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  1. I would read the HELL out of that. Get on it, wowbagger! :-)
  2. Thank you so much, I'm blown away!!! Thank you also to all the amazing writers and artists who help make this such an awesome fandom!!!
  3. Wow guys, I'm completely amazed at having been nominated and so honored! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm so happy to be part of this awesome fandom and proud to be part of a list of such amazing authors and artists!
  4. Do you guys need help combing for eligible stories and/or authors? I know it must be a big job and still ongoing maybe...like I *think* for example, that all of my stories are eligible (though clearly not all worthy of course! LOL) because I only started writing in October last year, but only 2 are on the "eligible" list above, and my newest written over the last couple months isnt among them. If you'd like another hand combing story lists let me know! :-)
  5. Whoa, BERT is back? And it sounds like he's hitting on Amy? What the actual F? We're in Fanfic land again, folks!
  6. If it were the redo ep it could be a hotel room when the guys go to find their parents...
  7. Oh boy, ok, I'll bite. In what way is Sheldon "having a hard time" with Amy? As if...like Sheldon said long ago, they truly do have the best relationship in the group. :-)
  8. @stardustmelody - it just says Coming Soon at the both of the page. It's not a refresh issue, I've never visited the page for this ep before just now.
  9. Also didn't Prady say in an interview right after Opening Night that he can't imagine they'll wait a year to do it again? :-)
  10. OMG, dream come true. I would seriously scream if I read this in a TR...no matter who was around. And THIS folks is what the bathroom conversation and the hug in 200 were about. Last season we had Penny say she sees him like a brother. In 200 Leonard told Sheldon he IS his brother. How can anyone think TPTB would consider destroying this with a Shenny twist in the end of the series? This is a beautiful, imperfect but loving family, all these guys and gals. Think about it - none of them have great, functional happy families of their own, so they all made one together. Happy si
  11. Yes, shamydawson said Sheldon said when thinks of throwing something away he gets a ringing in his ears, butterflies in his tummy and something about fire...he definitely actually struggles with this as a real condition. Sad.
  12. Yes, I like that he had hidden this but opened up to her, and that he knew and was honest about the fact that this is not normal, healthy behavior. When we first heard about the storage unit in the taping, I joked that he would probably say something like he wanted to give The Smithsonian a head start for its eventual Sheldon Cooper wing. It seems like just the arrogant way the old Sheldon would respond to something like this coming to light, but he's grown and matured and because he loves her so much and trusts her (well, with a non-disclosure agreement - yes, he's "still Sheldon," tha
  13. It sounds like, though, in this case Amy didn't actually make any innuendo. From what shamydawson said they had Sheldon clearly make the innuendos and then Amy say "What did you have in mind?" I'm hoping this reflects her trying to figure out what he's really saying, not making assumptions. We will of course have to see how it plays out, but I like that much better than if she had said "I have an idea what we can do…" then nothing came of it.
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