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  1. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    HAHAHA, saved it. Thank you, the King of GIF!!!
  2. [Spoilers] Raj: Season 11

    I kinda hoped we could see more...not the fight, but the storyline. But on second thought, I'm not trusting the writers for a serious issue about Raj. So, I guess maybe this was just a mini story before the winter hiatus. I LOLed at their jumping scene, they were both very flexible.
  3. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Yes, I knew you guys would understand!!! Regarding this issue, I've read a lot of long analyzing posts, I've had lots of discussions with my friend, and we both kinda gave up hope on this. Like you said, it's inevitable, like lots of jokes in this show, if you can't change anything, what else can you do? Just let it go, it's good for your health and sanity. And, I admit since Season 10, the Shamy plots have been keeping me happy, compare now to pre-824, I'm really counting my blessings. So I refuse to let this issue destroy my Shamy happiness, because this is really the writers' crazy obsession, not Shamy's, so, I'm just gonna let it slide.
  4. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I just watched this episode, it was so funny!!! The food poisoning plot, seeing them lying on bed, "half dead", I'm sorry but I really laughed so hard...It's so nice to see Shamy's fun side!!! I love Amy's excitement and Sheldon's smile all through the episode. Amy wearing Sheldon's pajama pants was a really nice scene, I never expected it, so I was really happy to see it. It was the come hither one, right? Their final scene, their jumping together reminded me that scene when Howard and Amy went to karaoke, I love this!!! I just had one know which one...I really don't think it was necessary to stress it considering 1023...but...guess the writers really love this...sigh. Yes, and Amy rarely wears pants, so I guess even the casual audience would noticed this nice little detail. LOVE IT.
  5. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Yes, you are so right, I was really worried for a second, then I was surprised that Amy stopped herself from asking and returned to her "giddy style". And then, the speech. Oh, the speech. I really appreciate that the writers wrote the speech about "Amy and Dark Matter" comparison, since now Sheldon's research field is Dark Matter, so it was more IC for Sheldon, and it clearly was from the bottom of his heart... Oh, and the wedding feels.
  6. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I rewatched 1110 again and again this weekend, and I noticed a tiny little detail. In the city hall scene, Sheldon said that they were getting married, and the new Star Wars movie was coming out, they were really finishing this year strong. And then Amy wanted to know: "Of the two of tho......" Then she stopped herself from asking. I think at that time, she wanted to know which event was more important to Sheldon, but then she remembered that Sheldon came to her apartment to celebrate her birthday instead of going to watch the premiere of that Star Wars movie two years ago, so she already knew who was more important to Sheldon. So she stopped her question. Or, hypothetically, maybe Sheldon indeed loves Star Wars more, but there is no comparison between her (the love of Sheldon's life) and his hobby, so no need to get to the bottom of this. I really love this little detail, because it showed me, after the break up, Amy also learned to appreciate Sheldon's effort in this relationship, to see things in Sheldon's perspective, to cherish his love for her. I'm not saying she didn't do all of this before the break up, I just think now she would appreciate him more, cherish him more... --------------------------------- This episode really gave me a lot of feels, maybe this sounds a little bit cheesy, but I'm loving their love. Haha.
  7. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Yes, this is so true. This episode not only has Shamy sweetness, but Raj's new development, everyone of them was very IC, they had their usual banter, but in a loving and funny way. Howard and Raj's argument intrigued the casual audience, they were worried about this "couple" and eager to know what would happen next. All in all, I think this is an excellent episode. ETA: I just checked the comments again, more and more people were saying this episode got them teared up, because of both love and friendship. LOVE THIS!!!
  8. [Spoilers] Raj: Season 11

    Yes, I've seen some comments on the social media, people were saying they felt very sorry for Howard, and they hoped that writers wouldn't "break them up". I watched the promo of 1111, I LOLed. I think maybe this story line would end in the next episode. In fact, I kinda hope we could see more of it, I think this is a very good story line for Raj and Howard. It has potential if the writers want to expand it. I have a feeling that the writers want Raj's dating life being active, so, new girls would show up once in a while, but not the same girl.
  9. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Okay, to quote Amy: " It's perfect." The decision theory approach, the argument, the wedding revenge plans, the talk about "since wedding planning stressed us out, maybe we just go to city hall to get married", the "Amy and dark matter" comparison, and "married couple Dr. Cooper and Dr. Fowler"... Or, maybe just the smile. Yes, just the smile is enough. Headcanon: Question: "Are you planning to watch Shamy's story in the winter hiatus?" Answer: "To quote Sheldon: HECK YEAH!!!"
  10. [Spoilers] Raj: Season 11

    I agree with every word. This is totally Raj's episode, a complete and really great plot. I love his new job, and this is what I was talking about in my earlier post, Raj's field is indeed very interesting!!! When he was talking to the audience, I thought he was very confident, with a little sense of humor, not nervous. His argument with Howard made me sad, and Howard being in the audience melted my heart. I'm looking forward to watching this story line next week. In the end, that girl asking him out for coffee was a really nice touch, and I thought Raj being nervous and talking about coffee made him stay awake was totally IC. And, yes, I can see this will be Raj's season after this episode. PS: Thank you writers, for letting Raj show his handsome side, the hairdo, the suits...Love them.
  11. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I love the Shamy dance in 421, so full of energy and so funny, I don't even need to rewatch, that scene has been in my mind all these years, vividly. Hahaha. Happy watching 1110, my friends.
  12. [Spoilers] Raj: Season 11

