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  1. On 19.2.2016 at 10:51 AM, 2L344 said:

    Did anyone else notice Amy turn and give Sheldon a glance when Howard dedicates his last song to his pregnant wife? I caught it and it made me wonder why she thought it was important to look and see how Sheldon reacted to it. Curious.....


    On 19.2.2016 at 11:12 AM, 2L344 said:

    That's right! I forgot to mention in my post how much I enjoyed amused Amy at seeing Sheldon's drunk text--I think she enjoyed being able to point out to her girl friends that "her man" was drunk texting her and that she knew it based on his lack of proper punctuation lol...to me that little scene, and the grin on her face, spoke a lot about where they are at right now. I'm betting season 8 Amy would've frowned and looked confused as to what the heck Sheldon was doing. Maybe that's unfair of me to say, I dunno....

    I enjoyed Amy letting loose on stage after starting off a little wooden. It's kinda like that FWF episode where she starts off a little stiff but soon after is totally in the zone! Such a fun scene if you're an Amy fan...shouldn't be surprising though, Amy clearly likes karaoke and you can see it the minute she walks in with Bernie and Penny. Not to mention her hilarious Neil Diamond duet with Howard a while back!

    I like Howardette too, very cute and real. I wasn't sure how I was gonna take Howard's freak out session, but after seeing it I thought it was spot on for him. I remember all the doubts my wife and I had when we first learned about our first pregnancy, and I think his reaction was normal for a 20 minute show. Especially the part about his son, or worse yet daughter, inheriting his nose and looks! One of the many things I worried about was whether my kid would inherit any or all of my shortcomings. Totally relatable...

    For me, the best part of the show (and looks like you might agree) is drunk Sheldon! Totally stole the show for me, despite the importance of the pregnancy arc being revealed. I will no doubt be watching this episode a few more times by the weekend lol. Loved it!


    I first quoted all of your posts, but my post ended up longer than life itself, so I'm just gonna leave these parts in.

    Oh you pointed out such good parts! I absolutely agree, I enjoyed seeing Leonard being amused by Sheldon too. And old "smartass" Amy with her "maybe you should get a new doctor" line was awesome. 

    About the first bolted part, good catch! I totally missed that. Now it made me curious as well..

    The second bolted part, exactly what I was thinking while watching the episode! There's been a change after the reconciliation. Sure Amy still sometimes rolls her eyes to him, but overall I feel like we've gotten less of that frustrated, frowning Amy. Like I said in my earlier post, based on these last couple of episodes, they seem to be in a very good place. 

    Yup, drunk Sheldon stole the show for me too. Jim really nailed those, but that's a given. It's funny how they manage to make every drunk Sheldon moment a bit different. In this episode he was such an adorable, happy drunk! All those smiles and grins.. I absolutely loved it when Sheldon asked if anyone would like to see him beat up the bartender and then going nah she's a good kid. Also the part you mentioned about him waving and saying "hey there" on his way to the "bathroom".

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  2. 1 hour ago, brilliantfool said:

    Ok so from all the spoilers we've got so far for me it already sounds like an amazing episode :

    1. 3 cutest Shamy moments
    1) she says something like 'you gave me an amazing gift for my B'Day, but actually your greatest gift is you being born'? I THINK IT'S GONNA BE ONE OF MY FAV SHAMY SCENES EVER.
    And Sheldon saying 'Awww Amy'.. I'm gonna die when i see that.
    2) her adjusting his tie and her mentioning birthday suit even though he doesn't get it... I'm so happy for Amy she can OPENLY talk about this now WITH HIM! and not just keep to herself...

    2. I know not everyone loves Shenny friendship, but i do, and all their moments sounded amazingly touching & sweet to me. And their hug.
    3. Just in general the episode being about Sheldon, and how everyone is there for him...
    4. Shelnard moment......... Leonard : 'You're like a brother to me' <3 
    5. Leslie saying Happy Birthday Sheldon, and refusing to call him dumass (sweet) but then Sheldon says 'you know i don't like change so just say it (double sweet!!) and then Leslie saying 'Happy Birthday dumbass' - I'm gonna wish for Leslie to come back now lol
    6. Penny apparently in a hot dress? I missed her hot outfits .

    So excuse  me for too many rainbows and unicorns, but i'm really happy.


    Thank you for posting these. Those are some adorable moments coming :wub: 

    So we didn't get anything big, which makes a tiny bit disappointed, but the Shamy scenes sound super sweet. Especially the bolted part, I'm gonna die when we see it!

