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  1. OMG, you are just so spot on!!! The bold parts, I sooooooooooo agree. The first bold part: TBH, when I rewatch Season 1 to 3, sometimes I'm really wondering why the writers didn't make Shenny together, especially after Lenny's broke up, and the writers sure as hell put a lot of efforts on these two characters' plots, some episodes really revolved around them. And then those episodes became the classic ones of the show. For example, 308, Adhesive Duck, I really think this episode was a standard script that would get the two characters together, I watch enough shows to know the "pattern". So I think if Sheldon didn't have Amy(nah, not just Amy, girlfriend for that matter), they would definitely make Sheldon the third wheel, to the point that the audience would think Leonard is the "real" third wheel. Like in Season 9, I think some of the Shenny plots or lines were so much better than the Lenny ones. They even got a hot kiss on screen for God's sake! And I think Penny treated Sheldon much better than she treated her REAL husband, Leonard. That was just so messed up. UGH. The second bold part: Yes, so true. Look at 1022, we got Shamy on the back burner, so the writers could focus on Lenny. Albeit they still obsessed with Penny's job and didn't get some new things out of it, but at least Lenny was in the center of the episode. And I hope we could get more like this in the next two seasons. Shamy are happy together in the back, and Lenny gets more decent plots. And @April, I really loooooooove your posts, you just made a lot of sense of the show, and the writers' intentions, for that matter. Thank you!!!
  2. I will be less active on this forum, too, well, I've never been too much active anyway. I love reading some fans' posts here, very insightful and funny, and I just admire their analytical skills, just amazing. Oh, I even learned some idiomatic English, that was so good. This is a nice thread for speculation of Shamy, thank you. And I noticed your avatar, I don't recall seeing it in the show, do you know which episode was it?
  3. Haha, since some fans over analysed Bath Item, they thought this episode was some kind of "evidence", you know, which kinda ruined this episode for me, so, I voted 715, and I like that "Yvette the vet".
  4. I don't want a completely makeover, either. I can accept some changes in Amy on special occasions, like Snow White, prom, etc. But definitely not want to see too much change. And my friend who studies in the US told me that there were people who dressed like Sheldon and Amy on Halloween, and then posted the photos on Tumblr. I thought this was really cute and cool, haha. And I always thought most main characters on the show have their own icon wardrobe, albeit Sheldon is the most outstanding one, but the others are still very unique. Remember that two Howardette dolls Howard printed by 3D printer? They are Very cute and you can identify them at a glance. So, I think I don't want anyone do a makeover.
  5. Yes, I agree. I think sometimes she sees things differently than the most of the fans. But, there were some exceptions. I do remember, at that time, Mayim said 909 was really beautiful, so it gave me lots of hope, yet after I got spoiled about the plots of 909, I just felt really sad and a little bit furious...Then, after watching 909, I indeed felt this episode was sad but really moving, and the interaction between Shamy and the little game in the aquarium were indeed "beautiful". And then 910 came, so I was not furious anymore. Haha. ----------------------- Oh, and I've been reading you guys' discussion about Bert and Dave and Ramona, I noticed something, these three characters, plus that Vanassa girl in 908, are the ones who all really liked/likes Sheldon and Amy, and they are all so tall... Coincidence? I thought this is really funny...
  6. I am late to the party, but I just want to weigh in on the "Hard core fans don't like 1024 that much, not like casual viewers." topic. Based on my observation on the social media in my country, this statement is true. The general viewers really loved 1024, they were really impressed by Sheldon's efforts in his proposal, and they thought the cliffhanger had some expected value, surely more shocking and interesting than 924. And I've seen many comments said they were not so sure Amy would say yes. Which I disagree, but I think that proved this cliffhanger at least had some discussion points. And, there was a coincidence, just a few days later, Jim actually got married in real life. And, apparently, the general fans LOVED this, they kept talking about "Sheldon just proposed to Amy, and then Jim Parsons married his real life boyfriend", at that time, this coincidence was everywhere, even some people who never watch TBBT knew about this, "Love Wins". So, I guess I gotta admit, the writers gambled, and they didn't lose.
  7. I don't know why, but I just have this feeling that Howardette's amazing stories will continue in Season 11, and perhaps they will outshine Monica and Chandler(my all time favorite married couple)... And maybe we'll get some surprises from them, haha.
