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  1. 1 hour ago, Tensor said:


    And so?   People going through divorce proceeding start dating other people all the time.   It's specifically stated Behrs' character and her husband are separated.  



    What exactly does it being real life or fiction have to do with it?     There was a question as to Raj getting involved with a married woman.    Beth Behrs' character and her husband were described as separated.  Kaley and Ryan, were separated.   Raj starts dating Behrs' character while Behrs' character and the character's husband are separated.   Karl started dating Kaley, while Kaley and Ryan were separated.   It's the exact same situation, whether it's real life or fiction.   

    Now, if Raj and Behrs' character started dating while she was not separated, then the situation would be different.  

    Don't be so judgemental, its a question of attitude and personal morals.

    To me if they sleep together before the divorce is final she and Raj are adulterers though I know many here would have no problem with that to me personally you are bound by your marriage vows as long as the marriage lasts whether you are together with your spouse or not you are married until the marriage is legally ended and that doesn't happen until the judge signs the papers NOT when one partner decides to move out. Dating someone else while you are married makes you a cheater separated or not.

    And yes I love Kaley but to me she was morally wrong to start a new relationship before her marriage was actually over.

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  2. 48 minutes ago, Mislav said:

    Yeah, only some scenes just aren't funny. But, unlike what you claimed, they aren't criminal offences either, like I have already explained.

    To quote Mary Cooper "Thats your opinion" and while you have every right to express it we have a similar right to discount, disregard or simply disbelieve it.

    And on matters of law the only two opinions that count are those of the judge and jury

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  3. 24 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

    Penny's Idea?

    It say's Penny is a source of inspiration. That does not necessarily imply she has an idea.

    "is it a trick clock or a trick potato"

    Its beside the point anyway even if the idea was pennys we know sheldon will as in the past push her aside, deny her credit and claim full responsibility and control.

    Just like with Ramona, the scientific american articule, the guidence system, the paper that sparked his "nerds gone wild" video, what he arrogantly assumed (without checking or replicating) he proved at the north pole etc...

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  4. 15 minutes ago, spidergirl said:

    Oh ok, so that makes all difference the "the". Whatever...

    For the comedy's sake is a question very dubious. Because some bad behaviors from some characters are for we laugh.  From others is almost a crime. Right...

    1. Yes it does

    2. Dont even go there, i listed things about ALL the guys there was no bashing of an individual charecter in my post so there is no need to "defend" any particular one.

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  5. The statement was " all THE guys" not all guys.

    This is a comedy not real life, in real life lenny would pribably not have got together, Sheldon would live alone and work from home IF he hadn't been fired for his racist misogynist and just plain rude treatment of his co-workers and colleagues and Howard would probably be in a federal prison.

    These exagerated behaviors are for comedy's sake that why we have to have suspension of disbelief otherwise it is all just ridiculously unbelievable 


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  6. We SAW the Shemona kiss but not the boat kiss, this was I believe a conscious decision by TPTB to make one ambiguous (Leonard) and one (Sheldon) clearly defined. 

    I have allways considered that given leonards vague description what happend in Sheldons office is also what happened on the boat an uninitiated kiss which was quickly ended.

    Neither are cheating. If anything penny went immediately defensive and in my opinion over reacted where as amy waited for the details before judging. 

    I also believe this was intintional by TPTB to further the view of both guys that they wanted to convey to the audience at the time, Leonard bad, Sheldon good.


    Edit: I also think that if Molero had still been in charge the boat kiss WOULD have been brought up in 11.01 to sheldons benefit and leonards detriment 

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  7. 30 minutes ago, KripkeRules said:

    The discussion is Leonard cheated on Penny but Sheldon never cheated on Amy, so Penny is involved. Watch S10E14 again, Penny herself will tell you why she was not happy.I thought Zack was good for Penny, so they were married, but then get a annulment, that was a pity.


    (Insert Quirinus Quirrell gif here)


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