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  1. Interesting. Have you checked my browser history? I can't remember ever visiting a conspiracy website, but hey, you never stop learning. Personally I find statements from Generals, firemen, Pentagon workers, policemen and physicists pretty credible. Especially when they have nothing to gain.
  2. I used to be just as dismissive of 9/11 until I actually spent some time researching it. Everyone has their right to their opinion, of course.
  3. It wouldn't have been the first time they lied in order to go to war. They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got the U.S. into Vietnam where 58,000 American soldiers died. I doubt they'd care about "just" 3,000 Americans. This video is really eye opening (and infuriating):
  4. There's a video of the janitor of the WTC (William Rodriguez) talking about what HE saw on 9/11. He said that before the first plane ever hit, a bomb went off in an elevator in the lobby. There's also several videos of firefighters talking about bombs going off inside the WTC. I can't remember who it was, but another person claimed that in the weeks/months leading up to 9/11, there was elevator maintenance going on. The strange thing was that the elevators were guarded by heavily armed men. When Larry Silverstein purchased the WTC towers months before 9/11, he did two things: 1) made sure the insurance covered terrorism (he walked away with 7 billion dollars after 9/11) 2) he switched the security company. And the new security company had in its board of directors: Marvin Bush, brother of G.W. Bush. I think her involvement with Dodi Al-Fayed only played a small part. Diana accurately predicted her death in 1993, long before she got involved with Dodi. She gave this note to her butler (for him to give to the police should her murder actually happen): "I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me & encourage me to keep strong & hold my head high — this particular phase in my life is the most dangerous — my husband is planning "an accident" in my car. brake failure & serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word. I have been battered, bruised and abused mentally by a system for 15 years now, but I feel no resentment, I carry no hatred. I am weary of the battles, but I will never surrender. I am strong inside and maybe that is a problem for my enemies. Thank you Charles, for putting me through such hell and for giving me the opportunity to learn from the cruel things you have done to me. I have gone forward fast and have cried more than anyone will ever know. The anguish nearly killed me, but my inner strength has never let me down, and my guides have taken such good care of me up there. Aren't I fortunate to have had their wings to protect me." Her campaign against land mines also triggered a lot of powerful people. One of her old friends said she was there when Diana received a threatening phone call because of it.
  5. Totally agree with this. Also, wouldn't it be a bit arrogant of us to believe that we are the only living beings in the universe? In terms of the conspiracy theories I believe in: 9/11 being an inside job, because the evidence is overwhelming Princess Diana was murdered - equally overwhelming evidence
  6. Are there conspiracy theories that anyone on here believes in? Or do you think they're all bogus? I believe in a few but I wanna hear everyone else's thoughts first.
  7. I don't trust any politician. Liberal, conservative - I don't care. I think they'll do anything to anyone as long as you wave enough money in front of them.
  8. I think racism and other insults are two very separate issues. Racism - especially for black people - is connected to slavery, dehumanization and death. When someone is called the c-word, then that's not nice obviously, but you won't associate it with centuries of unspeakable pain.
  9. I can't stand the woman so I'm glad she's out of a job. Her anti-Palestinian tweets drive me nuts, but that's another issue entirely. That said, I do think there's a double standard going on in Hollywood. There are so many celebs who I think shouldn't be able to work again ever (hello, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski) but for some reason nothing happens to them. That drives me nuts as well. It feels like there's no true justice anymore. I'm sorry the rest of the cast is receiving backlash over this, though I do wonder if they've ever looked at Roseanne's Twitter account ever...? Cause that's a dead giveaway.
  10. ABC has cancelled Roseanne because Roseanne Barr tweeted something racist. I feel sad for the rest of the cast, especially Sara, Laurie and John. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/roseanne-canceled-at-abc-racist-tweet-1115412
  11. Avengers: Infinity War was only part 1. The next part comes out next year. 😎
  12. Avengers: Infinity War Epic. Just simply epic.
  13. No Regrets


    Oh absolutely. It's just that by watching I'm automatically supporting the actor, which in this case (and many others) I don't wanna do. For example: I'm boycotting Kate Winslet's movies because she keeps working with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. So unless I happen to catch a stream or something, I'm not watching. I'm happy about the Roseanne ratings though, because I absolutely heart Sara Gilbert, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf.
  14. No Regrets


    I think it's great that they're portraying the current political climate within families accurately. That's brave. Will I watch? No, cause Roseanne Barr is a loud mouthed, rude nut case and I can't stand her.
  15. I remember Sara on The View talking about her coming-out and how Johnny offered to be there with her and hold her hand. I found that story so moving. He's one of the good ones.
  16. Nah. 2,5 hours away by car. TNP has a pet.
  17. I just watched the Pilot of "Living Biblically" and I quite liked it. It was fun and ended with a very bittersweet moment. Although the main character threw me off at first cause the one other role I'd seen the actor in was as a cold blooded killer on Castle. I'm gonna give the show a chance and watch a few more episodes. I hope the show does well. That'd make me happy for Johnny.
  18. Black Panther. Awesome, awesome movie.
  19. LMAO. That does make me proud for some reason.
  20. Yup. Myself included. I thought they were downright vicious to each other too often and I liked the depth of Harry and Hermione's relationship way better. Even Jo Rowling admitted it could've gone that way. I loathed Ginny as well. Anyways. Hi everyone. Still there even though I don't really post anymore. How is everyone enjoying this season?
  21. The Greatest Showman Beautiful film. The music is amazing.
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