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  1. Ugh, the next few episodes are going to be REALLY hard for me to watch. Jim about killed me tonight with his delivery of the line about "Amy's wedding, when she marries someone better than me." I even knew it was coming, but still...the feels. Ouch. Even just the way he said her name each time, I swear it was so sad. Ugh ugh and ugh.
  2. Hmmm, or maybe they could use it for angst AND make use of it. What if they had talked over their relationship, but not sex specifically. Then the flowers arrive with a suggestive note, he freaks out thinking maybe she slept with him, she eventually calms him down and tells him she didn't. Then he says something like "Good, because I want to be your first" and kisses her. Then she says "I want you to be, too." Then he says "No, I mean, NOW." BTW, I blame at least part of my dirty mind in this case on Jim and his pelvis in that interview. Why of why wasn't that cameraman doing a full body shot at that moment?! LOL
  3. Thanks! Oh good Lord, how did I miss that one?! I guess because it was 2 years ago and I wasn't used to thinking about Sexual Sheldon, which is about all I can think about these days! LOL! I'm cautiously optimist for tonight's TR, but of course I wasn't worried about last week's, assuming there would just be no Shamy and that bit me on the a**, so we'll see. I do think reconciliation is on it's way, but I think they could still draw it out through the sweeps. Even if they talk things out in episode 7 and start back on the path to togetherness I think the writers could definitely use this Dave guy to slow it again. I just don't think they'll leave us angst-free even after an initial reconciliation. Imagine the Shamy has just decided to give it another shot and are both happy. Then flowers arrive from Dave with a note thanking Amy for "a wonderful night" and Sheldon sees them, or better yet is at her apartment and answers the door when they're delivered at her place. Or they're together having lunch in her lab and Dave shows up with flowers and when sad to see Sheldon there says something like "I just thought after the other night..." I can't see either situation pulling them apart again for long, but I wouldn't be surprised if the writers continue to play the angst card...sigh...
  4. I saw some else mention the head gesture thing...when was that? I must have missed it...
  5. Maybe she's not an alien or a spy. Maybe she really IS Amelia, a former pioneer brought to the future by a time traveler. Maybe her fan fiction was really an attempt to explain what's happened to her...a cry for the real Cooper to come find her and figure out how to take her back when she came from!
  6. Yes, not technically something to "forgive," but something certainly to "get over." Here is where the fact that Shamy were so unique, individually and together matters. You shouldn't consider things with them like a regular couple (and the writers should damn well know better.) For Sheldon their relationship was "extremely intimate" even before they kissed. Each of them took until over age 30 to properly kiss someone in the first place, never having pursued a physical relationship with ANYONE. EVER. The idea that Amy would suddenly (and yes, only a couple weeks or even months would be sudden for these characters) jump into sharing any level of intimacy with another man is a BIG deal in this unique relationship. People who have been in more than one "regular" relationship, who have kissed and maybe even had sex with multiple people might find getting back with an ex after they kissed someone else to be quite possible; "regular" people even sometimes forgive partners kidding others DURING their relationship...like Penny was able to get past it. She and Leonard had both been with other people, even seen the other kissing other people, and we're both able to refer to it as "just kissing." That's why it matters that the Shamy is different. None of us can step into either of their quirky, brilliant minds. But as a kinda-comparison we can maybe get a little closer to: now imagine you're in a relationship with your childhood sweetheart. You're best friends and s/he has always gotten you like no one else. In fact, you were friends forever before you ever even kissed. This is literally the ONLY person you've ever loved, ever kissed, ever even wanted to be intimate with, and you know that you are their one and only, too. You're discovering everything together, just the two of you. Then you see him/her kiss someone else. It hardly matters how many Mississippis it lasted, does it? And it doesn't even matter to your mind if your were "on a break" at that time because you literally never even imagined that you wouldn't get through it and be back together. Speaking of your mind, now let's say you also have an eidetic memory. Even if you get back together with him/her now, everyday for the rest of your life you will be able to see that kiss again in absolutely perfect detail. You'll remember the date, the time, the weather, what s/he wore, exactly what the kissing guy/gal looked like, how close they stood, the way their lips touched. Every. minute. detail. Forever. So yeah, if this was a date for Amy I think it's fair today that Sheldon may have a hard time "forgiving" her, or rather "getting over" this.
  7. Hmmm, I suppose if tptb wanted to really play the angsty Amy-is-moving-on card Sheldon could have gotten all the way to her door only for her to open it and the guy be sitting on her couch with a cup of tea in his hands. That sounds infinitely worse, even without a peck in the lips, right?
