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  1. 4 hours ago, veejay said:

    Are we overthinking this?


    …of course, it also gives the fun behind it. :shy:

    Oh. I just used that as an opportunity to express my admiration for Amy. Since that happens so rarely here, including the Shamy thread. So maybe bare with me this time? 

    And of course I don't suppose I broke any rules...So... you know, to quote tensor (not exact words haha), "If others want to overthink things, they're allowed to. Express your opinions about the shows, not other members." :icon_neutral:

  2. 1 hour ago, kerrycec03 said:

    See I viewed it completely differently.  I didn't see it as a setback, I appreciated how equal their friendship/relationship is and its open & honest and its not just Amy idolizing Penny like years past...you now have a more confident Amy pointing out that even Penny has her flaws too.  And it was on the heels of Raj's slight dig indirectly towards Shamy.  And on something everyone in the room agreed with.  Ok to knock Penny down a little too (and actually like I said above Kudos to Kaley shows she can laugh at herself)

    And as a female with tons of friends its not a hotbed of jealousy but in years past Amy probably WAS very jealous of Penny so that's incrediably believable.  She did say she "used to" aka not anymore since Amy has grown in her own self. 

    Agree. Especially since Amy is very open about her jealousy. She talks about it and then let it go. Her jealousy doesn't impact her friendship with Penny. That is a true virtue IMO.

    Now this may sound polically incorrect because in a perfect world, all girls are supposed to stick together and have each other's back blah blah blah. But the reality is (at least according to my observations), a lot of friendships between girls can be ruined by jealousy. There're people who get jealous but instead of overcoming it, they just let it get worse. In extreme circumstances, jealousy can even turn into hatred. Friends grow apart because of it.

    As a girl, I admire Amy's attitude. She gets jealous sometimes, because that's what humans do. But she's also smart enough to not be blinded by it. She opens up about her jealousy and she never lets jealousy get in the way of her friendship with Penny. She used to admire Penny. Now she still admires her but in a more healthy way.

    In addition to that, she's loyal, kind and warm-hearted. She's very analytical so usually she gives good advices. And I've noticed that most of the time, she's among the first ones to comfort her friends when they're in trouble. She's able to learn things and become a better person from friendships. I used to think Amy is weird back in season 4. Now I wish I were friends with her.

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  3. Well that was an utterly boring episode. Even for a filler, it's of low quality. I get it the writers want to show us the "old Sheldon" from time to time, but do they have to recycle the old stories?

    I totally get it why Penny's words work on him. It's not because of the sister/brother bond nonsense. Like Penny, the only advice I too can give Sheldon is to shut up. Leonard and Amy and them trying to knock some senses out of him won't work. Because Sheldon understand all the senses perfectly. He just won't let it go. He doesn't need comfort or propitiation, he needs someone to scold him so he can stop being annoying.

    The only two things I like about this episode is the mini Hawking and Kripke.


  4. 8 minutes ago, No Regrets said:

    By stories I mean ongoing story arcs (such as them adjusting to the new LA). Lenny being around since season 1 is absolutely no excuse for them to just sit around and do nothing. 

    They didn't just sit around and do nothing. They had their wedding redo, they danced, they had arguments about their room decoration, they went to a comic con. They does nothing in one episode and that erases everything?

    And I've seen people complain about Lenny never having any "in depths" stories these days. That perfectly matches your theory. Because those stories have happened.

    17 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Not really they have ignored the rest of the show and the other characters too. It has been established it is possible to grow Shamy but still write interesting stories for the other characters. TPTB just choose not to clearly. Balance, or lack of is the point here. 

    I don't think Howardette are being ignored. They have good storylines most of the time. 

    But let's just say you're right. TPTB just choose not to writer Lenny even if they could. And why is that? Because they just hate Lenny or Kaley& Johnny? I don't think so.

    Because the audience now prefer more Sheldon (or Shamy) to more Lenny? That's a good enough explanation to me. But it seems Lenny fans don't agree. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, No Regrets said:

    Here's the thing, the advantage that the writers have with Shamy is that they were introduced much later in the series. Lenny have been there since the Pilot, that's 10 seasons now. There's still room for Shamy stories now. 

    Then the writers focusing on Shamy and ignoring Lenny now is a rational and reasonable choice, since like you suggest here, there's simply no room for Lenny stories now as they were introduced since season one. 


  6. 3 hours ago, rice sheldon said:

    As someone else mentioned before, I really think the once-a-year thing is because the writers genuinely think that's hilarious. Maybe they felt they needed to add that aspect so Sheldon didn't seem super out of character.

    That would've worked if their second time happened a short time after Opening Night. In that case people may look back and laugh about it like "haha so much for next birthday". Now it seems they basically stick to the once-a-year thing, which is no longer funny and brings all sorts of questions about Sheldon's sexuality.

