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  1. Wow, the next few episodes sound really great and I can't wait to see how it all plays out on screen. I can't wait for the new episode, as always, I'll be seeing it a little bit later, so I'll be relying on your lengthy posts and pics and gifs and stuff (which is always fun). I read the TR on Tumblr and of course I'm all about shirtless JP, but as for the rest of the episode, I have more questions than answers. 1. I read Amy looked hot? I wish someone could define that for me 'cos my mind is all over the place with that one. It's been on my wishlist since forever for her to dress even just a little better, even if it was just once. 2. Amy gets weepy when she talks about the elusive engagement? That's kind of sad, cos I know if I knew my partner had a ring and we were living together, sharing a bed, a space, having fun together and engaging (if only once) in intercourse, I would expect an engagement. Otherwise I would think I was doing something wrong and I'd start second guessing everything I'm doing. But that's just me. Hopefully Sheldon pops the question or they talk about it and decide what's the best way to go forward. I want them both to be happy at the end of the day. Anyway, I'll be daydreaming about the next few eps and refreshing constantly tomorrow morning to see what went down.
  2. You're right about the re-introduction being sloppy @April, but I still think it's all good in Shamy shipper land 'cos the next episode seems to be kind of amazing... such strong emotional bonding to come, I don't think the RA will play a part in their future (or at least the rest of this season). I hope they don't revert back to season 7 + 8 with the "Sheldon's a bad boyfriend/ the RA is weird therefor Shamy is weird" jokes 'cos that's what made me not like the RA in its latter stages ... the initial introduction was fine and cute and unique (much like them). I'm still positive that they'll continue to be happy and in love for the rest of this season. They'll end up staying together... I know it's not "endgame", but for us it is. On a side note, how cool are we for having different opinions but still listening to reason from someone who differs from us.
  3. Am I the only one that thinks coitus once a year is okay? I mean, I'm pretty neutral about it, whether or not they're at it like rabbits now, I couldn't care less. I just want them to both be happy and secure in the relationship. And it looks like they are. The RA back then was the cornerstone of the relationship, IMO. It took them from friends to couple and I'll always be grateful for that sometimes stupid contract. In some episodes Amy didn't seem to mind it and she even got her way in some of the decisions. I remember this thread after 09x11... everyone was talking about a new and improved RA and I kind of cringed at the idea. Fast forward a year later and the tables have turned, it seems. I wonder why. Is it because they're so happy now and the RA can be seen as a cause for concern in the future? I'm not too worried, even if they do have a new one / updated the old one... it's gonna be out of the way once they have a marriage agreement. Forever waiting for that proposal.
  4. I just saw the pics! Okay, that ought to hold me for a while...
  5. A proposal before the end of the season (if it gets renewed) would just be glorious. I die just thinking about it... I have all these scenarios... I'd love to read yours though.
  6. Thank you so much @kerrycec03 for that great tr! I'm so in love with this season, seriously. Every episode has had something sweet and or emotional growth-y in it. What a time to be a Shamy fan. I don't know who it was that said they weren't really *that* interested in the make-outs and coitus (even though they didn't mind, at all!) and I have to agree with said person... I love Shamy's adorable, cuteness. I find pleasure in the little moments, so I guess episode 14 will be my kind of episode. Am I the only one who thinks Sheldon calling Amy a weirdo without her glasses is adorable? I don't know why that's so cute to me... if it was any of the other couples on the show, it could come across as insulting, just my opinion. And then, Amy's dad... he's been an elusive one, but dankie baie, writers... you're doing a good job of keeping the crazy, into-details fans happy. I can't wait for the next two episodes. This is just paradise, really. Although, my heart goes out to the Lennys... they have not had the best of weeks. Am I a bitch to be kind of pleased that our couple is (finally) the alpha one now? Anyway... I think it'll be smooth sailing for the ship for the rest of the season.
  7. I knew y'all weren't gonna like the whole "drugging Sheldon" thing. But I actually don't see anything wrong with it... sure it was a stupid joke and the writers were total jerks for doing that, BUT sometimes there are gonna be things we don't like and we can't do anything but see the positive in the rest of the episode. I thought it was a delightful and funny episode sans *that* joke. Anyway, I still dig the Shamy and I'm looking forward to the rest of this awesome season.
  8. Hey y'all... I can't remember what happens in 10.12 and is there a TR out of 10.13 already?
  9. I love seeing all those cute old gifs. It warms my Shamy heart. Happy holidays to all you awesome nerds. Here's to more amazing Shamy moments to come in 2017. May we never run out of things to laugh, cry and fight about. I love this fandom so much. We're insane on our own but brilliant together.