    Firstly, the love life. Over the years, Raj had two official long-time girlfriends and a few love interests, I like Lucy and Emily the most. I was happy that the TPTB made Raj could talk to girls in 624, but I was sad that he and Lucy were done. And then, Emily came to the show, I thought both Lucy and Emily could fit into the gang, because they both were "weird", just in different ways, and the prom episode gave me more "proof" that I thought: "Yes, that's it. Emily is the one." But then, 824 came. Till this day, I still think that the reason for the Raj drama was because TPTB wanted four dramas in one episode, 824, so they made Emily "graveyard sex"-level creepy, then people would think maybe Raj would find a new girlfriend in Season 9? And keep them interested. I've always thought if the TPTB really wanted to get rid of Emily, they could just let Raj and her break up, it was easy because they already made her "scary as hell", so no need to turn Raj into a two-timing A-hole. Or, if they really wanted to add that Claire girl, they could make her the official girlfriend of Raj, then it would be the same, still could get rid of Emily. And in the end, Raj broke up with them both, ended up alone. I'm fine with this, I just couldn't understand the intention of the "two-timing" thing. I know for a fact that this was the point that a lot of casual audience lost their love and sympathy for Raj, it was sad. And, then, Isabella, Ruchi...I think maybe by the end of the show, Raj still has no endgame in love, TPTB may bring some random girl to the show as Raj's love interest or short-time girlfriend, but they have no intention to let him get engaged, get married, etc. I'm fine with this, and I think the occasional new casts will be some fresh feeling of the show. ----------------------------------------------------- And, secondly, the career. I've always thought that Raj's field is very interesting, and it could bring all kinds of plots for him and the rest of the characters. But sadly, the writers didn't put too much effort into Raj's field, and on top of that, they excluded him out on the guiding system project. I know, it was Leonard's idea, Sheldon's math, Howard's making the model, but still, if they want, they could easily add Raj into it. Howard's original intention was because the Wolowitzs needed the extra money due to Halley, but then in Season 10, Raj was "broke", so they could add him into the project and write some astrophysicist-related plots for Raj, I'm sure they could pull that off. Ironically, I remembered when my friends and I were watching 1023, when the seven of them were toasting, Raj got upset because he didn't in the project, then Sheldon said:"I hope his character doesn't make it into the movie, because he is kind of a bummer." Then, one of my friend said:" Wow, is he talking about the project movie or the show itself?" Then it hit me, yes, this is so META!!! At this point, the writers made Raj so annoying that the audience have no love for him. And, it was really sad. Sigh. I'm interested in the new work-related plot for Raj, according to the promo photos and the TR, he has an interview, I'm looking forward to watch this. ----------------------------------------------------- Thirdly, the interactions between Raj and the rest of them. I've always loved the unusual pairings of the seven characters, they have been very refreshing to me, and most of the plots were very funny, I love them. And I've always thought that Raj can be put into any kind of unusual pairings because he has so many potential for the writers to use, and I think you can't say the plots OOC because Raj is a wild card, I believe he is capable of anything. So, in that case, I really want to see him in some unusual pairings. I'm not saying I don't enjoy Howard and Raj, like, at all. Because I think this pairing is canon, and a very interesting friendship. I just thought they wrote this pairing too many times, kinda made them stuck with each other, it was like icecream, I love them, but I don't eat them every meal. On the other hand, in the past, Raj had some very interesting plots with the rest of them, like, Raj and Sheldon fighting for the big desk in Sheldon's office; they went to the bar and got double date; Holloween snake; being in the tunnel for the experiments...Amy helped him talked to Lucy and helped him find Emily, Raj went shopping with Penny and Leonard and turned out he has the same taste with Penny (LMAO)...Oh, and some funny dialogues with Bernie about who was the "true love" of Howard, hahaha. ----------------------------------------------------- Last week's 1109 got me nostalgic, and made me feel more sorry for Raj, so right now, I hope the writers will give Raj some decent plots. PS: Thank you, @Jonny, @joyceraye and @mirs1 for this thread and the long rational analyzing posts, I really miss reading them. Thank you!!!
  13. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Hahaha, you cracked me up. Your post is the best reply to a "snarky but apparantly not snarky according to someone" post. I wish you have a good day, sincerely, not snarky.
  14. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Haha, after I read your post, I read your signature, and suddenly, it's like Sheldon is directly saying this to us in some sort of advertisement, LOL.
  15. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Thank you for the help!!! And I like Amy's pink dress, too, not too fancy, but it suits her character. I think I can say every Shamy fan loves this "applying math algorithm in wedding planning" plot, because we all loved 1019 when they were working together on a project. And Amy's various versions' of "Soft Kitty" were also based on Sheldon's favorite song, and clearly 1020 was not the first time she played the songs for Sheldon. Sheldon's brunch, MRI gift, Amy's Soft Kitty song, etc...These are something I'd like to call "It adds points to the characters and the ship", because not only us shippers loved them, the casual viewers also loved them, they praised the plots for days. These plots showed us that they love each other and they constantly make efforts for each other just to see her/him happy. IMO, That's true love. And, you are right, the writers at least made Shamy's wedding planning so cute and different. However I still want to see those suggestions happening on the real wedding! Fingers crossed!!!