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  1. 13 minutes ago, Carlos said:

    In my view he does it all for himself.

    I can't say that I see what you see. Sorry, just being sincere.

    To be honest I just realized I posted on the wrong thread. Should've posted on Shamy thread. But thanks anyway for your reply.

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  2. Just saw the clip.

    It was funny and way better than I thought.

    But more importantly, did anyone notice Sheldon's face after Penny said "She enjoys living with you. It's called being in love." ?

    Before that Sheldon was so mad, but after hearing that his face softens and I swear I can see love from his eyes. It's like he forgave Amy instantly. Did anyone else notice that or am I imagining things?

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  3. 10 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    The taping report doesn't suggest his dream has anything to do with that. Bernadette got pregnant in his bed would seem to be worse.

    First, Bernadette and Howard having sex in his bed does make him angry in 916.

    But more importantly, as far as Sheldon concerns, the Howardette thing was a one-time thing, and probably will never happen again in the future. However, Lenny will be living in 4A alone from now on. What they will do to his room is unknown. And that's what his fear comes from. This fear triggers Sheldon's nightmare.

    But you know what, I'm also in for the theory that Sheldon dreaming about Leonard doing sexy stuff is because he secretly loves Leonard. Just like how Leonard dreamed about Sheldon last season. These two are just too cute. I wouldn't mind at all if the show ends with Shelnard starting a family in 4A (NOT sarcasm). 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Yeah it's clearly a matter of when not if.

    Who knows, maybe the writers have several other ways Sheldon might try to woo her into sex that they might want to explore. If it generates enough comedy then we could be in waiting for a good few episodes yet until anything might happen.

    Still wouldn't mind seeing Amy actually trying to seduce Sheldon, but this time he gets any innuendos etc. Could be a slight homage to the years she spent trying to get him to be physical but he didn't pick up on it.

    Ignoring comedy for a second it might be better if she makes the moves, especially if for whatever reasons she has for not giving in to her urges yet. If she makes the moves then clearly she is ready.

    10.9 might be the episode it happens, let's wait and see.

    I hope it's not Amy who seduces Sheldon. Don't get me wrong, I do think it'll be sweet and hilarious. It's just people already blame Amy for not making sure if Sheldon was really ready in Opening Night. She is also called inconsiderate because in 1004 she spooned Sheldon. Can you imagine the amount of negative comments if she makes the move first? 

    For example, people may say, "Sheldon wants to have sex last week doesn't mean he still wants it this week. Why did you force Sheldon Amy? Why did you have to change Sheldon? Why are you all about sex? Is sex the only reason that keeps you in this relationship? Why aren't you there doing geeky/nerdy things? If you want sex, why didn't you just tell Sheldon so? You need to work on your communications girl! If you want sex so bad this week, why didn't you give in last week? Were you trying to torture Sheldon? Are you trying to irritate Sheldon so you can have angry make out session again? Stop playing tricks!". You know, things like this.

    For me, I want their second time to be spontaneous, and they do it because they are hot for each other, not because of an argument, a birthday gift, or reproduction etc. 



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  5. 1 minute ago, Chrismo said:

    If your referring to Leonard dreaming of Shenny kissing I think that was related. To Leonard kissing Mandy.  I'm not sure why Sheldon's would think of Leonard tied up, with Penny with a whip both in leather.

    You may want to read the TR on the TR thread. Sheldon has that dream because it is basically the worse case scenario he could think of about what would happen to his room after he moves out. It is a nightmare to him. Given he has watched Lenny doing on the couch, it's normal he would imagine them doing "worse" things in his room.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    Then why isn't he dreaming of her?

    Well he probably does dream of her, given how hard he tries to seduce her in the next episode. He even wants to have sex with her in the lab lol.