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  3. 6 minutes ago, April said:

    I said as much in the general S9 discussion thread, so sorry for being repetitive: While it doesn't necessarily has to have the big plots we hoped it would have I think it could end up being an episode reflecting on the past, realizing that all that glitters is not gold, as the saying goes, and ending up with the gang looking forward to what their future holds with the upcoming baby/moving together/engagement/etc.

    With regards to the title and all those guests I'm starting to think it could be something about the "Golden Age" since Batman is a character from the so called "Golden Age of Comics" so it could be a reference to that. Likewise with Leslie on board this could be a callback to the early days that many think is the golden age of the show. And Barry and Wheaton were also in many ~classic~ TBBT episodes from that era. So it would fit in that way.

    With that in mind my title guess would be something like "The Golden Age (Re)Evaluation".

    Oh I'd like that! It would actually make a really good 200th episode and fit all the guest stars.

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  4. 23 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    Well...they have to be in all the episodes by contract, so for sure they will be in at least one scene. With all these people involved, I'm starting to think it will be an unexpected and funny episode but with no big twists in the story (in a way different from the 100th episode), so no living arrangements addressed, no engagement, stuff like that...I don't see it  necessarily as a bad thing, as long as the episode is funny and well written. And even if Mayim (or Jim, but honestly  this is less likely) do not have a lot of scenes in it, that's not a big problem. I really doubt there's anything to be worried about.

    I'm starting to feel the same way about this. We're expecting something big story-wise, but with all these guest stars, I don't know. I really wanted it to be about the living arrangements, but now I doubt it will. But I'm not worried, I bet it's still fun and entertaining even if there's no big plot twists. Of course I'm hoping at least some Shamy scenes and sweetness, although the last episode sounded super cute. Well we'll find out soon. 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    English is not my first language. I may have misunderstood/missed a lot of things. Please just read this for fun and wait for the episode to air.

    Today’s episode is called The Positive Negative Reaction.

    Basically it’s a boys/girls episode. The scenes with the girls happen in Howard’s home. The scenes with the boys happen in 4A and a local bar. I can’t quite remember the order of the scenes.

    The first scene is in Howard/Bernie’s kitchen. Bernie tells Howard about her pregnancy. Howard gets very excited at first. But then his excitement turns into panic. He begins to worry about a lot of things. Are they going to hire a nanny? They can’t hire a pretty one because it’ll ruin their marriage; they can’t hire an ugly one either cuz that’ll be bad for the baby. What about religion? What about circumcision? Seeing Howard this panic, Bernie starts to get worried too.

    The second scene is at 4A. Leonard, Sheldon and Raj are about to play games. Leonard says he hears about some guys in Raj’s apartment recently discovered a planet. Sheldon asks how come Raj didn’t discover that. Raj answers he could’ve except he was busy making holiday jams for everybody.

    Then Howard comes in and tells the guys that he’s going be a father. Leonard and Raj are really happy for Howard whereas Sheldon’s unsatisfied. He worries a child would bring too much changes to the group. What about comic book night? What about games and going to Disneyland? Leonard answers he’s sure it’ll be fine to have another child in their group. Sheldon’s shocked and asks “Is Penny pregnant too?” Leonard says no, the other child is you. The Sheldon says “Would a baby shave his face every 11 days?” Leonard replies “Would an adult refuse to eat his cracker just because it’s broken?” To which Sheldon answers the cracker was in three pieces. (They had a lot of takes on this scene, each time the lines are a little different, but I can’t quite remember them, sorry). Howard begins to get really worried and acts all crazy.

    Later the guys go to a bar to celebrate. They toast to Howard and congratulate him. Sheldon drinks his wine very quickly and gets drunk. Howard’s still freaking out.  Leonard and Raj are both comforting him while Sheldon’s being drunken Sheldon.

    Howard then says he needs to think of ideas to make more money because raising a child in Los Angeles is extremely expensive. He looks at the little umbrella in their mugs and sighs “I’m sure the guy who invented the little umbrella never worried about money. He can have all the kids he wanted.” To which Sheldon answers “And he can keep a little area of his head dry” and puts a pink little umbrella over his head. (It was really cute). Howard suggests maybe he could invent a slightly larger umbrella. Leonard says that does not count for an invention. Howard says well Apple does it all the time. They just change the sizes of their products and people would still buy it. Raj says it’s true because he loves his small iPad and his big iPad almost as much as his regular sized iPad.

