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  1. really? My friends and I believe that this series has been the best in years!
  2. Happy taping day everyone! Does anyone know if anyone is going to give a taping report? I need to know what happens in the finale! I will be getting up at 5 in the U.K as normal to find out!
  3. It's so creepy! Land Amy can do so much better ! (Sorry Gunther!)
  4. This is a really weird article! http://metro.co.uk/2016/02/16/what-if-the-friends-gang-dated-the-big-bang-theory-gang-5680379/#mv-b
  5. Referring to friends, I don't think Chandler and Monica got any less funny because they were married!
  6. It would make sense, Sheldon gave Amy a pretty good birthday present so she may want to do something really special for him!
  7. Eee so exciting! Could be some sort of 'reaction' after bernadettes announcement!
  8. So apparently Bernadette is pregnant!!!!! :D
  9. Speaking with my friends, do you think the producers might do something totally out there for the 200th episode such as an episode set in the future or what would have been if the characters had never met.
  10. Aw thanks I'm a cute koala bear who loves the Big Bang theory and Twitter shamy are our favourite!
  11. What is the significance of the arrow I wonder??
  12. so k “you already got my virginity, get it together' what does that even mean?
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