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  1. I love the Shamy dance in 421, so full of energy and so funny, I don't even need to rewatch, that scene has been in my mind all these years, vividly. Hahaha. Happy watching 1110, my friends.
  2. Firstly, the love life. Over the years, Raj had two official long-time girlfriends and a few love interests, I like Lucy and Emily the most. I was happy that the TPTB made Raj could talk to girls in 624, but I was sad that he and Lucy were done. And then, Emily came to the show, I thought both Lucy and Emily could fit into the gang, because they both were "weird", just in different ways, and the prom episode gave me more "proof" that I thought: "Yes, that's it. Emily is the one." But then, 824 came. Till this day, I still think that the reason for the Raj drama was because TPTB wanted four dramas in one episode, 824, so they made Emily "graveyard sex"-level creepy, then people would think maybe Raj would find a new girlfriend in Season 9? And keep them interested. I've always thought if the TPTB really wanted to get rid of Emily, they could just let Raj and her break up, it was easy because they already made her "scary as hell", so no need to turn Raj into a two-timing A-hole. Or, if they really wanted to add that Claire girl, they could make her the official girlfriend of Raj, then it would be the same, still could get rid of Emily. And in the end, Raj broke up with them both, ended up alone. I'm fine with this, I just couldn't understand the intention of the "two-timing" thing. I know for a fact that this was the point that a lot of casual audience lost their love and sympathy for Raj, it was sad. And, then, Isabella, Ruchi...I think maybe by the end of the show, Raj still has no endgame in love, TPTB may bring some random girl to the show as Raj's love interest or short-time girlfriend, but they have no intention to let him get engaged, get married, etc. I'm fine with this, and I think the occasional new casts will be some fresh feeling of the show. ----------------------------------------------------- And, secondly, the career. I've always thought that Raj's field is very interesting, and it could bring all kinds of plots for him and the rest of the characters. But sadly, the writers didn't put too much effort into Raj's field, and on top of that, they excluded him out on the guiding system project. I know, it was Leonard's idea, Sheldon's math, Howard's making the model, but still, if they want, they could easily add Raj into it. Howard's original intention was because the Wolowitzs needed the extra money due to Halley, but then in Season 10, Raj was "broke", so they could add him into the project and write some astrophysicist-related plots for Raj, I'm sure they could pull that off. Ironically, I remembered when my friends and I were watching 1023, when the seven of them were toasting, Raj got upset because he didn't in the project, then Sheldon said:"I hope his character doesn't make it into the movie, because he is kind of a bummer." Then, one of my friend said:" Wow, is he talking about the project movie or the show itself?" Then it hit me, yes, this is so META!!! At this point, the writers made Raj so annoying that the audience have no love for him. And, it was really sad. Sigh. I'm interested in the new work-related plot for Raj, according to the promo photos and the TR, he has an interview, I'm looking forward to watch this. ----------------------------------------------------- Thirdly, the interactions between Raj and the rest of them. I've always loved the unusual pairings of the seven characters, they have been very refreshing to me, and most of the plots were very funny, I love them. And I've always thought that Raj can be put into any kind of unusual pairings because he has so many potential for the writers to use, and I think you can't say the plots OOC because Raj is a wild card, I believe he is capable of anything. So, in that case, I really want to see him in some unusual pairings. I'm not saying I don't enjoy Howard and Raj, like, at all. Because I think this pairing is canon, and a very interesting friendship. I just thought they wrote this pairing too many times, kinda made them stuck with each other, it was like icecream, I love them, but I don't eat them every meal. On the other hand, in the past, Raj had some very interesting plots with the rest of them, like, Raj and Sheldon fighting for the big desk in Sheldon's office; they went to the bar and got double date; Holloween snake; being in the tunnel for the experiments...Amy helped him talked to Lucy and helped him find Emily, Raj went shopping with Penny and Leonard and turned out he has the same taste with Penny (LMAO)...Oh, and some funny dialogues with Bernie about who was the "true love" of Howard, hahaha. ----------------------------------------------------- Last week's 1109 got me nostalgic, and made me feel more sorry for Raj, so right now, I hope the writers will give Raj some decent plots. PS: Thank you, @Jonny, @joyceraye and @mirs1 for this thread and the long rational analyzing posts, I really miss reading them. Thank you!!!
  3. Hahaha, you cracked me up. Your post is the best reply to a "snarky but apparantly not snarky according to someone" post. I wish you have a good day, sincerely, not snarky.