    Sheldon asks Leonard for the direction of the bathroom, which reminds Howard maybe he could invent a guiding system for drunken people. Raj says it’s already been invented and it’s called Uber. Howard then comes up with an idea of combining a guiding system with Sheldon and Leonard’s super fluid helium concept (I can’t remember the scientific terms). Leonard says it’s really innovative and they begin to check if anyone else has had this idea.

    After this, Howard calms down a little bit. Then Sheldon (still drunk) says to Howard “Of course you’re going to be a good dad. You and I both know how difficult it is to grow up without a dad. I’m sure you’ll be the best dad you can be.” or something like that (It was really touching)

    At the same time, in Bernie&Howard’s backyard, the girls are sitting together, talking. Bernie tells them about her pregnancy and starts to freak out. Penny and Amy tries to cheer her up. Amy then asks when they decided to have a kid. Bernie says actually they didn’t plan it. Penny and Amy want to know the details. Bernie gets shy and doesn’t want to tell them at first. Penny says there’s nothing to be shy about; they are all adults and they’ve all done it. Amy shouts out very happily, “Me, me. I’m an adult and I’ve done it too.” (Not in these exact words). She then high fives Penny. (Amy was super, super cute in this scene)

    Bernie then tells them they actually conceived on Sheldon’s bed. Penny and Amy are both shocked and Amy asks how could they do that. Bernie says I’m sure you know how when you’re with your man and one thing leads to another.

    I didn’t quite get the next scene. To me it looks like Amy has this dreamy look on her face and she’s like “Oh yeah, I know about that.” Or I misunderstood.

    Later the girls are sitting besides the hot tub with their feet in the water. Penny receives Leonard’s text; he asks if the girls want to join the guys in Karaoke. At the same time Amy receives a text from Sheldon and she knows immediately Sheldon is drunk because he uses a period instead of a question mark in the text.

    The last few scenes were just everybody doing Karaoke. It was wild. They all sing “baby” related songs to Bernie. Penny and Amy sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber together. Leonard and Raj sing "Push It". I don’t remember the rest of the songs. Sheldon sings too. And finally Howards sings a very beautiful song to Bernie, it’s really touching until Sheldon jumps out and shouts in shock “What kind of people have coitus on other people’s beds?!”

    The last scene is at 4A. Leonard asks Penny about her thoughts on babies. Penny says she’s Ok with it and maybe someday they’ll have one. Leonard says they’ll be great parents. Then they both look over to the couch, where a drunken Sheldon’s sleeping, with doodles on his face.

    About 914.

    They used the "Not a clue" line and the "That's catchy" line.

    Thank you so much!

    Sounds like an awesome episode. I'm so loving Amy being all excited to be able to join the "adult" conversation and drunken Sheldon is always hilarious. And Sheldon raising his glass to Amy and winking? *swoon* 

    Oh I'm glad they went with the "That's catchy" line!

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  6. 1 hour ago, mirs1 said:

    For me it was just Sheldon willingly trying to make a joke about a subject that clearly is very dear to him (women and their crankiness, I wonder what's so fascinating in that, maybe something his father used to say) to ease the tension. The joke of course didn't came out  so good, since he is not so good  at making jokes or at easing tension; I doubt he really believes Amy may be in menopause or that Meemaw may still have her cycle, JMO! 

    Exactly how I took it, as a crappy joke trying to break the tension.

    Usually I just sigh at inconsistencies, because those happen almost in every show. Sometimes it's frustrating, but I try to not get myself worked up because of those. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, camelliayao said:

    As for the coitus thing, I don't want to repeat my old, boring opinions again. I just find it strange that he wasn't ready for all those years and suddenly became ready right after their reconciliation.

    Now it might be me who's beating the poor, dead horse since I recall this discussion happening at least once or twice, so I apologize in advance.  
    He'd been working through his issues with intimacy ever since he met Amy. It was a slowly process, but he was making progress at his own pace. I believe he was really close at getting there in 8x24. The break up was probably the final trigger that sealed the deal, because he realized the true value of Amy and their relationship and most of all, was finally confronting his own feelings instead of running away from them or trying to suppress them. He already had Amy back, unconditionally in 9x10 and there was no pressure to have coitus on Amy's part. In the aquarium episode Amy kinda confirmed to us and to Sheldon that the break up wasn't about sex. It might have played a small role in it alongside with other issues, but it wasn't the main point. So I don't see the coitus as a sacrifice in order to keep her around. For me, it was always about him showing her how much he loves her and trusts her. That he trusts her so much that he was ready to be all in and not holding back anymore, despite of his issues with intimacy.  During the break up he had to face his own feelings and the fact that he can't be "Spock". I think it also helped him accept his urges and desires. And when they reconciliated, he was ready to take that next step with her. Not for her.

