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  1. I think that was a good for a laugh meaning they would only do it on a birthday. I am sure they will do it more often and it will be hilarious as they explore this new time together
  2. What a great episode so funny. Very sweet very cool well done all the way around
  3. Looks terrific. I can't wait until Thursday. Been a long time coming
  4. Very pleased with the episode. It made me very happy to see them together again and the kissing was awesome too. Then just say we love each other really was great
  5. Very funny stuff I enjoyed the episode the great deal. The ending was fantastic of course very funny very touching
  6. Thank you very much for the update. I was hoping they would have a regular episode and it sounds like they have. Very good found it...lol...funny stuff
  7. I never saw the season 8 flash mob I will have to look that up
  8. I'm looking forward to these two episodes a great deal. Yes I know so was everyone. They are truly the combination of years of writing thoughts and development.
  9. While we are accustomed to the characters and they are very real as they are remember this is just a TV show and it is very entertaining. They do a great job to make things real. However some things have to be taken with a grain of salt. It will be funny to see how they Explore all the angles of this Well I never enjoyed the break up stories or even the angle in general I think the ending is being handled pretty well for the ultimate payoff. It will be entertaining to see.
  10. How many days till this episode airs
  11. reckon Dave will fade into the sunset.
  12. Thank you I was just wondering. Sounds logical. I don't think the coitus will ruin Sheldon. in fact, this will prolly be something else he excels at. being an author (not of fan fics) I always see possibilities. I think it would be a riot To have the girls grilling amy about the experience. She calmly explains how great it was. And that he not only excels at coitus but also cunnilingus. Causing penny to spit in her coffee in the face of Leonard. This would become an ongoing gag I think that would just be funny just a thought
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