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  1. Personally I think it would be (or would have been) a waste of screen time which could be better used to tie up some of the plot threads (tenure etc...) left dangling over the years as well as advancing lenny marriage and the other characters careers etc... in prep for the shows end Thanks for the support @Shelldon I agree he should run to India asap
  2. There is a lot of truth to what you say but it would still be a lot easier to redeem Stuart than Raj. One season left is enough time to recover "old" Stuart he is still there underneath. Raj would have to be stripped down and completely rebuilt. And I still wouldn't believe it
  3. Stuart deserved a win he has been denigrated so much since the early years it would be good to see the guy who got 2 dates with Penny again. Raj has been an ass since s01e01 and has only gotten worse over the years hell he dosent deserve Cinnamon much less a girlfriend
  4. We just have to maintain hope... Like maybe Raj is crying because his visa wassent renewed and Denise refused to marry him for his green card
  5. Lol the debates with my son over which is best Blazing Saddles vs Young Frankenstein or Holy Grail vs Life of Brian can go on for hours.... And lead to the consumption of large quantities of beer
  6. When my kids hit their teens I introduced them to Monty Python, Mel Brooks and Godzilla... I called it bringing culture to the heathens
  7. Not all things can be reduced to numbers and data points. People like what they like, they don't need to explain or justify it nor should they have to. Demanding that someone justify their likes or dislikes with "hard data" to "prove" it is just ridiculous
  8. Laughing at a "quirky" person is acceptable, laughing at a person with a disorder is not. If they diagnose him most of the jokes surrounding him now become off limits
  9. There is nothing to diagnose, he is just "quirky" Just ask TPTB
  10. There is an easy joke there... But I'm not gonna make it
  11. As usual a Concise, informative and entertaining post. It shows you don't have to try and sound like a fifteenth century english aristocrat to show intelligence
  12. Personally i am still waiting on the green body paint/tos cosplay fanfiction... Where is @son-goku5 when you need him???
  13. Capt. Kirk on the planet of the cat women starring Leonard and Penny? I'd watch that episode
  14. Enough wedding talk for now let's ponder the important question... We know Penny is down with the green body paint we also know that Leonard has several star trek uniforms.... The big question is how many costumes has Penny acquired over the years and what are they?
  15. You don't recognize Mark Hamill?????
  16. Happy Birthday @snowflake79 I hope you have an great day
  17. For some the thought that young, drunk, promiscues, half naked Penny is hanging out in a bar somewhere is like a unicorn. It may not be real but the fantasy itself provides some nebulous "comfort" and feeds the dream that someday you will see it
  18. I wouldn't bet on it we both know facts are irrelevant, to many Penny deserves whatever she gets (cause she's easy and dumb) and Raj is "really sweet" (and a cutie) so his douchebag behavior is given a pass. Much like Sheldon many think Raj can do no wrong and some feel Penny can do no right and vice versa it's all about each person's bias which is why what actually was said or done ON SCREEN dossent matter or is intentionally mis-remebered
  19. I can never pass up an opportunity to talk about what a complete and total douchebag Raj is and my dream of his being deported right off the show #runtoindia
  20. OK I Just haven't read the thread yet but just watched it and to be honest Amy stole the show I loved Lenny they were sweat and cute and fun, and Stuart was nice to see but Amy was laugh out loud funny the whole episode Mayim knocked this one out of the park. As for the Raj storyline....
  21. Translation: Penny is always in the right, even when she's not.
  22. They don't have time now for all the characters to get decent stories why would you want to waste time on nameless extras???? This isn't season 2 and it will never be season 2 again...
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