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  1. Okay I need to calm down with these gifs..
  2. Oh yes, that's our Jimmy boy! He's quite a dancer
  3. I really hope someone writes FF about this episode ASAP. Can't wait to read yours. Also, I died. I'm immature I know!
  4. I know the feeling. It's been almost two days since the taping but I'm still partying like hell Nothing but glitter rain
  5. I was actually kind of expecting Sheldon saying "Fascinating" after the act
  6. Aaw I can't see him crying, makes me tear up as well I've never heard of this show before, I really hope we'll be able to catch it somewhere when it airs.
  7. I agree. I don't expect a huge change in her wardrobe, especially in her day clothes. Her date night outfits have been a bit different now and I think she'll be paying a little more attention into her look on date nights. I don't want her wardrobe to change too much though, a little sexier date night clothes are still more than fine!
  8. I'm counting on girl's night to get some details about the act!
  9. Thanks Kazzie!! It just sounds too perfect, I can't handle it. I just...
  10. Thank you Kazzie, once again! It's always such a pleasure reading your posts. We all appreciate them so much! A question, was Amy touching Sheldon's face after coitus or something to that effect? Also did they look happy/satisfied afterwards?
  11. It's going to be hard to watch, once again. People attending the taping said that Amy was really sad and upset after Sheldon rejected her. Apparently her voice was cracking even worse than in the stairwell scene. Fortunately we know everything's going to turn out perfect right in the next episode. With that in mind I think I'll survive Will I survive when we get to 9x10 & 9x11, I highly doubt! But oh boy am I waiting for seeing cute shamy in the aquarium? Hell yes! The car ride was super cute from what I saw from sneak peeks. May I just add one thing I was thinking about today. I lo
  12. This makes me suspicious as well..
  13. I'd like this very much. It could be a very sweet and emotional episode. Now that Shamy is together again, there would still be enough time before taking this next step.
  14. YEY for this thread!!! For so long I've wanted to discuss about the main couples in a good spirit, but every time I go to Discussion thread there's a some sort of war going on. I get that people are upset, but what I don't get is that why one feels the need to take it on other people. I just can't understand the hostility nor want to a part of it. I might be a hc Shamy shipper, but I like Lenny a lot too. So this thread is just great, thank you for creating it No Regrets! I'm hoping there would be a change in the living arrangements next. I can't see any reason why not. I
  15. Yes they are. They didn't want to spoil anything else in that article because there are still unspoiled people out there. Molaro gave the statement that coitus is coming, but said nothing else and that's what they wrote. We again know more because of the taping reports. In 9x10 Sheldon says to Amy that he wants to be her boyfriend again and Amy replies that she'd love that. In 9x11 Penny and Bernadette both tell Sheldon that they are happy that they are back together.
  16. Okay I just nearly died chocking on my coffee when I read this..
  17. Didn't know they could make this hiatus even more torturing..
  18. Wow, 5 new pages since I went to bed I woke up with this big, stupid grin and it still hasn't left my face. I need to get myself together for goodness sake! Okay this is Sheldon we're talking about. Even though he has matured hell of a lot, he is still Sheldon. And I want him to be. Of course he wanted to go to SW premier, it's a HUGE thing for him! But he acknowledged that it was also Amy's birthday AND that it might the right thing to be with her instead of going to watch SW. He realized this all by himself, because PP is his subconscious. He made the decision to give up something th
  19. I should get some sleep, but I'm still way too excited, oh the adrenaline.. I decided to watch Herb Garden before I go to bed and I'm going to act all juvenile the whole time: yooou're gonna have see-ex, yooou're gonna have see-ex. Sheldon and Amy sitting in a tree, S-E-X-X-X-X-X Good night y'all lovely people!! Couldn't be happier
  20. Yeah that was a mistake... I just went there out of curiosity, now I'm kinda regretting it.
  21. Thank you Kerry and your friend! Amazing, detailed report!!!
  22. I've ran out of likes obviously, but this last gif! I'm still freaking out! I keep having these insane iwanttoscreamomgomgomgomg moments every time I think about it. I keep re-reading this over and over, I don't know how I'll ever recover from this..
  23. Oh I read what some of them had posted on tumblr and I was like SERIOUSLY?!?! It's another thing to be mad at the show, but to insult the actors who are just doing their jobs? People are just unbelievable..
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