    So I see it as a 5 year long journey for him which slowly led to the 9x11, not something that happened suddenly or was just a way to keep Amy from leaving. Why was it the next episode after reconciliation? It probably had more to do with the SW, than anything else. Of course, everyone can make up their own minds about it, this is just how I see it and why it makes sense to me.


    ETA: I see many of you beat me to the punch. Sorry for repeating the same points!

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  8. Before the Meemaw episode, I hoped Amy wouldn't find out about the ring, but after the first shock, I'm fine with it. I agree with April here, to me the element of surprise isn't what makes it beautiful. I'm not a huge fun of those big, surprise, over-the-top (imo) romantic proposals. To me the most important thing is how he'll ask it and what he'll say. And I don't need a super hippie-dippie speech, just something that's genuine, straight from the heart and still has that little Shamy quirkiness. Oh and of course Amy saying yes!

    Also before Amy knew about the ring, I was totally fine with her popping the question. Now it would easily look like she's pushing it, so I hope the writers will handle it differently.


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  9. 15 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    thanks and i agree. the problem with voicing an opinion that might be contrary to the masses is that you wind up continually responding to different people about the same topic and trying to justify/defend an OPINION. if it looks like i am beating a dead horse this week its because i am lol, and said so myself. its as if some people forget what ive said and revisit the same points (not you).

    i wish people would remember that we are all posting on here because we have a love of the show and in my case also the Shamy relationship. just because a discussion, albeit an old one, pops back up and i (and others) may be critical of amy for example, it doesnt mean we want her head on a stake. like everyone else, we are beholden to what is presented by the writers, and we all react differently to what we see.

    personally its these differences i enjoy exploring on this forum. but when the debates turn into arguments and differing opinions and perspectives become a source of exasserbation and frustration for everyone, well thats when i want to just drop conversations all together on the topic. i certainly dont want to earn the label of being the negative nancy who spews unsupported and ridiculous notions about beloved characters.

    im not directing any of the above at you bluebird, just using your nice post to illustrate my own issue with some of the talk on here. thanks for letting me vent.

    cheers everyone!

    No problem, vent away my friend. And about the bolted part, I think that's something we should all try to remember, we're all here for the same cause. We want nothing but good things for this couple. When our opinions are drastically differing from each others', it's easy to forget that and feel like the other party is hating or, like you said, demanding Amy's head on a stake. 

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  10. 6 hours ago, 2L344 said:

    You scared me with following up "giant from a foreign land" with the word "insert" lol....I get it, and the thread DOES look like we turned the clock back pre- reconciliation and are having the same debates that we had then. I will point out, though, that a lot more of us appeared to be on the same page about issues back then than we now appear to. If you look at the debates now, they started off as analyzing TRs like they always do. "It's what we do" lol. The Meemaw episode (the theme is "blame" right?) and the follow up episode with FWF (another "blame" theme as Amy is taken to task again) conjured up the recent debates. It wasn't born out of the blue. The division between our groups, in my opinion, now comes from the knowledge of all the Shamy goodness that came out of Earworm and then sex. Yup, no arguing that those moments are precious to watch (yeah, I'm a guy and I used the word precious). And I mean that. I really enjoyed them, premature as sex might have been in my opinion (pun intended).....

    Some folks believe the criticism seen recently here should be reduced or be non existent because of those two episodes. Some of us, despite enjoying those episodes, are still a bit leary and the 9 episode melodrama known as the "break up" is still too fresh in our memory to allow us to be at ease quite yet. Neither group is right or wrong, it all has to do with where we are coming from emotionally with that. Emotions are an individual thing and isn't something easily quantified. Some of us share the same opinion, some don't. That's ok! Like you, I enjoy reading all posts whether I agree or not, it's entertaining and at times enlightening. 

