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  1. 4 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

     It was not cute ,  it was disgusting. Maybe im biased because I have issues with germs so while it seemed cruel to me, it might not seem cruel to Sheldon. But I agree, atleast we got to see someone else besides being wacky for a change. 

    Did you feel equally or more disgusting when Sheldon in Howard's car in 609? Because it seems more intolerable to me. I mean Howard has to sit on the seat (although with pants on). Sheldon doesn't need to wear that flag lol.

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  2. Honestly I'm just glad it's Leonard who has conflicts with Sheldon this time. Because no matter what Sheldon does, the other person must be the one who's more wrong. If it's not Leonard, then it's, well, Amy (Penny usually is in the baby sitter role). Leonard took one for the team this week, team "let's-see-who's-turn-it-is-for-Sheldon-to-be-an-ass-to-and-for-Sheldon-fans-to-put-the-blame-on". Salute to Leonard!

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  3. 1 hour ago, No Regrets said:

    Nailed it. I looooove early!Sheldon exactly because of that. There was an innocence to his behaviour that really isn't there anymore, which makes him appear way more mean and I just don't like it.

    Like in this episode, when he initially divided the things, I got the feeling that he kind of knew he was being a little selfish but he did it anyway because "I'm cute and Leonard and Penny and Amy will always forgive me for anything I do". Well that's totally my interpretion but yeah, he just gives me that feeling. It's like he's a spoiled little boy. Maybe it's cute when these kind of things happened in early seasons but now? It's kind of gross. I mean a grown-up man, in his late thirties...trying to be cute...Geez... I get it that the writers need to keep Sheldon unchanged somehow. But why not showing us some of his charming characteristics? Like I really enjoy him educating others with history/science facts (haha he may appear to be a know-it-all in those situations but still cute IMO) or doing little mind games with Leonard/Amy. And I really love to see him win for once in his job, not just messing up/getting jealous of others' work/not being able to meet the deadline etc. It's really hard to respect him as a scientist when his biggest achievement in years is that paper but the original idea is, well, Leonard's...

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  4. 1 minute ago, April said:

    I see what you mean. It doesn't bother me and works for me in terms of Sheldon's development, but I understand where you're coming from. Thanks.

    Yeah, well I kind of hope he has character developments but still gets to keep his old charming personalities. To me what makes Sheldon charming in the past is his excellence at his job, his wide range of edudition, his rationality and him not deliberately being annoying (meaning in the past when he did something inappropriate, usually he didn't realize that). Now it seems to me the writers has magnified the parts of his personality that I don't care too much for. So maybe the writers should take half of the blame too, after all JP won four emmys lol.

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  5. 32 minutes ago, April said:

    Can you name an example? Cause I'm not sure what you're talking about.

    It's just a feeling I got ever since season 8/9. It's a combination of his way-too-perky facial expressions, too much hands movements and his shrill voice. In this episode, an example would be around 5:30 to 7:30. But lots of good example probably would be in last season. On top of my head, 912 where he talks with Raj in Raj's lab.

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  6. The episode goes pretty well IMO until Theodore says the "your anger comes from love" line LOL. I got so much second hand embarrassment at that line that I almost closed my browser immediately. Seriously??? My twelve year old cousin could take a better shot than that. Why inviting a brilliant guest star but give him such lame lines? Why not just use a narrative telling us how deep Shelnard's love is? I'm sure it'll be equally embarrassing.

    The writers are supposed to "show" us their anger comes from their love, not tell us that.

    I like Amy, Penny and Leonard in this episode. Penny's face expressions, Amy's smile and Leonard wearing that flag are priceless, which makes me wonder what happens to Jim Parsons's acting...He used to be so good. Now he's my NO.1 source of second hand embarrassment from the show. He(Sheldon) tries too hard to be cute in the show nowadays...It stopped being cute years ago.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, wowbagger said:

    I feel like this discussion of what constitutes attractiveness/attraction/'pure' attraction/whatever will just go 'round in circles. Shamy posters who were around last season will surely remember the knock-down, drag-out fights in the Shamy thread about whether or not Sheldon is asexual/whether or not Sheldon exhibits 'primary desire' (whose meaning I still fail to grasp) for Amy, and so on.

    Here's my take: Part of the charge of the Shamy's friendship, back in the day, was that it looked like a torrid love affair - except it was a love affair of the mind. Clinking tea-mugs, batting their eyelids at each other because they are just so overcome by each other's cleverness, thinking the other person's ghastly puns are the epitome of wit and fun... you can't really divorce their appeal for each other from their minds. In seasons where there's relatively little of the brainy quirk, I personally find them a lot less fun to watch.

