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  1. 5 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    It seems to me Amy holds all the cards in regards coitus. She should tell him when she wants coitus and if he objects tell him I'll find someone who does. As their break up proved Amy has options Sheldon has none.

    Well you see Amy's a nice person. So she doesn't manipulate Sheldon or threatens Sheldon regarding sex. And I believe she'll continue to do so, which is the whole point of my previous post. I think in 1011, the writers want to tell us Sheldon still has problems with physical intimacy. I also believe Amy is doing the right thing not initiating coitus.

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  2. I don't know about others, but it leaves me the impression that the reason Amy never initiates sex is because (in her mind) Sheldon still has problems with coitus. And according to Molaro, Sheldon really does. Amy doesn't want to pressure Sheldon. That's why she never initiates sex. 

    Amy agrees to the once-a-year idea. But she also suggests more coitus on Sheldon's birthday and expects coitus (or at least make out sessions) in 919. Those two attempts are both failures.

    Amy takes coitus off the table, but it's not only for her own sake. She also takes into considerations about Sheldon's feelings. She understands Sheldon may have concerns with coitus. (Quote: Well, I imagine one of your concerns might be coital expectations.)

    Also Sheldon suggests making a baby, not coitus in 1008. No actually he suggests a quickie (lower our pants a little) for the purpose of reproduction. It's way different than sex for pleasure.

    The thing is, it's understandable that Amy is afraid to suggest sex based on Sheldon's past history with physical intimacy. But it's confusing why Sheldon hadn't suggest sex until Amy's birthday if he really is, as some of us believe, "so eager for sex that he wakes her up in the middle of the night". 

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  3. @shamyyellow Thank you for the extra information.

    See that's what I was talking about, it's like the writers deliberately ruin those scenes to keep Shamy "weird".

    Also never have I once understood the logic behind "We can't let Shamy have sex like normal people/have sexual desire like normal people because it'll ruin the dynamic of Shamy". The dynamic of Shamy, IMO, roots in their own unique personalities, their similar way of thinking, their mutual passion for science, their admiration for each other's minds. It never has anything to do with them having problem with physical intimacy. In fact, I think that's a big problem of their relationship that should be solved, not something that should be preserved as a "unique" characteristic.

    It seems to me the writers think more Shamy physical intimacy means less intellectual connections, which, may endanger the "uniqueness" of Shamy. That's just not true. Those two are not mutually exclusive. If anything, they're complementary.

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  4. 59 minutes ago, Thyanic said:

    agree... the train kiss was very special probably the only one that i really liked.. but the last ones.. jesus! just no! they are not even realistic at all, they're forced, fake and again really painful to watch, i know that  a lot of people disagree with me and enjoy those scenes and it's great!! but i don't...

    Sheldon clearly is still struggling with intimacy like molaro said, we see again that he just does it because you know it's an annual event, they have a contract and he needs to respect that agreement, sheldon had sex with amy not because he wants to do it but because he HAS to!! we see again a horny amy and I haaate that!! I loved the gift he gave her (not the coitus obviously) and i'd rather see that kind of "intimate moments" between them than them kissing again.. sorry...

    Well I wouldn't say he has to, but more of a way for him to show her his love and to make her happy. So basically, not that different from the reason he gave on Opening Night. Although the role playing later sure turns coitus into something Sheldon himself wants to do. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    I thought the first kiss and train kiss were extremely awkward because Amy stood stiff as a board.   The couch kiss was more lively with Amy brushing Sheldon's shoulder and Sheldon's hand on her thigh and back.   Even during the Empathy episode when they reunited, we were to assume there was tongue movement, as they just clung to each other for minutes.   They have always squished their faces and mouths tightly together, or just gone for the quick peck.   It's what they do.   This is their version of passionate, and I am fine with it because their facial expressions, hands, and body language tell us what is going on.   In my book, it is hot because it is them!

    They both sit during their first kiss, IIRC. And no I don't think it's awkward. To me that's the most natural kiss between them. The way Sheldon closes his eyes really shows how much he enjoys that kiss. 

