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  1. Sheldon's nanny line is most certainly not him actually thinking Penny's hot. My understanding is that, because Sheldon knows what the common standard of a hot woman is, and I'm sure thoroughout the years he knows most people consider Penny as attractive. And beause he thinks highly about himself, he would think that his opinion about whether a girl is hot is important, that Penny would start to question herself on her attractiveness since he previously didn't consider her as a potentil girlfriend.

    That's why he says "That must have been hurt watching me looking for other women without even considering you". So IMO basically he's saying, "don't worry, I'm sure you're still attractive in other people's eyes."

    I think what the writers are trying to tell us in this episode is how different it is "hot" means for other guys and for Sheldon. Sheldon still is as innocent as he used to be (not sure I like this, but oh well).

  2. Shamy's part in this episode turns out to be much better than I had thought. Not very funny, but a lot less nasty.

    I don't mind Shamy's childish, hurtful comments throughout the episode, as clearly they're both angry and don't mean any of them. I'm not bothered by S/P in this episode either because, well, there really isn't anything weird from what I can tell. Also, Amy and Leonard are funnier in this episode than S/P IMO.

    One thing though, after actually watching the "hubba hubba" line, I don't think the writers were trying to tell us Sheldon now has sexually awoken like we had guessed. On the contrary, I think it was the writers confirming that Sheldon doesn't have much interest in sex, with Amy or with others.

    S: Anyway, I suppose the ice cream bar would be a good place to meet other women
    P: Oh, please, you're barely interested in getting physical with one person. Why would you confuse and disappoint others?
    S: Being with Amy has awoken the sex creature within me...

    It seems to me Penny is speaking the truth here, that Sheldon is barely interested in getting physical with Amy. And because the truth touches Sheldon's sore spot, Sheldon goes all exaggerating and pretends that he's now sexually awaken, which he's not.

    In conclusion, I don't think the writers will try to change the asexual Sheldon (I know, old topic, boring boring), which is a good thing, I think, on some level, because compared with a Sheldon who gets aroused by every hot girl, this is more acceptable for me. But this also makes me much less excited about their second time, unless the writers is planning to use the next few episodes to develop Sheldon's sexual desire.

    Shamy hug in the end is cute.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, April said:

    And I think that she really doesn't. The girl has a few moments of very understandable frustration and using that against her feels rather unfair towards the character as if she's not allowed to feel that way and how dare she not be grateful for every scrap of attention she gets from Sheldon!? I really don't think she sees herself as a martyr or saint or whatever just because she's frustrated that Sheldon is making their progress needlessly difficult by putting up a silly fight about every little thing.* It is exhausting which led to their breakup in the first place.

    *Emphasis on "little" here cause contrary to popular fandom wisdom she really doesn't make many demands beyond just wanting to have a good time with Sheldon so his resistance on that level is a bit ridiculous. On the big issues she is very much respecting his slow progress and gives him the time and space he needs.** I mean, the most aggressive bigger move she made was probably the attempt to move in during S6 and even then she respected Sheldon's boundaries with regards to his intimacy issues in that she didn't demand to share his room with him but rather that she'd move into Leonard's room - a scenario that apparently she still thought would happen in 10x04, hence her surprise when Sheldon agreed to stay with her in Penny's one-bedroom apartment instead.

    ** And even with that she isn't flaunting this as something that deserves a medal. It's usually other characters who do that by insisting that their relationship is somehow wrong for its slow progress on the physical aspects and they're treating Amy like this suffering girlfriend they have to pity because Sheldon is just "the worst". So in result she gets complimented on how she's managing Sheldon and being to patient with him. Like, take Alfred complimenting her on her patience for waiting so long to even hold hands with Sheldon while she's all "It was a lot hotter than it sounds." I honestly don't think she minds their slow progress that much as long as Sheldon isn't an ass about it - which he frequently was in the past. Thankfully a lot less now after the breakup and his change of heart. There are remnants of it surfacing every once in a while that elicit a "dude, can you not?!?" reaction from her but I guess that'll mellow out over time as well. The next episode in particular seems to be a bit of a breakthrough on that front.