  10. Plus he likes her nose. Why is that so hot to me? I like Amy with her hair pulled back too. I'm trying to remember when she looked really, really pretty... When Sheldon help her in her lab that other time. Plus I always liked her in brighter colours. I don't think she needs to change though. Maybe some other shoes and more tied hair. But don't change her too much. If she's happy, it shouldn't matter what anyone says. Not even Sheldon. He may be a lot of things but I don't think he's vain or cares that much about appearances. He's never insulted her appearance, I think if he did.. as in actually did to be mean.. I wouldn't/couldn't ship them anymore.
  11. There really is no other fandom like this. I spent hours re-reading your posts while I waited for the episode to air here and I just wanna thank you for all the pics, gifs and info. It really kept me going. This week's been super good. I got into law school, I'm having the best hair day and my babies are sooooooooooooooo in love! I love this. I know I'm a little late, but let's break it down: I guess I'll start by saying this was probably the best Shamy episode ever. We've had some big ones but this was just like... incredible. I've read fanfics that weren't as perfect as this. It was so great. 1. The casual touching was so hot. I enjoyed the awkward kisses but the touching. God, people... the touching was over-whelming. 2. The kisses were perfect. Well, imperfect which is what made them so perfect. I get that people will have their own opinions on them, but I loved it. 3. Some great acting by Mayim. She was so good, but like, I know she's that good, but sometimes she kinda just ups it and it's 10 times better than normal. Plus I think she looked beautiful in that ep. 4. The HP cosplay. Dead. 5. Sheldon's reaction to her in that robe was better than cheesecake. I mean, the words he used and how he said it was very... erm... attractive. You can't tell me there's no desire there. You just can't. Should have known homeboy was into cosplay though (Doctor-doctor Star Trek style). 6. Amy could be sitting on a goldmine here. New costume every week could result in coitus every week. Come on, writers. We don't have to see it. A casual mention will do. 7. Lastly, one of my favorite little details was how impatient Sheldon was, he doesn't usually like surprises so I guess it's like... growth. I have no idea, why that part stood out for me, but it did. I just loooooooved the whole entire episode. Rewatched it three times already.
  12. Hey guys! Excitement is the magic word, right? I never watch promos, but I might make an exception for this one. I like seeing everything in completion in the episode but I have 6 days till the episode so maybe I'll just break my own rule. I can't wait to read your thoughts. April, hoping you have a loooooong essay cos that always get me through the long wait. Yay for Shamy! Yay for us!
  13. Finally watched episode 10... "It's a good thing you're cute"??? Why do these writers wanna kill me before you know what??? I love it. You're not getting any bad vibes from me. I love this, all of this... even the not so great parts. This is a ship for the good and the bad times, ain't it?
  14. Haven't been here in a forever, but I miss you guys. I have like 50 pages of reading to get through. Did they have coitus yet?
  15. It's really fun speculating and reading all your thoughts. For some reason I'm not stressed at all. I think the next few episodes are gonna be angst free. Remember when "angst free" was all we hoped for? LOL, now it's all "coitus and kissing". Sometimes we forget, we're actually #blessed.
  16. Hey guys! Happy taping day... i've been so busy but I didn't forget! I wanna keep my expectations low but come on! How can I? FYI, watching season 4 Ep. 5. "Making love to your daughter's vagina" Oh, the old days. But the new ones are so much better.
  17. Just watched the episode! Loved it 'cos it was really funny and cute and I'm still after all these years digging the Shamy. I'm actually watching season 4 rn and it's so fun to compare that to the new episodes. A few stray observations though: 1. The pen drop move was HILARIOUS. Oh Shelly. 2. Penny's such a shipper. I love her. Those rose pedals were really taking though. 3. That voice! Kind of creeped me out, LOL. In a good way though. 4. I'd loooove to read a fanfic about the events that followed that night after the whole sexy dancing. 5. Sheldon wants to be a fun dad.. Awww, they're so married. I know lots of you wouldn't care for a Shamy baby, but it melts my heart just thinking about it and now, after seeing Sheldon soooo excited I know it's in my Top 10 of Shamy dreams. 6. Deer musk? 7. I loved their usage of "we" "us" "our". Whenever Sheldon was talking about the cells, he never said it was better than the others because of him. I think that's so much growth on his part. I loved it. I reeaally liked this episode. It was fun and I felt like Sheldon was still Sheldon, which I guess is always the objective, good or bad. So many cool moments to add to my Shamy log though.
  18. I'm confident this episode will be funny and not half as bad as I think. I'm always nervous after the gifs and promos and interviews and stuff, but its never as bad as I think. People in South Africa loooove Shamy, we'd so watch a spin-off. We have Showmax (kinda like Netflix) and their big billboard in Cape Town is a Shamy pic (the one with the hand holding when they reveal they're gonna buy a turtle) and the channel that airs the show on tv have this long ass ad about "The Science Of Love" all about Shamy. They're such huge shippers here. Back to the matter at hand. Coitus 2.0 should really take place in Ep. 10/11/12. I think the rest of this season will be slow in the Shamy department, and maybe that's a good thing, so tptb should really deal with it now. Spontaneous and purely because both really wanted to do it for no reason other than love/lust.
