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  1. I had totally forgotten about that! It's so hilarious and Sheldon is kinda cute with all the hallucinations "I knew you'd understand, Armadillo Isaac Newton" "Hey. What are you trying to pull? The president of science isn’t in here" "No, no, comfort is the enemy. You know what’s comfortable? Slippers and blankets and panda bears. Imagine a panda bear with Richard Feynman’s face on it. Warm up the car, Leonard, it’s poster time"
  2. Oh I like this game! There's too many, but off the top of my head: The Closure Alternative The whole scene, but especially when they are fighting over the musical box with the clown (what's that called?) "That's enough. Sheldon give it!" The Raiders Minimization "Story problem? Oh.. Amy. What a dewy-eyed moon-calf you are" I love Sheldon's laugh in this scene! Also: "Let me close that for ya" The Hesitation Ramification "Well, that makes sense. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for planning and anticipation, and patients with brain lesions on their-"
  3. Oh goody, the promo pics are up. Love the pics of Shamy and Meemaw! Meemaw smiling lovingly at her Moonpie and then glaring at Amy when they're alone, that cracks me up so bad June Squibb makes a perfect Meemaw. Seriously can't wait to see this. And of course, Shelly smiling and proudly defending his girl with his arm around her is so sweet!
  4. Oh boy I wanna see this, Sheldon meeting Amy's mother. Wonder if that goes any better than Amy meeting Meemaw.. And you're right, we don't know for sure if he's ever met her in person.They don't seem to have a very close relationship. Amy's mom is very strict and conservative, but at the same she wanted Amy to meet a guy, get married and all that. I can just picture that scene, Shamy and Amy's mom having an awkward conversation over a cup of tea for the first time. Would she approve Sheldon? After "it's time for me to make love to your daughter's vagina"? Would she and Mary get along? Hopeful
  5. Okay first of all, thank you camelliayao for the TR! Hope you had a great time. Then about the TR: *clears throat* - FWF, FINALLY! I've been begging for it for so long. And it sounds hilarious even though it doesn't go the way Sheldon had planned. Amy trying to give advises and Sheldon trying to bring the conversation back to the topic sound so funny. I love quirky Shamy doing their quirky stuff. - It seems like the writers are really spelling it out to the audience that this break up was necessary in order to Sheldon and their relationship to grow. We've now heard more than once how
  6. I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm glad they broke up. I was never a big fan of Emily's or their relationship. I'm fine with Raj being single for a while. Now what I don't want to see is sad, desperate Raj ready to be with any girl that shows interest in him. Then again, considering that Laura was promoted to series regular, this might not be the end of it. Anyway, I really like Raj and I'm happy he's finally getting more storylines! About Bernadette being pregnant, I was kinda in the "no babies on the show" camp But let's see how it'll turn out!
  7. Just popping in to say that I agree with you. Like we were talking about earlier, Sheldon probably wants to set a date right away after the proposal. And I don't think the writers will set a date for their wedding until they have some sort of confirmation about whether the show will go beyond the 10th season or not. So I guess we'll just have to take their advice and "cool our jets" for the time being. On the other hand, they could get engaged in the next episode for all we know. I seriously doubt it, but the writers have surprised me more than once before
  8. I'd love to see all these three together in a scene! Sheldon must dislike Kripke even more after he expressed interests in Amy and asked her out. Perhaps we'll see jealous Sheldon or maybe Sheldon rubbing it on Kripke's face.. Lots of possible comedy there, looking forward to the next taping!
  9. Oh I totally agree with you. For him it's only logical to set a date right away, that's the purpose of proposing. He also commented on why Lenny didn't set a date and were engaged for a long time. When he proposes, the date will be set.
  10. YES to this! The idea of "in exactly 4 years" wedding is very sweet, but I'm starting to think it won't happen. I don't think they'd want to "waste" 10x2 on Shamy wedding and now with the very strong possibility for the show to go beyond 10th season, they are in no rush. That makes me think the wedding will happen more towards the end of season 10. And I'm fine with it, I'd love to see them having some fun with the wedding planning! Also like some have said before me, the fact that Amy now knows about the ring released the tension. Now we, the fans, don't have to be on the edge of our sea
  11. Oh yes, definitely a relief! That's why I'm not too bothered by Amy and Meemaw not getting along. I don't mind a little drama here and there as long as it's, like you said, more about Shamy against the world than Shamy against each other. As Sheldon said in 9x2, they make one heck of a team. So please writers, let it be so in the future as well!
