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  1. 2 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    I mean Sheldon's first time was with Amy. Not seeing the big deal. Would like to see the drama shared between couples.

    Personally I'd like to see no drama for all couples instead of sharing dramas between couples. 

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  2. 55 minutes ago, vonmar said:

    Ok after a couple of views, as always I apologize if I repeat anything that has already been said.

    Amy is always so delighted by the "house band's" musical intro.

    The FWF flashback....Amy: " could have played that on my harp"

    Sheldon basically doing taping an IG live with L/P in the 4A kitchen, so great to get Alex's IG post showing us how that was done.

    The A/S stuff, when she scolded and/or kicked him out of the room, he was so willing to accept what was happening, like he wanted Amy to let him know when he had overstepped.  

    "Don't you slam that door".."oh man"  that made me laugh.  And then she goes to fetch him.  I actually enjoyed all their exchanges, they seemed very in sync with each other in a very S/A way.


    I actually quite enjoyed their interactions in last night's ep. Call me crazy but I see a bit of flirty tone. Amy's treating Sheldon like a child is quite different from Mary's. When it comes to Mary, Sheldon is quite resistant because he doesn't think Mary's right. He listens to her mostly because she's his mom and he has to. But when Amy calls him out or tells him to raise his hands, Sheldon doesn't resist or fight a lot, if not at all. I think maybe subconsciously, Sheldon knows when he's being inappropriate and maybe he himself even wants to stop. But he can't so he waits for Amy to "save" him out of a situation he's not good at. Besides Amy's not a dictator. She's quite reasonable. When she finds out that Bert's girlfriend actually is only into his money, she brings Sheldon back.

    Let me put it this way, I think the whole "treating Sheldon like a child" thing is not ideal, but also not that bad because Sheldon is not forced into it. He's pleased to have Amy guide him through social conventions he's unfamiliar with.  There's an old saying in Chinese called "yi ge yuan da yi ge yuan ai", which means "Fair exchange is no robbery". Maybe Amy's method is wrong, but they are Shamy and they are weird. So what sometimes he's being treated like a child? As long as it works for both of them.


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  3. 12 minutes ago, bfm said:

    I commented at length on that on the Lenny thread. I would agree much more if it was last week but I saw the episode very differently, I thought they actually showed that they wee different than Bert and Rebecca. But Radloff is close to the BBT people and I'm affraid she might know something and maybe was kind of asked to write that. So here I am all pranaoid again. I hope she is wrong, the TR for the next episode seems good for Lenny with no clues of a breakup, I wonder what she will write after that (although she could just ignore it, she usually focuses on a specific aspect). Her comments about a breakup being a very realistic portrayals shows me that I was right about critical praise being a temptation for the writers to go there. It also maks me believe that like her many critics will praise them and not think about how incompatible it is with what we have been shown for years (them being a good couple desite being different on surface, lovng each other, capable of communicating and supporting each other).

    I wouldn't take her comments too seriously. I remember she wrote something after the viewing party combustion that maybe the episode was a preparation for an upcoming living arrangement change in season 9 finale but she was proved wrong. It turned out that episode was just an ordinary, really really bad episode with no special purpose whatsoever.

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  4. 26 minutes ago, Anita said:

    The fact that she is still doing it once a year and she is still with sheldon. If amy don't want to keep the arragement she have to tell him, not with a couple of hints, clearly and I'm going to quote myself



    That coment killed me, he is attracted to her or he isn't but enough with the double meanings, mixed signals and the teasing  

    She's still with Sheldon because people are rational. They make decisions based on trade offs. Are people who are married all 100% with every aspect of their life? No. But they stay married.

    Amy is with Sheldon because being with Sheldon brings her more joy than not. But that does not mean she's 100% with EVERY ASPECT of this relationship, especially, her sex life, since she clearly hints she wants more.

    Similar example would be working. I'm sure we all have complaints about our job. Maybe the long hours, maybe our bosses, or the coworkers. But do we just quit our job? No we don't. Because having a job is better than unemployed, despite our dissatisfactions.  

    43 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    JMO but Amy seemed a bit disappointed, although knew, that the only reason he is interested in her body is because of having the same blood type.

    IMO she's not disappointed. But not because she likes that Sheldon's only interested in her blood type. She's just kind of like "Yeah that's Sheldon. What did you expect from him, really." She's just indifferent.

