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  1. 50 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I want Christmas, if they can make it as good as the ep where Sheldon is shopping with Bernie, explaining why he loves Amy. He was so eloquent there. And I like to have occasional scenes with odd pairings.


    I missed that. Do you have a link?

    Sorry, I tried, but it never shows in the post, I don't know how to fix it. I just know the video is a clip from the S.11 DVD, including some BTS stuff from 1124 and the NG parts from all season. 


    I agree with you about the odd pairings thing, and I hope to see not only odd character pairings but odd ship pairings. Like Shamy and Raj (and/or Raj's new love interest), Shamy and Howardette, Lenny and Howardette, Lenny and Raj, etc etc. 

    Oh maybe now we can add Stuart and Denise in the pairings too. Hahaha.

  2. I just watched a video, in which Chuck Lorre says something like "1124 really marks a turning point of the series, and it speaks about the future too, stop to think about it, Sheldon now has a mother in law, it's not just him and Amy anymore, he is married into a family, for good or ill, that's going to be an interesting factor in this life going forward."

    So, I guess we can expect some "Sheldon and the in laws" plots, hahaha, I like it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    That's more of a Penny thing, isn't it? It doesn't sound Sheldon to me at all.

    Umm, I don't know how to explain, it's just one little hope from me, TBH, I don't think it "has to sound like Sheldon"... So, agree to disagree? 


    BTW, I went back to find my old post which I kinda said "why I want to see Sheldon calling Amy Ames", but I got caught up with the wonderful posts from S.10, I forgot to locate my post, LOL.  So many people, so many LONG posts, ah, good old days. 

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  4. About the sin closet thing, I think that name was from Amy herself, not her mother saying "if you don't listen to me, I'll put you in the sin closet",  not to mention the writers can change it all they want. 

    I'm really interested in the In laws visiting plot, like some of Shamy fans, I vote they come to burn the couch , oh and buy them desks...

    Maybe after 1201, we'll have a time jump, I'm hoping for the holiday themed episodes this season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it. 

    And I'm still hoping for "Sheldon calling Amy Ames" plot, please, writers.

    @Sah Happy Birthday!!! 

    @SpoonMouse, thank you for posting that lovely Gif, my favorite character from Harry Potter no doubt. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    I want to see Sheldon speaking with amy's parents too, that didn't happen at all during the wedding episode...but not sure that is what is happening in the premiere either. Apparently shamy are on their honeymoon and the Fowlers for some reason interact with the rest of the gang...kinda weird, if you ask me!

    TBH, I want to see them interact with Sheldon or Shamy, not the gang. But I'm happy that Shamy is on their honeymoon, which reminds me of Chandler and Monica, I love that couple too.  Hope to see some interesting plots about Shamy's honeymoon. TBH, I never thought I would see these plots such as wedding and honeymoon happening on the screen, but I'm grateful.  So, never say never I guess.

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  6. TBH, I am surprised that Amy's parents could come back this soon, for years, I've wanted to see Amy's family, and now, finally they are here and IMO, they are wonderful and interesting and funny characters.   Based on the scene from 1124, when Amy's Mother talked about Amy, I thought she was very IC - as in from Amy's perspective. I think she loves Amy very much, but is really overprotective. So I can see the sin closet thing happening.  On the contrary, the lady from S4 didn't give me any "crazy vibe", not like Kathy Bates of course. Kathy Bates's version is more crazy and strict, not only to her daughter but to her own husband. And that was one of the funny plot in 1124.   And, now, the most I want to see is Sheldon, talking to his in laws, alone. I want to see JP interacts with Kathy Bates and Mr. Teller. Oh and please writers, give Mrs. Fowler a first name, please. 

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  7. Just watched a video made by a Shamy fan, the BGM is Rizzle Kicks - I Love You More Than You Think, he/she used this song because the lyrics can be considered from Sheldon's POV, and the song fit with Shamy's story very much. Please listen to the song if you have time, very cute.

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  8. Merry Christmas, my dear friends, it's half past two in the afternoon on Christmas Eve here, my friends and I are shopping for presents, haha. 