    Also, if dreaming someone means having desire for someone, we have big problems here. 'Cause Leonard once dreamed of Sheldon. Also Sheldon used to dream about Professor Proton. He even talked about sex with Sheldon in those dreams.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, nickelette424 said:

    I think everyone, at the end of the day, is responsible for the changes they make in life.  The progression that Sheldon has made over the years is because, no matter long it might have taken him, he choose to take the steps to improve upon what he believed he needed to improve on.  Amy and the rest could be the best people in the world, but if Sheldon doesn't allow their influences, it means nothing.  Also, Amy is more than just Sheldon's savior.  It should not be hers or anyone else's on the shows burden to make Sheldon better.  I think there are some who think of Amy as more than just Sheldon's girlfriend and think she has a worth as a character all her own.

    But what I think @serena_1995's main point is that it is rather insulting to characterize Sheldon has someone who was half a man, just because he didn't approach life and relationships the way others have.  Now, that doesn't mean he doesn't have deeper issues that may make him feel that way.  But sometimes it is presented on the show that the basics, the surface, of who Sheldon is needed for him to change so he can be a "real boy".  He was always a real boy, a real person with perfectly valid methods in the way he lived his life.  He shouldn't be better now because he has a girlfriend, is in love, and had sex.  He should be in a good place (and/or be better) because he found something that makes him happy that just so happens to be his girlfriend, who he is in love with and had sex with.

    I'm on board with an asexual Amy and an asexual Sheldon. But I'm strongly against an asexual Sheldon and a heterosexual Amy. Because I don't think in that case Amy will be satisfied with her life. In reality she may choose to leave. But since in the show's world she can't leave, she'll always be stuck in a relationship where she should be unsatisfied but she's not and nobody knows why.

    To sum up, 

    1) I do think the show suggests Sheldon is becoming a better person because of Amy and his friends. 

    2) Do I think people should feel offended because of 1)? No. Because the show never let other characters force Sheldon to change. The show never says Sheldon "needs" to change or that how he used to live is wrong or being asexual is wrong. It never said that. Sheldon did all those changes himself.

    3) I remember CL used to say we should not label Sheldon. Just because Sheldon appears to be asexual doesn't mean he's asexual for life. People change. He met Amy, he changed. It's that simple.

    Sheldon wanted to change for Amy. He realized he was living half a man before Amy. Does that mean the show is telling us how Sheldon used to live is wrong? No. It's just Sheldon believes that.

    4) I prefer the show as it is now rather than an asexual Sheldon. The reason, like I said before, is that I think the show would haven been cancelled years ago if it kept Sheldon the same. The writers need a show first. Then they can express their artistic visions or how unique their characters are or whatever in their minds.

    5) Judging by the ratings and how successful the show has been, the majority of the audience prefers the show as it is IMO.

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  8. 57 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

    This is a viewpoint I have never gotten TBH. Don't get me wrong, I love Shamy in s10, but I don't buy that Sheldon was ever  'stunted' just because he wasn't in a relationship. Sheldon could speak with women and unlike Howard, Sheldon was never a sleazeball. Unlike Howard and Raj , he never expressed a desire to find someone. What growth are you talking about ? Throwing brunches ? Having sex ? Those are new experiences, but I wouldn't call them 'growth'. Sure, he is more open to admitting his faults now , but other than that, there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the way he lived his life in the past IMO.  

    He was a brilliant, eccentric guy, who loved his job, indulged in his hobbies in his spare time and paid his rent.  He was puzzled by people but he was ultimately decent and innocent. He showed empathy -towards his mom, and his friends - he comforted Leonard after Leslie broke up with him , he lent money to Penny and took care of her when she broke her arm and he felt very guilty and apologized to Howard after he betrayed him to an FBI agent. Sheldon was always an emotional character with empathy. Despite seeming rigid, he came through for his friends many times.

     Sheldon just didn't want to date, hold hands , kiss or have intimacy - did that make him stunted ? Just because  he had a very different but very valid outlook to sex, romance and dating - he was somehow "half a man" ? I find that notion,  frankly, a bit offensive. It's a strange idea that without Amy, he couldn't have experienced "life and love". There are all kinds of people - asexual, aromantic or single people who lead rich fulfilled lives and experience emotional growth. Don't people who casually date have a life worth living ? Don't asexual people have a life worth living ? Don't single people ? Don't they learn and grow ? Sheldon could have been any of those- he could have grown though his family, his friends, his work or his failures in his career. But TBBT is just very insistent in having everyone 'paired up'.   

