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  1. Actor

    What would you expect from his IG? The vast majority of Kaley's IG postings are non-TBBT. Also, the fact that Johnny already does his outside stuff says that he has the time to do it. And quite frankly, he essentially works half the year on TBBT and has the other half off for his other projects. Coming to that, what is "distancing from the show"? Every actor does something else during downtimes of the show (s)he's in.
  2. Actor

    Well, have you seen his girlfriend, especially when she wears certain outfits? I'd brag too
  3. Actor

    Did anyone consider that she might have congratulated them in person?
  4. Precisely. People sometimes think they fell in love when all they felt was lust because the person they saw had certain physical features. Once that's gone, what is left?
  5. There's also another from an X-Files episode (6x08 - The Rain King) Scully: "It seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you've seen the night before, like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can imagine yourself with."
  6. Did Penny reveal top secret information there? Remember, not even Raj is allowed into their lab because he's not part of the project and doesn't have clearance.
  7. I noticed that he stopped wearing them all the time in the final Season 7 episode. From then on, he wore jackets or shirts most of the time and hoodies only when at work.
  8. Offtopic question, but is she moving forever, like in Mayim and the network didn't come to terms so they have to write her out of the show?
  9. I kinda have a hard time seeing how they could logically get a divorce without one of them cheating on the other. It has been established that Leonard essentially was in love with her from day 1 and Penny reciprocated his feelings even in Season 3, albeit without the capacity or courage to acknowledge them. They can't use routine as reasoning because they have been together for basically 7 years with that 1,5 year break inbetween, so there already had to be a lot of routine before they tied the knot.
  10. That will always be a problem. You have a show that runs 20-22 minutes each episode and you basically need four separate storylines into them if you don't put main characters together. If TBBT was like shows like any Star Trek or these others that run 45 minutes, the writers would be able to give each character/couple their own arc each episode.
  11. No, it's actually not a career change. Instead of selling this, she's selling that, the only difference being that she doesn't have to flirt with doctors. It's weird how they write this, Penny wants to be an actress but sucks at it and is very good at selling drugs, according to what everyone in the series has said, but hates that.
  12. If Leonard had not been on that camping trip to see the meteor shower only to get high on pot cookies, she would have yelled for him anyway. Sheldon was the only one available
  13. I agree with you here. An anti-climactic engagement was something most people didn't expect. The usual engagements have all been done already, so this was different ^^
  14. Actor

    Anyone notices that Johnny never really smiles when getting his picture taken with people?
  15. I doubt it's only the robe ^^