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  1. Or in the immortal words of Capt. Butler...
  2. And you cant forget Dogma
  3. Probably not many but I knew you would get it
  4. I spent time in the military and law enforcement and i can tell you on the street life is cheap to worthless i have seen men killed over a 12 pack of beer
  5. So if i read that right sheldon committed the crime of TAKING WITHOUT CONSENT and the differance in a thief and a TWOC is semantics
  6. What you or I or anyone else thinks or feels does not change the law, it was theft. Sheldon is a thief. No amount of deflection or obfuscation will change that basic fact. I have a headache from banging my head against this wall so on this subject...
  7. If it is or was Real money or not makes no differance it has value. By your logic stealing a Picasso painting is no biggie cause its just canvas and some paint so only worth a couple of bucks, so you know no real value
  8. I hope you have a wonderful day
  9. I honestly dont care about Amys family but then any scene Sheldon is in that leonard or Penney isnt in i skip past I no longer find sheldon funny 99.95% of the time
  10. People can try to hand wave this away as its only a tv show or they are all friends so its ok... But that dosent change the facts, Sheldon in one of his usual fits of self-rightus arrogance at being "slighted" took a valuable item which belonged to his friends without their knowledge or permission and hid it, the item he hid it in was subsequently lost taking the stolen item with it. He took someone elses property and due to his actions they will never get it back. That means Sheldon IS a thief. The thing they didnt want him to become in the skywalker ranch episode where he originally stole a lightsaber. TPTB apparently have decided that Homo-Novus can now get away with anything including stealing from his friends and its all cool cause, you know, thats just Sheldon.
  11. The bitcoin did not belong to sheldon, he took something of value from its rightfull owners with the intent of depriving them of its use thats theft. If he intended to reveal its location when and if he was provided with something he wanted as ransom even if the ransom was an apology you can possible add a charge of blackmail, and a value of $5000.00 makes it a felony. If i took these facts to a judge i could get an arrest warrant with no problem
  12. Damn, this season must be way better than the last. We went 23 days without a post here
  13. We all just have to realize. that continuity dosent mean anything to TPTB, it has become obvious over the years that what happened in past seasons is basically forgotten quickly and is not importent if they think a line will get a laugh today
  14. Lol they have her little black dress from Vegas in season 9. Sorry @Chrismo but no orange bikini
  15. I cant decide if this is toatlly cool or totaly weird but this outfit with a certificate of authenticity is for sale one ebay.. Current asking price $399.00 They also have her red dress from last valentines day
  16. Yep your right absolutely correct. Debate over you win. Woohooo!!!! Are we done with this now, please...
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