    It is also a disservice to the Amy character, every time someone goes "OMG look Amy is the key to Sheldon's happiness" or "OMG look Amy has changed/taught Sheldon so much " . Because it makes Amy seem like a Mary Sue character with no flaws or oddity of her own, she solely exists to 'change' Sheldon. Is Sheldon also the key to Amy's happiness ? Is he also Amy's exception ? Those questions more or less remain unanswered and it all seems half baked and one sided sometimes. 

     I have no problem with Sheldon being sexual, and I actually love the path Amy and Sheldon took, but I would have been equally happy had they continued to be weirdo best friends who have a torrid intellectual affair; had the writers not chosen to enact the change in Amy or Sheldon to desire conventional romance. Because I don't think they were ever 'stunted'. They were  funny and they were best friends. Not everyone wants date nights, engagement, marriage, babies and the joys of renovating a house. But TBBT writers continue to overlook this.

    I think whether to change Sheldon mostly has something to do what the audience/market would prefer.

    IMO the show would never have lasted this long if Sheldon is just, born "weird". After a few years, people would get tired of Sheldon acting the same, talking the same, making the same mistakes and annoying Lenny in similar ways day after day. People would want to see him stepping outside his comfort zone and show us another side of himself. IMO people want Sheldon to be "weird" for a reason. It makes him more human and loveable. Thus the writers introduced Shamy.

    Also, even before Amy, it was clear that the writers want some depth in the character's personality. In another word, they wanted him to be "broken", like Leonard said. For example, back in season 3, there was an episode where Sheldon hides in the comic book because Lenny's fighting reminds him of his parents.

    And if you accept the show's setting, that Sheldon is a little broken, that his "weirdness" has something to do with his childhood. Then he actually did become a happier and better person because of Amy. And not only because of Amy, also Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernie, Raj, even Stuart.

    In 910, Sheldon literally admits himself that Amy is like the dryer sheet of his heart, that "he was living like half a man" before Amy.  Another evidence is the 200th episode, where it's so obvious that the show is admitting itself it has turned into the "Sheldon Cooper and his friends&girlfriend who help him over the years to become a better person" show.

    You may disagree with the the route the show has taken, but people have plenty of reasons to believe Sheldon has become a better person because of Amy and his friends, as the show tells us so.

    And from a more realistic POV, I think it actually makes more sense that there's an explanation for Sheldon's personality.

    In the end I think it just comes down to the fact that you maybe not be with the majority here. Just like there're people who ship Shenny and they have plenty of reasons. They are just not with the majority. IMO the majority of the audience prefer the show as it is, maybe some slight changes would be better, but not major ones, or it would've lost viewers or got cancelled a long time ago as it has changed so much of Sheldon since season 4.

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Nogravitasatall said:


    But, to be fair, what do you do for the original cohort, that bought into the show as it was and lifted it up to where it is. Some of them have transferred their affections to the new content, so they are ok. But some aren't. This is were we get into problems of the tyranny of the majority. What do you do that is fair for those left behind. Leave them there? What the show has done is make token efforts for those early adopters. As one, that strikes me as unfair.

    In some senses it might like being an establishment Republican. Hehe.

    But to your original point, Id suggest it is fair for Sheldon to experience the comforts of human companionship. What is not fair is that this has been at the  expense of the original supporters and the original vision. 

    I don't know if I understand it right, but by "original cohort", are you referring to the audience who watched the show from the very beginning ?

    I don't think there's a theory saying that because the show gets famous by the support of the "original cohort" so it should always stick to the tastes of those who initially watched it. Besides, the show actually got higher ratings in latter seasons. Let's say all the initial viewers of the first few seasons stopped watching by season 4. Then the show's later success has nothing to do with its original cohort. Because they were no longer watching.

