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  1. Oh yes, it absolutely was. Just a couple episodes ago we had him calmly saying to Amy that if they ever have children they have to name them after Raj because of the asteroid situation. He didn't say "That fool made me the stupidest deal, as if we would ever have kids, joke's on him, ha!" Lol ** The site is merging my replies, separating this out for clarity since they really don't lead one into another. ** I don't get this fear that Sheldon never shows who he really is to Amy, or they don't have emotional intimacy, or whatever. If you want examples of him doing so unprompted, in addition to anything anyone else has mentioned, you only have to look as far as Earworm. He figured out, completely on his own, that the song in his head was about Amy. He decided, on his own, that he had to go to her. He told her exactly what was going on, that she was in his mind and his heart. He told her he wanted to be her boyfriend again, without her making the suggestion. And, unprompted, even after she said that she would be his girlfriend again he told her he loved her. I don't get the angst over lack of emotional honesty, or connection, or whatever...I see it in spades with Sheldon/Shamy 2.0
  2. Yes, he definitely didn't say take a vow of celibacy. Nope nope nope.
  3. OK, do you know why I like Leonard's response to Sheldon's comment? Because it shows that neither guy is actually serious. We know that later in the episode Leonard was asking Penny about having children, so it isn't something that he doesn't want. We already know the same about Sheldon, we think, so it's nice to have that paralleled in Leonard, where the writers make a specific point that he does want them. Both of their comments are really just a slightly panicked reaction to the big news, and specifically to Howard (who also unequivocally wanted children) freaking out about it. Hopefully this will ward off any ridiculous comments like "Sheldon doesn't want to have kids with Amy, look at what he said! "
  4. Yep, me too. And such a lovely call-back to her jealousy in S8 over Leonard's comment to Penny. Sheldon really is everything she wants, he just needed some prodding to show her. Awww, my heart... Yep, next week we get the karaoke bar episode and Amy possibly alluding to more Shamy sex having occurred (your man being "on fire" and "one thing leading to another." Oh yeah, 6 days.
  5. Because Windows 10 sucks. There I said it. - Signed, Former Microsoft Employee of 8 Years
  6. So I thought about that, but this just seems like such a CLEAR wink at regular viewing speed (not like the bed one we had to slow down and analyze) with the camera so focused on his face that I think it was intended as a real wink, which I love. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :-)
  7. Or maybe he IS. Perhaps the goods are a little, shall we say, tender from recent overuse? Yes, yes, I did say that. A shipper can dream.
  8. Amy, you're looking in the wrong place, girl!
  9. Did anyone else's head read that line in Comic Book Guy's voice from The Simpsons? No, just me? Really? Hmmm...
  10. EXACTLY THIS! He has said "I love you," but now we basically got to hear "I'm in love with you" which is breathtaking. Awwww...
  11. Guys, I'm fangirling hard right now. My family is watching the first Spiderman movie tonight. I saw it when it came out of course, but hadn't seen it since I've watched TBBT. I'm sure this is old news to you guys, but I never realized that what Sheldon said to Amy on their anniversary at the restaurant isn't merely a direct citation from the movie. The movie line is: when you look in her eyes and she's looking back in yours... everything... feels... not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is... you don't know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be But that's not what he said, he made it first person. So yes, he quoted the movie, but he didn't just think of some romantic quote and parrot it (let's just pause for a sec to appreciate that Sheldon knew romantic in the first place...). I think he actually thought about the quote, knew it applied and turned it around to be about him expressing how Amy makes him feel. Awww...he's been a hippie for a long time where his little lady is concerned.
  12. Can I ask what a "chiropodist" is? Are you in the UK too? Is that a British term? I'm American and I swear I've never heard it...I'm a linguist too, so I'm just curious!
  13. Yes, from the reports I took it this way, too. A bit of continuation of Leonard's difficulty signing the roommate termination notice in The 2003 Approximation, and maybe some foreshadowing that Leonard is actually the one who is going to be played as having the hard time letting go to move out of 4A. For all he and Penny's grousing about having to "take care of" Sheldon, when it came down to it he wanted to be the one going after him, not Amy. I don't think he honestly thought she wasn't close enought to do it, I thought it was more that he was afraid she was close enough to...he isn't the only one anymore.
  14. Just got another report from a super Shamy shipper (so you KNOW him bring pantsless with not-Amy would be big news) who was there tonight, confirms my explanation above, FYI. Whew.
  15. From what I got out of chat, the "pantless" conversation was a disagreement between Amy and Leonard about who should go after Sheldon (they both wanted to be the one it sounded like). So Amy said she had seen Sheldon pants-less and Leonard said he had too. Then Amy said that Sheldon had seen her pantsless, and Leonard apparently said him too. This is where people were confused. Not sure if that means somehow Leonard has seen Amy pantsless (awkward walk-in during Shamy coitus?) or if it actually meant Sheldon had seen Leonard pantsless, too. Does that make more sense? I wasn't there, but that's what I took from the conversations.
  16. The pics sure look like she could be wearing a batgirl costume...fingers crossed!
  17. Yep, have a wonderful day you lucky souls going tonight! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!
  18. Nah, he already would have tweeted a pic of himself in Sheldon's spot, like the pics of HIM throwing a football for Super Bowl, or HIM looking at the moon on the anniversary of the moon landing. I thought Mondays they do full run through in dress and makeup/hair anyway?
  19. What the hell is this hotness and how have I never seen it before? Where pray tell is this from?!
  20. Yeah, I've been wondering about that possibility. I can hear it: Howard: "Dude, you can't bring LESLIE WINKLE to Sheldons surprise party!" Raj: "Why not? She was good enough for you and Leonard, you both slept with her." Howard: "That's WHY you can't bring her. Hey Sheldon, SURPRISE, here's your present! Hey Penny and Bernadette, SURPRISE, here's a woman who had sex with both your husbands!"
  21. @wowbaggerI was quoting the Locomotive Manipulation where Sheldon had the urge to hug Amy but counts as it passes to avoid doing so. Like it seemed the show might have had the unexpected urge to explain, but intentionally sat on its metaphorical hands until the opportunity passed by so it didn't accidentally do so... #failedhumorattempt
  22. Opportunity to explain Amy's feelings intended? No...happy accident. Wow, I'm feeling the urge to let Amy explain her feelings. And one, and two, all right, Wowbagger, we're good.
  23. Maybe if Barry is invited somewhere he brings Leslie as his date? I could totally see them getting together.
  24. BTW, if you haven't seen yet there is a new script cover pic from Molaro with letters visible. Just in case you spend all your time on the Shamy thread. :-)
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