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  1. Can I just say I think their "dirty talk" was way funny than some OMG cliche? It was informative, naughty, scientific, etc, etc. Not too dirty, too straightforward, but classy. And combined with the faces of the listeners... This was really funny. PS: I really didn't expect the "Shamy version of dirty talk", but you know, "live and learn". HAHAHAHA。。。
  2. I agree. And I remember in the TR of 1024, when they are skyping with each other, they express that they miss one another, and Amy thinks it is weird that Sheldon isn't there to correct her grammar, then Sheldon starts correcting her grammar. I think this scene is a perfect example as they really miss each other. Not one-sided or whatnot.
  3. You guys covered almost all my feelings, I'll just say Shamy in this episode make me feel so warm, the dialogues, the performances......just so warm.
  4. I get what you are saying, but like you said, 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of SW, AND, 1023 will be on May 4th, such a coincidence and perfect timing... But, enough with the moot discussion, Happy Star Wars Day!!!
  5. Happy Star Wars Day!!! Seriously, there are even some events about SW in some cities of my country tonight, yet TBBT didn't do an episode about SW. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I wish TBBT do an episode about SW in 1023, which broadcasts on May 4th, then the whole "Amy leaving for Princeton and they lost that project" could be in 1024. IMO, The whole Ramona plots are really unnecessary. Nevertheless, Happy Star Wars Day!!!
  6. LOVE this part, Penny's facial expression are so funny, and her words - "Yeah, you got me." "Once again, you got me." Also, "Oh, damn, wait, you know, maybe you shouldn't go!" Yeah, I really love this Penny.
  7. But...Season 3 also has 23 episodes as Season 2, I remember this because Amy's first appearance was 323, The Lunar Excitation.
  8. Sorry, but I think 11X19 will be the 250th episode, right? I hope they will give us a good episode, because I think 419, 519, 619, 719, 819, 919, 1019 are ALL good episodes. I hope they will follow this "tradition".
  9. Sorry for being so blunt here, but knowing Sheldon and Amy, I really don't think they would have some "unprotected sex" in 1023, and those protections wouldn't need much beforehand preparing time anyway. Again, sorry for my blunt words about sex here.
  10. I was having dinner with my friends this evening, one of them is a casual viewer of the show, she likes the show, likes all the characters, but not hard core fan. We talked about the show, and she told me, after watching the promo of 1023, after seeing the pictures of 1023 on the social media (especially that picture @mirs1 just posted and those group pictures), and knowing that Amy was gonna leave, she felt so sad that she almost thought the show was gonna end in 1024. Then she remembered the two-year-renewal, she was so happy. AND, she told me, she saw the pictures of 1024 today, and she immediately guessed that Sheldon was going to propose to Amy. "Because 1024 is the finale of Season 10, so they have to create some cliffhanger, right?" she said. I didn't spoil her about 1023 and 1024, but I think she knew she was right by watching my face. I want to say that after seeing the pictures of 1023, I also felt sad watching Sheldon like that, but thank God we got the information about this episode. Now, instead of being sad, I'm very looking forward to watching 1023, I think it's gonna be one of my favourite this season. And, the casual viewers, yeah, they are really good at guessing, I have to say before knowing the plots of 1024, I really didn't see proporal coming.
  11. Look at this picture, I think this is the "after kiss" picture. So I'm sure they indeed hugged.
  12. So...I have a question, is the Discussion Thread gonna be like this during the summer? People arguing about something that the show were doing for the past ten years? PS: oh, I'm pretty sure this post will got deleted, so whatever.
  13. Thank you, @mirs1 and @Anita, your explanations are making perfect sense! The bold part, I hope so, too! ETA: So those series of scenes just showed Sheldon was going to NJ to find Amy, but nothing about proposal, however once Amy opened the door, we knew he was going NJ to propose to her. OK, now I understand. Thanks, guys!
  14. TBH, I still don't understand why they showed us Sheldon doing something less important but not the more important things. (From @kazzie 's TR) He left the university, Straight into a cab, Straight to the Airport, Seen buying a plane ticket, Sitting on a plane (Watching sponge bob). Arriving in NJ, Going to Princeton, In the hallway looking for Amy's apartment. There were a series of scenes, but IMO, "sitting on a plane" implies "bought the plane ticket", so there was no need for showing us that he was buying ticket, meanwhile, "when did he get the ring?" was a much more important question, not just for fans, the casual audience are gonna wondering that, too.