    At the end of day, this is a TV show. And that makes almost everything it does fair automatically. A person can simply change channels if he/she isn't satisfied with the route the show is taking. And if enough people do that, the show will eventually runs out of viewers and gets cancelled.

    Doing something the market likes probably isn't fair to some of the creators of the show who care more about artistic visions than money, but again they're free to leave too. The fact that they didn't leave means they compromised. It's fair because everybody here is free to choose. 

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  10. I'm honestly confused here. What sudden changes of Sheldon are we talking about here??? Living with Amy? First of all it was an experiment. And it actually took some persuasion of Lenny and Amy to get Sheldon on board. Now he's just satisfied with the result and he's open to living with Amy. Isn't that always how things are between Shamy? Sheldon fighting against intimacy but once he tries it, he actually enjoys it. 

    And if we're talking about Sheldon's behavior in episode 8, first we haven't watched the episode yet. But more importantly I think Sheldon seducing Amy has more to do with his OCD that once he starts something, he won't stop until he gets what he wants than the fact he's so horny that he has to have sex right there in the lab. Besides, the writers have been giving hints about Sheldon's desire over the years, every kiss, every sex reference.

    If you ask me, I think what went wrong is the latter part of last season, not this season. The lack of follow up after Shamy's first time really raised some doubts about Sheldon's sexuality, which kind of ruined years of previous work on how Sheldon is slowly changing sexually. Luckily, with this season the writers are back on the right track. 

    Shamy being an asexual couple was no longer an option the minute they wrote that scene where Amy was sexually aroused by Zack, and that was at the very beginning of Shamy's relationship. Amy with sexual desire and Sheldo being asexual is just too cruel IMO. I sincerely hope the writers wouldn't do that to one of their most beloved couples on the show, especially given that they've already kind of ruined the other most beloved couple on the show. 

    But of course I'm biased. Just like every other human being. Not being a shipper does not make one unbiased IMO.

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  11. 2 hours ago, serena_1995 said:


    Sorry, but no . I used to relate the most to Penny and she is my favorite of the girls , but I just didn't like it in 10.06.  I thought the convention would  end up being about Penny. Obviously she wasn't proud of this movie, but still, I didn't like that it all just ended up being an ego boost for Leonard. 

    Penny never succeeded community college, she dislikes her new job, she got cheated on, she didn't even have her own set of friends(the ones who watched football with her ? what happened to them ? )-Amy and Bernadette came much later.  Leonard still has all his friends and he has a career he loves. Why can't Penny have the same things ? How can you say Leonard got nothing ? I think Penny has lost/given up a lot more than him. 

    I wouldn't say Penny has "given up" a lot. Did marrying Leonard cause her career to fail? Did Leonard get in her way of being an actress? Did Leonard make her do a job she doesn't like? No. She chose her life all by herself. 

    She failed at acting because she's just not good enough or not lucky enough. She still hasn't find a career she's interested in. Those are not Leonard's faults, nor other people's. 

    But other than that I agree. The writers need to portray Penny more than just a blonde who has no passion and no goals in life and does nothing other than being Sheldon's baby sitter. I like the Penny from the first three seasons. She was ambitious and optimistic back then. She was the girl who sings Out Tonight walking stairs, the girl who can barely memorize the menu from the cheese cake factory but can do a Blanche beautifully because acting is her passion. I thought she was gonna be another Rachel Green back then.

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  12. A good episode overall. Love Bert, Raj and Bernie. Howard is a little too much for my taste.

    Leonard wearing that change maker and getting all excited is so cute. I want to give him a hug. Lenny' storyline gets a little ugly at first, especially that "wear me down" line...It was hurtful and unnecessary. Just stop it already writers! But then the storyline was saved by Penny's "I think it's sexy". That's the Penny I love! 

    Shamy behave like an old couple throughout the episode. Aside from the sneak peek part, I also like the part where Sheldon gets confused by Stuart's face expressions and he just naturally looks at Amy for help. 