    Their train kiss is beautifully awkward. Amy standing like a board shows how much shock she's in. And like you said, Sheldon holding her makes it better.

    The kiss in this episode, however, especially the first one, looks just plain awkward to me. They both sit far from each other. (Not far literally, but "far" for a position to comfortably kiss each other). Also Sheldon keeps his mouth closed the whole time, like really really closed. It does look like he's about to vomit.

    And if kissing like this is their version of passionate, then Shamy in 1013 must by OOC because from the sound of the TR, that kiss was pretty normal-couple passionate.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Thyanic said:

    It's been so long since the last time i've posted something on this forum but here i go. I must say i was hoping that shamy and the show in general was getting better this season but i was soooo wrong!! in fact i had not even watched the show until now that encourage myself to do it, and i regret it so badly.. 

    First off.. (and thanks Crismo for point this out) Why the Shamy kisses are still so forced and something that is really painful to watch? i don't know if this has to do with some "acting skills" (even though Jim and Mayim are an amazing wonderful actors), maybe they're terrible kissers which it's very doubtful when you see the kiss between Mayim and Johnny on Connan or the Shenny kiss between Jim and Kaley in fact, that kiss was way more passionate, realistic and believable that all the shamy kisses and yes that includes the reconciliation and not to mention the coitus 1 and 2, i know, that was just a nightmare, that wasn't sheldon, etc etc. (Trust me as a former shamy shipper it's very difficult write this because that kiss was the main reason i could't see shamy the same way but whatever!). 

    My point is that sheldon looks so unconfortable like is about to vomit right after the minute they finish the kiss! no to mention amy dear lord girl move those tiny lips!! i'm not talking about a "porn-kiss" or something like that, it doesn't need to be gross in order to be romantic or at least believable, i know this is a sitcom,  i know shamy are awkward and special but at this point of their relationship and knowing that they make out more often, excuses like their lack of experience, Sheldon's phobia to germs or fear to touch are out of place.. so i think there is no justification to see that "kissing technique".. IMO

    or maybe this has to do with some "directing issues", maybe it's "Mr. Pregnancies" a.k.a Molaro's fault, since he is the snake in shamy's garden probably he choses the worst take to put it in the final edition, maybe that's why they took so long shooting those scenes, i mean, he needs to be sure that "sheldon is still sheldon" right?...

    Second, Lenny marriage really? it has just turned into a insulting joke to all their fans, is that the best Molaro and the writters got to them??.. what a shame and waste of time.. lennies even shamies deserve better than this.

    well, just my unpopular opinion don't hate me please..

    You know the strange thing is, their kisses used to be not that awkward. Their first kiss, the train kiss, the couch kiss. Those are fine kisses. Ever since the writers decided to let coitus happen, things started to change. It's like in order to make up for the fact that they're no longer "weird" now that they're having sex like normal people (well, not exactly like normal people), something else has to be wrong lol. 

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  7. Personally I don't get the "Sheldon can't wait to have sex" from the beginning of the episode. I think he wakes Amy up in the middle of the night because he can't wait to show Amy what he has got for her birthday. Sex is one of the things. Kind of like when we prepare a big meal secretly for someone we love and get all excited waiting to see their reactions.

    I think in the beginning of this episode, sex to Sheldon is something he has prepared himself for, something he would like to give Amy as a birthday gift, something that's a part of his whole gift package to show his love for Amy. A lot like coitus in opening night. The difference is this year he knows he will enjoy it because of last year's experience. I don't see it as something he can't wait for because he himself wants it so bad. Since if that's the case they should've done it before Amy's birthday.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    I think Penny's outburst was very spur of the moment. Lenny was supposed to be going to the spa together. It seemed to be Penny planned. I think that could of/should of been fun. Penny relaxing at a spa. Leonard seeing Penny(naked?) at a spa. I said earlier Penny overreacted but so did Leonard. When Penny said she was taking Amy Leonard IMO should of just said sorry, even if he didn't mean it, and stated he still wanted to go. I think things could of been resolved right there. Even after that didn't happened I think your right they could of resolved themselves talking at the spa. I also think it could of been funny too.  While I may not detest Sheldon's presence as much as others the story didn't need him involved.