  15. I just watched 1022, The Cognition Regeneration, I think this episode is SO WONDERFUL. It almost has all my expectations of TBBT, and some nice surprises too. 1. The four guys were playing video games, they went to comic book store, their conversations were funny, sarcastic but NOT snarky. Just plain wonderful. 2. The three girls were having fun at the bar, their conversations were funny, NOT snarky, and clearly, they were having a good time. 3. All of the three couples' scenes were cute, sweet, funny, they weren't fighting for pointless things, they were talking about life, and work. They were all being honest with their SO. And when some of them were having some trouble, they went to seek the advices from their friends, which was really helpful, because friends helped them put things into perspective. There were some arguments, but none of the arguments were pointless or ugly, and when they talked about the issues, they were all being completely reasonable. 4. There were three storylines in this episode, and every one of them had its own development. 5. This episode also had a recurring character, and Zack is one of my favourite recurring characters. He was really funny and cute in this episode. All in all, I really LOVE this episode, and I think this episode is the most balanced one since Season 7. TBH, I have a lot of compaints with the writers, but if they can write a episode like 1022 every now and then in the next two seasons, I will be truly happy.
  16. This, totally!!! I've been wanting to see those unusual pairing storylines for years, such as Leonard and Amy, Sheldon and Bernadette, Howard and Penny, Howard and Amy, Leonard and Bernadette, Raj and Penny, Raj and Amy, etc. In Season 10, we've got to see some of them, and I really appreciated that. But, to me, still not enough. And group scenes, too. I want to see the whole seven characters with Stuart, or Kripke, or Wil Wheaton, etc. We still have two seasons, so please writers, create some group storylines, friendship storylines, etc. The more, the merrier.
  17. I really want to see Amy's lab scenes at Prinston, too. I'm totally OK with seeing Amy via Skype for several episodes, like the old days, when Sheldon was Skyping with Amy, and we got to see her talking to the monkeys: "Mommy's on the phone!" And when she returns to Caltech, maybe we will get some follow-up about her work at Prinston. In this case, we won't see her in person, but at least she would get her own storyline. I'd love that.
  18. I think the “swimming” plot is just one of those "not so funny, just cheap" jokes from the writers, there is no need to overthink this, IMO.
  19. I think the writers already told us, in this entire episode, Sheldon was thinking about Amy, and she was the only woman for him by those skype scenes and some lines. I'm NOT mad at him about the kiss at all, and I'm willing to defend him about the "cheating" part at any time. So, to me, this "involving third party" proposal was really unnecessary. To me, they could just go to the city hall and get married. The plots in Season 10 suggested to me they were as good as married anyway. But you are right, the "traveling across country to propose to the woman he loves" plot was indeed romantic, and I understand the writers' intention about "creating a drama cliffhanger to intrigue viewers". Just, I wish the proposal was not the cliffhanger, is all. That being said, I had a feeling that the casual audience would buy this surprising cliffhanger.
  20. I think Shamy has their own ups and downs in Season 10, based on all the "living together" plots, I'm not really that keen on proposal, let alone this "unnecessarily involved third party" proposal. On a side note, I noticed there will be some events about the "Star Wars" in my country next week, God, how I wish we would get a "Star Wars" themed episode as 1023, and the 1023 involving Amy leaving to Prinston as 1024, the season finale. Sigh, wishful thinking, I know.
  21. I hate the Leonard's boat kiss plot so much. I wish it never happened. But to me, the more disappointing feeling is in 1024, the writers couldn't stress enough that "Sheldon is NOT a cheater." The entire episode, he was only thinking about Amy, and Ramona's actions and the kiss really made him the "victim". I say this, as not a big fan of Sheldon. And like 917, the 200th episode, this is also a demonstration that why Sheldon is the writers' favorite character.
  22. Thank you very much, @kazzie !!! Wow, I gotta say, 1023 is truly amazing! Shamy are funny, in love and so supportive of each other! And not just Shamy, the other characters' plots are good, too! I love when Leonard talks to Sheldon about life heart to heart. I love both Penny and Bernadette are so supportive of Amy's life. So sad to see that project got cancelled so abruptly. Those dirty talk...could be "informative"...LMAO. Thank you, again!
  23. Thank you, @mirs1 and @koops !!! TBH, I'm really NOT mad at Sheldon at all, because he indeed didn't do anything wrong. And, I think this was the writers' intention. They wanted to underline this point. I just don't like this proporal, like @mirs1 said, they don't need any catalyzer at all. Now I think they will talk about what happened, then Amy will say yes.
  24. I'm curious about your guys' speculations about 1101. TBH, I'm really surprised about this proposal, with the Ramona spoiler, I totally didn't see it coming. But, I have to admit, the proposal gave me a "Sheldon proposed out of his insecurity about their relationship" vibe. As in: after he understood Ramona's intention, he was worried that someone might do the same thing with Amy, so he needed to seal the deal. So, now I think there will be 3 possible scenarios: 1. Amy says yes. 2. After learning what happened with Ramona, Amy pisses off and says no. 3. After learning what happened with Ramona, Amy calms Sheldon down, and talks to him(like Monica did on Friends). Personally, I prefer the 3rd one. But I think the writers will go with the 1st one. So, what do you think? PS: If you think I'm raining on your parade, I'm really sorry. This is not my intention. I just want to discuss this episode and speculate the next one.
  25. Thank you for the information, now I'm much more happier. LOL Thank you!!!
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