  12. Okay I've been overthinking about this whole thing.. The more I think about it the more obvious it is for me that there was going to be tension and drama between Amy and Meemaw. Like I said earlier, I get why Meemaw wasn't a big fan of Amy's, but also Amy is more confident about herself and their relationship nowadays, no way she was just going to sit there in silence and take Meemaw's bs. No, she was going to stand up for herself and the fact that it was against Sheldon's precious Meemaw wasn't going to stop her. Two strong women who both love Sheldon to bits, obviously that was going to crea
  13. Oh nothing wrong with that, that's what we do here
  14. I was beginning to think I'm the only one
  15. Sounds like a great, powerful episode! I, for one, never expected Meemaw to be the perfect, fluffy, cuddly granny Sheldon has made her sound like. I always expected her to be a little rough around the edges and I still completely understand where she's coming from. Not that I'd want her to be kind of a B-word towards Amy or think it's all justified, but I get it. The important thing is that Sheldon stood up for her and that everything's alright between Shamy. So, do you think they'll still use that ring or will Sheldon buy a new one? I always liked the idea of him giving her the family heirloo
  16. This. Love it so much! I'm so glad Sheldon stopped her from leaving and defended her. He wasn't bitter or angry at Amy anymore because of the break-up, he even admitted how it helped him grow. They're a team, just like Meemaw and pop-pop. I'm so proud of him!
  17. So the spoilers are actually pretty good! I totally get why Meemaw wasn't a big fan of Amy's, I mean she broke her moonpie's heart! I liked that Amy stood up for herself though and that Sheldon defended her (because Meemaw always took pop pop's side aww). And oh the casual touching.. Sheldon putting his arm around her and later Amy rubbing his shoulder, *swoon* Also it's pretty clear that the engagement is coming! I'm not even too bothered by Meemaw spilling the beans on the ring, because apparently Amy was happily surprised by it. I always thought Amy should know that he had the ring bef
  18. That's exactly why we should wait for it to air before judging or jumping to conclusions Also I agree with you guys on Sheldon 2.0. The break-up had irreversible consequences and I don't see that as a bad thing. After all he finally realized that emulating Spock, something he's been doing for his whole life, doesn't work and that he should focus more on people who actually are in his life. He accepted that he has emotions and that he can't just shut them off. Now he's more open to things and his emotions while, for me, he's still 100% Sheldon. People change and in this case the change was
  19. It's a possibility. I still think it's very likely that it's Sheldon's nephew, but it could also be nothing, just a prop they found. Or it could have nothing to do with Shamy. I would love to see them babysit or interact with a kid, so I do hope it is his nephew. Fingers crossed! I assume we won't see Missy or Mary (I might be wrong though), so would it be more likely if Shamy visit Texas than Meemaw traveling alone with a kid? Whatever the case is, I just hope we'll see Amy interacting with Meemaw. Gaah I need that TR asap!
  20. I bet we'll go way past 1000 pages this season, especially when the ring's still out there. There's a lot of possible storylines for Shamy to be explored and the more we get Shamy the more we'll have stuff to (over)analyze and speculate!
  21. A doll? And meemaw? My my.. I bet he's Sheldon's nephew, it would make sense. So will we see Shamy babysitting (that would be hilarious!)? Or visiting Texas? Whatever it is I just wish Shamy will have a plot together, not for example Sheldon visiting Texas without Amy. But sure they wouldn't keep them apart for three episodes in a row right? More and more curious about the next taping.. I gots to know!
  22. We're going to meet Sheldon's meemaw? Okay I'm intrigued. Why do we meet meemaw? Will the ring be brought up again? I doubt it'll be the proposal episode just yet though. It'll be so interesting to see how Sheldon acts around his meemaw. Also can't wait for Amy to meet her. Okay now I'm officially looking forward to the next taping!
  23. Hi guys! I've been visiting family during the holidays, but now I'm back! I might be a little late to the party and repeating the same ideas listed before, but here's my Shamy wishlist: Living arrangements. The writers really need to solve this imo. I love Shelnard, but it's time to move on. Lenny should live together alone and so should Shamy. Casual hello/goodbye kiss in front of the gang. I actually want this more than coitus tbh! Shamy having breakfast together. After sleepover, with coitus or not, them having breakfast in their jammies. Shamy doing some exp
  24. This gives me so many feels can't get over that little smile on Sheldon's face when Amy says: me too. He looks so happy and in love. *sigh* Oh and Merry Christmas my dear Shamies!
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