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  1. TBH, as long as Mary and Amy have a wonderful relationship, I don't care about Meemaw.
  2. I'm disappointed with Meemaw and Randall, too. But, since we know almost NOTHING about Amy's Dad, so unlike Meemaw and Randall, I think we don't have "Amy's Dad of our version" to compare with the show's version (if we actually get to see Amy's Dad, that is), so, we won't be THAT disappointed, I guess, IMO. And, I love Amy's new glasses, too. Haha.
  3. Maybe you could do a parallel post here, I mean, in this particular thread? And, again, love your avatar, haha.
  4. I started watching this show much later than others, and binge-watched Season 1 to 5, just once, so don't have much love for these seasons, I love Season 6 the most, and I could live without Season 9. Oh, and I quoted you just want to say: I love your Avatar, haha.
  5. When I first heard about PP would come back in this season, I thought that might be some "Sheldon gets cold feet before the wedding, then PP shows up to talk to him" plot. I know, it's very cliche, but TBH, I really can't rule anything out knowing the writers' history. But, since he will be back so soon, I think it could be related to the "Sheldon deals with Amy's successful career" plot. And I remember in 710, Amy brought WW to talk to Sheldon after his mistake in his work. So, maybe it will be similar. I like both PP and WW, I hope we see them more often.
  6. You are so right in the bold part. Over the years, the show did things that I don't like too many times, with literally every character, I lost count. But I think maybe because I'm not a hard core fan, so I can tolerate this situation, and not quit watching like some of my friends. And honestly, it's their show, they can do whatever they want, if someday I can't tolerate anymore, I'll just quit watching, it's plain and simple. Haha.
  7. Haha, I like this interview as well, I like this new showrunner's style. The bold part, you are right, and I think, according to this new showrunner, it seems like he really thought about "how to get some old problems to have new solutions", so I have confidence in him to do a wonderful job about this issue. And I hope we can see more wonderful examples like this "Iron Man in a Captain America movie" analogy.
  8. I just watched 1101, and I thought it was funny, well, certainly a lot funnier than I imagined. I've read the TR a lot of times, because I wanted to know which part could prevent us from seeing "Amy saying Yes", and since every other scenes were all after "the Shamy got engaged" plot, so I had hope that maybe we could see Amy saying Yes...However... But there were some nice parts that I never expected, like when they were going to the dinner to meet Amy's colleagues, their talk was so sweet, and just like Sheldon said, like they were already married, so cute. The dinner, I think it was very IC for both Sheldon and Amy, and I can't help but laugh hard at the two colleagues' responce "oh, that's nice" after Amy told them that Sheldon was a physicist, hahaha, that was good. The argument, no, I don't think that was THAT bad, and TBH, I don't think Amy was THAT mad, and after her "storming off the room", Sheldon didn't hold a grudge, but to skype with SH, and really worried about their future marriage (in his own way, haha), so that was nice. The talk, I think it was very sweet, and I really love his "Iron Man in Captain America" analogy. It was just like their problem, so true. And I love Sheldon trying to understand the real life issues by using his familiar analogy. And last, the hug and the "Thank you". I'm so glad it played out much better and less awkward than I imagined. So, all in all, I like this episode, I gave it a Good.
  9. Happy watching 1101, my fellow Shamy fans! You guys made me want to check this thread more often, and learned more English! Thank you guys. OK, now we wait for the cuteness of The Engaged Shamy.
  10. I realized I haven't vote, so: Wedding date: Season 11 Finale Wedding theme: Harry Potter Thank you for doing this for us!
  11. Thank you for the TR!!! Can't wait for the scenes of Howard and Amy working together!!!
  12. After 4 years, Amy and Howard working together!!! OMG, Finally!!! Can't wait!!! And in the meantime, we got Sheldon and Bernie scenes, LOVE this!!!
  13. Love this post! You are right, it's time for Howard to meet his Dad, now he is happily married and has two babies. I love that"Daddy's little girl...magnet" joke, very funny. And considering that Halley has one said "Daddy's little girl" onesie, it's very cute.