  8. I agree, the kissing guy will be back. But please oh please let it be as a flashback, showing that he works in Amy's lab, or better yet, is a visiting researcher or former colleague briefly participating in her study. He asked her out to dinner and, partly to be nice, and partly because it seems Sheldon is moving on so she thinks maybe she should too, she accepts. But that's it. There are no fireworks, no nothing and she thinks of Sheldon the whole time. Them she arrived home to his message about the documentary and... #ihopeihopeihope
  9. Re-reading the TR now, I have a new question. Was this kiss outside Amy's building, or outside her apartment (inside the building)? I had assumed the latter, but the quote above makes it sound like it was outside the actual building. Outside the building makes it sound much less serious to my mind. Like even if it was a date she was like "That's fine, you can just drop me off here." At her apt door sounds more intimate, like the guy thought he may have had a chance to be invited in, you know? #clingingtohope #lorddontletherkisshimagain #andfortheloveofallthatisgoodnocoituswithanyonebutsheldon
  10. Yes, this. Their inexperience and utter exclusivity is what made them unique. And don't forget Sheldon's eidetic memory - for the rest of his life he will be able to SEE her kiss that man in perfect detail. Much worse than the Leonard/Mandy kiss. I actually don't know how Sheldon moves on from there. :-(
  11. I swear it was on this site that I read the first 5 for this season, but I can't find them now to keep an eye out for this week's. Was I wrong that they were here? I see a taping report thread for Season 8 in that section. If not here, where can I find them? Thanks!
  12. I agree, I don't know what to think about this, now. From the TR I had assumed that it was clearly a trip meant for him and Amy, as the report had said it included things Leonard and Penny wouldn't care about. I was imagining some special activity at the Science Center, a koala or monkey feeding experience at the zoo, etc. But it sounded nothing like that in the episode. Is there anyone who was at the taping who can elaborate on if you got a different feel during taping? I too am hoping they decided to save more info for later and that it is, in fact, a trip Sheldon had meant for he and Amy to take. Otherwise it's just a silly thing about him wanting to go with Leonard and Penny. In that case the actual giving of the gift at all, his apparent willingness to pick random dates for other people and assume it would work with their schedules, and Sheldon's desire to travel in general seems kind of OOC...
  13. Yeah, she said that about ice skating; it was in the same scene where she claimed not to be able ride a horse because her hips don't open more than 22 degrees. Someone wrote a fanfic where it came out that she only made excuses to avoid those activities because she knew Sheldon wouldn't enjoy they and was trying to help him. Now that the writers have apparently admitted she CAN and HAS gone ice skating I'm hoping that's their way of himting the hip thing wasn't true, either. That takes any question about coitus with hips limited to 22 degrees out of play. Which would great, as we all know we don't want the Shamy limited in their future coital endeavors! Lol
  14. Nah, Sheldon said in The Intimacy Acceleration that eye contact is easier with people he's comfortable with. And we know there is no one he is more comfortable with than Amy. Plus all the extreme eye coitus over the years proves he had no issue with eye contact where she is concerned. If he is looking anywhere but her eyes, there is a reason!
  15. Over the past couple weeks as I've gotten sucked into the forums with you fine folks I've come up with a few ideas as to how a Shamy reconciliation might go down and finally decided to create some fics for them (as requested by a couple folks.) Here is the first chapter of the first one. I already have one more chapter ready for this story. Whether I end it there or continue it beyond the main event of the story we'll see. I will say this is totally out of character for me - I've actually never written any kind of fiction for any purpose ever before, but you know how incredibly addictive the Shamy can be. What can I say? They sucked me in. One thing I have come to realize in getting 3 different story ideas I have down in print over the last several days is that those of you who write regularly are Ah-mazing! It is challenging to tell a compelling story and keep the characters IC without letting your imagination take them all the places we want them to go too quickly. I'm sincerely thankful to those of you who wrote such great fics that it made me think it was something maybe I could do, too. Heaven knows reading and writing happy Shamy stories makes me feel a lot better than watching what's going on on TV right now. LOL I would love to have you check out my story and review - this is new, but exciting for me! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11531965/1/The-Reception-Revelation
  16. I'm also worried that's where they're heading with the ring. The ONLY way I could see not being massively disappointed at that is if one of the gang found it, and thought Sheldon was going to propose only to get her back and got angry with him for "toying with her emotions like that." Then told Amy based on that, like a warning to stay away from him. Then she gets so pissed at that idea that she comes to have it out with him, declaring that if he would run out and buy a ring and pretend to want to marry her after the breakup just to keep her around and not disrupt his schedule/habits then he must have never really loved her anyway, etc. Then Sheldon angrily declares that she's wrong, that it's his great-grandmothers ring, that he asked his mother for it after they put in their Mars application, and Mary brought it when she visited. Maybe it even comes out that he was going to propose on their anniversary. Or the gang is there for the conversation and Penny blurts out something like "Oh my God, were you going to propose on your San Francisco trip?!" To which of course Amy says "What trip?" So in one fell swoop she finds out that Sheldon wants to marry her for real, AND planned a romantic getaway for them (which is honestly one of the most amazing things I think he's ever done and I HATE that she doesn't know he did it!!!)