    So I don't know if you really can draw a line and say 'well if he didn't think she was smart, he wouldn't find her attractive, so it doesn't count'. I mean, yeah, if Amy were a completely different sort of person, and Sheldon were a completely different sort of person, they may not find each other attractive. But what does that prove? We're not in the business of saying what counts as attraction, are we?

    But I also think a big part of the problem is trying to resolve the Shamy of Season Ten with the Shamy of Season Nine. Which is hard to do. The show has for a very long time shat giant bricks at the idea of portraying Sheldon as having, or expressing, sexual desire. After a while their own dithering must have irritated even them, and they decided to have a Sheldon who 'kisses girls now'. And they could more or less handle that. But for some reason sexual desire (in the penis-in-vagina sense) absolutely paralysed them. Even - and this is the weird part - even after having Sheldon have sex with Amy. Love? They were okay with love. Enough caring to ensure that he rocked Amy's world? Fine. But being moved or shaken visibly by sex? Somehow there they balked. 

    I don't have an organic in-story explanation for what changed between Seasons Nine and Ten. I've said in the Shamy thread that the writers must have had a Come to Jesus moment in which they realised how gross it was for Sheldon to have sex, not be into it, but make it super duper clear that frumpy hairy Amy had an amazing time. Mostly I think someone sat the writers down, made them watch the whole of Season Nine with their eyelids taped back, Clockwork Orange style, and said 'You watch this shit. You watch it and tell me when you gave in to your nastiest instincts.' I don't have an explanation. But I'm glad it happened, because I like eccentric Shamy arguing about scientific method 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than I like 'Sheldon being made into a Real Boy by Poor Amy'.

    I would've been totally fine if their second time happened on another day. Literally any day except for Amy's birthday. But they had sex on Amy's birthday. And Sheldon called it "annual ritual" so now everything happened in that episode is disgusting IMO. It ruined all the progress Shamy have made regarding intimacy this season. That's just me of course.


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  8. 15 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

    10.11 could be a little too boring.

    You should be glad you only find it boring. I also find it irritating.:shy:

    7 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    If you see it differently, then what more can I say

    Like I said, finding Amy physically attractive won't diminish Sheldon and Shamy's uniqueness. In fact, I think Sheldon not interested in anyone physically except for Amy adds more uniqueness to their love. Kind of like other people always find Sheldon's quirks irritating but Amy loves it. I wish Sheldon found Amy attractive physically even though he's not into other people's looks. But apparently the writers think otherwise, so actually I don't have much more to say lol.

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    21 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    Umm... what? I just gave you an exact example of precisely what you asked for and you answered by saying "when Sheldon says it, it doesn't mean the same as normal people. It's more for comedy when he says it." If that's the way you see it, then I don't think you will ever be happy with anything Sheldon says. 

    You said: I want Sheldon to think Amy is sexy and call her sexy 

    I said: He called her foxy which is a less vulgar synonym for sexy (just like randy is for horny) with no pretense like a nerdy costume or Amy saying something smart. 

    You: that doesn't count because Sheldon said it which isn't the same as a normal person saying it so it's more for comedy. 

    Explain to me your logic there. Because I fail to see it. 

    And there is a difference.

    You said you wanted Sheldon to see her as sexy without a costume. I said he did. He called her foxy before the costume. You said "no difference."

    I'm not following you here haha

    Because the examples you gave don't count IMO?

    For example, how does Sheldon calling Amy "a vixen" mean the same thing as he finds her physically attractive? He calls her "a vixen" because she gets him to engage in social science. That's basically him saying she's brilliant.

    And that sums up my point. Because for normal people, "a vixen" means physically sexy, but we see clearly here that Sheldon doesn't mean that. So basically when it comes to these kind of terms, what Sheldon means is not what we usually think they mean.

    21 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    You said you wanted Sheldon to see her as sexy without a costume. I said he did. He called her foxy before the costume. You said "no difference."


    Because if I understand right, he says that after she mentions she has a surprise that might help? So he's actually complementing her thoughtfulness?


    Acaually I went back to read the TR again and couldn't find when Sheldon says that for the life of me...So I guess I'll have to wait for the episode to air.  

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  10. 30 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    Foxy is synonymous with sexy. It means the exact same thing. He's called her a hotsy totsy, a vixen. 

