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  1. Yeah, internal monologue: "Oh, she's patting my shoulder, that's kind of nice, hello my little vixen...wait a sec... I know what that look is for..."
  2. I love many of the things your husband says. LOL
  3. Yeah when I rewatched it this morning I watched carefully for his reaction and he really doesn't react...I don't think he believes for a second that she doesn't want to be engaged to him. Of course he gets confirmation later, but I love that he didn't immediately look shocked, or despondent, or sad or anything like that...
  4. How far out do you think the cast finds out about guest stars? I noticed Johnny posted this 8 weeks ago. I know they don't get the scripts until a week before, but wondering if that's when he found out Sara would be back for the 200th episode?
  5. Awww, I love the cast loving on each other.
  6. It's a ring. A weird one, but a ring.
  7. Maybe Kripke and Leslie are nominated for the Nobel prize for a project they're working on together. Or Sheldon has a nightmare that they are. That would probably be the worst combination he could imagine... Nice idea, but no dice, at least for me. Dang. LOL
  8. Where are you guys seeing so many clips of tonight's ep? I've only seen one or two... ETA: Nevermind, I just googled to find them. Still don't know where they're supposed to be officially posted, but my curiousity is sated for the next 8 hours until I can actually see the episode after I put my kids to bed! LOL
  9. Yeah, I was torn between Implementation and Observation. I went with Observation only because I thought it was a little shorter and might fit the length better if it were a 4 word title...I could believe either. :-)
  10. An ant-hero? Like this guy? LOL, sorry, couldn't resist. ETA: Holy crap that image is huge, sorry, I don't think I can resize on my iPad. Wow.
  11. Wer'e down the rabbit hole already, right? So I'll go all optimistic again and guess The Golden Rule Observation Sheldon and Amy's bedroom escapades gross out Leonard and Penny and Leonard has the audacity to comment on it, prompting Sheldon to remind him of all the times he's needed noise canceling headphones and causing him to quote The Golden Rule. This finally prompts Lenny to move to 4B. Bonus unicorns and rainbows guess at the tag scene: Sheldon is alone in the apartment after Lenny leave with the last of their stuff and declares "Well, now that that's done, there is something I have to ask Amy," then walks out the door. What is he going to ask? Living together? Engagement? Dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn...tune in next week. Sigh...if only...
  12. Yes, I agree that I think out could be Gold................ation.
  13. Hmmm, maybe that is a straight line...I need clearer teaser pics. Dang.
  14. Just saw Bill's. Is it my imagination or could it possibly start "Co" "The Cohabitation Consideration"? #shamywishfulthinking #sorrynotsorry #obsessed
  15. I posted to the main thread, but it's just so exciting I'm putting it here, too! This is from Kunal on Twitter!
  16. I just have to say how much I love that the group was doing this together for Bernie too, singing baby songs to her. What a sweet show of friendship and support. I mean really, if this were real life and that were you, can you imagine how special and loved you would feel? I just love that they showed them all as still a close-knit group despite all the changes that have come and are coming. Especially since I re-watched The 2003 Approximation last week and Sheldon's description of how they'd all drift apart seems plausible with the way life goes. But to me this was the opposite and was really sweet!
  17. Drunk Sheldon flirting...I.CAN'T.EVEN. Aaaaaaahhhhh! And how I can't wait for Amy to smirk and admit how she gets it about getting caught up in the moment, or your man getting all fired up and wanting you...oh 13 year old Amy (and 30 year old Amy...), it does get better!
  18. My thoughts exactly. I LOVE this...a match made in heaven indeed!
  19. Oh yeah, that's EXACTLY what I was going to say! LOL...time for a bigger bed!
  20. I just want to see Shamy on the couch in 4A eating with the gang but close enough to be touching. Can't we just get thighs touching while they eat, or his arm thrown behind her as they all watch a movie or something? Pretty please, writers? Anything to let us know they have physical contact besides one night of sex?
  21. Darlin', Little Lady or Vixen would all make me happy, but Little Lady and Vixen both have precedence. But really none of the couples really use terms of endearment regularly and I just don't see Shamy doing it regularly either. But the sweetness if he ever just threw in Darlin' once, harkening back to his epiphany and that song would kill me. Amy likes to pull out Cuddles upon occasion, maybe one day he surprises her by coming back with Darlin' just as they, say, head out the door to go somewhere and we get to see smitten, grinning Amy follow him to the stairs. Sigh...I can dream!
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