  4. Haha, after I read your post, I read your signature, and suddenly, it's like Sheldon is directly saying this to us in some sort of advertisement, LOL.
  5. Thank you for the help!!! And I like Amy's pink dress, too, not too fancy, but it suits her character. I think I can say every Shamy fan loves this "applying math algorithm in wedding planning" plot, because we all loved 1019 when they were working together on a project. And Amy's various versions' of "Soft Kitty" were also based on Sheldon's favorite song, and clearly 1020 was not the first time she played the songs for Sheldon. Sheldon's brunch, MRI gift, Amy's Soft Kitty song, etc...These are something I'd like to call "It adds points to the characters and the ship", because not only us shippers loved them, the casual viewers also loved them, they praised the plots for days. These plots showed us that they love each other and they constantly make efforts for each other just to see her/him happy. IMO, That's true love. And, you are right, the writers at least made Shamy's wedding planning so cute and different. However I still want to see those suggestions happening on the real wedding! Fingers crossed!!!
  6. Thank you, @brilliantfool, I admire your memory...Thank you!!!
  7. This GIF reminds me of this new picture from 1110: Look at Sheldon's hand. One year ago, one year later.
  8. Oh, speaking of the wedding, I have a question: Is that a tradition or social convention that the bride and her family usually pay for the wedding in US? I've watched some American shows, like Friends, when Monica and Chandler were getting married, they went to Mr. and Mrs. Geller for the money to pay for the wedding. So, I'm curious, is it because the wedding usually just involves the bride, in the meantime, the groom just focuses on being there on time and saying the right name? Okay, jokes aside, I really want to know. Can someone help me?
  9. In 1110, Sheldon suggests that he wants R2D2 as the ring bearer, and Amy says then the wedding invitations will be in ancient Egyptian calligraphy. Honestly, I think these two suggestions are super cute and cool, but of course, the writers shut them down so quickly... Or perhaps, when they are really getting married, they could bring back these ideas? Fingers crossed... I want to see Amy doing something Sheldon likes for Sheldon as well, not for sex, not for some experiments, just because. In that case, maybe we can finally have some "Sheldon helps Amy about her problems" plots.
  10. Thank you @brilliantfool, have a safe trip back home!
  11. And not only some Shamy sweetness, but the plot is funny, too. Just imagine what food Sheldon prepared for the Little House on a Prairie party that got them poisoned, I already LOLed. I know, I shouldn't laugh about the food poisoning, but I can't help to.
  12. Since I knew that there would be Halley's birthday party, I always thought it would be a group episode, all the characters would be celebrating together, like they would mention that it is Amy's birthday, too, but Amy wouldn't get her own party. I'm very surprised to see that not only Amy gets one, but a themed one, a House on a prairie one, holds by Sheldon himself... Man, I'm really happy. I think this is a wonderful Christmas present to us all Shamy fans.
  13. Thank you @brilliantfool !!! I hope you had a wonderful time! I just saw the pictures of 1110, I always like the courthouse idea, but I want a proper wedding for Shamy, too. And I'm really happy that the writers chose the 10th episode to give us "the elopement experience", in 410, 510, 610, 810, 910, we all got wonderful Shamy plots, 710 & &1010 not that focus on Shamy, but the interactions were nice. I love this pattern. And, 1111, theme party, food poisoning......Sounds like some "crazy" fun, hahaha. Looking forword to these two episodes very much.
  14. Thank you @brilliantfool, we are lucky that you generously gave us two TRs. Thank you!!!
  15. Yes, I totally agree. It's not "we got bad Shamy plots"(like the second half of Season 9, I might add) , it's "we didn't get enough Shamy plots to talk about, no matter good or bad". Even that reporter Jessica from Glamour said:" And by the way, notice there's been zero wedding talk in the last few episodes?" I haven't watched 1107, but based on the other 7 episodes I've watched, I got a feeling, this new showrunner is not Sheldon's fan. Let me explain what I mean by "Sheldon's fan": It's NOT "Sheldon would get more screen time, or more lines, or always being in the center of every episode", it's "Sheldon is brilliant, sharp, know-it-all, even if he just has a few lines" like we saw him in 1020 The Recollection Dissipation , when he walked in the room, he gave the right answer immediately, and in a plain and simple way. I've been feeling that they haven't written a good work-related plots for Sheldon for quite some time, and honestly, I'm getting frustrated. And now, on top of that, apparently, Sheldon never read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and he just knew one Neuroscientist. ========================================== I've seen often on this forum that some people were saying "wish this episode didn't have Sheldon in it blah blah blah", at first, I thought these were just their usual complaints, but now, I've been starting to feel the same, sigh.
