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  1. Taken from Spoiler Discussion Thread (p. 562), On 3/23/2016, brilliantfool said: <SNIP> Then someone knocks at 4B , and I THINK (not sure) Sheldon says "maybe it's amy she want to apologize". But it's in fact Leonard and he confronts Penny "were you secretly using your friendship with Sheldon to get your way about the stuff you want (in RA)?" Then I really really don't remember much , but I remember Lenny and Shamy in front of the elevator, and they're all confronting each other , and I think Leonard (maybe Amy though) says Sheldon and Penny have this weird twisted brother sister bond/ friendship and smth about that (I don't remember what it was, but I was SO surprised to hear it in the episode cause it sounded almost EXACTLY like DT after the 200th episode). _____________________________ Thank you for the details Brilliantfool! Excuse the cut/paste quote thing I've got going on above but I wanted to share my thoughts on the recent TR and it seems I waited too long as one of BF's posts was moved to the discussion thread. In an effort to properly speak to BF's comments I have included snippets above from two of her posts. (I hope this is okay with the moderators!) I have to admit after the sexually charged/playful Shamy tag scenes in 9x19 and 9x20, I'd have bet the writers were setting up for another coitus episode. Boy, was I wrong (again!) While I'm happy that the recent TR sounds like a way to reopen the living arrangement discussions, I'd be disappointed if the reason for the move is based on jealousy/insecurity. I have enjoyed reading everyone's take on whether or not jealousy is at play here and I can see how both sides could fit. However, it is the bold line above that I cannot easily make sense of, the description of Shenny's friendship as "weird" or "twisted". Just like BF, I'm surprised by this sentiment. I am really looking forward to how this line will be acted. These words are very loaded for me and convey insecurity or suspicion on the part of the speaker (IMO). Of course, I will reserve my final judgment until the version airs. Either way I hope that the writers will dig deeper into the Lenny secret keeping backstory and not brush over it. It wouldn't feel right to me if the living arrangement discussion is sparked by the argument in this episode only.
  2. Nice pic. Jim's tie colour even matches Mayim's dress.
  3. OMG April, the bold part made me laugh so hard!
  4. I thought this episode was just okay. Not a lot of laugh out loud moments for me. I found the karaoke scenes and drunk Sheldon to be the funniest.
  5. Oh yeah! Does anyone have a pic they can post of that? Umm...just to jog my memory
  6. I thought I'd share my thoughts (and confusion) about the Meemaw episode. I read the TR before viewing the episode but decided not to weigh in on the Meemaw/Amy "face-off" until it aired. In both cases, I was really surprised by how Meemaw and Amy interacted. It seemed like they were strangers who had never spoken before. Forgive me but I was under the impression from episode 8x11 (The Clean Room Infiltration) that Amy spoke with Meemaw: Sheldon: Cookies?Amy: They're your MeeMaw's Christmas cookies. I called and got the recipe. I imagine the two women would have shared stories during this off-screen conversation. If so, shouldn't Meemaw know Amy's love for her grandson? Amy's character? Even if their relationship was strained because of the breakup and Meemaw needed reassurance that Amy wouldn't leave Moonpie again. I don't get why Meemaw acted so distant. It was as if they never had any interaction/conversation prior to that moment. From both Amy's comments (you'll like me once you get to know me) and Meemaw referring to Mary liking her. It just sounded like Meemaw had never talked to Amy to make her own opinion of her. Which I find weird considering 8x11. Then again this is an assumption on my part, perhaps Amy got the cookie recipe from Mary in 8x11 and not Meemaw herself. Would love to hear others thoughts on the Meemaw/Amy interaction in light of 8x11.
  7. My favourite line this episode, Sheldon's: "Is it possible that this crankiness is because your cycles have synced?"
  8. Couldn't help but notice Sheldon is on his knees here. Could this also be foreshadowing of an upcoming proposal? To be honest it took me some time to notice...too distracted by Jim's face and bicep
  9. Welcome aboard Letti! Glad you joined our merry band of Shamy shippers. Looking forward to your posts!
  10. Your author's notes are pure gold!
  11. Are there any plans for a Shamy-shipper group meet-up for Paleyfest? Maybe even catch a TBBT taping? (hint...hint...) I would love to go to something like this, especially with other Shamy shippers from the thread. Anyone game?
  12. LOL! Your gifs always crack me up! Thanks for the info (and the laugh)
  13. Wait what? I think I missed something....did they announce Bernadette's pregnant in last night's taping? Also Kazzie, just saw your picture on IG with "ShAmy" was that from last night's taping?
  14. I'm leaning towards an episode that plays up sexual tension between Shamy. Maybe some kind of title that alludes to that. Looks like second word starts with "N" or "M". Third word ending with "lization" (visualization/realization)
  15. That's right I remember now. Thank you so much !
  16. Thanks for sharing the video! There's a clip where Sheldon appears to be smelling Amy's hair and it's killing me because I can't remember the episode. It appears at 0:56 in the video. Can someone help me? Thanks
  17. Yes!!!! I wish I could give your post multiple likes. As for the bold part, I get butterflies in my stomach every time I watch that scene. *melt*
  18. I'm a huge fan of your stories and this one does not disappoint! As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  19. Oh yes! It looks like he pauses and then lets his passion take over.
  20. I was struck by his wide chest in the opening scene when Sheldon falls to his knees to pray. His muscular form is quite distracting in those t-shirts.
  21. Not gonna lie...all that went through my mind after reading the above quote: Sheldon/Jim bicep appreciation moment
  22. I love Sheldon's expression when he was lying in bed looking around nervously waiting for her. He looked so adorable.
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