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  1. well thank you for rubbing it in! But I get that... just kinda meant... atleast like... in a scene together or something. I'm desperate, I'll take what I get...
  2. Also... I think it's kinda nice that Sheldon prohibited cosmetic surgery.. means he likes Amy the way she is... IMO
  3. I liked this ep. But I needed some Shamy in it!!
  4. I've been watching TBBT since it first showed here in South Africa. I'm 18 and as you can imagine, I'm as hip as a teenager in Africa can possibly be. In my humble-not that educated-kinda random opinion, the gang aren't that outta style anymore... I know Leonard and Sheldon, Raj, Howard and also Amy (as characters, not the actors) get loads of crit over their clothing... and to be honest... some outfits are horrendous, but I think they aren't "nerdy" anymore... they're hip... as in.. Hipsters. Just Google the term if you're unfamiliar with it... The gang are really fashionable if you look at it from a hipster perspective... Ironic printed tees, Raj's vests, Amy's style in general... they look like proper Tumblr hipsters rather than unstylish nerds... I guess back in 2005 when the show started they weren't so "cool" and "stylish", but now... almost 10 years later they are actually in trend. I don't know if the writers ever noticed it... What do you guys think and have you noticed it?
  5. I guess it's true... (the fact that everybody dislikes some aspects of a character) but I actually feel she does get singled out sometimes... and people tend to get hella personal when it comes to her. Like if you're gonna judge the character, then more power to you... but to judge the actress' physical appearance is not okay...
  6. To me, a serious Shamy shipper... they should reconsile asap. I hate seeing Shelly so lonely. I just want both to be happy... can't they just make up already? I have a perfect scenario : so Sheldon proposes and amy believes this is just his way of getting her back so he can drop her again. But then he explains that he loves her and knows that marriage won't solve their problems, but that he wants to spend the rest of his life making FWF with her
  7. I'm new here, but I have watched TBBT since it started... I've seen every episode more than 4 times and I watch season 7 and 8 over and over. I reaaaally ship all the couples, but I like Shamy best, cos they are the cutest. As a Shamy fan, I hate that they broke up, but love seeing Sheldon chase after Amy for once.I know Amy gets a lot of hate from people, but tbh, she's the only one who's really had character transformation since her first appearance. From robot Amy to passive aggressive Amy and then perverse Amy. Then she became more confident, up to the point where she was strong enough to break up with Sheldon. Even though she loves him and tried her best to make their relationship work. At the same time I'm upset that some people accuse her of wanting to change Shelly. Okay, she knew from the start what she was getting, but come on, 5 years of absolutely nothing? A kiss here and there and I love you... that's it. She has needs!Another big issue that loads of fans complain about is the fact that Shelly mooning over Amy and the break up... I don't get that... We all know Sheldon loved Amy from the minute they met (even though he might have not known it) 1. He hit Leonard when he thought they'd spend the night together.2. He was jealous when she went out with Stuart.3. He made her his emergency callee (not a word, I think)4. He actually kissed her first on the train.5. He took care of her when she was sick.6. He told Lenny there's a possibility of sex in their future.7. He wants them to live on Mars together.8. They got a turtle.9. He went cat shit crazy after the first break up.10. He values her opinion.11. The last episode of season 8 (boo hoo, break up episode) what a lot of people didn't notice was him going back in for the kiss after Amy stopped.12. The boy girl sleep over.13. His confession to Bernadette at the mall I guess what I'm saying is that Sheldon really does love her and that they're still the best couple on the show. Will they get back together? I don't know. Either way, cut Amy some slack, that's a tough character to play. Mayim Bialik is really good and deserves an Emmy win, not just a nomination. It would be nice to see either of them make the other one jealous, but I still want them to end up together.
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