    The thing is, when Sheldon calls someone "foxy“、“vixen" and "hotsy totsy", it usually doesn't mean the same thing as normal people. So those words IMO are more for comedy than the writers trying to show us that Sheldon finds Amy physically attractive.

    For example. Sheldon calls Amy a "vixen" because she get him to have interests in social science. That sure does not mean he finds her physically attractive. So that doesn't count at all IMO. In fact it shows how much he loves her brain. There's nothing wrong with that. Just can't be used as an evidence to show Sheldon calls Amy "sexy".

    30 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    And he called her that before she came out in her HP outfit.

    What's the difference?

    30 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    He's called her pretty, cute.

    Cute, pretty do not mean sexy. 

    30 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    Her brain is what has always gotten him going the most, same with her. And that's what makes them special. 

    Amy loves Sheldon's brain too. But why do we always get to see her showing that she desires him physically? It doesn't diminish her love a bit. 

    30 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    I don't know what you want then, lol.

    What I want is simple. I want them to have sex not on Amy's birthday so I don't have to question whether it's out of desire or out of an agreement. If that happens we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.


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  11. 7 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    In the past two taped episodes, Sheldon literally called Amy cute and a Foxy Tea Kettle. And when Amy cane out in her HP it sounds like his jaw was pretty much on the ground. 

    Cute is way far from sexy IMO. For example, I think my dog's cute. Another example is I think Johnny is sexy in season 1. But I don't think his belly is sexy, even though I find it cute :)

    As for the HP thing. I don't know. Actually I've had this feeling ever since 10.04. It just feels like Sheldon cannot be aroused by Amy alone. It has to be Amy plus science/intellegentce/nerdy stuff. I can't think of any example where Sheldon's just hot for Amy, without her being smart/them doing experiments/them talking about science since the prom episode.

    So yeah, those examples don't count for me actually.

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  12. 47 minutes ago, No Regrets said:

    That's a matter of opinion. I find Johnny - even with his visible belly - by far the most attractive of the guys. But hey, it'd be boring if we all liked the same things.

    I find Johnny attracitve too. I didn't realize it until once I happened to find an episode still from season one. He sure is a gook looking guy, even with all his nerdy clothes. As for the belly, haha I think it's cute.

    Talking about attractiveness, I get it that the show deliberately portray Amy and Leonard as unsexy because that's part of their personality. (I'm saying this not because I think they're unsexy. I'm saying this based on the comments and reactions of other characters on the show). But I find it very disturbing that even their partners, rarely complement their looks. What happens to "Beauty lies in the lover's eyes?"? Especially when you combine that with the fact that Amy and Leonard are the ones who's more patient and are usually steps ahead in their own relationship. It just leaves me very bad impressions that the show thinks less good looking people should give more in relationships to "balance out".

    That's why I was very moved when Penny says she thinks Leonard with a coin change is sexy in 1006. It offset all the horrible lines in that episode between Lenny. In fact, I would give up the Shamy storyline in 10.11in exchange of Sheldon thinking Amy is sexy and telling her that. (And no I'm not talking about the ones like Sheldon getting "randy" because of Amy being smart.)

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  13. 13 minutes ago, BigBang15 said:

    I don't see how the "off the table" line can be confusing. She was reassuring Sheldon that she did not have an ulterior motive behind the "experiment" of living together. He knows she's tried to trick/manipulate him before, but since she comes out and says this, he will take her at her word.

    The funnier thing would have been for him to try to get things going one night and she stops him reminding him they agreed sex was off the table. Not because she doesn't want to, but to maintain her integrity.

    Actually what's confusing is the whole conversation.  I remember people on the Shamy thread getting excited with this because we thought this might mean they were doing it off screen.

    Amy: So why don't we take being physical off the table and maybe later on, once we're more settled in, we can revisit it.

    Sheldon : You're really okay with that?

    Before 1004, we never see any evidence that Sheldon thinks they will have coitus more than once a year. So I think it's safe to assume that in his mind, Amy and him both agree to and are satisfied with the "next birthday" agreement.Since 9.11, Amy hinted her desire for sex once in 917, if I remember correctly. But Sheldon didn't understand her intention at all (thus he didn't know Amy was wanting sex). So there's no reason for Sheldon to think Amy will manipulate/trick him into coitus. 

    Then, why does Sheldon say "You're really OK with that?". What's he so worried about? In his mind Amy's totally on board with their original deal. 

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    It's funny thinking back now. The writers did better with the Lenny 1.0 IMO. They both eagerly waited for the first time and both were disappointed. I can understand that. Then they sort of rethought the situation and things worked out after that.  With Shamy the first time was wonderful but then it didn't happen again for a year. The " off the table" line was confusing.