    The only thing I don't like, and maybe I'm the minority here, is Sheldon's apology and toast. It is sweet for him to do so, but it just feels so fake and intentional. It seems to me they do that scene for the sake of creating a moving moment so that people can "awww", just like a lot of the S&P scenes these days. They're supposed to be moving, but they really aren't. The writers are trying too hard IMO. I almost got second-hand embarrassment watching that scene. Compared with it, the tag scene is so much better.

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  13. Don't know if this has already been posted or where the source is, but my friend sent me this pic. It's from Apple's convention this morning. They used a pic of Shamy in their promotion of Apple TV app :)



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  14. @shamydawson Thanks for clearing things up.

    OK maybe I have a problem but I find the episode super cute. Like Penny says, Amy only lies about her apartment because she loves Sheldon and enjoys living with Sheldon so much. Also she was so sure that Sheldon would just stops living with her once the experiment ends (that's why she's shocked when Sheldon says he's open to living with her) Aw poor girl. On the other side, Sheldon once again proves that he loves Amy and is ready to live with her. That's very sweet. 

    And another sorta "I love you"s from both of them? Another hug? Sheldon shares Netflix password with Amy? Lol so cute. The only thing lacking for me is a proper apology from Amy to Sheldon. But I don't think they're anywhere near breaking up.

    Although I do have some concerns. The writers use "Sheldon is open to living with Amy" not "Sheldon decides to live with Amy". Does it mean there'll still be changes in the future? I hope not.



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  15. 2 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    Personally, I would have preferred it was Sheldon and, as you said, I would have found that very sweet, because it would have meant he really wanted to live with her. It would have made more sense story wise, too, since at the beginning it was Amy who had some doubts, very rightfully so, it was her very first experience in cohabiting and she started with Sheldon Cooper; it had made sense for Sheldon questioning whether she would have jumped on her first opportunity to return home. Amy lying to him, instead, seems to mean (I've not watched the episode yet, of course, so I can't say for sure) that she doesn't trust him enough (and, given his past and the fact that the ring is still in that safe I can understand that); that's why, I guess, he was very angry at her and apparently they fought very hard. So, overall, Sheldon's lie might have had a "nicer" explanation than Amy's lie. 

    Personally I would prefer is was Sheldon too, for different reasons like I said previously.

    People say they don't like the storyline because it would bring questions to Shamy's relationship, that it may seems like Amy doesn't trust Sheldon enough.

    I guess I'm Ok with the storyline because IMO there really are problems with their relationship. And I do too, not trust Sheldon 100%, at this point. I don't trust Amy 100% either. 

    I think neither Sheldon and Amy is mature and ready enough as some of us may believe they are. Just three episodes before 1007, Amy wants to quit the experiment because of one sleepless night. Two episodes before ago, Sheldon actually tried to look for other women because of a toothbruth holder.

    I believe Shamy are in a good place now. And I don't think there'll be another breakup. But they still have all sorts of problems waiting for them. But that does not diminish their love for each other. 

    I guess I'm just more caucious when it comes to Shamy making progresses given their past "one-step-forward-three-steps-back" history. Sheldon trying to make the cohabitation experiment work? That's very nice of him. But does it mean Amy should trust him 100% because of this? No.

    I think their relationship is far from reaching the status where both of them trust each other 100%. Sheldon haven't proposed yet. So should Amy get upset because it may feel like Sheldon doesn't trust her enough because he's still not over their breakup? I don't think so. Because Amy should know the break up indeed broke Sheldon's heart.

    In a word, for me, what Amy does (aka lying) is 100% wrong. But is it understandable? Yes. She has every reason to feel insecure. Similarly, is Sheldon entitled of feeling hurt? Yes. Because what Amy does really does seem like she doesn't trust him.

    But Sheldon and some fans of his may also need to know that trust needs time to build. It doesn't form in one day. Given his past behavior, it's only normal that Amy doesn't trust him now.

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  16. 40 minutes ago, jamie_polly17 said:


    For me, I hope that the episode clears up the question of why she felt she needed to lie to Sheldon. Especially after all that they have been through together- why does she still not trust (not sure that this is the word that I'm looking for) him enough to be completely honest with him.