  4. Talking about if Sheldon "owes" Amy intimacy, of course Sheldon doesn't oweAmy anything. Just like when they broke up in 901, Amy didn't owe Sheldon an explanation. Or when Sheldon was sick in 913, Amy was not obligated to take care of him. 

    But are we talking about two people in love or two acquaintances? Yes, nobody owns anybody anything. There's no law that requires such things. But in order for the writers to show us they're in love, these things are nessceary. Amy didn't own Sheldon an explanation, but we would prefer there was one. Because without it it looks like she doesn't really love him. Acting indifferent knowing Sheldon was heartbroken really brings questions to their love.

    Sheldon doesn't owe Amy cuddling. But was the pillow wall suggestion after it necessary? Wouldn't it make people have questions about their love?

    If we want to talk about the writers' crappy writing, why not start with Sheldon's intimacy issues? Amy being a saint is old? Well I think to have Sheldon act like he still hates intimacy or even scared by it is old too. Haven't Shamy already had sex? Moreover Sheldon enjoyed it? Then what is it with Sheldon's "thank goodness" sorta reaction when Amy says coitus is off the table in this episode? How would you feel if you were Amy, seeing your boyfriend showing such relief because he gets the "permission" of not having to have sex with you? Or if he makes sarcastic comments almost every time you suggest something intimate? Or in the next episode, what would Amy feel if she knows Sheldon now goes "hubba hubba" seeing hot girls and even starts commenting on random girls but when it comes to Amy, he feels bothered just because she stares at him? 

    Sheldon doesn't owe Amy anything. But you know what, they are lovers, not mortal enemies. And I'd love to see the love part more.

    Sheldon is entitled to withhold sex or to hate intimacies as much as he wants, but the last time I check, the writers still want to write Shamy a happy ending and they've already decided to abandon the "asexual Sheldon", right? Well then this “Sheldon still having trouble with intimacy thing” is not helping.

    I wasn't having issues with this episode. I have big issues with the next one, but I decided to enjoy the fun while I can. There were some cringe-worthy moments in this episode, but as a whole it was an A+ to me. I like that our powerful science couple are finally back. And I love it that in the tag scene we were given a small trace of evidence that Sheldon can be sexually aroused by Amy. It was not until I came to ththe forum and read all the comments that I found out Amy was such a bitch! OMG! Amy said she made accommodations for Sheldon? Shameless! She used the flash light to scare Sheldon? Bitch! She requested cuddling and when turned down, she got upset? Double bitch! She slept on the floor while she could've just slept on the couch? What a drama queen! She wanted to quit the experiment? How dare she!

    I know people weren't complaining about Amy, but more about the writer's way of dealing with the couple. However,what's interesting to me is when it comes Sheldon, suddenly all the writing seems to be good writing, or at least bad writing with a good intention/proper reason. Usually the reason is "Oh but that's just a throwaway line. How I wish Amy could get the same treatment. To me that's double standard. 

    Although I'm well aware people are free to be as double standard as they want, it just feels like I was invited to a game called "let's have a rational, unbiased discussion about Sheldon and  Amy", but just as I was about to join the game, I found out there's an additional provision saying "oh by the by we love Sheldon and he can do no wrong."


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  5. I don't think Sheldon is the one who's more to anything. If anyone, I'd say Lenny are the ones who are more to change and move on. Because if it weren't for them, who knows how long till Shamy move in together.

    To me, all Sheldon does in the episode is agreeing to something that he should've agreed to at least one year ago, when he almost proposed. Besides it takes Amy and Lenny quite some persuading to get him on board. And seriously, "killing the romance"? Why wasn't he worrying about that back when he wanted to propose? Because marrying someone sure kills the romance the most as that includes living with the person and much more.