    Also I never get the writers' "Sheldon with desire is out of character" thing. If that's out of character, they shouldn't have added the character of Amy in the first place. (Or at least they should have made her asexual)

    People keep saying "as long as they're both satisfied, we shippers should be happy". The thing is, I don't think Amy is completely satisfied judging from her failed attempt to suggest sex in 917 and really, all the things we know about Amy. She obviously wants it more. So no, I don't think they're both satisfied. Some people ask whether Amy still keeps her electronic toothbrush. I mean of course. Why wouldn't she? She obviously has normal sexual desire so I don't think once a year is enough for her. 

    Anyway I hope the writers deal with coitus soon or at least show us Shamy are both Ok with whatever arrangements they come up with together. (Like in 1004, they both agree to put coitus off the table temporarily.) Otherwise it's just wrong, on so many levels.

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  7. 48 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Well yes the show has prooven they suck at writing married couples lol. Look at what they did to Lenny the moment they got engaged in 7x23.

    Honestly I think the show only has proven they suck at writing Lenny as a married couple. Their writing of Howardette is fine IMO, given their limited screen time. Howardette are even getting a baby now. And since Sheldon is in the Shamy relationship and the writers are proven that they are extremely talented at writing stories for Sheldon. I'd say the same bad things probably won't happen to Shamy as it have happened Lenny. 

    18 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    the only unique thing about them is that they run to lenny when there's a problem I haven't figured out how they can't seem to solve their own problems

    Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

    Well at least there still are some things unique.

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  8. I don't need coitus 2.0 to be big. However I do want an explanation of why they haven't done it yet since their first time.

    I also want to know Sheldon's attitude towards coitus. Does he like it? Does he need it? Does he feel the need to do it regularly? If yes then here comes the question again, why did they wait almost a year to do it again? 

    Basically I want the writers to come up with a good excuse for their dragging things out over the past year. Because it NEVER made sense to me.

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  9. On 2016/11/13 at 8:42 AM, 3ku11 said:

    past three seasons the main gripe has been lack of balance between the characters on screen, it s MAJOR issue for the show. Essentially what they should do, is cut Johnny, Kaley's, Simon, and Kunal's salaries. Give Mayim a half a million raise. And offically make Jim and Mayim the leads. Because based on the amount of screen time she is getting. She no longer feels like a supporter. I did not see this coming, Mayim is the lead now, and Kaley is the supporter. Just WOW. 

    Just to be clear, if you are talking about my post above, that was just my guess. We still haven't gotten any spoilers yet.

    Also I didn't say it would be a couples episode. My guess is it's a boys/girls episode.

    As for the bitching thing. Well they used to bitch about their significant others, so why not their friends lol. But like I said, I hope not. I want the episode to be drama free.

  10. Well I have to say it's a little disappointing for me as a shipper. I didn't see anything related to coitus or Sheldon's desire like I had thought. It really was all for reproduction. Sheldon was willing to have a baby with Amy back in season 4, so, like, what's new...

    Also as a girl who doesn't find JP attractive, my poor eyes...

    But overall it was a hilarious episode. I laughed out loud several times.

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  11. @April So well said! I totally agree with you.

    I think it'll be really hard for the writers to write any sort of character development for Sheldon in the spin off, because like you said, they need to end up with Sheldon how he was when TBBT started, which means Sheldon needs to be more socially awkward than he was when he first met Leonard. I don't even know if that's possible. 

    Unless, you know, they decide to write a story about how Sheldon grows from a cute, normal genius boy into a robotic man who can barely look other people in the eyes when talking because of all the childhood traumas he goes through. But that would be horrible.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, April said:

    It's one of those things that the more I think about it the less I want it. Ugh. Granted, available information are mostly speculation anyway at this early stage but...


    Agree. But if they want to tell the story of a younger version of Sheldon, does it mean JP won't be playing Sheldon? I'm not a fan of JP but I think it's safe to say he's the key why the character Sheldon is so successful. I doubt people would still watch if Sheldon is played by someone else.

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  13. 5 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

    I don't find Jessica particularly insightful . I have disagreed with her comments in the past. I didn't even know glamour did reviews for TBBT until this season.

    I have read AV Club since season 2. They had some great reviewers like Todd and Kyle, over the years. But I think AV Club dumped TBBT reviews starting season 10. I could be wrong though.

    I think we like those reviews that hold similar opinions as ours. For example as a shipper I like Glamour's and don't care for AV club's very much. But I wouldn't call AV club's reviews not insightful. Just not my cup of tea.

  14. 30 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    Let's use the metaphor of a restaurant for TBBT, it was our favorite restaurant and the food on the Lenny menu was delicious and filling. Then the last two seasons we were basically fed water and saltine crackers with an occasional Bologna samich thrown in.

    This year we sat down and were served the deluxe burger with all the fixins , a side of large fries and a drink. After two years we get a good meal including many of the things we were hoping for.

    Yet some still complain it's not a steak, we wanted happy married lenny, we got it. We wanted fun sexy penny back, we got it. We wanted Lenny living alone, we got it. We hated the wedding we got a redo.

    Did we get EVERYTHING we could possibly want, no. But we did get more than most of us expected, so while some seem to be unable to get over the lack of steak, I am going to enjoy a delicious burger.

