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  1. I actually love the moments where neither of them are both that visibly upset, but you can still tell they're just dying inside. When Penny gives Leonard the blanket in the S2 finale and walks away from him, watch her face. She looks devastated and ready to burst into tears. The quick switch from Penny playing it light and cool to Penny looking so broken - within seconds - was great acting by Kaley. And that's what made the scene so powerful, because it was all about things that weren't being said, about Leonard not seeing just how much it hurt Penny to watch him leave.
  2. LOL. Bless you, Johnny.
  3. I agree. She was perfect in that role!
  4. Just saw Wonder Woman and it was PERFECT.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tells No Tales Loved it!
  6. I have a crappy day ahead of me but this post made me smile. Beautifully put.
  7. Exactly, and I wish they would return to that angle because that sure as hell had more depth to it and was way more relatable.
  8. You misunderstood me. I know what they're saying, I'm just saying it doesn't make any sense. If Penny literally throws herself at Leonard in 3x01 then that's not him wearing her down, especially not when her feelings for him were established since 1x05 when she was really happy about things between Leonard/Leslie not working out. I just don't see the one-sidedness they like to talk about so often because it simply was never there.
  9. I don't know. I never really felt that Leonard wore her down. She initiated most of their first kisses, she suggested they get married, she suggested Vegas... I never felt that Leonard had such a hard job landing Penny. She was a very willing participant, yet they make it seem like she just started dating him out of pity.
  10. It's hard to answer that question because at the end of the day, Leonard and Penny aren't real people. The reason their relationship isn't exciting to watch right now is because that's how TPTB choose to write them for whatever reason. I want to look at it from the characters' perspective because lord knows that's way more fun to analyze, but barely anything about the way they're written over the last few seasons feels logical or in character. There are times where I don't even recognize the couple I once fell in love with. So what I do wish for is for TPTB to devote some quality time to Leonard and Penny, individually and as a couple.
  11. Non-Show Discussion

    Exactly. If nominations were purely based on an actor's ability, DiCaprio would have 5 Oscars instead of one. I can name tons of actors who are fantastic and yet have never gotten recognition through awards.
  12. Look, I'm not much of a Shamy fan either. I think they're OK but that's about it. But whether or not MB or Shamy are believable is highly subjective. Shamy have had a storyline for years, so MB has every right to care about that relationship regardless of how the fans feel about it. JMO.
  13. I'm sure if we would always get what Johnny and Kaley want we'd be getting very different things on this show.
  14. It's also not much different from Kaley saying years ago that she "would cry like it was her own break up" if Leonard and Penny didn't end up together.
  15. I agree. I mean, whenever you watch a show for a long time there's always a risk of disappointment. It's happened to me with many, many shows. And in the end you wish you had devoted that precious time to something else.