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  1. Yes that's been the case for years so guess what they'll probably keep doing that for the next two seasons, which means Shamy will continue to be the center for the next two years despite how much some of us loathe that.
  2. I like season 4&5 Shamy too. But I must say I also love season 10 Shamy, probably more. Season 4&5 Shamy was unique without a doubt, but they were more like two playmates rather than a couple (well to be exact they really weren't a couple at that time). Their relationship was a balance back then. They shared mutual interests, but beyond that they were more like acquaintances. That kind of relationship may be perfect for the friend zone, but I can't imagine them keeping it if the writers ever want them to be a couple. As their relationship evolves, inevitably, the imbalance appears. Sadly, the writers chose to focus on the imbalance and magnify it to the extreme. To me the writers handles Shamy poorly in later seasons. Ok in season 6&7, below average in season 8 and first half of season 9, bad the second half of season 9, unbearable in the meemaw episode and the viewing party episode. Now in season 10, for the first time in years, their relationship is a balanced one. Amy is not a doormat anymore. Both of them are perfectly satisfied. No one is a flight risk. Sheldon learns to be a better boyfriend and Amy learns to stand up for herself. Their relationship reaches a new, better balance. Particularly, I like 1007 and 1019 a lot. It combined the uniqueness of season 4&5 Shamy with the evolved, more loving and human later season Shamy. As for those small things that used to excite us so much in the past, well you pay close attention, they still exist. Shamy still touch each other and make small eye contacts, we just don't notice those that much anymore because they do things much hotter than that these days lol. Is Shamy not unique anymore because now they do stuff such as kissing and coitus just like any other couple? I don't think so. To me the uniqueness of Shamy never lies in their lack of physical contacts. As for their proposal, I'm not a big fan of it either. I don't mind Ramona or the kiss. My problem with this proposal is that once again, the writers got lazy. Explaining why Sheldon suddenly wants to propose should have been their job. But now they passed it to us, leaving us coming up with explanations ourselves. They didn't explain why Sheldon had a ring in the first place. And now once again they didn't explain how Sheldon went from "getting kissed by another girl" to "I must propose to my girlfriend right now". To me one silver lining though, is Amy didn't say yes. Not that I want her to say no of course. But that leaves the writers room for an explanation. They can simply pick one from all the explanations fans gave for crying out loud (wait, was that their intention in the first place?)
  3. If the writers really want to use Ramona to teach Amy a lesson, they would've let her see the kiss. They would've made the kissing scene as serious as the one in 907. On the contrary, the overall atmosphere in 1024 is and light and comedic. Amy worries for nothing, Sheldon being clueless, the gang showing support for Shamy, etc. Nothing ugly or nasty. Jealous Amy in this episode was hilarious rather than desperate.
  4. If that's the case, she wouldn't have said to the girls over skype "I gave you one job!" That line obviously implies Amy expected situations like Ramona before she left. Thus she asked the girls to keep an eye on Sheldon. Amy's not dumb. She knows Sheldon is attractive and there are women who will fall for him despite his quirks. Back in season 6, Amy was very insecure when Alex first showed up. She even marked territory in Sheldon's office even though Alex had zero interest in Sheldon. I don't see how one throwaway line in season 9 suddenly turns Amy into someone who's so ignorant that she thinks there won't be anyone else who has interest in Sheldon. Plus she knew Sheldon tried to move on with others during their break up. In fact she almosted cried in the hallway when Sheldon told her that. Sure Sheldon didn't actually succeed. But I think that's enough lesson for Amy to learn that Sheldon can too find others to take her place. I don't understand why two years later she still need a lesson for that.
  5. No intention of jumping in the Mayim/Kaley discussion, but IMO Jim Parsons, more than anyone else, made the show a hit...That's probably why the show centers around Sheldon so much these days.
  6. I'm fully aware this is a cliffhanger and how cliffhanger works. They'll probably explain more in the next season. I just want the "more" part to be Amy saying no to Sheldon's proposal. That's all. I want a more proper and less ridiculous proposal. After all the things Shamy went through, they deserve an engagement scene that at least makes sense. Because this one (assuming Amy says yes) is shit. It's worse than Lenny's first wedding.
  7. Simple. Say something before he gets down on one knee and explain why he has kept that ring for over a year since Meemaw came but suddenly wants to propose now. Or maybe tell Amy what just happened before he proposes? What leads to his proposal? Or just say something, anything? I've literally never seen a guy simply get down on one knee and propose without saying anything on TV, not even I love you/I want to spend my life with you/how happy you've made me? If that's too "normal" for Sheldon, he can express his feelings in his unique way, like "you are my earworm". I mean, is SPEAKING too difficult a task for Sheldon now?