    My point is, it doesn't have to be an angst story from the beginning. The writers can totally talk about the same issue without an outburst or a fight and IMO they should have, considering this is a comedy. And it'll make Penny look better because this way we know she's trying too, not just whining.

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  9. 1 hour ago, JE7 said:

    You know how that sounds right? 

    We voted hundreds of times each and One guy even made a program to vote for him and we still lost. They cheated better than us it's not fair. LOL



    Well you missed out the fact that Lea was way ahead on social media (you can see the statistics live) and she actually did win that category in the previous two years.

    So, yeah, the fact that KC won 2014 seemed very bizarre to me. But those are all my speculations. Maybe TBBT fans that year only voted crazy on the official site for some reason.

  10. 1 hour ago, JE7 said:

    To me Emmy nominations or wins mean very, very little. They like the Oscars are just industry people patting each other on the back. The only awards I care about are ones chosen by fans as we are the ones paying the bills.

    Racecar drivers could vote and name Joe Schmo driver of the year but if he didn't win any races it's a meaningless award. Many Emmy winning actors have been in horrible shows which were cancelled rather quickly so they aren't the be all end all and don't ensure a quality show 

    Honestly I would say Emmys mean more because IMO they're more authentic.

    I'm saying this because I followed the whole process of the 2014 PCA awards. In the category of "Favorite TV Actress in Comedy", during the voting process, Lea Michele was way ahead in the lead regarding votes on social media websites like twitter and facebook (you can see those results live but you can't see the results on PCA official website). And since I was in the Lea Michele fandom, I knew we were also very passionate in voting on PCA official website. I knew a bunch of people who voted whenever they had some spare time every day. A dude even did a little programming and made a voting app to simplify the process. So it was really surprising to me that Kaley Cuoco won the PCA that year. It almost felt like because TBBT started to get super popular since that year, they just decided to give KC the awards. 

    Now I'm not saying the result was not fair. You know maybe TBBT fans of that year all decided collectively not to vote on social media sites but to vote on the official site. I'm just saying compared with Emmys and Oacars and Grammys, I don't trust PCAs and fan voting awards like PCAs that much. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, serena_1995 said:


    I agree, that Howardette are going to be the best part of the new epidode . Lenny story sounds light hearted,but I'll have to see it unfold.

    The Shamy plot is a train wreck. I knew the show would very soon undo  the progress in the 1st half of s10. IMO

    It actually kinda creepy the way they infantalise Sheldon. It is even worse than Jerk!Sheldon. It is so UNSEXY. On one hand he is supposed to be an adult boyfriend who has awesome genitals and "rocks his girlfriend's world in bed" , on the other hand, he is a toddler being baby sat by Mary and Amy, who coddle him, and don't seem to think he is capable of anything.

    In the past they have pushed this dynamic that Amy is an all knowing  wise girlfriend , she is socially so much more aware, she gets all sexual innuendos and .....Sheldon is a dumb clueless  boyfriend as usual. Thats kinda creepy. That  does not sound like a relationship of EQUALS. 


    1 . Amy ordering Sheldon to play with his phone 

    2. Amy asking Sheldon to finish his coloring book.

    3. Now Amy is giving him *special juice * so he can be managable and  pacified while traveling to texas like he is a kid who needs to be managed and drugged. Thats just as bad as Penny getting Sheldon to take his medicine. 

    Maybe its just me, but all that is just  disturbing. Imo, It is not sexy .  It is not romantic. It is not funny. It is like Amy is his nurse /caretaker.

    Sheldon did have legitimate complaints that the women in his life don't seem to think he can run his own life. But then, he runs off to act like an immature teenager , so that doesn't help his case does it ?

    The show doesn't even have Mary and Amy acknowledge that atleast Sheldon is right about his complaints.  They could have atleast said in the end, that "Sheldon , you are right, maybe I should step back and let you handle your issues on your own ".