    I think it's no use comparing Lenny's first time and Shamy's, since they're very, very different people. It will be very OOC to give Lenny's storyline to Shamy and vice versa. 

    As for "off the table" line, I think it has something to do with the fact that the writers initially wanted Shamy to have sex in 1004 (if I recall correctly, I think Mayim said that in one of her interviews.) Then they changed it at table reading or something? Thus the writers had to think of a reason in a short time that can "justify" Shamy not having sex despite sleeping in the same bed. And it can't come from Sheldon because then like @JE7 said, that will hurt the fairy tales of Shamy and the image of Sheldon. Because if Sheldon says "Amy I don't want to have sex with you" then well, there'll be a big problem between Shamy. And I suppose the writers had no intention of looking for troubles for themselves back then. So it has to come from Amy. She MUST be the one who put coitus off the table. What irritates me about this is that the writers didn't even bother to think of a more logical and reasonable reason for them not having sex. That or I remembered wrong. Then just ignore the above.

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  15. 8 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    You're right. But if the once a year coitus had already been agreed to why did that need to be mentioned at all?

    That's exactly where the inconsistency comes from. Actually people on the Shamy forum (including me) tried to find an explanation for this and shortly speculated that maybe Shamy had been doing it since Opening Night because of that "off the table" line, since, you know, there's no need to put coitus "off the table" if it was never "on the table". But then the writers made sure in the following episode that Shamy only did once. So...yeah, no explanations, just inconsistency.

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  16. 21 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Nobody knows what the writers have in store, they could wait again until another years time for coitus 3.0 or after their second time they might end up being more intimate more often especially as they are living together now.

    I am hoping for the latter once they find what works for them, they are still very much in a 'coming to terms with this new aspect of their relationship stage'. More experiences will presumably get them more used to it and they will embrace the physical side of their relationship more.

    Well at this "annual ritual" pace, I'm almost certain we'll be saying this for years. So I'm just gonna copy this and save it to my icloud (not sarcasm, I actually did do that) therefore I can use it every year.

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  17. 1 hour ago, sam25233 said:

    Lol that was savage, mate. 

    I am a Shamy and have always been, but I really thought, all these years, that it was obvious how imbalanced they are. But here if people are thinking that Amy is totally fine with their pace, that she doesn't doubt it at all, then I think they are a little partial. It was always Amy wanting more and Sheldon compromising. Even in 10.9 she drops in a joke about questioning her life choices. Anybody would, considering how difficult Sheldon is to live with. 

    I'm VERY HAPPY that things are changing now, its what I've wanted, but don't tell me that everything was perfectly fine in the first place. Other Shamys, maybe we can agree to disagree.

    The thing is, for general audience, it's very easy to see the imbalance. I love to lurk social medias sites in my country and read about people's thoughts on the show. The most common comments on Shamy I read for the past year besides "Sheldon is not the old Sheldon any more" is "Amy is so patient!". It's very obvious that to general audience, Amy is the one who wants more and waits for Sheldon. General audience have no problem telling Amy wants to have sex more frequently. So imagine my surprise when I read here that people think Amy's actually very pleased with this once-a-year thing and would't want to change it. And you know what, it's really hard to argue lol, because, you know, Amy really did never say the words "I want to have sex more frequently". 

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  18. 1 hour ago, JE7 said:

    Here's the deal Sam, pointing out an imbalance in the relationship, with the imbalance being in Sheldon's favor raises issues with many SHamys. If Amy wants sex but Dosent get it because of Sheldons "reasons" that reflects badly on their perfect relationship in general and on Sheldon in particular. Therefore amy MUST be totally fine and content with Sheldon's pace and actions otherwise the fairytale falls apart and perhaps more importantly Sheldon looks less than perfect.

    Anything we see and hear on the show is open to interpretation shine 10 fans, if 8 see it one way and 2 see it another the 8 will never convince the 2 ni matter what argument you use as their interpretation is rooted to deeply into what they WANT to see. 

    Basically your beating a dead horse 

    Lol that sounds like something we should not say here but honestly, I agree with you.

    You know I used to be one of the "fairy tale" fans, until I find the writers constantly slap my face with new stories. So now I'm a buzz kill who, apparently, should be fired from the Shamy fandom.

    I love Shamy and I want them to be perfect. Am I happy that Shamy's second time is way more passionate than their first? Of course. Did I scream when I read the role play part in the TR? You bet I did. But all of these things don't make up for the ridiculousness of the fact that they had to have sex on Amy's birthday.