    I wish you all have a wonderful holidays with your family and your friends!!!  :xmascouple:

    Oh, and happy holidays to Shamy, love you two!!!

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  9. 3 hours ago, Zephon75 said:

    There is no double standard all those other pairing you listed RARELY happen in comparison to Sheldon/Penny, in fact all those other pairings combined don't add up to many plots. As for Leonard and Amy hanging out how many times have they done that? no more than 5 times that i can think out of the 8 season that Amy's been in. 

    This is so true. 

    There were a few Leonard & Amy's plots,  but Sheldon and Bernie's plots?  What?  Three times?  And Penny & Howard's plots? IIRC, the last time they talked alone was that bachelor party episode, in S. 5. 

    Sheldon rarely interacts with Bernie, Leonard rarely interacts with Amy or Bernie, Howard rarely interacts with Penny or Amy, and Raj...considering he often joins the girls' night, so, I don't count him in.

    This show has 7 main characters, 4 guys and 3 girls, but they failed to mix up the pairings more often to shake up things, that's a shame.


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  10. 1 hour ago, mirs1 said:

    Pamy painting? Last time they showed it in 10.24 it was in 4b, oddly, because it looked like it was settled that it belonged to Penny. I guess it was for comedic purposes, looking at Amy's face was more effective when Penny said ''I tried!!!'', but I would have liked to know the back story for that! Maybe Sheldon wanted a big painting with amy as a subject since she was away!

    Ahh, I forgot they showed the painting in 1024!!! Haha, now, I'm happy it's in Shamy's apartment.

    Whether the couch is ugly or not, we can't all agree on that part, but I don't think when you lean against it, you would be comfortable. So, to me, it doesn't worth the name - couch.

    JMO, of course.

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  11. I remembered that I laughed at what Sheldon said about the couch: "You know, I have always thought that this couch would look fantastic on the curb in front of the building."

    They should keep the painting instead of the couch. :biggrin:

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  12. I really love reading the BTS and the recap articles from Mayim, which made me enjoy the episodes much more, as a fan of the show and Shamy, I really appreciate her efforts. :give_rose: 

    Now whenever we get some nice episodes about Shamy, I'm looking forward to reading her feelings.

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  13. 1 minute ago, mirs1 said:

    I like the idea of seeing Howard's father, I think it makes sense at this point of the show for him to "close" the cycle with him and come to terms with him abandoning his family. I hope they do that and find a good match for the actor playing him.

    As for not seeing Halley, I've seen this kind of complaints since she was born. After she actually cried a couple of episodes, many were tired of the joke and wanted to see an actual baby. For me it still work well, but I might change my mind after the second kid is born. It would be odd to see one child and not the other. Let's see what the writers have in store for us...

    I've been OK with not seeing Halley until 1111, I don't like the crying sound, but I like it being a homage to Mrs. Wolowitz. But after I watched 1111, I thought it was really weird not seeing the actual birthday girl at her birthday party, and now, we have baby No.2 on the way...

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the writers are gonna handle this situation.  :)

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  14. I've noticed something interesting.

    When the show first decided to add a baby to the storyline, I've seen countless comments on social media saying "No, we don't need babies...They will ruin the show!!!" etc, etc...

    Now, when we are about to have TWO babies in the show, especially after 1111 aired, lots of people were saying: "Why have we still not seen Halley?" "We need to see Halley, instead of hearing the awful crying sound!!!" "Maybe when her brother is born, we get to see them both!" etc, etc... Of course, there are still many people who don't like the baby plot, but it's interesting to see the opposite opinion. 

    Due to Melissa's real pregnancy, we haven't seen many Howardette plots, but I enjoyed their storylines, except for when the writers took Bernadette's "evil side" overboard that episode...

    I hope in the second half of Season 11, we get to see more of their storylines, involving work, juggling work and parenting, etc, etc...

    And, of course, something from my bucket list of the show: Meeting Howard's Dad.

    Come on, writers, please make it happen!!!

