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  1. That dosent help!!! Oh the face mask now i get it
  2. Sigh first thing in the morning, now those thoughts are gonna be in my head all day
  3. So the one episode where we saw this behavior in leonard it MUST be taken as gospel the full truth written in stone but the episode where she contradicted it is just a "throwaway" and means nothing? OK boys and girls on a totally unrelated topic todays phrase is: cher·ry-pick ˈCHerēˌpik/ verb gerund or present participle: cherry-picking 1. selectively choose (the most beneficial items) from what is available. "the company should buy the whole airline and not just cherry-pick its best assets" 2. in a game such as basketball, wait near the goal for a pass, which can be converted to an easy score.
  4. Doing things together as a couple is important but if they went Hijacking together and it didnt work out they would have to do the years of prison time separately so Leonard was right to pass on that one
  5. I remember Sheldon being made to take vacation and president Seibert suggested Afghanistan as a possible destination, but unfortunately he decided to stay home and work with Amy instead
  6. I had a response typed out, then realized one more strike and I will have to take Tensors class again so....
  7. This could be a great plot maybe the best TBBT has ever had if they play it right. Raj stays pissed, Howard keeps trying time after time to "make up" with him. Raj dosent want to forgive him and howards attempts just make him madder. Finally he has enough says screw it and moves back to India or to another university.
  8. Yes it is legally accurate some states have a residency requirement (you have to have lived in the state a certain amount of time) but Nevada (Vegas) dosent. Here in Georgia you can get the license at a judges office and he can immediately marry you. Takes like 15 minutes total if your the only couple there at the time
  9. Thats correct but many people lump the wedding and reception into one event when talking about it.
  10. Most of the married people i know got married by a judge, JP or their pastor at the courthouse, home or park, sometimes with a small party at home or a friends house. Most just wanted to be married and had no desire for the time and expense of a big "formal wedding" which these days is more of a status symbol for the well to do Edit; the one time i was married was at the courthouse. If by some improbable confluence of events I ever do it again it will be at the church of bacon in Vegas.
  11. Consistent happiness. I have to say i would be good with that its the holy grail of relationships
  12. Looks more like standard thin flannel pajamas to me
  13. Lol Kaley looks right at Alex and says "you suck"
  14. Welcome back, you have been missed
  15. Thank god she was unsuccessful! If she got it in there they may have had to cut her hair to get it out and that might well kill 3KU11
  16. One of my favorite scenes leonards "COOKIE" was perfect....
  17. Personally, I want to see her go "Panty Pinata" on him
  18. A thought just occured to me... What if Bert and Leonard's work does make a breakthrough, what if they DO prove dark matter (Chanting): Nobel, Nobel, Nobel
  19. The 250th episode is approaching a perfect opportunity for the Shert to be revealed
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