    But honestly, more than anything else, that was just a typical "Sheldon is clueless when it comes to sex" joke by the writers. They like it although it makes people like me wonder "Is Sheldon even remotely interested in Amy's body or not?". But hey, Sheldon lasted 3 hours on their first time. So what do I know.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Anita said:

    That works in reverse too, Maybe your other half wants to do it just once a year for whatever reason he has. We all? I don't know anything , in some episodes I Would agree with you,  in some others I wouldn't. 

    And what makes you think Amy wants to do it just once a year? Did she specifically say that? She agrees to the arrangement in 911, but specifically shows she wants to have sex inbeteen her two birthdays, in 917, which leads me to believe she wants to do it more than once a year. And even if she only wants to do it twice a year, Shamy's sex life is still inbalanced, which, may not be a very big deal because not everybody's sex life is perfection. I love Shamy but if the price is to ignore or suppress Amy's needs just so Sheldon looks good, then no. 

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  6. As a Shamy fan, I can't believe I'm saying this but I really hope Shamy were not in this episode. Lenny were super cute in this one. It's a pity that they didn't get more screen time. Howardette's storyline warmed my heart. 

    Shamy and Mary's storyline was just utterly pointless and obnoxious. I didn't laugh once the entire time. The three of them showed their least lovable side in this episode. Sheldon was acting childish and, honestly, so very annoying. Amy was just a plot tool who in one moment is caring and kind, in another is inconsiderate and a bit bipolar. Honestly, some of her behaviors didn't even make sense. It's like she no longer has a personality these days. Her personality is whatever the plot requires it to be.

    It seems to me the writers wanted to give us a traditional couple episode. Howardette support each other. Lenny act sillly but adorable together. Sadly, what they chose for Shamy is the part of Shamy that I hate the most.

    One more thing, I'm getting so much second hand embarrassment from Sheldon these days that I had to close my eyes for a bit during some of his scenes.


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  7. Do you guys really think the writers will continue with this Lenny storyline after this episode? Because I don't. I mean most of Lenny's conflicts, they are a one-episode thing. Their financial problem in season 8, Leonard kissing Mandy (technically it's not a one-episode thing, but it was resolved pretty quickly), Penny talking to the shrink, financial problem in season 9, it seems to me the writers like to write unnecessary conflicts for couples and resolve them in a rush or sometimes they just leave it there.

    But I guess we'll have to wait and watch the episode on screen.

  8. I have no idea how expressing my personal preference of the gifts would mean questioning the love between the couples. Besides I thought this is the discussion thread and we are allowed to question the love between couples.

    8 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    It kinda is. Your diminishing Leonard's gift. Msybe your his saying I prefer this. But the snowflake for a lot of Lennys. Is the hallmark of their relationship. So expect a reaction. And per usual everything Sheldon does is good. How is Leonard giving Penny a snowflake from the North Pole. Not romantic? I don't know what your definition of romantic is. But that's very romantic. 

    And why is it not Ok to diminish Leonard's gift? This is the discussion thread. I'm not saying anything bad about the actors. I just don't find that plot romantic. How is it any different than we complaining about a storyline or some episode? The gift is a plot written by the writers. And why does it have anything to do with whether or not the snowflake is a hallmark of Lenny's? I never said Lenny fans should stop believing that. I prefer Sheldon's. I find the snowflake and the necklace plots cliche, that's all.

  9. 13 minutes ago, luminous said:

    Hey, don't diss the snowflake. It's one the Lenny symbols.

    And have I missed something? Is this a competition?

    I said to JMO. I think I have a right to say what I feel about Leonard's gift. 

    There isn't a competition, just me saying I prefer Sheldon's gift and don't find Leonard's gift romantic. Have no idea why that's considered dissing.

  10. 34 minutes ago, Chrismo said:


    Do you and your friends want a gift more out of obligation or just because a significant other wanted to give you a gift?


    I don't think gifts are out of obligation just because they're for special occasions. And even if it's out of obligation, I still find Sheldon's MRI more romantic, sorry. A snowflake from the north pole and a necklace that once went to space are like plots from second-rate romance novels TBH. And I've watched way too many kdramas to find those things romantic. Like I said, just my opinion. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:

    Exactly why he should find something non worked related and fun things that Amy likes as we have been told Shamy connection and communication is the best. He shouldn't have a problem romancing her with all his knowledge. Look, just didn't think the brain thing was romantic, not dissing your opinion, just my take on it.

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    It's Ok. I was just speaking my opinion and what most of my female friends feel about the gifts. 

  12. 6 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    I do understand what your saying. Leonard's gift wasn't useful or expensive either. But I don't remember anything happening in the episode  that took away from the moment. In the last episode Sheldon getting upset over the gowns took away from the moment at least for me. Just like I thought it was touching, and someone mentioned earlier, when Sheldon made Amy the Emergency Contact. Then for me it was ruined in the tag when Sheldon took advantage of that.

