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  1. I will Just say thank you anything else might get me in trouble
  2. The life Sheldon has described growing up wouldn't make for a funny show so they changed it. Now it appears like Sheldon exaggerated it all although he may actually believe everything he said he could be simply using it for sympathy and as an excuse for his current behavior. I believe it is the later.
  3. You could still brush your teeth with pudding
  4. Lol i remember, if you stir it and the spoon dosent stay upright in the middle of the cup it's to weak.. Pleasure yachts, try a patrol on a cutter
  5. Hang on a second... Raj is still on the show?
  6. Just like NASCAR it's always turning left
  7. We have cupid Leonard but I think we need a Romance Ninja emoji
  8. Yep west central i can be in Bama in like ten minutes. They film the Walking Dead around my area and Darrell would fit in just fine around here.
  9. I think Alabama is a wonderful state, if it wasent for ya'll Mississippi would be right next door.
  10. This episode will require a heavy "suspension of disbelief" if we are to believe that Sheldon could actually convince anyone outside his circle of friends to vote to put him in charge of anything. Regular people wouldn't put up with him and his attitude for more than a minute before closing the door in his face
  11. From the episode where Dr. Stephanie met Penny ( in her "underware"). Leonard often has breakfast with her in his robe but she dosent like Sheldon.
  12. Amy says "I do" then smiles, Sheldon says "Don't trample me!" then faints...
  13. I was watching the fights, ummm i mean reading the threads over on the TREKBBS and it just hit me the answer to it all.... In Season 8 Penny had short hair and dressed very differently so.... It's obvious!!!! It's a different timeline!! Season 8 was a series reboot and everything we have seen since 8.01 has taken place in an alternate universe. They can say it's still the prime TBBT universe but it's not just look at the plaid!
  14. I like the Emojis heck I wish we had stronger negative ones. They are quick, easy, don't get hidden or get me warning points. I want the next update to include a SEPARATE negative reputation count
  15. Personally I care more about Cinnamon than raj, she is a much more interesting and likable character.
  16. I do understand and I wish I could still believe but time takes its toll... Now I have a new way of watching the show I push play if Kaley isn't on screen I push fast forward then play when she appears, leather rinse repeat. Watching the show now takes me about 5 minutes and rarely do I want to throw a brick at my tv
  17. Honestly dude that's not saying much... But its a great place to slip in a snarky comment
  18. My thoughts are with you my friend along with my hopes for your speedy recovery I know what would make me feel better...
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