    I do draw a line, however, when individuals start labeling other posts because they don't agree with them. I also draw the line at individuals who want to tell folks in a discussion thread to keep their opinions limited to the episodes that have been televised, and that opinions related to a TR should be silenced. Last I check the DT and the Shamy thread includes spoilers, which is what a TR is, and presumably they are allowed on the threads so that people CAN opine and discuss the issues at hand, albeit in an over-analyzing state..Its what we do. :)

    I know where you're coming from Blue, and I'm definitely not offended in the least. There are times when I take a look (and I've done it recently) at my posts and tell myself to take a break, because I DO beat a dead horse. Can't help myself though, it's what "I" do lol.

    But in the interest of trying to stay "positive" I will try to reduce, but not eliminate, my critical posts the rest of the week! No Bazinga implied or desired!


    I guess it's just these hiatuses when we have no new episode or TR to discuss when I feel like we're getting nowhere new with some of the discussions. It's the beating of a dead horse which can sometimes be exhausting. Does that mean that those topics should not be discussed? Nope. Do I sometimes wish people could let go of certain dead horses and focus more on other stuff? Sure. Does that mean I'm right and people should take my advice? Nope. Sure these conversations can sometimes bring the mood down, but I'm not here to tell anyone to stop posting something or force them to think positive, even if that works for me. Those two episodes you mentioned almost healed my broken Shamy heart. It's not what it used to be before the break up, but strong enough so I can be a bit more carefree and trustful than some others I guess. I think that's why I'm not bothered by individual lines when in my eyes the whole picture looks great. And you're right, neither "group" is right or wrong, everyone is entitled to feel worried or happy with how things are going and voicing those opinions.

    Regarding whether we should or shouldn't be talking about the un-aired episodes. Like you said, this and the DT include spoilers and they are here for us to be discussed. That's what we do, including myself. What happens very often, is that the episode turns out to be a lot different than it sounded in TR. A lot of my own worries have turned out to be unnecessary once I've watched the ep. I know this is nothing new, I was only pointing out that before making up one's mind about how horrible some line is, maybe we could wait for the episode to air and then pass  judgement on it. That doesn't mean that we can't discuss about these lines.

    I hope that you, or anyone else, don't feel like you should eliminate certain posts. Whether it's happy gushing over Shamy cuteness or expressing one's worries about the future, this thread is a safe place to do those both and I wish it continues to be that way :) 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    I'm not saying Meemaw "have to" like Amy. I just hope that she does because before this episode, we know Meemaw gave her cookie recipe to Amy so I think it's safe to say she has no problems with Amy before.

    It's not about Meemaw or Amy. It's about the writers who somehow still are not over the break up, so much so that they feel the need to bring it up every now and then. Maybe Meemaw will like Amy, maybe not. They can let Meemaw and Amy have conflicts for a lot of reasons, but what reason did they give us? The break up.

    And I'm Ok with more discussion about the break up, just not in this way. Because all I can see is Sheldon acting mature and considerate and brave to talk about his heartbreak and how much he had learned from it while Amy sitting quietly next to him, acting somewhat indifferent. I want Amy to show that she's heartbroken because Sheldon was heartbroken, that though the break up is not her fault, still she feels sorry because what Sheldon had been through makes her heart ache. I want to see the 909 Amy, asking if Sheldon was doing Ok. 

    I want the writers to either stop talking about the break up, so that us audience can make the assumption that they have already had THAT conversation off screen and make peace with the whole storyline, or to show us both sides of the story, not Sheldon saying "I was so heartbroken because of the break up. But I now know how important you are to me.", with Amy going like "Oh really? That's great. I'm so touched."

    Again, all of these are my wishes. I'm not saying the writers "have to" do anything.

    And I hope that she will eventually get over this and like her as well. 

    Well I think that Meemaw not liking Amy because of the break up was the most believable or natural reason for her to not like her. I would've been confused if she'd been totally fine with the break up and then disliked her for some other reason, like you said she seemed to not have a problem with her when she gave her the cookie recipe. I think it only makes sense that she'd be concerned because of the break up. And we have to remember that this is just from Meemaws POV, I'm not putting the blame only on Amy. Meemaw, however, won't observe this break up objectively. You said that this isn't about Meemaw, but the writers being obssessed with the break up, but aren't the writers trying to write what seems natural to the characters? And to me the break up seems like the most "real" reason for her to be upset with Amy. Sure one can argue why she needed to be upset with Amy at all, but I felt it was to be expected. 

    Oh I hope that the writers will move on from this break up and not bring it up every now and then like this, I'm totally with you on that one. I really do wish they will or that we'll see that long overdue Talk between them. 

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