    Yeah, Shamy have always been like that. They have an absolutely touching/romantic moment, and then they ruin it by Sheldon saying something ridiculous. That's just the way TPTB writes the couple. I think it might be for comedy purpose.

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  13. 5 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:

    But the scan doesn't light up when she looks at it. Just what sheldon said. Defeats the purpose. End of the day, just a scan of what she gets excited about as shown when she works on any brains, be it monkeys or whatever.

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    Exactly because Amy works with brains all the time, she can get the romance behind the gift. Because she knows what orbitofrontal cortex is in charge of and what does that lighting up means:)

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  14. 6 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    JMO but most girls aren't like Amy.

    Oh what I meant was I find Sheldon's gift romantic, just like Amy does. And why do Sheldon's gifts have to be romantic to most girls? He only loves Amy. 

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  15. 1 minute ago, Tonstar17 said:

    I love computers and work with them. Not sure if my girlfriend bought me one with flashing lights will be romantic to me. Sweet yes. Romance should not be work related. I'm sure Amy already has scans of his brain.

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    Technically, Sheldon's gift is not the MRI scan. I'm sure Amy has his scans. The gift is him telling Amy "My brain lights up thinking of you". Speaking from my personal experience, you see most of the time, girls don't necessarily need gifts that are useful or expensive, as we can buy those things ourselves. What we need is to know how important we are to our partners.

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  16. 26 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    To me it says you're the only one to put up with my crap. I will never find anyone else. 

    We all have different interpretations. I was just explaining as a girl, like Amy, I find that gift more romantic than Leonard's and Howard's. That's all.

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  17. 55 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    The show's canon in regards to Sheldon is Sheldon greatest love is Sheldon. Proof of that came minutes later when Amy was wearing HP wear and instead of getting excited over  what she was wearing he got mad she went to the Wizarding World without him. On par with Leonard and Howard's gifts?  Really?

    Most of my female friends who watch the show love Sheldon's gifts throughout these years and were very moved by this MRI gift. Howard's and Leonard's gifts are very thoughtful and precious too. But I personally prefer Sheldon's gifts.

    Let me put it this way, if it was any other girl, Howard's necklace would still work. But a lot of Sheldon's gifts, the MRI, him changing his emergency contact, adding Amy'a name to the title of FWF, those are exclusive to Amy. If I receive a necklace that once was in space, to me it means the person saying "I love you and I want you to have this precious gift." But with the MRI, it basically means "I love you and every time I think of you, I feel happy and only you could do this to me." Well, call me immature but I prefer the  latter one:)

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  18. 2 hours ago, sarah7 said:

    I'm bringing back this old Wowbagger's post because I think it fits the discussion going on here about Amy's sexual drive and if she is or isn't happy with Shamy's current coital schedule.

    Because I think Amy's "Works for me" and "Coitus is off the table" lines that are constantly brought up to justify her agreement with the situation exist merely as the medium the writers chose to explain the audience two things: that the coitus theme won't be revisited again until the next year (as it effectively happened) and that even that they will be sharing a bed it would be only in a platonic way until the exact moment they decided otherwise, even if those both situations are just result of their whim and do not really correspond with Amy's characterization.

    Because, let's be real, Amy as we know her, as had been portrayed for the most part of the run of the series, even after her "works for me" declaration in the spur of the moment, would have liked very much to try sex again at most in a week after the first time (and no, I don't think at all she is some kind of nympho, but she loves Sheldon too much, she wants and desires him a lot, she enjoyed immensely their first time together, tell me, is it realistic to think she really was happily willing to wait that much to try it again?) Yet, giving the fact that she was not only portrayed as a hot-blooded woman,  but also described as a quirky individual, I was willing to suspend disbelief and buy  the story that she was weird enough to wait a full year to experience sex a second time, but then, a couple episodes later, they had to fall again for one of their favorite dynamics that they find oh-so-funny, the eager for sex Amy and the oblivious Sheldon, so, their facade didn't last long.

    So, yes "Amy" is quite happy with their current agreement, because it's convenient for the writer's intentions, so we have to believe it in oder for their story to work, and she will be equally happy the day Sheldon decides (because it all is up to Sheldon, as always) that he wants to have sex more often.

    What I think we can't do as shippers is to pull the "but they are special snowflakes!" card to justify the perfection of our ship against critical voices and then write post after post of "I hope this is the end of that stupid once-a-year joke for good".


    Thank you!