    If Sheldon can't wait to have sex again that he calls her up to have sex at midnight, why didn't they have sex earlier? Why wait? Seriously, why?

    See? I'm repeating myself again because It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

    You see, to me, fairy tales are only fairy tales if the writers write them to be. The train kiss, Shamy's first "I love you"s, the afternoon at the aquarium are are examples of Shamy fairy tales IMO. This episode is just sh*t coved by sugar. It may taste sweet, but it's still sh*t.

    I don't need Shamy to act like horny teenagers all the time. I'm fine with them having once-a-year sex. I'm even fine with Sheldon being asexual as long as the writers can convince us with believeable storylines that they're both satisfied with whatever arrangements they come up with for their sex life. Just a conversation between Shamy is good enough.

    What I do not accept is them deliberately mute Amy so they can continue with their "innocent, little interest in sex, used to be asexual now we just don't know" Sheldon. That's just irresponsible and crappy writing. 

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  19. 9 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    IMO some women may have a problem with that. But it appears Amy doesn't.

    She doesn't because the writers CONTROLLED her. They mute her so they can continue with their "once a year" thing. If the they write storylines where Amy is unsatisfied with the frequency of sex, then they will be pushing themselves into a cornor. They're not stupid.

    But we are shown that Amy's very pleased with their first time, that Amy loves to stare at Sheldon's naked body whenever she's got the chance (920, 1005). Amy suggested sex (917), expected sex (919). So despite she never says it explicitly that she needs more sex, logically, she needs more.

    The way I see it, is that when the writers need the "Amy horny&Sheldon oblivious" jokes, they have no problem portraying Amy as sexually unsatisfied&horny. But in order to make their "once-a-year" thing work, they don't actually let Amy voice her needs.  So that whenever people question the frequency of Shamy sex, they can always defend themselves with "Well but Amy never said she wants more!"

    Let me say this, if Shamy break up in the future because Amy is unsatisfied with their sex life (never underestimate the writers, if the show gets renewed for 3 more seasons, I'm almost certain this will happen), most Shamy fans will be astonished and ask "Why didn't you say something before Amy? We thought you were 100% happy!" While to outsiders, it's obvious that she was not.

    So no, I'm not buying this BS. Because it doesn't make sense. This is season 9 all over again. According to my "script", in the latter half of season 10, most Shamy fans will be fangirling the make out scenes in 10.11 forever, while some of us buzz kills will be very anxious waiting for the writers to drop the "once-a-year" thing, could this episode be "the episode"? And then nothing will happen. Until 11.11, their next annual ritual, where maybe Shamy play S&M. Casual viewers are happy, fans are happy, everybody is happy except maybe in reality, Amy shouldn't be? But hey, that doesn't counts. She never said she's uahappy, did she.

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  20. I'm sorry, but how is treating sex as an annual ritual any different than treating it as a gift? Does Sheldon want to do it because that day is Amy's birthday or because he's horny on that day? If the latter, why does he happen to be horny on that day, out of the 365 days since their last time? If he was horny before (like in 1004), why didn't they have sex on those days?

    The problem with having their second time on Amy's birthday is that it doesn't make sense. And I'm not talking about "making sense" from a normal person's point of view. Because I know very clearly that Shamy is nowhere near normal. I'm talking about whether it's a logically consistent system within the show.

    Does Sheldon has no desire? No, because from 1004 and 1008 we know he has no problem with that.

    Is Amy the one to blame on this issue? No because we've seen several pieces of evidence that she hopes to do it more freauently. Yes she turned Sheldon down in 1008. But what she turned down was having a baby, not coitus. If Sheldon suggested using a condom in that episode. I'm sure Amy would jump into bed with Sheldon in no time.

    Were they under the impression that for some reason they can only do it on Amy's birthday? I don't think so. The "coitus is off the table" line in 1004 and Sheldon wanting to make a baby in 1008 clearly suggest they are not that stupid.

    Then what could possibility stop them from having sex before Amy's birthday?

    So in the past year, they were both horny. Then why do they have to wait until now to have sex again? 

    The only explanation that I can come up with is that Shamy were horny, but up until 1011, despite all the hot make out sessions and scientific turn-ons they have, they weren't horny enough to have sex. 

    So they wanted to have sex before, just not enough to actually do it. That's some magic amount of desire lol. Not 364, not 366, it just has to be 365 days for their "sexual desire tank" to be filled up. And for this, I don't think a simple "Because Shamy are weird" is a good enough explanation.