  8. I just noticed this thread, so I moved my post here. ------------------------------- I haven't been here for a while, busy work. The whole list is out, wow, I got most of them, but not in the exact order. Seeing the episodes' numbers, reminds me that I used some of them for my phone's passwords of lock screen. Like, when I watched that amazing science argument, I used 1004. Then the brunch came, so I switched to 1006, then I watched Buridan's dunkey, so I switched to 1007, then after Listening to "Happy Together", I switched to 1019, then "Shamy's dirty talk" came, I switched to 1023...until this day. I guess I just want to say, there are so many meaningful and funny and beautiful Shamy episodes in Season 10, especially compare to the Season 9, so whenever I unlock my phone, I would remember these episodes and these scenes and these lines, and I felt so happy and warm. And I'm sure you guys know how many times we used our phones these days, haha. I LOVE this feeling, I hope I can still feel them in Season 11 and Season 12. Oh, and, before I forgot. Recently, I've been watching other American comedies, two of which were Brooklyn 99 and Veep. There are two "Amy" in their shows, and their significant other, Jake and Dan call their Amy - "Ames"... I thought that was really cute, so I hope I will see Sheldon calling Amy "Ames" in Season 11 and Season 12, just once will be enough...My little wish. Wish your guys a happy summer, and Best luck to Jim and Mayim in the Emmy. Until then.
  9. In Season 1, Episode 8, The Grasshopper Experiment, Raj's parents said he was 26 years old, so I think Raj was born on Oct. 6, 1981.
  10. Oh, for a second, I thought these two events happened on the same day, May 24th, (because of my time zone), but then I learned that World Turtle Day is on May 23rd... Nevertheless, happy almost coincidence!!! And, Giuseppe is the Shamy mascot, right?
  11. Since in Season 11, Shamy will be living together as engaged couple in 4B, perhaps they will bring Giuseppe home? And, they did a very good job with redecorating the bedroom, perhaps they will start redecorating the living room?
  12. About this Ramona kissing thing, I want to say: To me, the kiss was necessary, because in the whole episode, except for the kiss, Ramona was really like a friend, or "a friendly colleague" or "a playdate" as Sheldon put it. So in order to "sell this idea as in Ramona was pursuing Sheldon", Ramona had to kiss Sheldon, so Sheldon could finally realise that:" Oh, Penny was right, Ramona does indeed want to seek a romantic relationship with me." And thanks to Jim's wonderful performance, you know, the stiff posture, the shocking look, the big round eye, this kiss really was far from romantic. And, I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy the "oh, noooooooo""oh, God" from the studio audience. So, overall, the kiss didn't bother me that much. About the feelings after watching 1024, I want to say: Obviously, I don't like the whole Ramona drama. I was spoiled, the minute after I learned that Ramona was interested in Sheldon romantically, I was so disappointed, because I really hoped she was interested in Sheldon professionally, like she was the one who "robbed" the project from the three guys, you know, but sadly, that didn't happen. And then, after reading the TR of 1024, I learned there was a proposal, I was really surprised, because I thought they would drag the proposal out until 1124, at least. Then, I learned there was a kiss...yeah, NOT happy, at all. So, I had ZERO expectation about 1024. But, after watching 1024, I was surprised, again. Because despite the Ramona plot, this episode was really funny, I had several LOL moments, I can't say this about some episodes in Season 10. And, Ramona's plot did NOT bother me, the kiss was NOT romantic at all, and, the proposal itself, was very romantic. Considering Sheldon's dislike about taking a Taxi, about taking a plane, considering Sheldon's determined yet relaxed look on the whole way to NJ...Like @mirs1 said, " the actual proposal was very powerful and well executed", yes, totally agree with you. So, all in all, I have mixed feelings indeed, but, I'm satisfied about most of it.
  13. OK, I've read the rules. But I got 2 questions: 1. So he was allowed to say:"Sheldon has herpes, and Sheldon banged Ramona" based on nothing, but I was not allowed to ask him: "Why did you say these character bashing things to try to start a ship war?" 2. You kept his post, but hid mine, based on my opinions about character bashing rules on this forum. But, in my post, I also said, we could discuss some interesting topics, instead of some pointless and redundant arguments like "one says Amy has no self-respect, the other says Penny has even low self-respect because she married Leonard anyway." And since my post got hidden, so the latecomers couldn't see what I was trying to say, is this fair?