    Basically your post is everything I want to say but can't put into words because of my poor language. 

    That's why I never understand the logic behind "As long as Shamy are both 100% happy with whatever coitus arrangement they agree to, we shippers are happy." Like, eh,  no. Shamy are characters created by the writers. They are happy because the writers write them so. I will be happy when Shamy are happy, and when their happiness makes sense to me. For now, it doesn't.

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  19. 39 minutes ago, April said:

    Well, that are a whole lot of assumptions on your part painting Amy as some sort of cunning strategist who's main priority is to get Sheldon to share a bed with her and keep him there.

    What's on screen though is that, as I said, they're both excited and nervous and she puts coitus off the table so that it's one thing less thing to worry about while they're getting used to the new situation. This is what she said and I have no reason to doubt her.

    Because it seems to me the writers think the audience have zero IQ and wouldn't notice any inconsistencies or illogicalities nowadays. So I make a lot of assumptions, based on the evidence I see, so that the show makes sense to me. 

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  20. 2 minutes ago, April said:

    Well, my whole point was about what Chrismo said so...

    Anyway, as I've said above, I never claimed she didn't take Sheldon's feelings into account. But they both feel that way about the experiment - it's exciting but also makes them feel nervous and a little worried. I very much think it was to make them feel both comfortable and help to get used to the new situation. Simple as that. No secret agenda, imho.

    Well I believe it is Amy who takes Sheldon's feelings into account. Sheldon is busy worrying about Amy's possible coitus expectations. Basically, I think Amy takes coitus off the table because first, she respects Sheldon and knows he still has problems; second, she has some concerns herself; third, compared with the possibility of Sheldon chaning his mind leaving Amy sleeping in Leonard's room alone, she prefers sleeping in the same bed with Sheldon without coitus.

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  21. 1 minute ago, April said:

    The Amy we know talks big but once things actually start to happen she gets pretty nervous. Back in S6 she wanted to move into Leonard's room and that was offer Lenny made in S10 as well. Living with Sheldon in any capacity would already be a huge step for them as a couple and Amy's reaction shows the never even anticipated that much. When she told Lenny in the hallway about her apartment she thought she'd have to stay in a hotel. Then suddenly there's the option coming up of living with Sheldon. And then Sheldon of all people pushes for neutral ground and agrees to stay in an apartment that basically forces them to share a bed.

    I'm not saying that she isn't excited about all of this, of course she is! But this clearly exceeds Amy's expectations by a huge margin and her usual nervousness sets in.

    I never said it had nothing to do with worrying about Sheldon as well. But it wasn't her motivation to "get him into 4B" in the first place.

    I think the problem is the phasing here. I don't think Amy takes coitus off the table is a way of "getting" Sheldon into 4B. But I do think it's a way of keeping him from chaning his mind of staying in 4B.

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  22. 14 minutes ago, April said:

    How would that make sense for Amy's motivation here? They already agreed to the experiment. It was Sheldon who wanted "neutral ground" which ended up to be 4B with only one bedroom. Meanwhile Amy would have been fine just staying in Leonard's room. She wasn't the one pushing for them to share a bed.

    Because she's happier if she and Sheldon lives together so she doesn't want Sheldon to change his mind? By your logic, Amy is indifferent with living alone in Leonard's room and living in the same bed with Sheldon. That just contradicts, I don't know, everything I know about Amy? I think she already wanted to live with Sheldon back in season 6.


    14 minutes ago, April said:

    When she said she wanted to take coitus off the table because this was all new to her, too, I think it's absolutely genuine of her.

    That doesn't mean her taking coitus off the table has nothing to do with her worrying about Sheldon. In fact, I think both are the reasons. It's all new to her and she knows Sheldon may have problems with coitus.

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  23. 21 minutes ago, April said:

    That doesn't make any sense cause they had that talk after he already agreed to the experiment.

    It makes sense because he can still change his mind after agreeing?

    (Although I don’t agree with that Amy saying coitus was off the table was to get Sheldon to 4b.)


  24. 2 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    But she was introduced taking coitus off the table. If sex had been that important to her she would have walked.

    Yes, she was introduced taking coitus off the table, because her sexual desire hasn't awaken back then. It wasn't until 410, where she saw Zack, that she began to feel the need for coitus for the first time (Or at least we were showed for the first time). And it was not until 421 did she start to find Sheldon sexy. (She held Sheldon's hand and felt nothing in 410). She didn't walk away because sex wasn't important to her at that time. But it changed as time went by.


    2 hours ago, wowbagger said:

     Or after the breakup she would have HAD sex - as chrismo points out, she has options. She didn't.