    But instead , we got . ..nothing ? So I really don't know what the point was.  

    This. I agree. 

    I would be happy if the writers use this episode as an opportunity for Sheldon to stand up for himself and to show us some character developments. But instead Sheldon does something so childlike and immature that it proves the exact opposite of what he believes he is, meaning he really is incapable of his life and his love.

    So what's the point of throwing the loving Mary under the bus and making Amy's behaviors weird and creepy? I mean Amy gives Sheldon something to drink so he would be quiet. SERIOUSLY? Why not giving him a pacifier, geez.

    IMO the writers wasted a good opportunity on this. Shamy going back to Texas is something Shamy fans have been waiting for a long time. Sheldon telling Amy his childhood stories, Amy meeting with Sheldon's families, etc. There's so much potential to this but they chose the weirdest, most meaningless one. So sad.

    I'm definitely overthinking this but it just feels like the writers are getting themselves into some sort of a patten and I'm afraid they'll continue to do this for future seasons. Like since season 9, every season has its "peak" at mid season finale, aka Shamy annual sex event. Shamy will have some developments and character developments as some kind of "preparation" for sex to happen, for example, last season, Shamy break up, this season, Shamy living together. After mid season, everything goes back to square one until the next season it starts all over again.

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  12. 1 hour ago, serena_1995 said:


    In the past they have pushed this dynamic that Amy is an all knowing  wise girlfriend , she is socially so much more aware, she gets all sexual innuendos and .....Sheldon is a dumb clueless  boyfriend as usual. Thats kinda creepy. That  does not sound like a relationship of EQUALS. 

    Now this, if you think more deeply of this. They have also pushed this dynamic that Sheldon is this physically attracitive boyfriend who would draw a lot of girls until they get to know him. Amy is an unattractive, old lady like girl who can only attract weird dudes like Dave, who's not even attractive enough for her boyfriend to have more than once-a-year sex with. (Yeah call me ridiculous but explain to me again why they have their second time on Amy's birthday?)

    So to me the show is often hinting somhow that Shamy are together because Sheldon can't find anyone else who would stand him&Amy can't find anyone better. Just like they hint Lenny are together because Leonard "wears down" Penny. Yeah yeah I know it's only for jokes. But for two of their most popular couples, you'd think the writers would be careful with these kind of jokes. Well it turns out they would do anything for laughs, even when it's not funny.

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  13. It always baffles me how Melissa Rauch is always shockingly ignored from the conversation. No, less screen time for Mayim Bialik does not necessarily mean more screen time for Kaley Cucoo, because, well there's still Bernedette lol. And speaking of quality of storylines, IMO Bernedette gets the best out of three female characters, her job, her baby, Howardette, etc. Bernadette gets stories that are both in depth and often last for several episodes. Amy may seem to get a lot because of Sheldon. Usually Sheldon is the main character in Shamy storylines. Amy's only there to help Sheldon shine. 

    But I don't think any of these is really "unfair", including Mayim getting paid the least or Kaley getting less and less screen time. It maybe "unfair" according to our fans. But this is show business. What they get suggests their bargaining power, which is a combination of lots of factors, such as popualarity, importance of respective characters to the story telling, awards&abominations, etc. Like with the current negotiation, Mayim can totally walk away if she's unsatisfied with her pay. Kaley can threaten to leave if she wants more screen time that bad. But if they both stay. It suggests whatever the arrangement is/will be is the best they can get out of this. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, April said:

    Yeah, this is really why I need to see how it plays out in the episode. What was said exactly and how? I have a hard time imagining Mary saying this with any bad intentions but I can easily see how whatever well meaning phrase she used coming across as having some, well, unfortunate implications.

    On one hand I think many if not most of us have some experience of parents meddling with our dating life in some way and one of the most annyoing forms of this is the implicit or explicit wish for grandkids. So while they may wish for you to be happy the way they want you to be happy is by settling down and making babies and that can make you feel like your only value lies in your willingness to produce offspring. Not that I think this is precisely the issue here with Mary and Shamy but it's to illustrate my point.