  17. I posted before with "resonance," potentially a GOOD word, or "dissonance," a decidedly BAD word which might make me cry to see as a title. Gah.
  18. Which if he had no intention of ever making use of her eggs wouldn't matter a hill of beans. I totally see that as a confession. When Sheldon has a feeling, he knows it. He's realized (exhibit A: ring) that he wants it all with her and now that he's all-in not only is there no point in waiting, he knows that at their ages they need to get a move on. And just at that point she calls it off. Now I get why we see angry Sheldon more than sad, broody Sheldon. I hope some of that one is coming, though; I think it would be important to see him break, not just lash out. Oh, and yeah, she should have been pissed because that was just a jerk thing to say. But coming from Sheldon I see how it has a real meaning as well. If reconciliation were the quick goal it easily could have gone something like: S: "But those eggs you're toting around have an expiration date!" A: "Like you care about that!" S: "I most certainly do! The more advanced your age when we attempt to conceive the longer we can expect it to take and the lower the chances of our creating healthy embryos. For example at 33 years of age one can reasonably expect successful conception to take at least 6-9 months barring any unforseen complications, and the expected length of time increases 10% per year after that. Assuming we wait at least a year after marriage to attempt conception, in order to give ourselves some time alone first, that would already put your age at birth at 34. And of course the potential issues only increase for second or third children after that, as all births after 35 are medically considered higher risk. And those numbers are assuming we were to get married today, so push those numbers out even further based on the currently-undefined length of this ridiculous "break." <Sheldon making air quotes here> Meanwhile, as he rattles all of this off at the speed of his Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock explanation he hasn't even noticed that everyone around him has frozen staring at him in shock, none more than Amy. Finally noticing everyone's gaping faces he says with a confused look "What?" I'll let you imagine Amy's response after that, or maybe I'll have to turn it into a fanfic come to think of it...
  19. The letter shaping of the bottom looks more like it ends in "..nance." Maybe "resonance?" Oooooooohhhh, or "dissonance." I don't like that one, at.all.
  20. No, they haven't talked about that for 5 years. Sheldon shut it down then based on Penny's points about his mom, and that point had to have been made to Amy for it to never be pursued. I don't think either of them would think to go that route now, and they both know it. They know their relationship is progressing, they know it's becoming more and more physical, they know some things "now seem possible." The only thing anyone could logically conclude from his egg comment is having babies made "the old-fashioned way." I get get the feeling that Amy's perception that Sheldon does not and may never want the same things she does are a major factor in this break. ("THAT'S the commitment issue you're wrestling with?") The fact that he was close to proposing and that he sees them having a family would be huge in a reconciliation if that is indeed the case.
  21. So I kinda hated the episode, feeling like it was just all yelling and anger and sad-Shamy-ness, but after reading so many responses I'll have to watch it again. I think I'm just so sad at the whole debacle that I can't look at it objectively, yet. :-p BUT, can we just talk about the "eggs" comment for a sec? So Sheldon has a ring, we know he's at least thinking about proposing if he wasn't about to, we know he planned a getaway trip for he and Amy (one room? one bed?). Of course Amy doesn't know these things, but what does she know? 1 - Sheldon loves her 2 - He said, in front of and to her, "Amy and I have been together for a long time, and a lot of things I never though possible, now seem possible" (coitus? marriage? Big things clearly) 3 - And now he basically told her he wants to have babies with her. If he didn't, it wouldn't matter how old her eggs were. Did she even HEAR that in his rudeness? Hello, earth to Amy...SHELDON WANTS TO HAVE BABIES WITH YOU! #endthisstupidbreak #teamshamy
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