  19. I just watched the episode and I really liked it. It was funny and there was something genuine about it. But of course we're here to talk about our favorite couple, so let's see... 1. FwF's new name (I know it's not that new) really is catchy. The song not so much, but I can't hate FOTM. Any episode with fwf is a good one. Penny's news line was hilarious. 2. I always said Raj is a huge Shamy shipper. Totes one of us with his pretty blunt questions. My heart kind of melted when Sheldon said he loved Amy so easily, 'cos then I think about Prom and all fuss and then Earworm and all the fuss. I didn't mind the fuss, but I guess an "I love you" randomly will just always be better imo. 3. Awwww, good night kiss. Have to agree with everybody else. That's happening every night. How can it not? No hug today, but I can do with a nice peck on the lips. Also, loved that dream sequence. Oh Shelly, pillow breathing? (extra fact) while streaming this, the image froze and that kiss bed scene reloaded. So I got to see it twice without having to watch it again and again like some weirdo... although I've watched the episode 3 times already... #forscience.) 4. I did think Amy's apology was heartfelt and sincere. Although I don't like Shamy in a setup like that. I like for them to figure out their problems and solutions on their own. I guess because it's always been that way and I've gotten use to it. They've always been the couple the gang knew the least of and now it's like they're government owned! 5. Maybe it's my age, but I didn't get the hallway scene at first. I mean, I got it, but I didn't quite understand why so many of you loved that scene. When I watched it a second time I teared up a little. In one brief moment, every single Shamy scene that's ever taken place in between those two apartments flashed before my eyes. And I realized how far they've come as a couple and I couldn't help see the beauty in it. It was sad, but in the most wonderful way. Some random thoughts Sheldon's sex dungeon dream was so out of left field... how's that his first thought? This season's just been very funny. And I love how it's been like 7 episodes and no "funny" pseudo insult thrown Amy's way. I've been trying to figure out what Mayim's best season was so far (it's always been 6 for me, for some reason), but season 10's been great for her, from a comedy perspective. I live for her bad acting in fwf. I'd say it was a good episode. I kind of feel more mature after watching it, if that even makes sense. I just really enjoyed it. Season 10 is the best!
  20. Wow, this episode sounds AMAZING!!! And I was so worried. I can't wait to see it. Especially this hallway scene you're all crying over...
  21. Yay! Kissing tonight. We've been waiting since forever. The rest of the episode will just be kind of meh, right? I don't remember much about 7's TR. Either way, I'll see it over the weekend and it's always better to see for myself, but I can't wait to read everyone's thoughts about it. That's always fun too.
  22. Thanks @April... the promo pics help too. LOL
  23. Shenny needs to die. Seriously. I'm so over it, but like, I was never under it, urgh. Cos what I'm reading just makes me feel so weird inside. Don't ask me why but I feel as if the writers gave us ALL that Shamy goodness from 04-08 and now it's back to "Sheldon is still Sheldon" and "Sheldon needs Penny" I don't like this!! I haven't read the whole report yet, but I mean, it's just been downhill from 08 I guess... Someone give me something to hold on to...
  24. Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted here, I've been so busy but that doesn't mean I still ship SHAMY really hard. I love them and all the awesome developments that's happening. I think non-shippers will think it's out of left field, like someone else said, but for us it's been one reeeeaaally long wait to see them this happy and in love, so why can't we relish in it? I can't wait for Ep. 8 'cos I think it's gonna be a one of those big Shamy episodes, unlike Ep. 6 that wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but nevertheless funny and cute. Ep. 7 I think people are interpreting wrong. I can't be the only one who thinks Amy lying to be with Sheldon isn't bad. It's not. Honestly, I would have probably done the same. For those who still don't get it : SHE LOVES HIM!!! And she's been through him leaving her for 45 (I think) days so she's allowed to be neurotic and crazy sometimes (and that's not even a woman thing.) I'll admit, I've been avoiding this thread because of the accusing nature of some of the members' post. They've totally put me off of Ep. 7, but after soul searching, I realized that the way we interpret things is what makes us different, so I will be more tolerant next time. Happy days guys, happy days!
  25. Wow, you sort your life out for a few days and come back to Shamy Central hoping for good news and what you get is the best possible thing EVER. I can't believe this. Like, is this real life? 22 pages ago we were out of topics and had to dig up things from the past, now we have 50 different topics to talk about. I love it. I'm going to wait until I see it all unfold on screen before I write an essay, but for now SQUEEEE!
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