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  1. 41 minutes ago, hokie3457 said:


    have a great day I lift a cold, frothy beverage in your honor (I’m doing this in my imagination as it is 7:45 a.m. and my old decrepit constitution is long past early morning beer consumption!) happy birthday mate!!! 🎂🎉🎁🎊🍻🍺

    At 56 I have found that a Starbucks mocha coffee energy drink with a shot of Kailuha helps make the day start on a happy note :fi_lone_ranger:

  2. 38 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Thanks so much for the info!

    Trying to give some context to the title, I've (very quickly) googled to see if some important astronomical event is expected in April, but I didn't find anything out of ordinary. I guess the title refers to a plot about Raj, anyway.

    I really hope not that would be a complete waste of increasingly precious air time

  3. 13 minutes ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    Not main characters?

    Wayne Rogers (Trapper John) got second billing on the intro.

    Larry Linville (Frank Burns) got fifth billing.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding Stephen you couldn't hear my sarcastic disbelief toward in that sentance :icon_cheesygrin:

  4. 30 minutes ago, chucky said:

    For one thing, with the exception of Batman and Friends, I've never heard of or cared about those shows. So I can't comment about those. As for Ross's ex-wife, who cares she wasn't a main character, just a fill in. As for Batman, those characters actors were guest stars. They don't count because they don't matter. I'm sure you can do better than these puny examples.

    We DID do better but you are just brushing off any show mentioned as if since you never saw it it doesn't matter and that's just not true

  5. 19 minutes ago, chucky said:

    Mash - Main characters Hawkeye, Radar and Hot lips stayed. The replacements for the ones that left were a huge improvement and made the show better. 

    Cheers - main characters Sam, Carla, Norm and the postman stayed. The show started going down hill with these replacements. Just wasn't as good or funny without Diane.

    Three's Company - The show wasn''t as good without Susan Sommers or the land lords.

    Trapper John (another spinoff) and Frank Burns weren't Main Characters? And Radar left a couple seasons before the end.

    Cheers stayed popular without Fraiser and many viewers prefered Kirstie.

    Threes Company was a showcase for John Rogers Physical comedy and T&A, whose T&A didn't really matter


  6. 1 hour ago, chucky said:

    Their options is a less than desired show. IMHO, it'll be like 2 and a half men, Charlie Sheen replaced, the show went down hill, It wasn't as good or funny. Chuck Lorre will not relive that and neither will CBS. My opinion.

    The counter to that is mash which changed out most of its cast during its long run, cheers replaced some cast members as well 

  7. 15 minutes ago, chucky said:

    I agree up to a point. I feel without Jim, Johnny or Kayley, the show would change too much. It pretty much centers around them. You could throw in Mayim as well. The main set is 4A and 4B w/ the hallway. The rest are hardly seen unless visiting. I think that the show would change too much and the audience would find something else to watch.

    Howard and Bernadette get lots of screen time away from 4A/B in fact it is sometimes like two separate shows mixed together

  8. I think it would depend on who left, if it was one or more of the big three the show is toast. If it was Howard or Amy it would hard to continue. The show could survive losing Bernie I believe although she would be missed and would actually be better  without Raj.



  9. 3 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

    I don't want to see any spinoffs at all. They never work. And always done for the wrong reasons. I think Young Sheldon is this shows dash as far as Prequels and Sequels go 


    Sorry but thats totally wrong many spinoffs have been not only successfull but more successful than their original show.

    For example Maude, The Jeffersons, Fraiser, Melrose Place, Benson, Zena, The Facts of Life etc...

    Not all spinoffs are Joanie loves Chachi. I know you think it was the best show ever but Just because the one spinoff from Friends (Joey) was crap dossent mean they all are or will be

    2 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

     Let's just say their has not been a succesful spinoff this decade I can remember. 

    Better Call Saul comes immediately to mind

  10. 13 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    True I was kind of bummed out about Kaley's comments on not having a baby and Johnny sort of wavered a little when he said that Leonard is sensitive and would make a great father possibly even a stay-at-home dad.  I think what they said was hard to hear as a Lenny fan and I think that Kaley was just staying true to her earlier statements of not wanting to work with a baby/child.  But that doesn't mean she will give birth like Bernadette, they can still write about her getting pregnant (probably unexpectedly) and all the humorous situations that arise from that scenario. Also, what happens if Kaley actually gets pregnant in real life.  So what is the verdict people:  Is the baby storyline dead or just barely breathing?

    I think Kaley and Johnny are just phoning it in as far as interest in the show these days. The decision to sign on for the 11/12 season was a strictly financial one, by the end of the last contract it had become clear that lenny were done as far as TPTB are concerned.

    The still give their best as actors but the personal enjoyment of and love for the lenny character's is gone watch their interviews fro season 7 on and you can see it dying a bit every year


  11. Its really very simple, Sheldon is "the breakout star" and the darling of TPTB and MUST be the center of attention. Johnny/Leonerd and Kaley/Penny can not be allowed to pull attention away from him. They paid them what they had to so that they would stay and probably made a few vague and empty promises about Lennys future because their leaving would have cost the show viewers and bad press but they have no intention of actually having them do anything beyond being Sheldon second bannanas.

    The plots which should have been theirs were given to Howardette because they don't/can't compete with Sheldon/SHamy as they are "secondary" character's  and thus the status quo is maintained on the Sheldon show and those fat checks keep rolling in  

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