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  1. I think right now considering everything the writers have given us so far, both interpretations are possible. There have been hints that could indicate that it's more than once, but it's not spelled out to the audience, so I guess we can't completely rule out the other option either. They could continue teasing us with this and just at some point it's revealed that they're doing it on regular basis like they did with the kissing or we'll have some sort of storyline for their second time. So right now I keep on believing they're doing it off screen/have done it more than once until I'm proved wrong
  2. I first quoted all of your posts, but my post ended up longer than life itself, so I'm just gonna leave these parts in. Oh you pointed out such good parts! I absolutely agree, I enjoyed seeing Leonard being amused by Sheldon too. And old "smartass" Amy with her "maybe you should get a new doctor" line was awesome. About the first bolted part, good catch! I totally missed that. Now it made me curious as well.. The second bolted part, exactly what I was thinking while watching the episode! There's been a change after the reconciliation. Sure Amy still sometimes rolls her eyes to him, but overall I feel like we've gotten less of that frustrated, frowning Amy. Like I said in my earlier post, based on these last couple of episodes, they seem to be in a very good place. Yup, drunk Sheldon stole the show for me too. Jim really nailed those, but that's a given. It's funny how they manage to make every drunk Sheldon moment a bit different. In this episode he was such an adorable, happy drunk! All those smiles and grins.. I absolutely loved it when Sheldon asked if anyone would like to see him beat up the bartender and then going nah she's a good kid. Also the part you mentioned about him waving and saying "hey there" on his way to the "bathroom".
  3. You know your ship is doing well when you're having a hard time making a wishlist.. We've already gotten so much: a hot make-out, coitus, both of them saying beautiful things to each other, casual touching, FWF, drunk Sheldon, flirty Amy, kinda flirty Sheldon, Amy enjoying the "girl talk". But let's see, I'm sure I can think of something, I'm a greedy shipper after all. A casual goodbye/hello kiss in front of the gang. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it till we get one. And I guess I wouldn't object a proper make out session which leads them slamming the bedroom door close behind them.. A sleepover. And I only need like little glimpses of it here and there. Them brushing teeth together, having breakfast together. Of course I'm not going to complain if we'll get more than just glimpses! Something work related for both of them These are all little things. I'd love to get the engagement and changed living arrangements this season, but with all the big stuff that has already happened, we might not get those. Although I wouldn't be too surprised if they'd get engaged in the next episode or something. All in all I just want them to be happy and on the same page with each other. More of this Shamy against the world than Shamy against each other. I've enjoyed them so much after their reconciliation and I hope that the writers will let them continue being happy. So even if we wouldn't get anything big for them for the rest of the season, I'll be fine with this quirky, happy, crazy in love Shamy.
  4. You've made some lovely posts and I don't know if I have anything new to add here. I'm loving this episode more and more. Sure it's not a game changing episode, at least not in a obvious way, but some have rightly pointed out that this could be once again a small step towards the new living arrangements. So fingers crossed! And how long have we begged for a lighthearted, fun episode with all of the group together and zero relationship drama? For me, that's exactly what the writers delivered here. I have absolutely no problem with the Shenny scenes, I think they just highlight even more that they are like siblings, annoy the heck out of each other, but despite of everything they love each other. I think their friendship is beautiful. Also I adore Shelnard so yay for that too! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that we seem to get an episode where everyone is acting like they actually like each other. That's one thing I've missed so bad this season, to see the love I know these weird, adorkable friends share. That they are not just putting up with each other, but are a family. I think that's one hell of a theme for the 200th episode. So I'm sitting here with a goofy, happy smile on my face, just enjoying this huge milestone for the show and the lovely relationships that these amazing characters and the cast have with each other. How's that for a unicorn puking rainbows..
  5. True, but it's always fun to guess
  6. Now I'm gonna say a random episode 9x20. That or season finale. I have no clue anymore
  7. Thank you for posting these. Those are some adorable moments coming So we didn't get anything big, which makes a tiny bit disappointed, but the Shamy scenes sound super sweet. Especially the bolted part, I'm gonna die when we see it!
  8. I'm thinking it'll be something big, bigger than just Sheldon's birthday party.. Boy why can't Wednesday get here sooner!
  9. That. I felt like they were finally ready to bury the hatched so to speak and that could've led to a good conversation when they both had calmed down a bit. Meemaw expressed her concerns about Amy leaving and hurting Sheldon again, this would've been a perfect opportunity for Amy to explain that she loves Sheldon and why Meemaw's concerns are unnecessary. But I get that there was a limited time frame.
  10. We don't see Amy's face very well, but when Sheldon says he planned to give it to her (*giggle*), she looks away from Sheldon and if I saw right, she gulped. To me it seems like she's just letting it sink in, Sheldon had the engagement ring, he wanted to marry her! And when Sheldon says that he couldn't because they broke up, she turns to look into his eyes. Maybe this was the moment she realized just how serious Sheldon was with her before the break up, he had the ring already back then. I think the look on her face was kinda mix of surprised and shocked. Then Meemaw interrupts saying: Thank goodness for that! and Amy frowns and turns away looking annoyed (and for a reason imo). She was so taken off guard with the ring revelation that I think for a moment she had almost forgotten Meemaw was there and the whole ugly fight she had with her and just wanted Sheldon to continue talking. Even Sheldon was annoyed by Meemaw's snarky interruption.
  11. I just love Sheldon's smile after Meemaw gives them her blessing And he doesn't mind Amy patting his shoulder, but when he sees her goofy smile, he's like jeez I'm not giving it to you NOW
  12. Oh I'd like that! It would actually make a really good 200th episode and fit all the guest stars.
  13. I'm starting to feel the same way about this. We're expecting something big story-wise, but with all these guest stars, I don't know. I really wanted it to be about the living arrangements, but now I doubt it will. But I'm not worried, I bet it's still fun and entertaining even if there's no big plot twists. Of course I'm hoping at least some Shamy scenes and sweetness, although the last episode sounded super cute. Well we'll find out soon.
  14. After that if I ever have to read that Sheldon doesn't have desires or doesn't want Amy, I'll scream.
  15. So things to look forward to: Shelly defending Amy to his Meemaw and putting his arm around her Amy giving Sheldon the goofy eyes after learning about the ring Renamed FWF! Sheldon admitting that the break up did only good for their relationship and that they are stronger than ever Amy being all giddy about her sex life and being an "adult" Drunken Sheldon! Well hello Emmy 2016.. Sheldon raising his glass to Amy and winking at her! I can't get over it, it sounds so cute Shamy being drama free and just happy and in love in the background
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