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  1. son-goku5

    Best Jokes You Know

    Husband: "We won money in the lottery, what should we do with it?" Wife: "Actually, I'd like to take half of it and get a divorce." Husband: "We won 30 bucks. Here's your 15, now get out." Reminder: When you're at a funeral, don't throw the flowers behind you to see who catches them.
  2. son-goku5

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    It's hard to understand American politics. Right now, it looks as if they're more divided on partisan lines than during the Civil War. Other parties exist, like the Green Party or the Libertarians but they're usually not on ballots for national races because there are certain requirements you need to have to be on those ballots. And if a third party becomes too big, they usually get swallowed by either the Democrats or republicans. Like Dean Norris' character in The West Wing said so fittingly: "In every other country, the republican party would be three different parties." And the United States is the only democracy I know where one party actively tries to have less people vote. Just a few example of what republicans are doing to suppress votes in areas where more people vote for Democrats: - In Houston, voting machines were not working at multiple polling places - At Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit, they turned voters away because they couldn't find the voting machines. Yes, you read that right, they couldn't find them. Later they learned that they were in a storage closet to which the polling workers had no key for - In Gwinnett county in Georgia, the machines that give you your ticket to vote weren't working And the thing is, all those places have early voting, so why are these problems appearing on election day?
  3. son-goku5

    Johnny Galecki

    A hand injury isn't something you can easily hide for several episodes unless he can take off the cast for filming. It was different when Kaley broke her leg, there they could film her sitting or have a stand-in replacement to film her character walking (like in the 21-second excitation)
  4. son-goku5

    Johnny Galecki

    My guess is they'll make him have a fitting accident in the opener of the next episode they're filming (like a videogame injury or something)
  5. son-goku5

    Best Jokes You Know

    I don't get any of them... --------- Son: "Dad, remember when you told me to put a potato into my bathing shorts to impress the girls?" Dad: "Yeah, son." Son: "You should have told me to put it into the front..."
  6. son-goku5

    Best Jokes You Know

    Always borrow money from a pessimist. He'll never expect it back.
  7. son-goku5

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I also don't believe that this book alone caused the war. But I do think that it laid its groundwork by swelling resentment in the north against slavery while the south wanted to keep them. Lets not forget that from the northern perspective, the war wasn't started because of slavery. The north fought for reunification (even though many people knew already that it was really about slavery). That changed in 1863 with the emanzipation proclamation.
  8. son-goku5

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Some historians believe that Uncle Tom's cabin laid the groundwork for the Civil War. That's because the Northerners in the US couldn't quite fathom what a slave experienced bar those few who escaped and made it up there to tell their story. But when that book came out, which became at that time the second-bestselling book after the bible, many woke up to the fact how their fellow Americans treated black people.
  9. son-goku5

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I read Uncle Tom's Cabin and Huck Finn as a child. I could never make the connction to slavery because at that point, I hadn't learned about it yet in school. But still, as derogatory as the word nigger is, replacing it with slave makes it worse. AS D.L. Hughley so aptly put it: "If you call me nigger, I can go home. If you call me slave, I have to go with you."
  10. son-goku5

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Just as a sidenote to this, have you heard that they changed Huckleberry Finn? They took out the word "nigger" and replaced it with "slave", as if that was an upgrade...
  11. son-goku5

    Math problem

    Yeah, I finished it. Seriously, they expect this from 13-year olds...
  12. son-goku5

    Math problem

    I GOT IT 😄 Starting with x=9 and y=11 -> add a once -> x=16 and y=6 -> add f once -> x=10 and y=15 And now, simply alternate with the combination of 2*a+e and b+g. That'll always add a net of x+5 and y+5 until you reached 100 for both. You need to begin with 2a+e, otherwise you will go to y=105 right at the end and that's not allowed. Jesus Christ...
  13. son-goku5

    Math problem

    I gave some thought and as I stated above, if x and y were zero at the beginning, it would be extremely easy. For example: b = x+7 and y-5 g = x-7 and y+10 So combined, these two give a net of y=+5 then 2*a= x+10 and y-8 e = x-5 and y+8 Combine these two, you get a net x=+5 because the ys cancel each other out So, if x=0 and y=0 at the start, you just had to do 25*b+25*g and 40*a+20*e and you'd be at x=100 and y=100 But alas, x and y don't start at zero. And they ask 13 year olds to do this...
  14. son-goku5

    Math problem

    Unfortunately, it doesn't, that'd be too easy ^^ I'm sorry if I didn't express the problem correctly. The variables a to f add to both x and y at the same time. So, taking the starting variables x=9 and y=11, adding b would result in: x=9+7=16 and y=11-5=6 If you then add f, you get: x=16-6=10 and y=6+9=15 Adding another f would result in: x=10-6=4 and y=15+9=24 Yet another f, you get x=4-6=1 (<-- because x and y can't be lower than 1) and y=24+9=33 And another f, you get x=1-6=1 and y=33+9=42 And so on. I showed this to my old math teacher, even she couldn't make heads or tails with it because of those stipulations...
  15. son-goku5

    Best Jokes You Know

    Last night, during our Christmas party, our esteemed colleague Henry Adams drowned in a barrel of whisky. Several people tried to help him but he stubbornly resisted the attempts.

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