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  1. I don't trust any politician. Liberal, conservative - I don't care. I think they'll do anything to anyone as long as you wave enough money in front of them.
  2. I think racism and other insults are two very separate issues. Racism - especially for black people - is connected to slavery, dehumanization and death. When someone is called the c-word, then that's not nice obviously, but you won't associate it with centuries of unspeakable pain.
  3. I can't stand the woman so I'm glad she's out of a job. Her anti-Palestinian tweets drive me nuts, but that's another issue entirely. That said, I do think there's a double standard going on in Hollywood. There are so many celebs who I think shouldn't be able to work again ever (hello, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski) but for some reason nothing happens to them. That drives me nuts as well. It feels like there's no true justice anymore. I'm sorry the rest of the cast is receiving backlash over this, though I do wonder if they've ever looked at Roseanne's Twitter account ever...? Cause that's a dead giveaway.
  4. ABC has cancelled Roseanne because Roseanne Barr tweeted something racist. I feel sad for the rest of the cast, especially Sara, Laurie and John. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/roseanne-canceled-at-abc-racist-tweet-1115412
  5. I remember Sara on The View talking about her coming-out and how Johnny offered to be there with her and hold her hand. I found that story so moving. He's one of the good ones.
  6. I just watched the Pilot of "Living Biblically" and I quite liked it. It was fun and ended with a very bittersweet moment. Although the main character threw me off at first cause the one other role I'd seen the actor in was as a cold blooded killer on Castle. I'm gonna give the show a chance and watch a few more episodes. I hope the show does well. That'd make me happy for Johnny.
  7. LMAO. That does make me proud for some reason.
  8. Yup. Myself included. I thought they were downright vicious to each other too often and I liked the depth of Harry and Hermione's relationship way better. Even Jo Rowling admitted it could've gone that way. I loathed Ginny as well. Anyways. Hi everyone. Still there even though I don't really post anymore. How is everyone enjoying this season?
  9. As someone who is a very private person, looking through this thread makes me feel very uneasy. Then again I also feel that way about some of my friends' FB accounts. Good for her she's found someone who's just as open about sharing things with the public as she is, though. Let's be honest, she wants the attention and she needs someone who wants it as well.
  10. "Living Biblically" sounds hilarious. I'll check it out.
  11. Wow. It's true what they say. Seems like nothing is real anymore unless it's posted on social media. Congrats, though.
  12. To me, Howard's "flirting" in the early seasons is not that different from the mean "jokes" they write for Sheldon, for example. And before someone says, "But Sheldon isn't aware!", well, I don't think Howard was, either. I think he genuinely thought that's what women liked or that's how you're supposed to flirt. I remember how surprised he was when Penny told him he's a creep and that they're back and forth wasn't fun for her. I think when watching this show - or TV in general, mostly - you're kinda supposed to overlook these things that would make any woman (or person in general) angry if it happened to them in real life. Of course you could argue that these types of TV characters glorify unacceptable behavior and so on, but that's another discussion entirely. I know I wouldn't sit my kid in front of a TV and tell them, "Here, this is real life."
  13. Listened to Mayim's video on FB and I now understand what she was trying to say. I still think it wasn't the greatest idea to use the Harvey Weinstein situation to talk about how she chooses to handle herself in Hollywood. I realize she was just talking about her experiences but it really did come across as victim blaming. And I'm saying that as someone who is a victim of sexual assault. Then again I hardly know women in my personal life who aren't. Unfortunately. Carry on.
  14. Let's just say I wholeheartedly agree with the top comments under her article on her FB page.
  15. The way she worded the entire thing doesn't sit well with me. I'll leave it at that cause anything else I'd write would be completely off topic. That said, I love how outspoken she is.
  16. Johnny sure has a way with words. He seems like the sweetest guy. Bless.
  17. Oh wow I'll definitely watch this one. Thanks so much @NotWonderland! Solid plot for Leonard and Penny and to top it off we'll get a bit of Leonard/Amy. Love it!
  18. Penny and Beverly spending time together actually sounds like something I wanna watch. Thanks for the info and I hope you had fun!
  19. Courteney Cox was pregnant during the final season of Friends, too. Ironically her character Monica wasn't able to have children.
  20. If they were bothered by it they hid it well. What else were they supposed to do, though? Call Molaro out on it on stage? Nah.
  21. Is there a video of this somewhere? Couldn't find anything.
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