    That's what bothers me. I don't know why the writers chose to let Shamy's second time happen on Amy's birthday and I don't care if this is a result of compromises between the writers. To me, it's crappy writing, especially if you take into consideration that they let Bernie carry a baby for 12 months, just so they could write this storyline for Shamy.

    Crappy writings are crappy writings. No amount of role playings and Shamy make out sessions is going to change that. I'm devoted into this couple because the Shamy part of the show used to be a beautiful story that makes sense. 

    If anyone figures out what the thought process of the writers on this issue could possibily be, please, enlighten me.


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  21. I don't understand why their second time has to happen on Amy's birthday. Why is it so important to let Shamy have once-in-a-year sex that the writers are willing to sacrifice accuracy and inconsistency of the show and let Bernie carry a baby for almost a year, just so to make sure Shamy don't have sex more frequently. And this has nothing to do with "Sheldon still being Sheldon" nonsense. I don't see how Sheldon having sex more changes who he is.

    Besides I thought Molaro said Shamy are not gong to stick to the once a year agreement? 

    I'm sorry the fact that their second time is still a birthday gift for Amy diminishes all the Shamy goodness in this episode for me. We still don't see clear evidence of Sheldon wanting sex himself. Everything is under the assumption of "this is the magic day called Amy's birthday. Everything is romantic and sexy but it'll only last for one day and after it everything is back to normal."

    I hope this is not how coitus is going to be from now on. I don't care how many times they do in one year. I just need it to happen once not on Amy's birthday, not for the sake of Amy.

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  22. 20 hours ago, serena_1995 said:


    But we can't dictate and predict someone's behavior and sex life. We can't force someone else to act a certain way in a certain situation, just because we would have acted that way if we were in their shoes.

    We can't  force 2 people to have sex if they seem comfortable without it , at the moment. If Sheldon and Amy are happy with the current situation ,  what is the problem ?  If once a year works for them, what is the issue ? Didn't  Amy say once a year works for her immediately in 9x11 ? Has Amy explicitely told Sheldon, she wants to have sex ? I don't  think so. She actively took sex off the table herself and turned him down in 10.08. Has Sheldon explicitely told Amy he can't wait ? I don't recall except for 10.08. 

    Have either Sheldon or Amy expressed their anger or frustration recently TO EACH OTHER about not getting what they want from the one another , in all the time they lived together ? i don't recall . 

    So i dont see the big deal, yet. If sex or lack of sex leads to an actual fight or confrontation or even an honest discussion between  Sheldon and Amy , only then will I worry.

    Sometimes there is so much spoken and unspoken pressure to have sex when it comes to Shamy, that it poisons my enjoyment and ignores that Shamy have actually had the funniest and sweetest plots in s10 in a long time IMO. 

    This is just my opinion ofcourse.

    The thing is, Sheldon and Amy are not real people. They are fictional characters controlled by the writers. Let's suppose the writers don't plan to deal with coitus anytime soon. Now, are they going to write storylines where the two of them are not satisfied and fight because of lack of sex? Of course not. Because then they'll be looking for troubles for themselves.

    So as long as they don't write the "fights", Amy and Sheldon will always be "satisfied" and "on the same page". But does this make sense? Not really, at least for me. For example, why does Sheldon act like he has no desire at all back in the second half of season 9? Why does he act like sex is still something that bothers him in 1004 (He shows such relief after Amy says sex of off the table) if he's not asexual? More importantly, does Amy know and understand Sheldon 's attitude for sex/lack of interest in sex? Is she Ok with that? If not, why haven't they had an honest conversation about it? If yes, why did she still express coitus expectations in season 9 (917, 919)? Shouldn't she respect Sheldon's choice? 

    A similar example would be the LA in season 9. Did we see Lenny having fights over living with Sheldon? Not so much. But why were lots of Lenny fans so annoyed by LA arrangements?


    We can't control what the writers show us, but we can tell whether the things they show us make sense or whether a storyline is IC and good for the characters. If we are supposed to be happy with everything going on in the show as long as the characters are happy, there's no need for the forum to exist at all. Because like 90% of the time, the characters are happy. 

    As a shipper, I want the best for Shamy. A healthy sex life and mutual desire for each other are important, at least IMO. We even have a negative example in the show, Leonard's parents. I know, I know, Shamy are different from them. Shamy are in love. But maybe Beverly and Alfred used to love each other too, and now all that's left is resentment.

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