    Because honestly I got what I most wanted and with TBBT those "steak" plots often come with a large side of angst and that's bad for my blood pressure.

    End of rant...

    I like your metaphor.

    I think for me, the thing about this Lenny VS Shamy discussion that I'm not a fan of is, while I understand perfectly people at the next table may get jealous of the steak on my table, because they're not satisfied at only getting a hamburger, 

    See I get it that people are allowed to comment on everything. And they have every right to state their opinions on my steak.  The truth is, I'm not a big fan of the steak/hamberger on their table either.  So usually I just stay silent and smile when they're eating their food. 

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  15. 9 minutes ago, April said:

    Yeah, she didn't understand why Sheldon couldn't just live in 4A and the symbolism of the hallway scene evidently flew over her head by a mile and then some. And that instagram exchange I saw some others were agreeing with her in total confusion about what was going on.

    I usually like her takes on the episodes but this got me rolling my eyes like "Gurl, it's so obvious!" but apparently not obvious enough???

    After watching the episode, I was very eager to see her review because her last week's review was so spot on. Then I was surprised because I found nothing about the hallway scene.

    But I can understand her confusion. I've seen other people question "Why can't Shamy just live in 4A? That'll solve all the problems."

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  16. 46 minutes ago, April said:

    I don't see any reason why those things couldn't happen in the same episode. I mean, you could be right that coitus 2.0 happens in 10x10 but I wouldn't put it past Molaro to put it into 10x11 just for this stupid "next year" joke. If Bernie gives birth in the same episode we would at least know for certain that it's not one year in TBBT 

    I guess you're right. They could happen in one episode. It's just if coitus happen in 1011, that's almost exact one year in reality. I know it's not one year in TBBT. Still...

    46 minutes ago, April said:

    I don't see any reason why those things couldn't happen in the same episode. I mean, you could be right that coitus 2.0 happens in 10x10 but I wouldn't put it past Molaro to put it into 10x11 just for this stupid "next year" joke. If Bernie gives birth in the same episode we would at least know for certain that it's not one year in TBBT 

    I guess you're right. They could happen in one episode. It's just if coitus happen in 1011, that's almost exact one year in reality. I know it's not one year in TBBT. Still...

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  17. 27 minutes ago, Jonny said:

     And who says coitus 2.0 has to be a big event anyway? It could be the minor plot in an episode. I would be happy to see something less big event more just an everyday part of life.

    I think it's too late for them to not make it a big event. That could've worked if their second time happened a few episodes after their first time. Now it's just impossible to for the audience to not make a big deal out of it. Like for me, I would want an explanation why they haven't done it yet since Opening Night. Because it seems like their "next birthday" deal is not the reason. So, what is the reason?

    Plus it looks like the writers are using the first few episodes to prepare us for coitus. We've been shown more hugs and kisses.

    I remember Mayim said in one of her interviews that originally the writers wanted coitus to happen in 1004 but eventuallly they changed their minds. So it's either they want to save coitus for later episodes or they won't mention it at all...And I hope it's not the latter.

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  18. Do you guys think the next episode will be coitus 2.0? I assume Bernadette will be giving birth in 1011, thus the next episode will be the only chance the writers have before hiatus for coitus to happen.

    BTW, saw a pic of these two kissing pandas yesterday and laughed out loud because it reminded me of Shamy's good night kiss.


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  19. 6 hours ago, spidergirl said:

    I must confess something about ep 8 that maybe I am in minority here. It has been very funny to know the spoilers and see the promos etc but I am a bit afraid of how everything of this seductive Sheldon migth work on screen when we see the complete episode . Okay we know Sheldon gets randy with science stuff/talk, we know that the proximity between Amy and him as they live together  and they get know each other better as they get more intimate is puting him on the edge of sexual tension but the making a baby porpose,  hum. Even for science motives, which Sheldon said when he met Amy that would make it, now it is different because he wants to do it like he says like mums and dads do.

    Surely the whole thing may make sense, especially for Amy turned him down as it would be expexted for making a baby is not a reason for sudenly he wants to have coitus ,when he seemed okay with the coitus off the table for a while. After all they only had it once and they were handling with it at least confortably before they started to live together.

    Maybe I am thinking too much and the whole thing might seem simpler and more logical on screen. Sorry the rambling about this :)

    I feel you. The way Amy acts in the promo just leaves me the impression that she's a bit upset. It's like something that's serious and precious to her gets turned into a joke... But luckily, usually the promo tells us nothing! For example, if we didn't read 1005 TR, we might have thought Shamy broke up from the tone of the promo.

    I'm pretty sure 1008 will be HILARIOUS. I just hope it is also a build up for upcoming coitus 2.0, also coitus 2.0 can be as perfect as 1007.

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  20. Just saw the clip.

    It was funny and way better than I thought.

    But more importantly, did anyone notice Sheldon's face after Penny said "She enjoys living with you. It's called being in love." ?

    Before that Sheldon was so mad, but after hearing that his face softens and I swear I can see love from his eyes. It's like he forgave Amy instantly. Did anyone else notice that too?

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