    Maybe because Sheldon was not for the cohabitation experiment at the beginning. It took Lenny and Amy quite some persuasion to get him on board. How much they've been through is simply not relavent on this matter. 

     Sheldon is not the "I love you so I'm all in now." type of guy. Every little progress in their relationship is a big deal to Sheldon. Sheldon loves Amy, but that doesn't mean he's ready to move in with her/marry her etc. Besides, when it comes to living together, Sheldon has turned down Amy twice, and the second time he took a train and got away. It would surprise me if Amy doesn't have any doubts.

    We shippers can interprete Sheldon wanting the experiment to last in 1004 as his determination. But if you think from Amy's POV. All those things only shows Sheldon respecting the scientific method. 

    Wait. If the experiment is not over yet, why does Amy have to lie? Wasn't the experiment supposed to be 5 weeks, regardless of whether Amy's apartment is ready or not?

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  17. 16 minutes ago, April said:

    I think from Sheldon's point of view this whole "spreading my seeds"/"let's make a baby!" stuff feels like one last desperate attempt of his brain to rationalise his urges before he'll inevitably give in and we'll get the second "big bang". The sexual tension is steadily rising, we've seen him getting more and more worked up about Amy's "sexy talk" all the while he's flirting shamelessly with her. Good lord, the next episode might just be it!

    As for Amy's reaction, turning him down, I think it fits cause at least from her point of view it's Sheldon having this crazy idea of suddenly making a baby (it was clarified that that's why she's turning him down, not because she forgot that condoms exist!) and neither is she ready for that step nor is she so desperate for sex that she'll take whatever she can get. When they have coitus again it will be because they love and want each other and not for this silly idea that sex is only for procreation.

    So agree.

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  18. Aren't people always complaining why Sheldon has to be the one who's at fault? Well, there you go, wishes come true. This time it's Amy who does something stupid. She apologizes and Sheldon forgives her. 

    I never consider Amy lying about her apartment a big deal anyway. It's harmless and it actually shows how much Amy enjoys staying with Sheldon. Would people still be mad if the position reversed that Sheldon's one who's been lying? Don't think so. Besides, Sheldon doesn't seem to be bothered by it, so why should I be.

    Now regarding to 1007 and 1008. All I want to say besides OMG is, coitus 2.0 is definitely coming!!! The writers are doing everything they can to tease us.

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  19. 1 hour ago, gsxdoug said:

    Nobody can be that attractive and this good at a video game.

    Sheldon in The Dumpling Paradox, S1E7

    Aside from the fact that was season one and the writers were still testing waters with the characters' personalities, for example, Sheldon didn't knock three times at first. Sheldon used to curse in early seasons but  by the time of season 8, he couldn't even say "pain in the ass", etc; what you're saying here actually doesn't contradict to what I said. Sheldon knows Penny is attractive because he has common sense, he just can't be attracted to her physically, whether he sees her as a sister/nanny or not.

    My guess is at first Sheldon and Leonard are kind of like Moss and Roy from the IT Crowd, where Sheldon is more socially awkward and nerdy than Leonard, but not as much as he is now. Over the years the writers adjust his personalities to the more extreme version, where it almost feels like he's asexual. Even after Shamy have coitus, the writers still go out of their ways to make sure Sheldon still doesn't have much interest in sex or in women. So to me, to somehow suggest Sheldon secretly had a crush on Penny physically but never acted out only because Penny was dating Leonard is absurd, because that is inconsistent with one of the things the show takes the most pride on, and that is Sheldon's "different".

    I'm sensing other members are getting board here, so let's just agree to disagree.

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  20. 3 hours ago, gsxdoug said:

    Season 3. And wasn't she was dating Leonard at the time? And he did peek.

    My apoligies.

    But what does Penny dating Leonard have anything to do with Sheldon? In season 9 when Sheldon tries to find another girlfriend, he considers Emily (he rules her out later only because of her hair and skin) and he knows Emily was dating Raj back then. Leonard even tells him "Maybe you should consider women who aren’t in serious relationships with your closest friends?"

