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  1. I was going to say that I felt this season's Shamy was like Season 8's Lenny, engaged but not so much going on. Please let me be wrong. ETA: I just realized that I shouldn't express my feelings about BOTH COUPLE. I guess there are always people who are laughing at your unhappiness, sigh.
  2. I love Friends, it is my favorite American Sitcom. Maybe because it was the first American show I've ever watched, our English teacher from Junior High let us watch it to learn English, so I have some deep feelings about it. Up until now, I've watched the whole 236 episodes more than 30 times...
  3. Thank you for the info, @nusspot & @luminous & @mirs1!!!
  4. Yes, me too. I like 709 The Thanksgiving Decoupling very much.
  5. Hahaha, I like your post. But I have to say, it was the writers who kept bringing it up, not so much in Season 10, but Season 9...Oh, well.
  6. I thought Amy was very supportive and excited, too. I even hoped that she joined the audition as Sheldon's assistant, like with the FWF. Haha. I'm looking forward to Shamy's scenes, but the other storyline, ummm, not so much. But I can always fast forward, though.
  7. Oh, well, I feel sorry for Bernadette, sigh. Thank you very much for the [email protected]
  8. Yes, you are right. I remembered this interview. I just hope in the end the writers would write something good AND work-related good for Sheldon. PS: The next two episodes, I'm not worried about 1106, the PP thing, but, 1107, something with geology...Oh, well, I hope it wouldn't end up like 1009. Hope for something good in 1108 though.
  9. The writers need to think about something work-related for Sheldon to do, and fast. Seems to me he got too much spare time and hasn't put them to good use. In 1105, everyone except him (and Raj) was busy, even Penny was reading a book. And in 1022, he was worried that he might run out of time on winning a Nobel Prize because he was nearly 40. But on Saturday, he chose to watch a movie with Raj. Nobel Prize...Are you kidding me?
  10. Really? I thought Sheldon has a lot of unbearable lines and plots throughout the show, but this episode was far from it. TBH, I felt bad for him in this episode, because in the end he found out about Bernie tricked him to do chores and the book. But I really think he needs something to do. Up until now, Season 11 has given me a feeling that Sheldon has lots of spare time, but he hasn't put them to good use. Especially his work.
  11. Wow, kudos on the GIF, you are the King of the GIFs on this forum. And Happy Birthday @bfm !
  12. Wow, this is the first time I see this warning post in this thread. And, thank you. I watched this episode, I don't think Sheldon was being jealous of Howard, he just really missed Amy's company. So he used his and Amy's project trying to "lure" Amy back. The science/pun scene was really hilarious, I laughed so hard. The Morse Code scene was good, and I really admired JP's performances. I really love the unusual pairings in this episode, and like 1104, this episode also gave me a lot of LOLs, so I gave it an excellent, too. PS: I think the writers really need to give Sheldon something to do, like as fast as possible. Oh, wait, I forgot about 1106 and 1107, never mind.
  13. And you think Amy NOT gets trashed? I thought everyone in the show gets trashed, because that's in the show's DNA. So why would trashing Amy a welcome change according to your post?
  14. Love this GIF, I really hope we can get more of Sheldon's driving. I kept watching his hands, moving constantly but still never too far from the ten o'clock and two o'clock.
  15. I think the problem with the line "I married you to hurt her" is that why did Leonard think this would work? Based on the show's history, every time Penny and Beverly got together, it was funny, I love their interactions very much, I don't think Beverly hates or dislikes Penny, indifferent with Penny, perhaps, but that's how Beverly rolls. So, how exactly, being married to Penny would hurt Beverly? OK, I'm just gonna stop wasting my time analyzing this stupid line.
  16. Haha, totally agree. LOVE Beverly very much, that line:" Hi, Pen...Oh, hello, Leonard." LMAO。。。 I hope we can get more Beverly and Penny scenes together, these two is GOLD together. Nah, not filler AT ALL. Howard and Sheldon's interactions are one of TBBT's most interesting scenes since...well...EVER.
  17. I'm late to the "party", too. And I don't understand why there were complaints to the people who provided the details, they don't write the show. WTF ???!!! The bold part, thank you for saying this. People should always remember this before reading the taping report.
  18. Thank you for the reminder! But I have a new question: 3.26 is Leonard Nimoy's birthday, which got crossed, but 3.14 didn't? Perhaps IT IS THE DAY!!! Ok, I got carried away......
  19. From these two pictures, the dates which didn't get crossed was: 3.14 4.9 4.29 5.9 5.13 7.24 8.6 8.10 8.20 9.2 10.16 11.18 12.13 12.26 I love 3.14 the most, because it's π day and Amy's apartment number, Haha. And I think perhaps it will land on the 19th episode of Season 11, you know, the 250th episode of TBBT. This is just my guess, because I'm bored this morning... ETA: I noticed I forgot to add 7.25. And I can see that 7.31 got crossed because it was Harry Potter's birthday, haha. (I'm a Big fan of HP...)
  20. Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. Because as I recall, Sheldon is the one who called her full name the most of times. So it has a certain nice "ring" to it.
  21. I just watched it again, and I finally remembered where I've heard the song Sheldon was playing in the first dream, it was from Friends, Joey's neighbor from the opposite window was singing: Morning's Here, The Morning is Here, Sunshine is Here,The Sky is Clear... and that woke Rachel up, hahaha. I thought this song was very nice, and really fit with the scene in this episode, Sheldon was playing, Amy was slow moving with the tune...... OK, cutest engaged couple indeed!!!
  22. You called it, it's not even Penny's pregnancy, but they still "managed" to squeeze a joke about it. And at the scene, Penny was holding a glass of wine... I'm speechless, sigh.
  23. No, it's absolutely NOT sad, I admire your enthusiasm about this show. You are like "GPS of the episodes", when we talked about some plots, but couldn't remember the exact episodes or lines, you always pointed out the right episodes. I went back to watch them lots of times thanks to your direction. So, NOT sad, and thank you for your help.
  24. My feelings are opposite of this. I thought some of Sheldon's obsessions indeed need an entire episode to talk about it, maybe more. Like Amy helped Sheldon about his need for closure in 621, I love that plot, I wish we could see more of it. I don't want too many wedding planning episodes, of course, but, once in a while, maybe we could hear some mentions from Sheldon, TBH, I don't want the wedding to be "all Amy's style", I want Sheldon's style in the wedding, too. This episode was solid, funny, I like it. I gave it a very good.
  25. Not just her makeup, I don't like her hairdo, either. A bit longer and straighter for my liking. I hope they can change these back, like in Season 10. I love her hair in 1022, as in the gif @shamytbbt posted.
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