    Sheldon isn't the one who comes up with the idea of cohabitation experiment. I see no sign of him asking Amy to marry him or to move in with him or even to have coitus again so far. If he really is ready to move on, he should think of the experiment or something like that on his own. 

    It baffles me how much credit Sheldon can get just by having a good night sleep.


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  6. 16 hours ago, wowbagger said:

    What, precisely, are the accommodations that she has made in this experiment?

    Amy: Well, I imagine one of your concerns might be coital expectations.
    Sheldon: Wow, no foreplay or anything, just right to it.
    Amy: Look, I know this experiment is a big step outside of your comfort zone. So why don't we take being physical off the table and maybe later on, once we're more settled in, we can revisit it.
    Sheldon: You're really okay with that?

    Amy: I've never lived with someone, either. This is a lot for me, too.
    Sheldon: (sighs) This is such a relief.

    Judging by the lines, Amy suggests taking coitus off the table mainly for Sheldon's concerns. Her own concern is the secondary reason, maybe something she says to make Sheldon feel better. And judging by how released Sheldon acts after Amy suggests it, I'd say it is a big accommodation, or at least I'd give her the credit of being thoughtful.

    As for the self pity thing. Well, Sheldon still needs his roommate to trick him into a cohabitation experiment one year after he almost proposed to Amy. And he shows such relief when Amy says they don't have to have sex. If I were Amy, I'd feel insecure and self pity too. But I agree Amy shouldn't be, what she should probably bury herself into is liking weird nerdy stuff like she used to, sharing Sheldon's interests like a good girlfriend would do, not overreacting after one night of terrible sleep, explaining to Sheldon why she's on the floor in the middle of the night and then go sleep on the couch, praising Sheldon for how neat his storage room is, not buying Sheldon a laptop without his permission, not making Sheldon to go shopping with her, and making sure if Sheldon is really Ok with coitus on their first night a year ago. 

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  7. Personally I don't want the next episode to be coitus 2.0. First, I'd like the sexual tension between them build a little longer befor coitus finally happens. Second, I really need their second time to be a more spontaneous one rather than a planned one like their first time. So if it happens outside the apartment, it'll be great.

    Third, if this is not coitus and since we're sure coitus is coming soon. This means we'll get coitus plus one additional bed scene haha. 

    More importantly, Regarding how much attention the show gets for Shamy's first time, I suppose they'll make their second time a big deal too and promote the hell out of it. So my guess is, just like engagement, we'll get teased with coitus 2.0 several times before it actually happens. This is probably the reason why Jim is allowed to post this pic. Because the writers want us to believe this is coitus 2.0. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, djsurrey said:

    In Cheers that was consistent. To me it seemed like Sheldon had appropriated someone else's personality. Leonard got turned on when Penny put on glasses and said molecule. That I could see. When Sheldon wanted to make out I got a little whiplash.

    If we are talking about the Sheldon in season one, I don't see it either that he wants to make out. But this is season ten, where we've already seen Sheldon initiated a kiss and enjoyed it so much that he sort of lost in it in season 7, Sheldon leaned forward to continue with an interrupted make out session in season 8, passionately kissed Amy in front of another person in season 9, had coitus with Amy and apparently rocked her world in season 9. I don't think the tag scene is OOC at all. That's just character development. People change.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, serena_1995 said:

    Sorry, but no. If there is a theme, i hope the only theme is to bring in acquiantances and fellow scientists as test cases for their brunch experiment.

    Jealousy/possessiveness  is no longer needed, nor is it funny or romantic to me. It is juvenile. It was fine when Sheldon couldn't show his feelings in s5, but now that he has pretty much declared he is a 'better man' to her , had sex with her, named an asteroid after Amy, defended her to his grandmother, moved in with her, contemplated marriage with her (which Amy and the viewers are also aware of) and gave up his bathroom schedule for her , do we really need another iteration of 'she's mine?' Didn't that already happen in season 10 premiere anyway ??

