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  1. Not to mention that his right arm is stretched above him, which makes it a selfie. Still, it almost looks like a girl because of the hair and the lack of facial hair
  2. Going to a cabin on the weekend with the new guy is not really "taking your time". They surely didn't just talk while there
  3. I always wonder why wealthy people always buy houses that have half a dozen or more bedrooms. It's not as if Kaley is planning to have four kids. And I somehow doubt that she has guests staying the night that often Not to mention that it's a pain to clean ^^
  4. This is something a lot of actors go through, the press tour can be quite excrutiating.
  5. Right, I mistook him for the other guy she was with after Johnny (was it the one she was with when she had her broken leg?) An addiction specialist is a medical doctor, though it can be a physician or a psychiatrist that specialized in treatment of addictions
  6. Well, the guy she dated after Johnny (the musician) had also proposed to her and she had accepted. The engagement and relationship was over 6 months later though
  7. Just read in a feed on my phone (though I don't even know why I get those) about an interview with Kaley where she said that she would never marry again, saying "and you can print that on your cover" She doesn't say no to a future relationship but never again marriage These days, they call it "Advanced Maternal Age", I think.
  8. Not to mention that Kaley is 5 years older than Karl, so her biological clock is probably ticking to the end of what's considered safe for child bearing
  9. I wonder if they were still together had Johnny been willing to just reveal it and be open about it, the way Kaley wanted to be. I remember Kaley saying in an interview that because of having to hide it, they never went anywhere (like on dates)
  10. It may be the Lenny fanfiction writer in me talking here but with Johnny, I always felt that the reason his relationships failed, no matter how much love was there or intimacy or even offspring (in Alaina's case), the one reason he can't have a truly long relationship with those women is that they lack one specific thing. They're not Kaley. As for Kaley, who knows? It comes over as her being incapable of keeping the spark alive that made her get into those relationships or even marriages. With both of her husbands, she shared a specific love for something. With Ryan, it was tennis, with Karl, it was horses (and other animals). But that's really not enough to sustain a relationship in the long run. Though that's really just speculation unless she opens up about it.
  11. "Thuthie ith the only member of our family who doethn't lithp. Thuthie, thay tree." "Tree." "That'th the proof!"
  12. "I got a new pet?" "What kind?" "A skunk." "What? Where do you keep that?" "In my bedroom." "But what about the smell?" "Well, the animal just has to get used to it."
  13. Since he's going to be a father soon, he might wanna rethink his smoking habit...
  14. At least a little nerdy, Avery = Avery Brooks = Captain Benjamin Sisko on Deep Space 9.
  15. Which way too many people in the US have unfortunately. The sad thing is, a lot of those people wish back a time that never truly existed, apart from on TV.
  16. And that is bad why? I don't really understand if that comment is meant sarcastically or not. A lot of people have children out of wedlock. What's wrong with that?
  17. A lot of times it's envy speaking in those nasty comments. As if they're saying "How dare this old guy take this young bombshell of a woman. She should be with me." Not to mention that there often are quite pronounced age gaps between spouses among celebrities. Just look at Harrison Ford & Calista Flockheart (22 years apart) or David Foster & Katherine McPhee (34 years apart) Well, if she's with him for the money and fame, at least she's going all the way if she has a child with him 😄
  18. What does it say about me when the first thing I think when seeing this picture is that the woman taking it is about to flash her breast 😄
  19. Is it just me or have there been more Social Media pictures from or with Johnny in the last months than have been the last ten years? 😄
  20. Is it just me or did his haircut return to Leonard of Season 1? 😄
  21. It's normal. Shows often go from September/October to May because during Summer, more people are not watching TV ^^
  22. And then they show a picture of them with a puppy 😄
  23. My ex-girlfriend still misses me. But her aim is steadily improving. If you spend your day in a well, could you say that your day was well-spent?
  24. That's why they say that empty space isn't truly empty ^^ But I was talking about the space after the space where the energy hasn't reached yet. The universe is still expanding
  25. My guess is that at some point, all you'd see is blackness because all the matter and energy that was expelled during the Big Bang hasn't reached those areas of space yet. And by empty space I mean truly empty. No space dust, no background radiation etc
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