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  1. Ship Zone

    I just saw the episode and I actually liked it. I was a little anxious about it at first, but the truth is it was funny and it contained the question many shippers have wanted Sheldon to ask for years so, job done for season 10, I suppose. E23 is still my favorite though, but if things go according to plan in the next season, 01/11 might just be the greatest Shamy episode ever. Here's hoping! I just want to take this opportunity to thank all you lovely shippers who have made this season unforgettable. I sincerely hope you have a great hiatus (I won't be here as much, since mid-term exams are staring soon) and that you don't worry too much. Thank you to all who have provided spoilers and who take the time to write fanfics and create fan art. Season 10 aka best Shamy season ever, would not have been the same without all of you. See you in the fall!
  2. Ship Zone

    This episode was everything... One quote that just summarizes my feelings: Sheldon: Just remember I'm proud of you and I support you in all that you do. I'm done.
  3. Ship Zone

    I was totally expecting this... before any big Shamy episode, someone somewhere always notices a icky-but-true fact from either the TR or the sneakpeaks. I guess I'll start by saying that during the span of their relationship, Shamy have always been one-sided in terms of love and affection and the like. It was Amy who wanted more, it was Amy who pretty much adhered to whatever rules Sheldon put up. For years it's been like that, up until a point when people were calling theirs an abusive relationship. Post-break-up there was a shift. Sheldon initiated more romantic and thoughtful moments and they did all the things society would deem "normal", having sex, moving in together. Amy knows Sheldon's history with change and or disappointments. Sure, to an outsider or someone who isn't really paying attention, they seem like a regular couple, but because they aren't, things are different. My question is why? Why CAN'T Amy be worried about Sheldon in social situations without her? She knows him better than, I would assume anyone else in his day to day life, so she obviously has reason to worry. All of a sudden one-sided worry is just as bad as unrequited love. I actually don't get it. I'm just excited for this episode and the growth shown by both characters. If this was season 7 they'd have a fight about it. If this was season 8 they'd probably break-up if they couldn't come to a solution.
  4. Ship Zone

    OMG, this week and the next... I can't believe its almost time for these two huge episodes. We've been waiting and now its almost here!
  5. Ship Zone

    At first I was apprehensive about the proposal. I didn't like the episode in general, because I thought it was forced angst by the writers. I can, as can many other shippers, think of better catalysts to ultimately result in a proposal. However, like most of the episodes that are in some ways too adult for a 19 year old to fully comprehend, you guys made me see it differently. 1. I thought it wasn't Shamyesque. Wrong. Sheldon showing up unexpected at Amy's door with a big declaration of love has actually happened before. And that knock... Oh boy was she not expecting to hear that for a while. The things that must have been going through her mind when she heard his voice. 2. I said it wasn't a big enough gesture. He flew halfway across the country. Throwback to s8 when I was pretty sure he was gonna ask over Skype... Now he knows that he needs to be with her, taking a knee and asking her the question we all know he has been dying to ask for 2 years now. So maybe there wasn't roses or candles or other corny stuff like that, and maybe it didn't involve scavenger hunts or fwf like I always hoped it would... But it was still meaningful to Amy (regardless of her answer) because it was Sheldon. And it was still meaningful to us because it was Shamy. 3. I said the general episode felt cold. We have the girls (and God please bless 'em) trying to keep Sheldon from getting any closer to that She-devil and Raj putting has last bit of self-respect on the line and asking her out. That's family right there.. They don't always support the quirkiness of Shamy's relationship, but they support the relationship nonetheless. I guess I needed time to fully process it, cos it is a big moment. But now I can see why everyone else is excited. This season has been wonderful and I'm hopeful that the next one will be too.
  6. Ship Zone

    So E1s11 will have a big declaration of love from Sheldon? Cos for some reason, and I'm really sad to say this cos I've been waiting for a proposal for years, this whole thing seems so... forced and kind of cold. But I'm still ecstatic! Thank you to everyone who provided spoilers! @kazzie, next taping you go to will probably be the wedding. You're so lucky!
  7. Ship Zone

    I've always had this image of Sheldon asking Amy to marry him over Skype. Don't ask me why, but something about it is so Shamyesque. I'm not stressed anymore. Whatever happens in the finale cannot be worse than S8's ending/S9's first few episodes. Positive vibes, guys! On an unrelated note, I'm thinking of getting a Shamy inspired tattoo. Thoughts and ideas? (Not too extravagant - still trying to become a lawyer here).
  8. Ship Zone

    Don't forget the Africans!
  9. Ship Zone

    Happy taping day!
  10. Ship Zone

    I'm sorry I'm still lost here. When you say 'end the once a year deal', what exactly is meant by that? Will it be said in so many words by Sheldon and Amy, or is it just implied. Sorry, but small stuff like that matters to a Shamaholic.
  11. Ship Zone

    This Ramona thing is just really weird to me. I agree with that shipper (sorry, forgot who) who said that having Sheldon cheat on Amy would be ruining his character. I also don't think he's gonna cheat on Amy with Ramona. But if the writers make it seem that way... it's gonna be one hell of a summer break! I'm trying to be positive, but I have this bugging feeling that just won't go away. They certainly won't ruin our favorite couple, right? I read the part where they have coitus, but that even cheer me up cos the stupid feeling is just too urgh... I can't be the only one.
  12. Ship Zone

    wow... that's a lot to process. I feel good about some of the stuff I read, but I'm concerned about Amy leaving for the whole summer. The coitus thing is good though... I have strongly mixed feelings.
  13. Ship Zone

    Hey guys!! I've been so busy with my studies that I haven't been on here in a while and I haven't seen the last two episodes, I'm planning to binge the rest of the season during winter break. I'm so confused by everything I'm reading on this page. Would it be too much to ask a quick re-cap of the last 5 pages or something? Do we know anything about the finale? Coitus? Engagement? I would reeeeaaally appreciate it.
  14. Shamy fans like season 5-10 for obvious reasons...
  15. Ship Zone

    Happy birthday @April! You're really one of my favorite shippers and because you're famous for your essays, I'm gonna write one just for you... Kidding, but I do hope you have/had (I'm sure if I'm late) a great day and I hope all your dreams (including those Shamy-related ones) come true! As we say here in the Southern part of Africa, Veels geluk en voorspoed.