    As for the peek part... Ahhhh the memories. I haven't seen that for a while. I don't think that was proof of anything made intentionally by the writers. Especially not a proof to suggest Sheldon has desire for hot bodies because again, for all these years, I think one of the few consistent things about the show is Sheldon is not interested in hot girls like the other guys.

    My point is Sheldon knows that Penny, in most people's eyes, are attractive, just like he knows the same about Mandy and Bernie. He knows what a hot girl is like. In this episode he may “thinks" he didn't consider Penny because he sees her as a nanny. But the truth is he doesn't find other girls who he doesn't consider as nannies hot either. IMO Sheldon is incapable of being aroused simple by someone's body.

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  21. 26 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

    Why do you think it is unlikely he will show desire for Amy ? Am I missing something ???? Didn't Sheldon and Amy get mutually turned on in the previous episode while arguing ? I thought it was clear that he has desire for Amy.

    After this episode, I can't say for sure whether it was Amy or science or Amy talking about science in 1004 that turned Sheldon on.

    I think Sheldon can't get sexually aroused simply by body, whether it's Amy's or others', that's for sure. And if he has sexual desire for Amy, really it could go different ways. It can be that he gets turned on by Amy because he loves her, or maybe he can only turned on by Amy when she talks about science, I'm gonna wait for more proof.

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  22. 18 minutes ago, gsxdoug said:

    I have to disagree that Sheldon doesn't find Penny attractive. It's just that he doesn't consider her as a potential girlfriend in the same way he wouldn't consider someone like a nanny. I'm sure he knows that, for example, his sister is attractive, but since he thinks about Penny in kind of the same way, he would never think of acting on this even if they were both unattached.

    I disagree. I think the one thing that's consistent about Sheldon all these years is that he doesn't find those things that normal men would find a woman about attractive attractive. He knows what attractive means in other people's eyes. But he can't get turned on by a hot body.

    So that's like Sheldon knows Penny, or Alex/Mandy/Bernie are hot, as they possess body features normal men would find hot, but he can't be sexually aroused by them. A girls' body does nothing to him. If anything, I think we've told several times that he can be sexually aroused by science.

    For example, back in season 2, Sheldon helped Penny get into her clothes in the adhesive duck episode. By your theory, he should've feel attracted by her since he considers her hot and he clearly wasn't considering her as a nanny or a sister back then. But he never showed anything suggesting he's attracted to her, ever.

    Another example would be his comments about other girls in this episode. If he really can be sexually aroused by hot girls, he should've noticed things that normal man would notice when checking out girls, you know, something "sexy". But all he notices are things like the flavor of ice cream they have, or how a girl's one arm is stronger than the other.

  23. 5 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

    Not everybody sees it the way you do.  And Penny doesn't know everything.  

    Oh, forget it.  I'm not even going to waste my time and the only reason I'm keeping this here is because of how this stupid quote function works.  Once you hit that button, you can't seem to delete it.  And then when you go to quote something else later, the one you thought you deleted pops up.  

    So here it is.  Agree to disagree.

    How about during the next long hiatus, we all get together, hunt down the bastard that designed the quote function and kick his ass.  That'll give us something to do.

    Not sure whether you wanted to quote me or not...But of course not everyone sees things the way I do. That's the reason why we have this forum. Was anywhere of my post suggesting the opposite? My apologies if if was. 

    As for Penny, IMO judging from Sheldon's reactions, she's probably right.

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  24. 14 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

    But don't shamy shippers want Sheldon to be normal just like the other guys ? 

    I don't think any of the Shamy shippers want Sheldon to be normal like other guys. In fact, the reason why a lot of them are Shamy shippers is because Sheldon is not like a normal guy. Most Shamy shippers want Sheldon to have sexual desire for Amy though, which I think is very unlikely at this point after watching this episode.

    Besides, what people want does not equal to what the writers will write. I'm sure there're still some people out there who want a romantic Shenny. But we all know they are not getting what they want because according to the writers there never was and never will be one.

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