    Frist, she had plans to have sex during their break up. She planned to have sex with Dave in 910. She just didn't have the courage to power through it. Also I don't understand the logic behind "Because Amy didn't have sex during the break up, it means she doesn't have that much sexual desire." Those two things are just not of causal correlation. Amy could have strong sexual desire. But maybe to her there're things more important than desire. Maybe her sexuall desire is not enough for her to have sex with a random guy. Or she needs time to get over the old relationship. Or, my original point, her sexual desire is not as important as her love and respect for Sheldon. But all those things don't mean she doesn't have strong sexual desire.


    2 hours ago, wowbagger said:

     And after she and Sheldon had sex for the first time she cheerfully said 'works for me!'when Sheldon said 'can't wait for your birthday next year'.

    Amy's "works for me" seems like a respond without any thought to me because she has that goofy smile on her face when she says that. At that moment she seems to be still in the aftertaste of coitus and hasn't realized what she just signed up for. This also explains why she suggests sex in 917. If she really is happy with the arrangement of birthday sex next year, she wouldn't have had any sexual expections on Sheldon's birthday.


    2 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    In this season Sheldon was all but humping her leg in her place of work and she shot him down with a quickness - quite reasonably, might I add.

    Like I said before, she turns Sheldon down because Sheldon only wants to have sex for the purpose of reproduction. Does Amy have to jump on Sheldon every chance she gets to prove she has strong sexual desire? "I want to have sex with you only because of your eggs". I think no women would find that sexy. Probably lots of women will turn Sheldon down under that circumstance. Does that mean all of them don't have strong or normal amount of sexual desire?

    And may I point out at the end of that episode, even if Amy knows all the things Sheldon does is for the purpose of having a baby with her, she still almost gives in because she's so hot for Sheldon.


    2 hours ago, wowbagger said:

     SHE took coitus off the table explicitly saying that the whole cohabitation thing was new to her too. The whole picture is of someone who maybe, just maybe, isn't all that interested in hankius pankius herself.

    Again, this is just irrelavent. Amy may have very strong sexual desire, but just not strong enough to overcome her fear and nervousness of cohabitation. Also, Amy says they'll revisit the topic again once they get more comfortable. It seems to me if she's not all that interested in hankius pankius herself, she would've have just waited for her second birthday without saying anything.

    I have no idea if Amy has strong sexual desire or she's just like Sheldon. But the thing is, after years of the show emphasizing on the problem on physical intimacy between Shamy, years of the show making jokes of how Amy has her "Gerard", how Amy always craves but couldn't get physicall intimacy, how everything is just sex with her (to quote Sheldon), how much she loves to stare at Sheldon's body, how Sheldon's hair gets her all bothered that she has to masturbate with him in the living room, how she "manipulates" Sheldon to spank her, how much she enjoys their first time, am I just supposed to believe that maybe, Amy doesn't have all that high a sex drive? You know, the show was just playing with me. 

    Also I don’t think it changes my original theory even if Amy only have slightly higher sexual drive than Sheldon.

    Here’s the thing. If the show really wants to tell us that Amy doesn’t have that high sex drive after all these years of portraying a somehow “horny” Amy or at least an Amy with normal amount of sexual desire. The only explanation I can come up with is that there really are lots of Shamy fans out there, who fit @JE7 's theory (I don't remember the exact words), and the writers are trying to please them. 

    That is, the only way for their “fairy tale” to work is for Amy to have similar amount of sexual desire as Sheldon. Because obviously there’ll be problems between Shamy if they don't have sexual harmniousness. Then Sheldon will not be 100% perfect. And that’s just unacceptable to those people. Sheldon has to be perfect (at least their standard of "perfect"), so Amy has to have apoximately whatever the amount of sexual desire as Sheldon.

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  25. 20 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    Well was she nice when she try to manipulate him on the train episode? She certainly wasn't on there for the love of trains. Sheldon admitted the girlfriend/boyfriend was written to benefit him and he certainly did take advantage. I think it's time for payback. He's out of 4a and I don't think Lenny is gonna let him back. It seems to me he's no position to dictate.


    Not sure which train episode you're talking about here. But trying to trick Sheldon into a trip is different than manipulating Sheldon into sex. And history has proved Amy is respectful for Sheldon's choices enough to do the right thing on subjects as important as sex. 

    As for the living arrangement, considering the writers' love for Sheldon, I really don't think it's up to Lenny to decide whether Sheldon is allowed in 4A. If the writers want more twist, Lenny will be throwing him a welcome party to have him back lol.

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