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  1. Kazzie thank you so so much! You're the best! Wow, I didn't think I could be any more dead, but apparently I was wrong. It sounds so perfect!! I cant.. I mean.. kflsfksdfks And I think waiting for her next birthday was obviously a joke
  2. I couldn't either. Wow. I was getting worried we broke the site for good lol! I'm a bit scared what'll happen when these episodes air.. It seems to be working again, at least for now
  3. Site still keeps breaking down..
  4. Captain Jim knew it years ago that they would consummate their relationship eventually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDqmSPKuSPc
  5. My feelings exactly. We need time to catch our breath and pull ourselves together. I can't wait for the proposal, moving in together etc, but my little shipper heart might not survive if we keep getting spoilers like these at this speech. lol. Just a couple of cute, sweet shamy episodes next please.. BTW, any new FF up yet?
  6. Really? There's still Shennys out there? After Sheldon and Penny both said they are like siblings? After Penny got married? After Shamy's reconciliation? Huh.. well whatever rocks your boat.
  7. Apparently she was wearing a short nightgown (just above her knee) and Sheldon was wearing his white t-shirt he wears under his pyjamas. In aftermath scene they were both topless I read these from Shamycoopers tumblr :
  8. INDEED! I never in my wildest dreams would've expected something like this, just perfect! PARTY PARTY PARTY Also, 11 pages so far huh? No wonder the site broke down. Apparently Tumblr did too. All because of Shamy.
  9. Can't believe that just over two weeks ago we were so depressed and now we keep getting these amazing news for Shamy. It was all 100% worth it. This episode sounds nothing less than perfection, thank you writers!!!! It's been nearly 10h since we got the spoilers and I'm still having hard time breathing..
  10. The Sweet Compounder, Thank you! Read it.. Seriously, my heart can't take this! I don't know how I'm gonna survive when these episodes air..
  11. Thank goodness I don't have to be at the University till next week
  12. Yes yes yes! All of this, yes. I was kind of fed up with Amy being so frustrated, all of them joking about their lack of intimacy etc. Now I can't wait what the writers are planning on next, I'M READY!
  13. I kind of know what you mean.. It's like when you're waiting something to happen SO much and when it finally does, it's a bit sad, because then it's over. Fortunately we can re-watch these epic episodes over and over! And there's still amazing stuff coming After these dramatic episodes, I'm actually looking forward to see everyday Shamy again, drinking tea, watching tv etc.. Not that I haven't been enjoying this amazing journey! I'm still super happy and excited, but I can see what you mean.
  14. I just wanted to say how grateful I'm for this forum and especially this thread. None of my friends are as *ahem* enthusiastic fans as me nor care that much for the spoilers. That's why I love sharing these moments with you guys! These last two weeks have been rainbows, unicorns and cotton candy in this thread..(it was about time after all that angst) I love seeing all of us so happy and excited. I know I've been kind of mushy lately, but I guess that's fangirling for ya Anyway, love you all! Let's keep on celebrating Shamy!
  15. They knew it would leak right after the taping ends and probably just wanted to clear it out right from the beginning to avoid all the rumors and speculation about if they did or didn't So I read Shamycoopers tumblr posts and died a little more: When they cuddle after sex (SEX), Amy's head was on his chest and Sheldon leaned to rest his head on hers. His hand was rubbing her bare arm and squeezing it. http://shamycoopers.tumblr.com/post/133454102889/spoilersmore-when-they-cuddled-after-sex
  16. I agree! And the way the writers did it, just perfect. The fact that it didn't happen when they were drunk or so, but that he really felt he was ready for it and wanted to do it. And let's be honest, they are over 30 and been dating over 5 years, it needed to happen sooner than later. They have also been talking about children so it was inevitable. The whole thing sounded romantic and sweet and honored the Shamy relationship we so dearly love. *Greetings from cloud nine*
  17. So apparently the episode's title is "Opening Night Excitation"
  18. Love this LOL!! Oh I'm not over last week either, these past 2 weeks has been crazy in Shamy fandom. lfökdöfljivsmoa
  19. The site keeps crashing.. I'm really trying to pull myself together, but not succeeding. I just can't wrap my head around how incredibly sweet, considerate and mature Sheldon is about this. CAN'T. DEAD. #Can'tBelieveSmellyPooperFinallyGotLaid
  20. I re-watched 9x01, the whole episode I was like: Yooou're gonna have seeex!
  21. Shirtless Jim, enough said right? Can't wait all the pics..
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