    And BTW, i wish the show would mix it up and also have 1 or 2 women scientists from Caltech as guests. For a variety of characterizations and perspectives  , if not anything else. Alex and Leslie were great characters who did not fall into any stereotypes. Kripke, on the other hand, is kind of a one -note perv, whom i don't enjoy.

    While I do agree we've passed the phase of jelly Shelly, I'm afraid the writers will continue throwing jealous Sheldon at us. Because it seems to them that's one of the few things the audience like, or the few things they're good at writing. Just like to me, the notion of how SLP are a family and how SP have a "special" relationship are old and boring by now (and that already happened in 1001, but happen again in 1004), we are still constantly being reminded of them. So it looks like some things will never change about the show and jelly Shelly is probably one of them.

    In conclusion, I agree with you but sadly, I don't think the writers will give you what you hope for. But that's just my guess of course.

    As for more female scientists thing. I agree the show can be more focused on female scientists, but I think they should start with Amy because we haven't seen her working in like, forever. 

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  10. 24 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    Thanks for your insight on the matter.  I got to thinking of another scenario where while the experiment is toward the end, Amy has to go to one of her conferences leaving him alone for awhile.  He tries to go back to status quo while she is away, drives Lenny crazy in the meantime because he can't sleep, or focus without her. Amy in the meantime also misses him,  and instead of going home to her own place after the conference,  she comes home to Sheldon or he goes to her place to be with her.

    I know this can play out in many ways, but the thought of throwing Amy and Sheldon together for (5) weeks to get used to cohabitation and then having them revert back to living separately again just feels like a regurgitation of the breakup but in another format.

    After (6) years, how much more time do they really need to extrapolate data? Either they want to be together or they don't.  I just don't see the advantage of separating in order to figure out this is what they both want.

    This ability to escape by going back to status quo hanging over their heads negates the whole purpose of the experiment.  Yes, it starts out as temporary,  but shouldn't the goal be to make it work so they don't have to go back to what was? 

    My impression is the (5) week time frame is more for the purpose of making sure they stick it out and give themselves time to get used to living together more than a means to get to the end and then proclaim it is over. 

    So, say the experiment is a success, which we all hope will be.   What do they do, agree on the data collected, hug, and then part ways?    Trial cohabitation followed by trial separation?   Then back to cohabitation.

    Oh, my head is spinning just thinking about it.

    They already know what it is like to be apart.  I get that some want them to experience some discomfort and loneliness to appreciate the comfort and companionship they shared cohabitating.   I'm just not there. I'd prefer they just decide that they don't want to go back to what they knew before living together.  

    The carrot on the stick trick will they or won't they is getting old, and I just want them both to grab on and not let go already. 

    I prefer comedy where they are working together,  fighting together,  and playing together.   Living separately and dating again, not so much. 

    If I understand right, what we mean by "separating Shamy temporarily" is not like Shamy decide to have some alone time when the experiment ends because they need time to think about their next step.

    We were saying after five weeks, maybe Amy moves back simply because her apartment is ready and the experiment ends. They are both scientists. It'll come as natural to them to stick to the length of the experiment. That's quite IC of them. They move back not because they want to, but because they haven't realized they have the choice of not moving back. It may sound silly but hey, these two people once needed Dave to remind them to kiss lol. After they go back to status quo, they'll soon find out how much they miss each other and it was silly of them to stick to some experiment when they could just, you know, live happily together.

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  11.  I'll just keep my expections low and take this as a similar situation as in 912. Maybe Leonard or Penny gives him the advise of surprising Amy and he takes it. Or maybe after he turns Amy down, Leonard or Penny talks some sense out of him. Because it's a little hard for me to believe he plans this all on his own lol. But still, it's a very sweet thing for him to do. 

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  12. 9 hours ago, djsurrey said:

    Except it is Sheldon. Since when does Sheldon get turned on by having his experimental method dissed. Leslie Winkle should have had him a twitter.