    And to go one step further: This whole "I hope you marry and have kids" idealistic scenario is excluding all other life decisions that may make you actually happy. In Sheldon's case he was content being single and devoting his life to science and indulging in his hobbies. He wasn't looking for a girlfriend in the first place and he actually still fought about the ludicrous idea of being bonded to another human being like that for a long time. And if that would have made him happy somehow then by all means, more power to him!

    Additionally, Sheldon staying single was not because he didn't have people flocking to him like moths to a flame - in between his bunch of science groupies and accidentally picking up girls (and even a guy!) left and right he would have had an easy time dating. But he wasn't interested in that. Being in a relationship is not the be-all and end-all of life styles and just because you're single doesn't necessarily mean that it's because nobody wants you.

    Now, luckily this whole thing with Amy worked out great and Sheldon couldn't be happier. But if they're going with the  "I can't believe someone wants you" angle it also does a disservice to Amy by implying that "thank goodness this girl has generously saved you!" as if Sheldon were some charity project and not someone Amy genuinely finds interesting and charming and lovable.

    These are just some quick musings of what one could read into such typical parents phrases and how that could offend Sheldon. But as said, I need to see how this unfolds.

    Honestly I think the writers always make jokes about how anyone would agree to be Sheldon's girlfriend and how anyone would find Amy attractive... Well they obviously don't think Sheldon or Amy is unlovable, but it's hard not to speculate a little "maybe they do think that" with these kind of jokes floating around all the time... Kind of like we all know Penny doesn't marry Leonard because he wears her down, but it's really annoying when the writers constantly make jokes like that.

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  15. Well if Sheldon indeed gets mad at his mom for assuming he would be single, I'd like to see Amy boosting his ego a bit. Maybe Amy could tell Sheldon that she thinks he's extremely attractive , that his quirks are cute and she will always fall for him. :) Or she's glad that Sheldon never had any girlfriend before her or she wouldn't have had the chance to meet him.

    Of course the more likely storyline is probably Sheldon gets mad at his mother so as usual he gets snarky and Amy rolls her eyes and Mary scolds Sheldon. You know, typical TBBT stuff.

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  16. 1 hour ago, A Shamy gal said:

    People have been pushing for a Shamy trip to Texas on the Shamy thread for at least a couple of years now.  And I've lost count of the number of fan fics where the plot is Shamy going to Texas.  So it's not exclusive to Lenny.

    Yes. I remember reading several fanfics about Shamy going back to Texas together.

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  17. 25 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    I am just waiting to see if the actual birth is a B plot or just mentioned in passing. The a plot will almost assuredly be a Sheldon story, maybe Sheldon's fear of hospitals will get another 15 minutes of airtime that's gotta be a higher priority than something as common as the gangs first born child. I mean children are everywhere but there's only one sheldon.

     maybe the birth will give him some kind of new sexual aversion, they could milk that for a half season easy


    I think we already have the TR from the birth episode?

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  18. 31 minutes ago, April said:

    And I think they have realised the problem with "mean Sheldon" which is exactly why we're getting so many "Sheldon actually learns a lesson this time" stories. They soften him one bit at a time - not too much too sudden, mind you, because "Sheldon will always be Sheldon" uggghh - but still in noticeable steps.


    I can agree 1009 counts as a "noticeable step", but I don't think 1010 counts. Because of the poor, lame resolvement of conflict, aka Theodore telling Shelnard that their anger comes from their love, it minimizes the suppose-to-be "Sheldon making progress and learning things" part or "a sweet Shelnard moment" part, and magnifies the "Sheldon being selfish and annoying" part. As a result, Sheldon seems unchanged, which is probably why so many people have problems with Sheldon in this episode. 

    And that's the problem. The risk of writing similar storylines for one character is that not always, the "noticeable steps" are noticeable. And not always, they writers bother to write "noticeable steps". On top of my head, 923, I didn't see any attempts on writing noticeable developments for Sheldon in that episode.