  14. Haha, I cracked up when I read that Leonard said Penny's new best friend is Beverly to Amy because at first Amy didn't care much about his complaint, he is very smart, haha. And thank you for the TR!!!
  15. Thank you @NotWonderland! I think it's a funny episode, and Beverly is back, haha. Not to mention unusual pairings are ALWAYS nice, can't wait.
  16. I think it's funny, and we got some unusual character pairings, which I LOVE btw. Sheldon and Howard were bonding over their father issues, I love this. Sheldon driving, finally, after ten years, can't wait. And Amy saying she has been neglecting Penny with wedding planning and working, so the wedding planning is still in the process, Okay. Beverly is back in this episode, I hope we can see Mary soon.
  17. I just checked the reviews again. Some people are saying they just knew the proposal wouldn't be so smooth. Some people are saying they are glad it's Leonard's call, not someone else's, you know. Some people are saying they are surprised that the proposal is NOT Amy's dream. Haha. Some people are saying this is truly Sheldon's Style, because he is the only one who would answer the phone during his own proposal, and Amy's shocked face is priceless. Most of people are saying that it's really funny. Can't wait. etc, etc. Haha.
  18. I just watched the promo, and it's really funnier than I imagined. I noticed some people said that he had to answer Leonard's call, so Leonard is The One...LMAO. And many people really are worried that Amy is gonna say no because of this...haha.
  19. OK, I think I rarely praise Sheldon about his looks, but that new shirt is very good for him. He looks very handsome in that photo. And Amy's smile. OK, can't wait.
  20. I say the wedding happens on 1124, but the whole event is from 1123 to 1201. Then Shamy goes on honeymoon on 1202. And they address that they get married on their 8th anniversary.
  21. I don't like the "hiding something from your husband/fiancé" plot, but guess the writers do. I just LOVE competitive Amy and successful Amy. She has a great career, and it gets better and better, good for her. Can't wait for this episode.
  22. Last night, I thought about this. And I got confused. 1. Since Sheldon asked Amy's Father's permission of marrying his daughter, then it suggested that he had been thinking about proposing for a while, maybe before Amy's trip. Then Ramona was NEVER a catalyst. 2. Since Ramona had nothing to do with Sheldon proposing to Amy, then why did Amy thank and hug her in the tag? TBH, I have mixed feelings about the whole episode, but I don't want to overthink this and I even put that hug under the "funny" category. Sigh. And, I'm not saying this for making me feel better, because I also love Lenny and Howardette, but I really think that the writers can't handle a decent proposal. It's like when someone proposes, something "not so nice" has to happen. When Howard wanted to propose, Bernie wanted to break up with him; and when Penny lost her job, she suddenly wanted to propose to Leonard......And Shamy, that unnecessary Ramona drama......It's really frustrating. But, okay, Let's wait and see.
  23. I totally agree with you on this. I can understand Amy not make a big deal out of this after three months, but hugs and thanks Ramona? Yeah, no. But, then, I think this is exactly what the writers want, nobody could guess right. They even showed that the guys were shocked (like me). And, I think maybe, just maybe, to the writers, "doormat" or "desperate" was one of Amy's traits. I've already learned to accept this. Sigh.
  24. After reading yours and @April posts, I realized that it was Leonard calling Sheldon, not Sheldon calling Lenny. So Sheldon was still on one knee, right? So it was right after 1024's tag, right? Okay, now I'm more happy than earlier. Haha. So it was my reading skills getting in the way. Thank you guys!!!
  25. Seems like not so much happened in 1101. Amy saying yes, that's a given. But I'm kinda disappointed they didn't show us that Amy saying yes right after that scene in 1024. And the whole drama about Ramona, yeah, really unnecessary. And if I'm not wrong, Sheldon didn't tell Amy about Ramona, but kinda spilled the beans in the call with Lenny, right? I'm so HAPPY that Amy's dad is alive, and Sheldon asked his permission. Amy hugging Ramona? Haha, never thought about this. And, I just learned that Steve Holland will be the new showrunner, May I ask, is he "Shamy friendly", or not?
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