    First of all that was in season one. Back then Sheldon hadn't even developed his three knock ritual yet and he once sold his sperms for money. But more importantly, I think the point of the tag scene is Sheldon gets turned on by having his work dissed by Amy. He has heated scientific arguments with people all the time since he's a scientist. But I'm sure he doesn't get turned on when the arguments are with others, say, Kripke or Leonard, as that'll be totally awkward lol.

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  13. 10 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    But I find it very difficult to call it "manipulation", it's so them and it's so beautiful that I have very hard time thinking that somebody (shipping Shamy or simply liking the show) can ascribe it any "negative" feeling. For me it was everything very natural

    I know, right? I take that tag scene as a "classic" Shamy moment. It's so something that only them would do. I don't see any manipulation or conspiracy. 

    Besides, let's say Amy does plan it. How does she know for sure the argument would lead to a make out session? It could easily go out of control and leads to a huge fight. They even "broke up" because of similar reasons in 403.

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  14. I think sometimes people tend to forget Amy is just inexperienced and immature as Sheldon when it comes to relationships. This is the first time that Amy ever lives with someone. Yes she has always wanted to move in with Sheldon and to get engaged. But reality is different from fantasy. We all know how easy it is for Amy to get cold feet. Remember their first time? Amy had been fancying it for years, but when it came to it, she was so nervous she couldn't stop shaking.

    And while we're on the subject of engagement, may I say I find it more confusing that it takes Amy and Lenny so much persuading to get Sheldon on board with the experiment while he was ready to propose as early as season 8? I mean I would suppose he knows married people live together.

    Besides, isn't this "two people who never want a romantic relationship fall in love and although they both make a lot or mistakes along the way they always try to make it work because they love each other so much" thing what makes Shamy fasinating? Aren't people always claiming we can't expect Sheldon to be Prince Charming? Well then, why do people expect Amy to be the perfect girlfriend?

    When Amy says she wants to end the experiment, that's after a whole night of lying on the floor and nonsleep. She's nowhere near rational. Her reactions are pretty normal and understandable IMO. 

    More importantly, I really don't think Amy lures Sheldon into the experiment, designs herself falling out of bed, fakes her anger and goes through all the trouble to have a "science argument" with Sheldon just so she could get a 60-second make out session. If that she must have been planing it for years lol!

    And seriously, if that's what it takes for Amy to get a make out session from Sheldon six years into their relationship, I suggest the poor girl go find another guy because lord that's a lot of work for a girl to get some lmao.

    To me, Amy gets angry in the tag scene simplybecause Sheldon questions her integrity as a scientist. (and the writers literally told us that with lines!) So she enters her fight mode. As for the fact that the argument bizarrely turns both of them on, it's a happy coincidence. Nobody plans anything. It's another nice example of how odd and unique (in a good way of course) Shamy are. No conspiracies.

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  15. One little detail about the episode. After Amy suggests considering cohabitation as an experiment, Sheldon says "Don't try to lure me in with sexy talk." That's interesting because if I understand the lines right, Amy never says she was talking sexy. So why does he bring up "sexy talk" all of a sudden?" He wouldn't call it "sexy talk" if he doesn't find it "sexy". Am I overthinking this?

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  16. 23 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Well...after that there should be the line about "spreading his seed", so actually I don't think it's something he didn't mean. And a part of the episode deals with why he said that, so it clearly has a central part in the storyline. I don't think, anyway, for him "seeing other people" means what it generally means for other men; he clearly explains the reasons underlying his idea, and they have nothing to do with not desiring Amy or cheating on her. He was trying, in a very distorted way, to protect her. Thankfully, Penny put some sense into his head...

    Well actually he says that "I think we should see other people" line after Amy says "there's nothing wrong with putting our toothbrushes in the same holder." and Penny asks "Sheldon, what do you say to that?" So I really don't think it has any deep meanings...To me it almost feels like a throwaway joke. Let me put it this way, you remember in the episode where Amy helps Sheldon with his OCD and he says "I wish you were dead."? Well to me the line in 1005 is extremely like this one.