    Without noticeable steps, those episodes are just insufferable for me. Because I have to endure watching Sheldon being mean (often on purpose nowadays) for 15 minutes in one episode (which is kind of OOC for him consider usually he is sweet and cute and reasonable just one episode ago), only to find out the first 15 minutes lead nowhere. That's exactly how I feel about the most recent episode. 

    And because people, or at least I, consider the show as a continuity, I find it hard to ignore the "bad episodes" just because "we've been getting so much good stuff this season". 

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  19. 1 hour ago, john2p said:

    The bottom line for me in this discussion is (and call out for the writers-producers): Wether it´s Sheldon learning, evolving, or whatever, it is too (!!) much.

    Yes. That's exactly it. I think the fact that people have to argue "well this jealousy episode is different than that jealousy episode because you see Sheldon is learning to deal with professional jealousy in this one and oh oh also he gets punished in this one but not that one" is exactly what goes wrong with the show right now. There's too much Sheldon. 

    The writers actually have to recycle plots and make small changes to them so they don't look exactly the same. Because there are only so many possible storylines to write for Sheldon, they now are doing sub-categories in order to not repeat themselves. Thus we have "Sheldon gets jealously type A, Sheldon gets jealousy type B, Sheldon being mean type A to Z, Sheldon being mean type A with punishment, Sheldon being mean type A without punishment, etc." While other characters (to be more exact Lenny and Amy) only gets an astounding "supporting Sheldon". 

    If you think of storylines as food, Sheldon is like this billionaire who's unhappy because he can't decide which kind of luxury wine to have after his big meal in his palace made of gold. At the same time other characters are starving and begging for bread in the street.

    I used to think the writers choose to focus so much on Sheldon because general audience love Sheldon and love everything he does. But recently I find out that's not entirely true. What they love is a funny, cute Sheldon, not an overly annoying or a mean one. About the most recent episode, the comment that gets most "likes" on social media site in my country is the one saying Sheldon is a bit too much in this episode and it makes it hard for people to laugh. 

    I think the writers have realized the problem but they're just too lazy to change or because people are still watching, they don't have enough motive to change. Writing stories and jokes for Sheldon is just too easy. They're too good at doing it after all these years.

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  20. 2 hours ago, Sylphadora said:

    I agree it's common knowledge Amy's smart and Sheldon loves her mind, but I don't think that nullifies the 'or else...' implication in his 'it's a good thing you're cute' comment. I don't think her intelligence is being questioned here. Amy's 'mistake' so to speak is not made out of lack to intelligence, but out of naïveté. You can be crazy intelligent but terribly naïve at the same time. Exhibit A: Sheldon himself, lol.

    I just don't like people making those kind of comments, but much less when they're coming from Sheldon, who is above being so frivolous. I know he has taken a lot of steps forward lately, but to me this feels like a step back. 

    Well Sheldon taking steps back is a thing that happens on the show so frequently I no longer feel bothered by it. But I think if you focus on the "cute" part, this is quite a lovely scene. As to the "or else" part, honestly I can't think of anything to say after it...Or else what? 

    If it makes you feel better, from all the comments I read on social media sites in my country, general audience considers this a sweet Shamy moment. General audience tend to not overthink like us and are usually less biased than us, so I think their opinion says something. 

  21. 53 minutes ago, Sylphadora said:

    I really enjoyed this episode! Not the best but enjoyable nonetheless.

    I liked the neosporin scene, but to be honest what I like most about it is how Amy was completely clueless about Sheldon being sarcastic, not that Sheldon called her cute - though it is indeed cute how naive she was to believe someone had really got burnt, lol. My main problem with Sheldon's cute comment is that it doesn't feel like a real compliment. When someone says 'It's a good thing you're [whatever]', there's and 'or else...' implied. So what would have happened if he didn't find her cute? It's like he's saying she has a defect but her cuteness is 'saving' her from her defect. And I don't like him focusing more on good looks than on personality, especially if by doing that he's overlooking more important things. I know I'm waaaaay overreacting but I just don't like that line of thinking, not even if it's just shown in casual, throwaway comments like here. It's like when Leonard said 'Set the guns to stun. If we shoot Penny I'll never find a girlfriend that pretty again.' I didn't like Leonard thinking about her beauty first.