  14. I'm just wondering what was the point about these two scenes: 1. Leonard said:"You think you should call Amy?" Penny answered:"You got fingers and a mouth, you call her." 2. Penny said:"This is making me crazy, somebody's got to go over there." Leonard answered:" You got feet and legs, you do it." Were those scenes Funny? Hell no. Just plain mean. Were those scenes for pushing the plot forward? hmmm, nah, don't think so. So why the hell the writers made Lenny say those words to each other? In an episode they didn't even have their own plots, they were just some bystanders no less? I'm speechless, sigh.
  15. OK, I just watched 1024 again. On the Discussion Thread, I said I thought Ramona was NOT THAT INTO Sheldon, and I kinda felt sorry for her as a character. But after @Jonny 's reminder of her look at the Skype scene, the first time I watched this episode, I missed this scene, now, I still think she was not that into Sheldon, but I feel A LOT LESS sorry for her... About the proporal, I still don't like Ramona as some catalyst for the proporal, but I really LOVE how determined and yet how relaxed Sheldon was in the whole "taking a cab, buying the ticket, watching SpongeBob, searching for Amy's apartment" scene. It was like this thing (as in proporal) was really a very simple thing, he didn't dwell on it, he didn't hesitate about it, he didn't consider it back and forth, he didn't overthink it, he just took the plane and asked Amy to marry him. So, now, I really want to hear Amy say yes.
  16. Thank you for discussing this with me. I love your way of thinking, and the 2 bold parts, I completely agree. You see, after watching this episode, on one hand, obviously I'm not happy about this long kiss, but, on the other hand, I kinda felt sorry for Ramona as a character, because she was just a tool for the writers to use for the proporal, and the whole situation was really too artificial for my taste. And, I agree with you, I think the writers found some kind of balance in this episode.
  17. Yes, you are totally right. After reading the TR of 1024, I already got the feeling that "the writers couldn't stress enough that Sheldon was NOT a cheater", "Ramona's actions and the kiss made Sheldon the victim". I watched this episode, I think the kiss was indeed longer than I've expected, but I don't think Sheldon was being flirty with Ramona. In fact, as an Amy fan, I can't believe I'm saying this, but, except for the dialogue and the kiss in the office scene, I even think that Ramona was NOT THAT INTO Sheldon, let alone trying to steal him knowing he already got a girlfriend. When Ramona talked about Amy with the gang, she wasn't resentful, when she said hello to Amy in the Skype call, she was friendly. To me, the whole interactions between Sheldon and Ramona were really like two friends (except for the kiss, of course). Hence I really think the situation was far-fetched. So, in order to "sell this idea", the kiss was "necessary", and the writers happily threw Ramona under the bus, but that was the purpose of Ramona's reappearance in this episode, so I'm not surprised. --------------------------------------- I really love the three guys (and Stuart)'s interactions, and Bernie and Penny's lines were really funny, too. Amy's "New Jersey way of talking" was so sassy, I love that. The stair scene was brilliant, and like Sheldon said, it was indeed like Mario Cart. I do think when Amy opened the door seeing Sheldon holding the ring, she was indeed shocked. No doubt. I hope in 1101, they will talk about the situation, and then Amy will say yes. All in all, I think this episode was really funny, I really didn't expect that. And you see, that was the real surprise, to me. Yes, I completely agree. I too wish they'd come up with a better proporal, to me, they could totally skip the proporal and just get married in the city hall. But, considering the show's "history", and the writers "sense of humor", this proposal could've been A LOT worse, indeed.
  18. I think it will be fun if we create our own "Awards" about Shamy in Season 10. Like: The Best Hug, The Best Kiss, The Funniest Moment, The Funniest Dialogue, The Most Heartfelt Scene, etc, etc. And we can attach the related GIF pictures to them. And, then, we can make a Wish List of Shamy in Season 11(and 12). PS: These are some of my small contributions for this thread to reach 500 pages.