    My point is from the promo I don't think his childhood nightmare is the reason he said that line like we had thought. He has an argument with Amy because they fought over the bathroom schedule, plain and simple. And we all know when Sheldon gets angry he tends to be a jerk. It's not as complicated as deep down Sheldon wants to push Amy away 'cause he's afraid he might turns out like his father blah blah blah. At least he doesn't say that dating other people line because of that. Like I said, not as dramatic as I had thought. Anyway, let's wait for the episode to judge haha.

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  17. 1 hour ago, mirs1 said:

     As for the fight, I liked it so much. I don't think at all it was OOC for them to fight about "science". I mean, Amy's words are the exact ones experimental scientists (as Amy is) use to tease theoretical scientists, and that was something they were fighting about since Zazzy...Of course, in Zazzy there was no "sexual tension" as in this one, because they were not just there yet in S. 4, but I found  Caltech power couple at their best in that part of the episode. And I loved that Amy called 4B "our place". A make up make out, that is the solution to everything, LOL! Oh...and I finally fully understood why we were using the #forscience hashtag, that was clear to me Shamy used it first...

    Just one more thing about the episode...It gave me the clear impression the experiment is really temporary. I have to admit that, even if I've tried to keep my expectations low, all the talk about the experiment and all the steps Sheldon is making for its success (in this episode, and especially in 10.5) let me believe it could last more than the said 5 weeks. After watching the episode, I returned to my previous idea it will end at some point. It's still huge for Shamy to have tried the experience and hopefully to learn out of it something they will use in a next (and long lasting) cohabitation.

    The tag scene reminds me so much of 403. It's such a wonderful demostration of the reason why Shamy falls in love. I like it that the Amy from season 4 who's not a doormat is back. I also like it that in 403 Sheldon lets the fight go out of control and ends their "relationship" but in this episode he doesn't argue as much, instead he cleverly uses Amy's own argument against her and makes her agree to continue with the experiment. It's like the essence of their relationship is still there (fight about science), but they also have learned how to deal with conflicts better over the years. 

    As for the LA arrangement, I agree. My guess the experiment will end with coitus, then Bernie giving birth, then hiatus. We won't be hearing about LA arrangement in the second half of the season. And then Shamy get engaged in season finale. 

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  18. Has anyone watched next week's promo? If the tone of the whole episode is like the promo, the episode is really not that bad IMO, at least not as dramatic as I thought. 

    In the promo Sheldon says "I think we should see other people", not he wants to date other girls. That makes a big difference to me. And the way he says it, it's very clear that he doesn't mean it. He's just being a baby, like he always does. I think even Amy had said similar things. 

    Unless maybe they use different versions of lines in the episode and in the promo?

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  19. 1 hour ago, Chrismo said:

    Sheldon's mother was having sex with that guy at the house whe he visited with Howard. So Alfred shouldn't be shocking.

    Sheldon not Okay with his mother and Alfred doesn't necessarily mean he's shocking. And judging by his reaction to Amy's words in the car, he really isn't shocking. He's just unwilling to accept.


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  20. 39 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    so that means he should have been fine with  Lenny moving on, and Mary and Alfred's relationship. His proposing had more to do with the possibility of Lenny moving out than it did to wanting to marry Amy IMO.

    IMO Sheldon is fine with Lenny moving on now that he agrees to do the cohabitation experiment and literally says it's weird for him to live with Lenny. So for your first question (if that is one), yes, it means he should be fine with Lenny moving on.

    As for his mother and Alfred. I think when we say people change, we don't necessarily mean every aspect of their thoughts and personality has to change.

    It's like if I call someone stupid, it doesn't mean everything he says is stupid. It just means I find him stupid as a whole.

    To Sheldon, apparently his attitude towards his mom dating is something that hasn't changed. Although in the future it might change as well. 