  16. And after Leonard had some new idea, his first reaction was "We should tell Sheldon!" Man, I love him. I hope I can have a friend like Leonard. Seriously.
  17. Amy in this episode reminds me the old Amy from Season 4——blunt, fearless, and sassy. I love her very much. And I enjoyed Shamy's interactions in 4B, watch comedy or drama, and some off-scene plots. Some Sheldon's line that I laughed: "and in front of a lady, no less." "Well, if I'm Edison and you love me, then what does that say about you?" "Well, I have to Google some stuff about Mrs. Edison." ======================================= But, the plot that "Sheldon just know ONE neuroscientist, it's Amy" is total crap. Did you forget about 403, when Sheldon and Amy were arguing about Phisics and Neuroscience, writers? Come on!
  18. When I first read this spoiler (thank you @Babar !!!) my thoughts are opposite with the bold part. I went back and rewatched 409 because thay said it was a seven-year-old video, and it was that episode when Penny's dad visited her and she and Leonard had to pretend that they were still happily together. So my guess is at that time Penny realised that she loves Leonard more than she thought, but sadly they were not together then, and somehow she went back with Zack. Hence in 411, she and Zack were together, much to Leonard's surprise...and they went to the party dressing as Justice League. (BTW, I watched the movie today...) So I'm not worried.
  19. Okay episode, I laughed, but not that funny. I love Leonard, Penny and Amy in this episode. Leonard's line:" We should tell Sheldon!" with his excited and happy tone, he is a true friend. Penny's line:"Raj, you can't go on sleeping with a woman who is trying to screw over your friend." True friend, hands down. Amy's line:"Well, if it helps, you all behaved terribly and you deserve what you got." Yes, poor social skills indeed, but a friend who calls out your wrong behavior is indeed a true friend. ======================== However, in the meantime, I didn't "hate" the other four characters, based on what I've watched them all these years, I believe what they did in this episode are totally IC. And honestly, if Sheldon didn't behave this way, I believe some people would cry out " This is not Sheldon! They changed him!" etc... and, blame Amy for his behavior somehow. So, yeah, not that funny, okay episode.
  20. Yes, you are right, and I like the bold part, haha. And I want to say, yes, Amy can be romantic, or "bridezilla" as people say, but I really think what she wants most is spending the rest of her life with Sheldon, because she loves him that much, so no "the world's most romantic wedding" can beat that...and Sheldon, yes, he can be selfish, but I also can feel that he truly loves Amy, so if Amy really wants some June cliff wedding, he surely will give her. I've seen them both compromising before, and it really made their relationship stronger. TBH, I just don't care whether or not the rest of the characters will be on their wedding, or no wedding, just elopement. So, to me, a wedding, an elopement, going to Court house, a special FWF (I've been waiting for an FWF episode this season) ...whatever...I'm fine with it.
  21. I was just reading the other thread, and OMG, I really hope we can have some spoilers to talk about. Drama, filler, boring or not, surprises or not, whatever... Thank you the generous people who provides infos and photos about the show.
  22. THANK YOU!!! And, I want to save this post, so when the next time the same discussion appears, I can post this and all the credit goes to you. Is that alright?
  23. Thank you for the good laugh I've had all day...
  24. I've been really busy today, so I didn't have time to watch this episode. Based on the comments from my friends who watched and here on the forum, and you just gave me another GOOD REASON NOT to watch. I'm gonna sit this one out. The tease about Amy's parents...No, not gonna get my hopes up. I think I just lost interest. Oh, well. I'm just gonna go and watch Mom.
  25. I don't think these are Shamy angst, just people wishing there could be more Shamy scenes, I think. Up until 1106, I don't think Shamy has any trouble or whatnot, they are happily engaged in my eyes. You are right, we did get spoiled in Season 10, so when Season 11 has not so much going on so far, we just got bored easily. And I want to add, I think Season 10 also has a lot of boring plots, but at least we had amazing Shamy scenes, but now... Maybe you can be our own GIF Queen in this very own thread.
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