    I have a different take on this.

    First, I think there's a difference between Sheldon thinking about Amy's looks and Leonard thinking about Penny's looks. Because it has always been established in the show that Leonard falls in love with Penny because of her looks (note that I'm not saying he only loves her for that) and Sheldon falls for Amy for her intelligence. If Leonard says that line, it may leave the bad impression that he only loves Penny for her appearance (although it's not true. This is just an hypothesis). But when Sheldon says it, it just means he loves Amy for her intelligence and her looks. IMO it's a good thing.

    Now it may worry me if, say, Shamy never communicated intellectually these days. But we've been given plenty of examples just this season so far showing how crazy Sheldon is for Amy's mind (their arguments in 1004, the randy line in 1006, their little experiment together). So it doesn't worry me a bit that maybe Sheldon treasure Amy's looks too. The "or else" part in your post doesn't exist. Because everybody knows Amy's smart. He loves her mind, that's something needless to say.

    Maybe this is just me, but I find a guy only being attracted to a girl's look equally disturbing as him only being attracted to a girl's mind. If I love someone, I love his for the whole package. His little habits, his tone of voice, the way he reads, his intelligence, his knowledge, his perspective and his personality, etc. I think we may fall in love with someone because of his one characteristics, but over time it becomes a lot more.

    Amy was attracted by Sheldon's mind first. But over the years she also grows to love his quirks, his body etc. Although not shown offen, I believe (or at least I hope) Sheldon feels the same too. And the cute line in this episode is just a nice example of Sheldon loves Amy for who she is as a person, not just one aspect.

    Also, I don't think "cute" is necessarily referring to looks alone. It may include looks, but there's so much more to it. Similar example would be when Sheldon uses Amy's pic as his laptop screensaver. It doesn't necessarily mean he loves her looks. It just makes him happy to see her face, because she's, well, cute.:) Similar example would be the one in 811 with the way Sheldon describes Amy watching French movies or playing the harp. It's not exactly Amy's intelligence or her looks that Sheldon loves.

    Actually all these discussions reminds me about one of @hazelra7's fanfics, where Amy takes the wrong medicine and has short-term amnesia (BTW the fanfic is AMAZING). When Amy finds out her mind is not as sharp as it used to be (it turns out to be only temporary), she starts to get panic. She's scared to death that Sheldon may find her unattractive anymore because she thinks "the only thing" Sheldon loves about her is her intelligence. Sheldon ensures her that he loves her for who he is, not just her intelligence and the chapter ends very nicely.

    I have always find it confusing that whenever Sheldon shows affection for Amy other than intelligence, people start to worry Shamy may lose their uniqueness. Because it's so clear to me that Shamy are soulmates. Sheldon loving Amy's looks/things other than intelligence does not diminish their love; on the opposite, it enriches it.

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  22. 22 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    Several posters have said they liked Sheldon's line, 'It's a good thing you're cute' and Amy's response. To me it looked as though he was being snarky about her not recognising his sarcasm, but she didn't get it. Perhaps it's just me.

    Yeah it's exactly like what you said. But that's what makes it cute:). Because usually we see Sheldon compliment Amy on her intelligence, here basically Sheldon is saying "It's a good thing that you're cute. Because you're not so smart (on this). But at least you're cute." Now it may seem like an insult if this was any other girl. But we know for sure that Amy is smart and Sheldon admires her intelligence. So to me this is like Sheldon admitting even without Amy's intelligence, she's still so darn cute. He's being snarky while showing his love for her without even realizing it. And that melted my heart. Or I could be overthinking haha.

    Also Amy's reaction is priceless. She clearly gets super shy but also proud of herself at the same time. She tries to act cutter in her very own awkward and adorable way.

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