    The bold part, I disagree. First, it's just factually wrong. Sheldon actually got the ring before 824, in which he questions Lenny why they haven't got married already. If he doesn't want Lenny to move out, he shouldn't remind them. 

    Second, I don't understand how proposing to Amy would resolve the problem of Lenny moving out. If I recall correctly, moving in with Amy troubles Sheldon just as much as Lenny moving out in 724, if not more. What Sheldon really needed back then is for things to stay unchanged. Proposing to Amy would only bring more changes to Sheldon. 

    Third, after Lenny agree to stay with him as long as he needs in 904, it seems to me Sheldon should have had no reason worrying about them moving out, thus no reason for him to propose to Amy according to your theory. But he proposes again in 907. 

  21. 22 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    The guy wanted to reproduce in a Petri dish I'm not sure how hard it's to explain him willing to wait a year. Isn't Sheldon the same guy who thought coitus was messy and unsanitary?

    Yes. He's also the guy who used to say Amy's a girl and a friend but not his girlfriend. But for the last two seasons he almost proposed to Amy, twice. If he still only considers sex as messy and insanitary and nothing more, he wouldn't have done it the first time. People change. 

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  22. 24 minutes ago, wowbagger said:

    Did Sheldon actually say that he desired any of the other women specifically? I believe he later said he didn't want anyone else, though I'm happy to be corrected. I thought he was just freaking out about cohabitation and sexuality and Amy's proximity and clambering into his own head and flying off the handle. So the combination of not having healthy models for relationships and having Amy near and increased intimacy might have prompted him to go into a tailspin about whether he would be a bad partner, which he has worried about before. And his father was the example of a bad partner uppermost in his mind therefore the whole thing about the cheating and yadda blee. I think that whole conversation was more about healthy relationships and whether Sheldon can have them, as opposed to whether we are really meant to believe that Sheldon will cheat or even that he or Amy seriously think he will. To the writers' credit (don't get used to it, chaps), they had Amy scoff at him pretty robustly at that line, didn't they? Also I don't think we'd be debating about this if Sheldon were allowed to say categorically that he finds AMY desirable. I guess we are meant to infer that he does, but-you know-just let him say so, writers.

    Sorry if my post confused you. I was replying to other members who thought Sheldon may find other girls attractive but not Amy because of the "hubba hubba" line. If I understand right, they were saying Sheldon is now attracted by "hot" girls and since some don't consider Amy "hot", they were not sure if Sheldon's sexually attracted to Amy. 

  23. 7 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    I believe the phrase was "sexual creature within" which is a vague term at best. Although if he going hubba hubba about other women I'm not sure that's proof that he finds Amy attractive. 

    What phrase he uses is not important. The point is he says his sexual creature within awakes "being with Amy". And that's not enough proof that he finds Amy attractive how? 

    Actually if his sexual creature awoke right after their first time, it may be questionable whether it was Amy's body that awoke it or sex itself. But Sheldon didn't show much desire after 9.11, which I think most members on the forum would agree. However, he found himself sexually awaken after living with Amy (Or at least we know it after the cohabitation experiment)

    Also I don't think for their cash maker, their canon, whose first time wins a Guinness world record, TPTB is actually trying to show us that Sheldon doesn't find Amy, the love of his life, attractive just because she's not attractive according to some men. That might be the case if Sheldon's asexual and doesn't find anybody attractive. But he's not now.

    Well since we don't know what really happens in 1005 or what happens next, I can never be sure. Let's just say if TPTB really goes that way, I'll be utterly astonished at how low they would sink; that they're willing to ruin one of their most popular couples just because some men don't find Amy attractive and they believe Sheldon should feel the same; that they have no problem sending the audience a message and that is no matter how much in love you and your boyfriend/husband are, how much you admire each other, how happy you guys are together, if you are not "hot" enough, he's never going to find you attractive and will probably dick some bimbos sooner or later. That's just, wow.

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