  8. He has come to such a big realization that he watches sponge bob on the flight to Princeton?
  9. I don't think what Sheldon does qualifies as cheating, at least the from where writers stand, they want to make sure Sheldon is not the one to blame in the situation. The Ramona storyline doesn't bother me that much except maybe once again, a poor female character is portrayed as a a bxxch for the sake of making Sheldon look good... Like seriously, the girl has been in Caltech this whole time, but she never thought about pursuing Sheldon. The minute Amy gets out of town, she throws herself at Sheldon? Back in season 2, to me she's more into Sheldon's work than Sheldon. Now she's very accomplished maybe more accomplished than Sheldon but somehow she's interested in Sheldon? What really disappoints me is the rushed, out-of-no-where proposal. For those fans who are excited about the proposal, good for you. However I can't help but ask you this, is this really the kind of proposal you've been waiting all this time? Is this really the kind of Shamy milestone event, that can compete with the train kiss, the prom I love you and the opening night coitus? I say no way, not even close. I've read countless of fanfics which include proposal scenes, while I never expect the one on the show is like any of them, I expect the writers could at least surprise us. The writers may occasionally screw up little things about Shamy, I never thought they would be so reckless about something as big as a proposal. It's almost as bad as Lenny's wedding. And the worst part is, Amy has to say yes. Because like a lot of Shamy fans have pointed it out, there's no reason for her to say no. After all, she has been so desperate for all these years lol. But still, I sincerely hope Amy says no. Or at least give us an explanation writers, how exactly does Sheldon go from "getting kissed by a girl unexpectedly" to " let me propose to my girlfriend without any explanation." Anyhow, this has got to be the second least romantic proposal I've seen on TV.
  10. Thank you so much Kazzie for the info. God I hope Amy's says no. Because I see no logic behind Sheldon's reaction whatsoever. How does he decide to propose all of a sudden? Is it guilt? Is it that he's afraid other people might do what Ramona does to him to Amy? Is he freaking out because of the kiss? It doesn't look like it because he watches sponge bob on the flight to Princeton. I hope they figure it out in the premiere of next season, instead of rushing to an engagement that makes not sense. If this indeed is Shamy's long-awaited proposal, I must say I'm very disappointed.
  11. Do we know anything from ep 23? I'm very curious about the coitus thing lol.
  12. Ok... That's a lot information to process...So why did he propose? Was it because of regret/fear or did he have some sort of epiphany?
  13. That's interesting. Mayim is dressed up. I was assuming she only had Skype scenes in the finale.
  14. Well from Molaro's description, I don't think Sheldon has changed at all. He still has no idea Ramona's pursuing him. So what's changed? Isn't that exactly the case in season 2? What I don't like is this whole plot sounds like another big plot for Sheldon, not Shamy, because, well, Amy's not there. The writers are back to their usual "Sheldon being cute and sexy in different scenarios" only this time, the scenario needs Amy to be away. I think Amy being away serves no purpose for Shamy. And that's the big difference between Amy being away and Sheldon/Leonard being away for the summer. You see, other characters being away serves purpose for their own or their own ship, while Amy, is used as a tool to create something between Sheldon and Ramona. I think there's a great chance we'll only see Amy via Skype in the finale. But hey, we still don't know what exactly happens in the finale. Let's just wait and see. Maybe it'll be a big fat Shamy episode like a lot of people on the thread have hoped. Although I doubt it but I'll be so happy if I'm wrong.
  15. I think what disappoints me about this Ramona thing is the recycling of plots. If for some reason they need to bring back her, at least be creative. Because the last time Ramona's here, she was the aggressively pursuing and Sheldon was oblivious. IMO, they wasted a great opportunity for comedy sending Amy away. If Amy's here, maybe she'll figures out Ramona's true purpose and maybe she becomes competitive. Then there could be some comedy rather than drama. Like they could have a science contest and Amy beats Ramona's ass. Or Ramona tries to do damage to Shamy's study only finding her accidentally help them make a progress. So on. Also, what is it with this show's "sending Amy away at our convenience"? Does it have something to do with Mayim's schedule? We have Amy being away at Chicago for two episodes last season, Amy being away in Princeton for a whole summer this season. At this speed, in the final season, maybe Amy will get admitted by that Mars program.
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