had to learn her name then and all four of the guys were there at the time so they have known her last name since the beginning. We can safely assume the gang all know, it's just the audience who dosent
  6. Your canon can be that the sky is green, that's dosent make it a fact
  7. Maybe the prequel to the prequel will actually show Sheldon on the mothership...
  8. The show is produced by the same people as tbbt uses Jim Parsons for voice narration and is expressly about the childhood of the same Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper and his family that is featured on TBBT. To use a Star Trek term it is "prime universe" a direct prequel to TBBT you can not watch it or pretend it dosent exist but that dossent change what it is. The factual account of Sheldons childhood
  9. The dichotomy between what Sheldon has said over the last 11 years and what we have been shown on YS to have been the actual circumstances of his youth points to only one conclusion one many of us reached years ago despite his supposed inability to do it, Sheldon lies. Any and all stories, memories or other facts he presents are slanted to his advantage and designed purely to excuse his actions and engender sympathy for him. Thus excusing to some extent his actions and using the sympathy card as a means to mitigate his actions and avoid being held to the behavioral standard society expects of the average person. It's a genius plan which has proven to work for him
  10. Ok misunderstanding resolved and post removed the answer is emphasized, I am typing these posts at work between calls and I need spell check
  11. You are the master of under statement
  12. Over emphasised???? Is that even possible?
  13. Right because in tenure that was so OOC for Penny... Wasent it?
  14. I can always count on you to work in a Star Trek reference
  15. One small correction Raj is not clueless. He knows he is a douchebag, but due to his Richie Rich life he just doesn't care. He thinks he is better than everyone else and is entitled to whatever he wants.
  16. Leonard was the king that day, and he got the best TBBT line ever... COOKIE!
  17. Nothing ever comes back, see tenure... Although they could bring back that LBD anytime
  18. l assume you thought that was funny...
  19. Howard is a genius, that's a lifelong get out of jail free card with Sheldon
  20. The rule of thumb to remember about most american ceremonies is.... There is no rule of thumb Social functions like Americans themselves are very diverse and run the gamut from simple, free form and inexpensive to something to make royalty jealous, there really are no rules that MUST be followed
  21. I see your point but I gave up or rather became disgusted by Raj years ago and honestly think the show would be better without him
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