  19. I hope the writers would write some individual plots for Leonard, and Penny, then write them as a couple. So we could all put that "Leonard and Penny don't have anything in common, so they should break up" nonsense to death. With Leonard, they could write more plots about his career, his friendship with Sheldon, Howard, Raj, etc. Even "his twisted relationship with Beverly" plots are much better than the Lenny fights in Season 10. Beverly is a fantastic character, I really want to see her more. Hope when Christine Baranski is not busy with the shooting of The Good Fight, she can come back. With Penny, especially her career, God, I want to say "put up or shut up, writers!" If you really want to change Penny's career, then please do something, write some plots for it; or if you don't want to change it, then please stop saying "Penny isn't happy about her job". Penny COULD be happy about her job, she COULD even be really good at her job, and we COULD see some interesting plots about her job, it was YOU who kept saying she hates her job, and then YOU didn't do anything about it. It's difficult, but I'm still hopeful for Leonard, and Penny, and Lenny.
  20. Indeed. I read a lot of "Amy is pregnant", too. And they even provided their reason:"Considering what happened in 1023..." And combined with what JP said in the interview:"I think the entire future hinges on tomorrow's episode..." So, now, they are convinced that "Amy is pregnant", because THAT would totally be "the big surprise".
  21. Oh, thank you for correcting me!!! OK, never mind my earlier post.
  22. Regarding this Emmy discussion, I want to say: IMO, I think there are three factors for someone to get an Emmy Award: 1. You have wonderful acting skills. 2. You have enough plots to show that you have wonderful acting skills. 3. You have more wonderful acting skills and more plots than your other four competitors. Both KC and MB have the first factor, BUT, neither one of them has enough plots, let alone "more than other four competitors". KC is TBBT's leading actress, but, compare to the other leading actresses in comedy, "Penny" is really NOT THAT flesh out, so she really doesn't have any chance. I mean, Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Veep, she IS the Veep, come on! MB is one of TBBT's supporting actress, but, compare to the other supporting actresses in comedy, she really doesn't have enough plots to compete. You see, Allison Janney on Mom, her character Bonnie is a supporting character, but she clearly gets more plots than her daughter. And, clearly, JP has all three factors, hence he got 4 Emmy Awards. All above are just my opinion.
  23. My favorite scene is Howard impersonated Stuart when they were going to the zoo. It was an absolutely brilliant performance from Simon. Another scene I remembered vividly was when Leonard played Chuck Berry's <You Never Can Tell>, and danced along, I immediately went back to watch Pulp Fiction...Yup, LOVE that movie.
  24. This post got me so confused. But I want to discuss this. 1. "bachelor" means "not in a romantic relationship with someone", right? So, no, Sheldon is NOT a bachelor. 2. Ramona has been following Sheldon's romantic situation all these years. Where did the TR say this? 3. Amy went ONE date with Stuart, then she became Sheldon's girlfriend. There is NO "when Amy was dating Stuart". This is NOT a "continuous situation". 4. "hardly even a sexual relationship" is NOT an accurate description, Shamy have a sexual relationship, the frequency of their sex enconters has nothing to do with anyone else but themselves. 5. "he commits himself any further". I think being someone's boyfriend IS a very important commitment, "being in a serious relationship" IS as important as "being married". And, I want to say, I'm pretty sure that Amy's line "you had one job" is some exaggerated funny joke from the writers. But I could be wrong, though. PS: I apologize for my blunt words and harsh tone, I'm sorry, I just don't understand where this original post is coming from.
  25. I have been rewatching Season 10 this weekend, currently I'm watching 1007. This time, I tend to focus on Howardette and Raj and Stuart. I love how the writers were handling Bernie's pregnancy, not too focus on "pregnancy" per se, but wrote about some very real issues, such as "pregnant women tend to get removed from some projects at work", "not all pregnant women only focus on the babies but nothing else", "it's time to buy a practical car like minivan", etc, etc. All the time, I find that Howardette's plots are very funny, warm, and Howard and Bernadette have great chemistry and communication. And, I noticed something. Howard, or Bernie, or both of them, sometimes they knew about some secrets about someone, but they didn't always share the secrets with the rest of the gang, at least not immediately after they knew. I think this is one of the things they have in common, sort of like "they both have this dark side". I've always think Howard and Bernie have similar IQ and EQ, similar upbringing, similar living environment, etc, etc. And most importantly, they have similar sense of humor, "the dark side", not to mention, their observations and comments about the other people in the gang are always spot on. Remember Bernie's comments about Sheldon in 1014? Bernie said:"Let's see. You are better than us. A little bit sorry for us. But mostly glad you don't have to be us." Remember in 1007, after Raj said he was 100% honest in all of his relationships, Howard asked:" And how single are you right now?" So true, so spot on!!! I love these two very much. I enjoy watching their stories.
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