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  15. I kinda hoped we could see more...not the fight, but the storyline. But on second thought, I'm not trusting the writers for a serious issue about Raj. So, I guess maybe this was just a mini story before the winter hiatus. 

    I LOLed at their jumping scene, they were both very flexible.  :icon_cheesygrin:

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  16. 31 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    You and me both!!! Well, at this point I've stopped to fight the inevitable, the writers love the joke and won't let it go. Silver linings: what kinky night will Sheldon organize for Amy in 12.11?


    Yes, I knew you guys would understand!!!

    Regarding this issue, I've read a lot of long analyzing posts, I've had lots of discussions with my friend, and we both kinda gave up hope on this. Like you said, it's inevitable, like lots of jokes in this show, if you can't change anything, what else can you do? Just let it go, it's good for your health and sanity.

    And, I admit since Season 10, the Shamy plots have been keeping me happy, compare now to pre-824, I'm really counting my blessings. So I refuse to let this issue destroy my Shamy happiness, because this is really the writers' crazy obsession, not Shamy's, so, I'm just gonna let it slide.

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  17. I just watched this episode, it was so funny!!!

    The food poisoning plot, seeing them lying on bed, "half dead", I'm sorry but I really laughed so hard...It's so nice to see Shamy's fun side!!!

    I love Amy's excitement and Sheldon's smile all through the episode.

    Amy wearing Sheldon's pajama pants was a really nice scene, I never expected it, so I was really happy to see it. It was the come hither one, right?

    Their final scene, their jumping together reminded me that scene when Howard and Amy went to karaoke, I love this!!!

    I just had one complaint...you know which one...I really don't think it was necessary to stress it considering 1023...but...guess the writers really love this...sigh.

    2 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    What a cute episode!!! Amy was so very happy for the surprise, I never saw her that excited! Sheldon made a lot of historically accurate efforts (too historically accurate, given they both got sick) for surprising her! I'm so relieved that S. 10 Sheldon is back!!!

    Besides...Amy was wearing Sheldon's clothes in bed, his pajamas pants (the sexy pajamas pants, good call to last year birthday episode!!!) and I guess also the top was Sheldon's. It's not the fanbase's wish of her wearing his Flash T-shirt, but close enough! LOL!

    Yes, and Amy rarely wears pants, so I guess even the casual audience would noticed this nice little detail. LOVE IT.

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  18. 8 minutes ago, April said:

    To me it feels like they wanted to set up a joke about "haw haw Sheldon might say that he loves Star Wars more because he's still Sheldon!" as a red herring (and seeing all the S6 Sheldon stuff this season I'd even say how blurting out something like this had Any pushed for it works as a legitimate fear here lol) only to then turn around and shock everyone with that incredible heartfelt speech about wanting a real wedding and a dance and how Amy is better than dark matter.

    Like, one moment you sit there praying "please don't ruin this, Sheldon" (and by Sheldon I mostly mean the writers with their weird retro Sheldon writing this season lol) and then WHAM! the speech happens and you're like "HOW COULD I EVER DOUBT YOU, SHELLY, YOU ADORKABLE LOVE DRUNKEN NERD!!??"


    Yes, you are so right, I was really worried for a second, then I was surprised that Amy stopped herself from asking and returned to her "giddy style".

    And then, the speech. Oh, the speech. 

    I really appreciate that the writers wrote the speech about "Amy and Dark Matter" comparison, since now Sheldon's research field is Dark Matter, so it was more IC for Sheldon, and it clearly was from the bottom of his heart...

    Oh, and the wedding feels.




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  19. I rewatched 1110 again and again this weekend, and I noticed a tiny little detail.

    In the city hall scene, Sheldon said that they were getting married, and the new Star Wars movie was coming out, they were really finishing this year strong.

    And then Amy wanted to know: "Of the two of tho......" Then she stopped herself from asking.

    I think at that time, she wanted to know which event was more important to Sheldon, but then she remembered that Sheldon came to her apartment to celebrate her birthday instead of going to watch the premiere of that Star Wars movie two years ago, so she already knew who was more important to Sheldon. So she stopped her question.

    Or, hypothetically, maybe Sheldon indeed loves Star Wars more, but there is no comparison between her (the love of Sheldon's life) and his hobby, so no need to get to the bottom of this.

    I really love this little detail, because it showed me, after the break up, Amy also learned to appreciate Sheldon's effort in this relationship, to see things in Sheldon's perspective, to cherish his love for her. I'm not saying she didn't do all of this before the break up, I just think now she would appreciate him more, cherish him more...


    This episode really gave me a lot of feels, maybe this sounds a little bit cheesy, but I'm loving their love.   Haha.   :xmascouple:

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  20. 39 minutes ago, TBBTFanatic_Grace said:

    @Die Zimtzicke @Jonny I forgot the scenes you mentioned. But you're right, if he really cares about it, they must have been married a long time ago.  I just got curious that it is the first thing that he would think of after he decided he wants to get married the next day. 

    Anyway. I still can't get over it! I'm smiling like an idiot here all day. I have to say Sheldon's line "When you make a discovery like this, you don't take it to City Hall, you tell the whole world" is now my most favorite line in the whole run of TBBT

    I really hope that they will continue this season 10 Sheldon and also this new character development for Raj. It really is a great episode. Everyone has their own spotlight that is not irritating and will make people complain. 

    Yes, this is so true. This episode not only has Shamy sweetness, but Raj's new development, everyone of them was very IC, they had their usual banter, but in a loving and funny way. Howard and Raj's argument intrigued the casual audience, they were worried about this "couple" and eager to know what would happen next. 

    All in all, I think this is an excellent episode.



    ETA: I just checked the comments again, more and more people were saying this episode got them teared up, because of both love and friendship.

     LOVE THIS!!!

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  21. 12 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    My guess is this week a lot of people will sympathize with Raj because of the insults Howard did and the obvious success Raj had with the Observatory an the girl asking him out for a coffee after he cut ties.

    But next week as we know this continues people may start to swing behind Howard more, I obviously haven't seen this episode yet but it felt towards the end of this one that I started to shift a bit more towards Howard on this. Raj was perhaps going towards extremes here.

    Yes, I've seen some comments on the social media, people were saying they felt very sorry for Howard, and they hoped that writers wouldn't "break them up". 

    I watched the promo of 1111, I LOLed. I think maybe this story line would end in the next episode. In fact, I kinda hope we could see more of it, I think this is a very good story line for Raj and Howard. It has potential if the writers want to expand it.


    8 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    YES! I love him having something of his own. I hate to say it but perhaps they didn't want to hire him at first because of his accent? But I think confident Raj will be amazing and I do think Howard's teasing has always gone too far. Some of the fat jokes directed at his mother used to make me cringe. I like Raj's curly hair. A treat to see dad again, as always.  He's so funny. I wonder if the girl will show up again?

    I have a feeling that the writers want Raj's dating life being active, so, new girls would show up once in a while, but not the same girl.

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  22. 2 hours ago, shamymania said:

    This has probably been my favorite episode of the season so far.  I enjoyed the Shamy moments, but I think the Raj story line is what sold me on it. This is Raj's (and Kunal Nayyar's) episode. In fact, I think it has been Raj's season, with the writers exploring Raj having more confidence in dating and now professionally.   I am glad that his character is finally receiving a real story line.

    I agree with every word.

    This is totally Raj's episode, a complete and really great plot.

    I love his new job, and this is what I was talking about in my earlier post, Raj's field is indeed very interesting!!!

    When he was talking to the audience, I thought he was very confident, with a little sense of humor, not nervous. 

    His argument with Howard made me sad, and Howard being in the audience melted my heart. I'm looking forward to watching this story line next week.

    In the end, that girl asking him out for coffee was a really nice touch, and I thought Raj being nervous and talking about coffee made him stay awake was totally IC. 

    And, yes, I can see this will be Raj's season after this episode.

    PS: Thank you writers, for letting Raj show his handsome side, the hairdo, the suits...Love them.

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